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During the course of the battle the Goddess had kept a careful watch over her son, Mesec. There were many who called her heartless, but those that did were either blind, or stupid, for she was not. While it was true that she would never shy away from the darker responsibilities that came with her position as Goddess, that did not mean she didn't care. She had watched Mesec become something horrible - something twisted and monstrous during the battle. However it seemed that whatever confusion his comrades felt about his transformation, the mini-wolves were even more startled. As Mesec rampaged around the battle field, he drew the attention of more than half of the wolves, halting them in their strides and allowing those around them to kill them. So she had allowed this magic to persist, even when it meant that Mesec collided and attacked fellow Helovian's. However as soon as the last wolf died, the Goddess took action.

"MESEC." She shouted loudly, her voice like an oncoming storm as she rounded on the monstrous creation. A swell of black and lavendar smoke swirled from her lithe form and raced towards the monster before it could try and attack her. It cloaked it, filling its pours and racing down its throat. Quickly it began to contort and shrink, returning Mesec to his proper form. With a knowing smile, the Goddess nodded to her son, before turning her attention back to the battlefield.

A gust of black wind blew quickly through the field, gathering items of value that had been discarded by the dying body of the Wolf God. The acidic blood of the wolf might prove useful later - vials fell by the hooves of Ophelia, Ampere, Tembovu, Cera, Dvorak and Torleik. The Wolf's fangs too, would make interesting tokens. These fell by Soren, Volterra, Erthe, Aviya, and Ranjiri. The Goddess eyed Mortuus Nox - a creature who had apparently needed protection during the battle. To him, she dropped the God's hide, which she had fashioned into armor. To Najya, a sword created from the rib of the God fell. With an amused sneer, she dropped a mask made of the Wolf's skull by Meg - hoping that perhaps it would dull some of the ridiculously bright magic that her body had emitted during battle. Her silvery gaze scanned the battle field, feeling for Knox but knowing that he was likely invisible. A puff of black smoke reached for him, melding into his soul - for his loyalty, she increased the strength of his magic. Behind her, were Res had moved during the battle, the Goddess nodded, offering her magical strength as well.

So many among them had tried to save others rather than fighting the wolves. That, or they had attacked her. Only a few had stayed the course and not been distracted by petty political problems. Maren, Isopia, and Volterra; the small pale child who had tried to protect her from an oncoming attacker; then there was Hotaru and Ophelia - two who were personally affected by the events of the past few seasons, and yet who had their priorities in order and attacked the wolves, rather than her (or at least, that's how she remembered it happening).

Rounding on those who had attacked her - @Mirabella, @Lakota, @Ktulu, @Archibald, @Cera, and @Aithiniel, her gaze bore into each of them as her petite frame seemed to swell with power. "Thanks to my brothers, you were not afforded the chance to palaver with me regarding the events that led up to - and happened on - Sky Island. You will have one chance to speak your piece with me on this. You know where to find me. Until then, expect nothing from me."

With a smile towards her son and all those who had fought bravely, the Goddess nodded. A warm breeze rushed past those loyal to her, healing their wounds and reinvigorating their souls. She knew this would not be the last Rift to open. They would need their strength.

In a swirl of violet and onyx, the Goddess disappeared.

For all those who ATTACKED the Goddess (the list highlighted above) - if you have magic that has dark or wind elements in it, it will not work properly (much like how the magic worked during the dark magic plot. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't, sometimes it will backfire, etc). If you have purely darkxwind magic, your magic will stop working entirely. You may visit the VOTG to talk to the Goddess about the murders. If you do and the conversation goes 'well', your magic will be reinstated. If you don't, it will permanently be 'wonky', and the Goddess will never answer a VOTG request from you.


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Beside her a wolf of a different sort came, though she didn't see it at first as distracted as she was and stepped into it faintly. The burn of it on her haunch shot her forward, head turning to glance at the fiery creation as it aided her wolf-fight. She smiled, her heart warmed further than her rear to see the magic of Gaucho working alongside her.

