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[PRIVATE] Winter Loving, Happened So Fast

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The shadow man had come with the purpose of exploring. His dark hound moved gracefully at his side as he walked to shore of the icy pool. Today was a warmer day of Frostfall, but in no way was it warm. His throat was raw and dry, one might say hoarse (pun intended). His nostrils were runny and his eyes stung whenever a cold gust of wind hit them. Still, he had grown to love the coldness, the crunch of snow and ice under his hefty hooves. He liked that he could smell farther away and that everything didn't smell like staleness and muskiness. Here at this serene grove, Caleb wasn't thinking of the dull throb in his chest that was his heart trying to feel. He wasn't focused on the strange bond he had with Henrietta. Here, he was focused on exploring. The thin layer of ice on the pool reflected the pale sky like a mirror. The trees that surrounded Caleb and his dog were covered with powdery snow. This land had been converted from a green scenery to a winter wonderland-- and Caleb loved it.

With all the randomness of a sunshower, Caleb halted. His hound stopped with him, like a synchronized team. He shook his body, sugary snow that had piled up on him flying from his back with each shake. Henrietta looked up at him, the pup mimicking his actions and shaking her body like Caleb previously had. She sprint forward, excited by her surroundings and Caleb let out a deep chuckle, feeling her excitement through the connection, but still not understanding how it works. His eyes followed her scrawny form as she begins racing in loops in front of him, her pink tongue hanging from her mouth, slober flying everywhere in the process.

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“Bird, shhhh!”

Zahra’s shrill, young voice chimed above the dull groan of snow-laden boughs and billowing, whispering wind – she seemed entirely oblivious to the irony of her giggly request. “He’ll hear you… he’ll find us!” she called again brightly beneath blanketing grey skies, springing between bulging mangrove roots – with far better adeptness than she had possessed when their touring, unlikely family had fist set foot upon this grove. The point of the game was to not be found by their brother, to evade his search for as long as they could. Golden, glittering eyes searched through the grove eagerly, intent on finding a brilliant hiding place to better their chance.

Around her shoulders, the weight of her father’s silver collar rocked and bounced awkwardly; shifting, threatening always to skew her fleet-feet and balance off course, but the item was a presence by then which she had become quite accustomed to (on the coldest of nights, she imagined fondly that the warmth radiating beneath it, was actually that of the beloved stallion who had once dwelled beneath its sturdy embrace). So too did the gleaming gold feathers clink together in her short, flapping mane as they danced to each jolting movement the frail filly made – though unmaterialistic in nature, she was well decorated in priceless articles, each with their own story to tell. Zahra remembered them all… mostly.

The tiny filly’s fore-hoof slipped suddenly upon a thin film of green-white lichen; it concealed a fractured old root that had long since ceased its aid to the sprawling tree above, and this wood cracked further beneath even her miniscule weight and gave way. Wings naturally unfurled in a hasty, flurry of black and white splayed feathers – a desperate bid to avoid the mud as it lurched upwards to claim her. Zahra was surefooted however, far too nimble upon her toes and with each blessed arm spilling out sideways, she gathered immaculately her hind legs beneath and launched skilfully out of her predicament.

…right into the palm of another!

Without the ability to fly (fewer than three seasons around her girth), the foal sank quickly back to earth. As she did, there was a flash of movement before her, a canine – both dark and sinister in appearance. Immediately a chorus of growling rose to her left and broadening eyes placed her snowy-coated sister paused with hackles lifting; stark green stare set upon the steel-eyed stranger with the lolling tongue. The horse in her company was yet beyond their field of vision (masked perhaps by the intricate fence of timber), and Zahra promptly recoiled, sidestepping and stumbling until she was instead beside the young kitsune’s side.

“Maybe it didn’t see us?” she whispered, glancing hesitantly around them for any landmark which might offer some familiarity – any sense of reassurance. They had certainly strayed a long distance from their brother; that aspect of the game she and Bird (and Ilham whose puny existence was cocooned in mane and web, out of sight), had become quite proficient at. It seemed, to their detriment.
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The hound is young, oblivious to the world around her. If Zahra had screamed at the top of her lungs, Henrietta would have ignored it, assuming it was the wind howling through naked branches. Caleb, however, was more receptive to sound, his ears constantly rotating in attempt to hear the symphony of sounds around him. He stands still, ivory snowflakes lightly touching him, grasping at the ebony fur covering his massive height. The winter wonderland brings a quiet serenity, a peaceful vacation from constant sound. This silence fades when a hushed whisper breaks into the open. Horned brow furrows, wondering why someone would hide from him. Chrome legs shuffle forwards, closer to the sound. Henrietta, who now rolls around in the snow, tongue flopping out of her dark lips, has not even caught onto what Caleb has heard- the incessant whispering. The dark beast was almost upon her when he heard the loud crack of splitting wood. The sound surprised him, his head shooting upwards in surprise. Flared nostrils began quivering as his steel eyes watched the spot where the sound came from, only to hear it again. Caleb's head dropped slightly, resuming it's natural position as he nears the spot where the young Zahra hides. He is close enough to here her whispers now, perhaps not clearly, but sufficient enough. Maybe it didn't see us?

In a flash of ebony and white, Caleb's head pops forwards, allowing Zahra to see him if she hasn't moved. "It's Henrietta!" He whisper-yelled, Henrietta glancing upwards at him, curious as to what he's going to do. "RUNNNNNNNN!" Baritone voice screeches before Caleb over dramatically turns away and proceeds to canter away as slowly as he ever has, a faux 'afraid face' plastered thickly on. Caleb, though undoubtedly manly and tough and many other things, simply wants to play around now. The beast just wants to have a good fucking giggle! Is that so wrong? Henrietta, catching onto the game her master plays, flops behind Caleb (and Zahra, if she chooses to run from the monstrous Henrietta with him), equally slow.

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