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[OPEN] Mice and Bears (Patrolling)

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Parelia & Penna

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired || Robert Frost
The trees were starting to bud, brightly colored and tightly curled flowers poised to usher in the warmth they desired. All the animals were now scurrying around searching for food hoping the predators were still hibernating. It was only wishful thinking though. From her chilly air current sienna oculars followed a large brown bear moving well away from the her family as well as the other northern herds. Flicking her attention way she followed the progress of small group of animals; deer. The lithe spring creatures usually put a smile upon her chiseled muzzle; but today she was not in that kind of mood. Today she was out for a fight. She longed to spar away her feelings of doubt and pain.

Everything had gone to shit in a flowery fucking hand basket. Ilios was gone, she realized her love for Ciceron had slowly faded away, while feelings for her golden king had crept in. To make matters worse the dumb broad had blurted it out at him! 'Oh Earth God, what have I done?' Her baleful thoughts were echoed by her companion. Penna had been disappointing if not down right pissed at Kaj. The falcon was sure the stallion had feelings for his dove; so why had he acted so oddly? With a screech the falcon dove towards his bonded grasping at her short mane before diving towards the ground.

She took him up on the distraction aiming towards the watery land below the mare tucked her wings in close and fell. A squealing whistle accented her decent, drawing another call from her soul-mate. They both knew it was dangerous if not down right stupid for her to dive that way, but that made it more fun. Areli was a year old now, able to care for herself, so now mommy could have fun. Albeit reckless and irresponsible fun, but fun nonetheless. Wind roared over and through the winged mare, causing her blood to pound and eyes to close. Penna's claws on her tail sent amber eyes wide, along with cream and teal wings. Angling the feathery appendages down lessened jerk throwing on the brakes caused. There was no panic upon her face, just the grin an adrenaline junky carries after pulling off their biggest stunt yet. With a soft thump and two graceful steps the dainty mare came to a stop on solid ground once more. "That never gets old does it Penna?" She grinned playfully at the bird hoovering in front of her before they turned to continue their patrolling from Earth. 
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Ktulu the Constrictor

It was awkward and a bit difficult trying to get used to living in the Falls. Ktulu still found herself calling it the Foothills from time to time and always had to correct herself, but no matter how the land changed it would still be the Foothills. It would still be the land that she raised her children in and ruled over with her sister so long ago. It would always be a land that she loved despite her anger, however misplaced it may have been, with the God of the Earth.

The dark mare sighed as she waited for the mare that she had assigned to patrol with herself to arrive. She'd never met Parelia before, but she had heard the mare's name mentioned in passing and knew that she wanted to help with the patrols. It did feel good to know that non-warriors wanted to help and pick up some of the slack.

A strange sound drew her attention skyward and she stopped and watched a pegasus as it dove down toward the ground. A frown pulled the corners of the Constrictor's mouth down and her ears fell back. Was something wrong with the pegasus? Was it going to crash into the ground and kill itself? At the last moment it caught itself, wings spreading to slow the fall and it she landed and spoke.

How reckless.

"Parelia?" Ktulu spoke the mare's name only because she knew that her patrol partner was a pegasus mare, much like the one that just pulled her little stunt.



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