The erratic battlefield gave her little time to dwell on it though, and as the fight progressed, wolf after wolf fell, until there were none. She still watched over the wolf-Mesec, but he hardly needed it now as his mother called out for him, her own smoke reverting him to the stallion she knew. Able to relax a bit more, Ampere glanced around, almost crushing the vial of blood that had rolled to her. She picked it up gingerly with her mouth, then utilized her magic to stow it with her other things, shoved alongside one of her knives in ts sheath - maybe it'd be useful one day (slowly but surely she was becoming a pack rat). She was mostly unscathed, though painful boils had seemingly erupted along her belly - absent mindedly she itched at them with a hind hood, its tip coming back bloody when she retracted it, but she couldn't focus on that now. Not when all of this lay before her.

Her heart was still torn as to just what side she was on, and not in regards to stallions this time. One thing was clear though, there were those seeking justice here, and she wanted to give it to them. Eyes twinkling mischievously Ampere moved a bit off the battlefield, where she crafted sparks into a small bear and wolf, signifying the gods which had been felled. Was Isopia right, were these gods any more unjust than Helovia's? Were their lives something which was right to take? Ampere still didn't know, but she felt their group could answer it best, but they needed more Whatchers.

She cast her bear and wolf of lightning out into the crowd to draw whatever attention was willing to come and listen.

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The wolf is frozen solid by the dragon's fierce breath, and Volterra's earth spike shatters it into a thousand pieces. Satisfaction burns through him, and a throaty bellow of success blasts from his jowls. There is a sudden wet sensation across his flanks, and his ears flatten in anticipation of pain - it must be God-blood raining down on him, acid to singe flesh from muscle. But it isn't. It's just water, and the beast looks around for its source. He doesn't have to look far, and his heart soars up inside his meaty chest. If she's helping him, that has to be a good sign. He had worried that she is still off with him, after how they'd left things from the hot tub creation and him attacking the bear in the previous battle.

You look ho-warm. Ho-warm? "Much appreciated," he rumbles, a sparkle in his eye as he looks over at her. He chooses to think she was about to say hot, but changed her mind for fear his ego - amongst other things - would swell right there and then, and distract him from the battle at hand. His dragon, bursting with exhilaration from his kill, swoops around and coos a greeting to the giant earth-filly, circling around her once before coming into land on Volterra's moist hindquarters. Then, sensing his bonded's thoughts, he takes flight again, landing near to the colt's earth spike. Smacking bits of dead wolf away with his limbs, Vérzés uses his powerful tail to knock the tip off the earth spike, which he freezes solid with his breath. The result is a small, pointy piece of rock covered in ice, like an equine ice-lolly. It is cool to the touch, and Vérzés places it delicately in front of Isopia. "For you, in case you're a little ho-warm too," adds the mammoth colt with a small grin.

All around him, wolves die; the battle is over, and they have won again. He has slayed a God, again. His powerful neck arches proudly, a stallion's grunt leaving his flared nostrils as sweat beads across every sharp plane of his body. This is getting to be a habit. Amongst the chaos, the Moon Goddess speaks, and suddenly a piece of the wolf lands in front of the yearling. Aha. Vérzés snatches it up in his paws and tangles it into the monolith's tangled mane, a valuable trophy of a successful battle. Perhaps he can fashion a knife out of it, to go with his stone one...

Although this God doesn't address him directly, her little present is a sure sign that his help has been appreciated this time. Admittedly other, lesser creatures get better gifts, like armour and swords, but perhaps she sees that he does not need her gifts to improve his already colossal natural assets. Satisfaction floods him and he stomps one massive hoof, pleased with the day's events. The Goddess condemns the ones who attacked her, before healing the ones who helped - Volterra's battle aches ease just like that, and he feels so invigorated he could go again. Instead he looks to Isopia, inviting her to leave the battlefield with him with a silent flick of his ears.

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I don't know if I manage to get the filly on her feet, because suddenly I'm being mobbed by a dozen other horses trying to do the same thing and help the girl. I stumble backwards, feet returning to the ground with a painful grunt - I've twinged some muscles overextending my kick, and I didn't even manage to hit a zombie. See, this is why I don't fight.

As I drag myself away from the fray of creatures, I notice that patches of boils have appeared all across my body. I frown, reach around to bite one on my side, and wince at the pain it causes me. How friggin' fabulous. I stumble backwards, desperately trying to get away from the collision of horses around the wolves and dizzy with the pain of my hindlegs, then suddenly...ZZSSST! I yelp, flattening my ears and swinging around to see what frizzled me on the ass. It's a bear, a bear made of lightning, and I managed to back right into it. Jesus, it hurts, and I find myself whimpering as I retreat further away from the fray. My backside throbs, and I feel utterly miserable as I pick up herbs that fell out of my halter as I ran to help the filly.

