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Like ashes, like ashes
Fathers, be good to your Daughters
From the Deep Sea of Clouds
What you're destined to become
Pandora's Nest
springtime surprises
Tallsun Kisses & Orangemoon Wishes

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smitty the swift Posts: 22
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It's early, BUT we can't have another month without TOTM D:

From the Deep Sea of Clouds - Because it was very entertaining to read these 2 characters threading together!
Like ashes, like ashes - because I love reading, you love reading, and writing 2 horny teens is A+, hehe
Fathers, be good to your Daughters - because Melita is ADORABLE and I'm in love with threading with her

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What you're destined to become Only Odd could write so well with herself xD Really enjoying these two interacting together!

Pandora's Nest Love the topic of this thread and how each character is responding!
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springtime surprises - love the emotion and tension <3 simply beautiful!

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Tallsun Kisses & Orangemoon Wishes The emotions and the way both Sarah and Noella write make this such a beautiful, heartbreaking read. Mesec finally finds his star only for her to have no memories of him ;-;

smitty the swift Posts: 22
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Hey all! We will still be having a final round of OTMs! Noms will span from 6/1 to closure on 7/7.

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Nominating soulbound and heartbroken because of the drama, Ampere's sanity reaching its breaking point, poor dear, sweet Iskra, and the heroes Zero and Astarot. <3

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