The fight seems to be over, with the wolves dead or dying. The Goddess who began the fight speaks, condemning the foolish folks who attacked her. I listen with half an ear, still feeling very sorry for myself with my boils, my frazzled backside and my sore, aching hindlegs. My head hangs low, my ears flopping to either side, itching to get out of here. Nobody seems to desperately need healing, so as soon as the Goddess is finished speaking, I try to slink away as quietly as possible, to roll around in my own desire for sympathy.


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Still panting, the diviner’s gaze wandered.

Whatever there was that had happened, it was now over. But I have fought; I have protected. The silence of peace got to her and she threw out a sigh. She looked down and saw that her legs were scratched from running through all the vegetation. Perhaps her sight wasn’t as accustomed to her own mists, after all. Then again, it could only mean that they would grow stronger together in the future that would come.

Looking around now, she could imagine the jungle in a more abandoned state and she genuinely looked forward to sit in the quiet, explore the unseen and try out these new kind of juicy leaves. But perhaps her excitement was more highlighted by the pain of the now, for Maren’s skin still bore the boils she had worn for days. And the burns that sat there as its company would be there for more days to come, too. Her legs quivered under her, knowing she would need to seek a place to rest soon before going back to the Throat. Her legs slowly started getting themselves to move, when at that moment the Goddess of the Moon voiced her promised threats to the tired crowd.

The priestess listened, as did the rest, but along with the words Maren heard her heart beating in her ears, the throbbing in the background. And, surprisingly, she did not feel like she had the patience for anything anymore. She munches, feeling some kind slime rising in her throat.

The Sky Island, where shit had gone down… Or something. Badum badum badum. Maren closed her eyes in disappointment when she saw the Goddess making a troubling kind of eye-contact with Cera. Expect nothing from me…— and right then and there she wished she had known or done more for him then she had done.

Feeling dizzy, she turned her slender tiger striped body around, wings protectively hugging her neck as she attempted to find a way out of the chaos. Somewhere she almost bumped into Ashamin. “Greh— Greetings…,” she said through her breathing. Despite her tiredness, she pulled out a half-smile, for she was happy to see a familiar face, happy to not be here alone.


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Ophelia knew how lucky she was. She still heard Torleik's words echoing in her head - compounding guilt on guilt. She tried to fight the monsters, wanting nothing more than to rid herself of one of the many emotions threatening to drown her to the bottom of her soul's ocean, but to no avail. Instead, a gigantic warg beast slammed into her from the side, and she growled in pain, losing her footing and stumbling down into the dirt. Mud stained her white hide, the bloody evidence of her rage fading back to deathly pale, and she looked outside of her own body as the battle came to a close - with Mesec as the hero.

But Hototo, Psyche, Ailith and others were still dead.

The moon God had still killed them. She failed to avenge her loves ones. And she failed to consider that her martyrdom would leave a lover behind - something she never had before. Two, conflicting levels of pain clashed against her heart, and she hung her head, finding that the Moon Goddess did not include her in the group to go speak. Lucky. Fortunate. Strange. Her magic worked against gods, then? Ophelia had never expected to be that powerful, but now, she was grateful.

If she could erase a thousand memories from minds, turn herself into nothing and eradicate herself entirely, she would be content. Too many eyes watched. All of them judging. She wanted to hide in Torleik's neck from the world, be even he was angry with her, and she angry with him.

The goddess disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and Ophelia remained, feeling bloody marks ooze down her side from her movement earlier. This was misery. Even Tinek mourned, the silver beast landing on Ophelia's back and curling up in the crook of her neck for comfort. She inhaled a hitching breath, turning her neck to nuzzle into his scales. "Lets go home."

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Ulrik watched as one of Rikyn's hooves collided with his shoulder, and he winced, squeezing one eye shut at the brunt of the pain. He grunted softly, pausing and twisting his neck as the burn radiated down his front, left leg. Damn. He hadn't been kicked like that in quite some time, and he definitely had not been expecting that at all. Regardless, battle was chaotic, and he would not hold this against his son.

"Damn... watch where you are putting those," he muttered in humor, watching as a transformed beast then took out the rest of the wolves. Ulrik came to a halt and then noticed Ophelia standing nearby, looking rather put out, but he didn't trust that for a minute. In the short time that she lead the Aurora Basin, she had been a cunning queen - one of those who was too smart for their own good. Part of him wanted to warn his cousin about the dangers she posed, but Torleik probably wouldn't listen.

Instead, he located his scorpion in the mud, striding over to pick it up between his teeth before approaching Ophelia and, hopefully, Torleik again. He dropped it close by, frowning at its state of disrepair. Ulrik grumbled something and then pressed on a spot with his hoof, jumping when it start to arc and, much to his regret, shocked Ophelia too. "Aaahhhhh sorry," he muttered, slamming his hoof down on it to remove the current.

He hoped Phi wouldn't hold it entirely against him. It wasn't as if he did it on purpose. With a sigh, the Engineer waited patiently, deciding that he would follow Torleik and Ophelia to the World's Edge. Perhaps there, he would find a place to work diligently on his craft and get himself organized. If there were strange gods in strange worlds, then his limitations were now endless. He would finish the task the Spark God gave him and then return once all this new land discovering was over.

That was as much a plan as he ever had.

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It was unclear to Gaucho whether or not his firey creatures had aided Ampere or Aithniel - but that no other wolves harmed them before the battle drew to a close, was enough to easy his weary mind. He looked at all those who had fought - all those from the Dragon's Throat - and it was hard not to let a smile crease his stoic and primitive features. There were a few that he didn't see - but that was alright. Ampere had likely demanded that some stay behind to protect the Throat should something befall those that had left. Perhaps it was foolish that their leads and gladiator were all present, but then again, the Dragon's Throat had never shied away from a battle.

The Wildfire glared as the Moon's magic swept over him. He would have prefered to keep his aches and his pains, than to have him relieved by her. With a grimace, he snorted angrily and threw a blast of fire as she disappeared into a swirl of smoke and ash. The dun mumbled something under his breath as he turned to leave.

He and Meg and Ampere would need to hold a herd meeting, and soon. This was not the first battle that had erupted, and Gaucho doubted that it would be the last. If this was to happen again, perhaps they ought to be more prepared. Could they come with amulets already filled, with magic at the ready? The Moon Goddess and the God of Time had returned ... would their deity soon return as well? Gaucho could only hope.

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Pain seared through Eden's body, infecting both her skin and her heart. Acidic blood from the wolf fell down her forehead as she pierced through a wolf's shoulder. She jumped backwards with a yelp, tossing her head to throw the blood off, but it did no good. The damage had already been done. She let out a soft whine, gritting her teeth together as her forehead stung. She let a few moments pass, listening to the shouts and screams around her. They soon fell silent, the voices only a lingering, hushed whisper around her.
Eden lifted her pale head, feeling sick as she saw the wolf bodies piled around the area. Many of the horses looked tired and in pain, although some seemed to feel only triumph. She shifted her gaze to the Goddess, not wanting to move and risk spreading the pain on her forehead. The Goddess was concerned with the well being of the others. It made Eden feel sure that she had chosen the right side.
The pale mare moved her gaze back to the wolf she had pierced in the shoulder, tears brimming at the edges of her eyes. Her forehead was in pain, but she knew it didn't hurt as much as the wolf when he had died at her horn. She tucked her head, closed her eyes, saying a silent prayer for the wolf's soul. She prayed he'd be reincarnated as a butterfly, or humming bird. Something small, so it could realize how much more there is to life than itself.
When Eden was finished the Goddess was in the middle of scolding those who had fought against her. Eden turn to face the center of the battlefield, her gaze scouring the area for the Basin members she knew. To her relief, they seemed mostly okay. She lacked any healing abilities, so she stayed back, knowing she wouldn't be much help if she interfered.
A sudden breeze whisked through her mane and figure, reinvigorating her body as she contemplated whether their actions had been justified or not. The pain in her forehead subsided, the wound healing and leaving behind a scar by her horn. She looked back to the Goddess in time to see her nod and disappear in a flurry of dark colored smoke.
With one last glance at the wolf bodies scattered around her, she turned to leave, ignoring the living around her. The stench of death was not one she favored; nor was the stench of traitors and murderers. That was one she would never be able to escape anymore, for there was blood on her horn now.


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Even the magic of her rank could not keep the pain in her leg at bay forever and it returned in full force when the golden bastard slammed into her from behind. Her legs buckled, and as the armored force pushed into her from behind, her knees met the savaged ground of the battlefield. The stolen blade dropped from her teeth as a cry ripped from her throat. She had come into this fight exhausted from days of travel, and the blood still drained from the wound in her leg; the burst of magic might have been a mistake, for it ripped the lest of her energy from her and saw her falling to the ground in a heap.

She toppled in a torrent of pains as legs and wings folded in a heap. A handful of places on her body screamed as the tried to trig herself but she forced herself up. On shaking legs she rose, ready to defend her herdmates to her last drop of blood but she needn’t have. It was al over.

It was the wolfish form of the monospace that toppled the last of the demon god’s parts and the Goddess who stopped him from going even further. The Sunspear watched in beleaguered astonishment as the goddess collected and distributed a bevy of prizes. Her anger at the Goddess, at the whole fucked up situation was cast away in favor of confusion when, with a sneer the Moon cast the skull of the god at her own feet. And when the warm breeze washed over the crowd and healed her as well? That bitch won’t even let me have my anger in peace, Sun damn her to hell…

“Throat!” She bellowed at those of her herd, “Diviner’s Fire, morning after next!” Healed but in no mood to see or speak to anyone, Meg picked up the bone mask and the pole arm and headed for home. All she wanted to do was pray.

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Everything roared around her, like the beast before her, the one putting her off from her family and her Goddess. It lunged, but she and Alice rose to meet it, perfect chords of resonance that sang with the chorus of battle and blood. Her horn stabbed deep into the wolf's body, an odd sort of pulling sensation when a piece of one's body was stuck in another's figure. The wolf shrieked and howled like the damned and the disfigured, writhing upon her forehead as Alice gripped the beast's flank tight in her jaws. The acid did no good, but her teeth were still weapons.

One moment Hotaru was sucked into the heat of the battle, the thrum of life and terror in her ears as if embedded permanently in her pulse. She and Alice working as a pair, uninterrupted, seamless and beautiful. Brutality and refinement, the perfect sides to a singular precious coin. Then all at once, jaws snapping with turpentine acidity in her face as she went to retreat, everything turned into hell.

It felt like her soul was being ripped apart, like something vital had been gripped tight and RIPPED away from her being. All at once she felt suffocated with her solitude, breath refusing to rush into her lungs as she slammed immediately to her knees beneath the weight of it all, horn sliding bloody and free from the wolf's body. Didn't even feel as its teeth pierced along the crest of her neck as she fell, entangled in her sudden prison of nothingness.

Alone, alone, alone. A flashback sensation to her grief and her loneliness, to the winding paths of her past that had killed the hope inside her. Watching her twin and mother turn away from her carelessly, too afraid to pursue them. Waiting endless nights for Tingal to return, her tears coming fewer every eve that the Goddess she tried so valiantly to trust did not return him to her. Watching as he came back only to hate her, spit upon her, and turn away again. Leaving a herd that belittled her as she walked away, not even old enough to be considered an adolescent and already braving the long shadows of reality. Wandering the snows, trying to find SOMEBODY to be near, to steal and hoard the warmth of their life spirit if only for a few scarce moments. Hollowed chest and burning tears, wondering why she bothered living when nobody would notice her dying. She was dying inside anyways.

So horribly, crushingly alone.

Alice was howling in similar agony, a screeching noise in the buzzing of her ears, senseless to the dangers as she lay suddenly sobbing and wheezing on her knees in the earth. "ALICE!" she was screaming, over and over again, like a knife being stabbed into her soul. But she couldn't even tell that the noise was coming from her. It was so feral, so brutal, it couldn't possibly be coming from her. Don't let her be dead, her spirit cried in agony and despair, in utter denial of the possibility. Don't let her leave me, please Goddess give her back to me! "ALICE! ALICE! ALICE!" And she was there, she was there and pressing her warm fur against Hotaru as she writhed and kicked helplessly to try and regain her footing, needing to see, needing to KNOW. Never leaving her, never left in the first place. But everything was so hollow, and she couldn't FEEL HER. Black bottomless eyes seemed just as scared as Hotaru felt as their eyes finally locked, familiar characteristics blurred by her overwhelming tears. Why couldn't she feel her? Why couldn't she FEEL HER? What monstrous effect was this, to have been ripped so carelessly from her sister's side and reminded of the horrors of her past?

It was agony, her loneliness crashing over her in acidic waves that burned her to the core, and she didn't care if the beast they'd been fighting together descended and ended her right then. She would bless the sweet release, if only to end this suffering.

And then like light cresting over the horizon, Alice had returned to her. And she was left in the wake of the devastation, openly sobbing, uncaring of those who gazed upon her. They were unimportant in the face of the possibility that her life could ever be like that, could ever be degraded to such horrible suffering. Bleeding neck reached around to draw Alice to her, shaken and torn as she sank into the lull of their bond. Here, she whined both aloud and in Hotaru's mind, no other words necessary even if she'd had the ability to speak them. I here.

Hotaru lay curled around her for many long moments, shuddering and broken like a lost child. She could not bear that loneliness, not again. Not after all her years of suffering through it, more dead than alive. To lose lose Alice would be a fate worse than death, and she shook with the memory of the glance into that world that she'd been given. It was pure luck that Ampere had not been spotted, that her magic lay unknown, for it would have destroyed any attempt at an alliance that the Basin and Throat were building. The future lay uncertain as to whether it would ever be revealed, but as Alice helped prop up Hotaru and they both stood, neither seemed to care. They had each other once more, that was all that mattered.

Her Goddess let power wash over the battlefield, and Hotaru shook beneath the similarly comforting presence, torn though her spirit still was. They moved slowly off the field, as if in a daze, leaning heavily upon one another like neither could remain vertical without the other. Everything else could perish, they simply needed to be together.

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Rage, hot and unfiltered, continued to fuel the stallion. Vehemence numbed the pain that sparked across his back, and in his mind one word repeated over and over and over. Death. A wild roar erupted from his jaws when the satisfaction of knowings his armor sliced into flesh solidified along his crest. Turning, after trying to stab the stallion again, Archibald prepared to strike. However, he stood stark still. Before him, a flickering image of his brother--his younger brother, with fear and helplessness bright in his crying eyes. The flicker was a sudden shift, and it was another familiar face. Roanne. The Sentinel. A stallion Archibald made sure found his end. The memory sunk in Archibald's gut like a hot coat, burning through tissue and muscle.

"Brother! Brother!"


And then the figure shifts back into the stallion that attacked him, but Archibald recognized him as something different. The broken colt. His brother. His cursed brother. Teeth find purchase on his neck, where his chainmaille protects him, and Archibald roars again and shifts backwards. Suddenly upon him is a familiar sensation. Mud and vines grip his body and restore skin and sinew. Strength replenishes in his muscles and his legs, but golden eyes do not have time to find the claybank dun he knew to be the wielder of this healing. Hooves strike out for him but Archibald presses forward. Rearing, his steel-clad hooves smash for Dovev's (Knox's) chest.

"KNOX! ENOUGH!" Archibald demands, his body falling to the earth again as his bone magic seeks his brother. It was time for this all to end. In the distance, Loretta turned her tail and rocketed to follow her sister into the darkness. Wild barks and yips trail the inky retriever, and Loretta's amber eyes fill with worry. As temperamental as Loretta was, she was equally as loyal. The fray stopped all around them, and Archibald swiveled away from an attack he thought might be thrown his way, had his attempt at bringing out the fallen brother not worked.

Golden eyes find the Goddess, and the still burning coals of his anger flare. She tells them to find her in the veins, and Archibald intends to.

archibald & loretta
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Aviya smacked into her brother, pulling him away from those he intended--meaningful or not--to hurt. Her icy eyes were wild as they collided, hooves flailing to find purchase once more. But his mass was so high above her own that the collision sent her rocketing away, control of her own body lost. Cloven hooves scrambled but found nothing.

Pain, sudden and shrill and erupting, splintered the mare's mind and she screamed. Blood pooled down the mare's side, staining her faded black coat a sinister crimson. Finally, Aviya grounded herself. Closing her eyes tightly, the mare lowered her head. The Goddess was talking, but it was mumbling in Aviya's ears. As the deity disappeared, Aviya collapsed to her knees, falling over to her side. Blood pooled around her, staining the battleground. "Mesec..." Aviya whispered, eyes flickering. Her head swam with the pain, the sharp, intense pain that sent her spiralling down, down, down...

"Mes--" She tried again, head falling into the loamy soil. Her mouth hung open, and tears swelled in her eyes. Was this what death was like? Emotions charged her heart, the organ beating wildly against her chest. Something was wrong inside. Blue eyes rolled in search of the silver and black hybrid. Near her chest lay the trinket from the Moon Goddess. Where Aviya thought Mesec would be, stood a faint white figure instead.

"Come to me, my sweetest one." Her mother's voice was sing-song and soft, calling to the masked girl.

"Momma Kou..." Aviya whispered, a racking sob following after. The pain in her side, in her chest, began to dull and fall to the wayside.

Not because it was getting better.

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Oh God,
what have you taught me?

Your gift,
this heart upon my sleeve:
the reaper's bleeding timepiece.

Ashamin ran through the throng, forgetting his fears, thinking only of Tiamat. He ran forward desperately, every step a signal fire and every beating of his own heart a painful cry. Tiamat.

So preoccupied was he that he barely saw where he was going, and ran into yet another fellow helovian. There was no time to apologize, only time to grunt and push past the further bruising of his shoulder and turn his ears and magic back to listen to the heartbeat of the poor soul in his way. He recognized Ilios, now, from the threshold. He heard the young pegasus' heartbeat, a steady thump, dragging itself about along an even keel. What was that, then? It couldn't be collectedness, not in the face of this horrible fight, could it be?

It occurred to Ashamin, then, that perhaps his own heartbeat was the only one moving so fast. Were all others here so noble and brave that their hearts were steady and true? Was he alone terrified of the wolves snapping at his hocks, was he the only one screaming with pain of this fear?

Had he turned to look, he would have seen Ilios' injured state, the striking of rock against head that was likely slowing his system. But Ashamin did not turn and look, he could not. He felt only the crushing of bodies and wolves, falling into acid and nothing at his strike. It burned, too, but it was success. He knew this. Ashamin knew this as he slid to a stop before Tiamat, finally reached her, finally protected her, and crushed another wolf beneath his weight.

His hocks ached and his breath was caught in a tremor, but he was there, and he had done as he had hoped. And as the Goddess of the Moon tore the Wolf God asunder, Ashamin watched and listened to the hearts of those around him. A dark winged mare (Ranjiri) with a fast steady beat as she moved across the battlefield, the moon's demi-god son with the quick and curious heart that seemed to radiated confidence. Were all so collected?

He felt the healing wind sweep across the scene and the sense of chaos subside, but still his own heart beat faster and he sent it out into the scene, seeking those like it. He found only one, belonging to a distant and pale painted pegasus (Cera,) whom he'd never before met.

So the haruspex wasn't alone, then. Others, too, felt fear.

So quickly trained was Ashamin, now, that he could not stop hearing the hearts of those around him. When Maren approached it was only her heart that he heard, her words faded into dull background noise. Standing beside Tiamat and Nox, the haruspex could only nod vaguely.

Lochan, hidden from the fight, emerged quietly with a look of terror. The bonded pair were reunited, the small cerndyr pressing his head to Ashamin's knee and lowing quietly, painfully. He called for a healer for his haruspex, flashing images of the ones he knew in Ashamin's mind in vain. There were others that needed tending to, even more than him.

Somewhere, Ashamin heard the heartbeat of one such soul. Getting slower, fading quietly into nothing amid a sea of piled corpses where no one would find her. He needed medical attention, it was clear in the way he hobbled and tripped on burnt hocks towards the sound of that fading heart. But he couldn't stop for himself, not while that heartbeat was still heard, not while there was still a chance...

He found her when he saw a shadow fall to its knees, and he reached her when she was already on the ground. Aviya, a stranger to him, soaked in blood and dying.

He called out into the crowd with desperation the only thing in his heart he could face recognizing, and looked around for someone who could cure this stopping heart. Fast and unforgivable blisters from burns formed about his hocks as every sob wracked his broken frame, but all he could hear was a stranger, dying, as if it were his own heart ceasing to beat.


image credits

Ashamin used his spark magic on the following and listened to their heartbeats. Those italicized are infected. I have been given permission to use magic from all RPers:
Cera, Maren, Ranjiri, Mesec, Ilios, Aviya.

See Ashamin's profile for more information about Lochan, Rakt, and his various items.
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Just need the post of the characters saying Ashamin's magic hit them :)

Since Ulrik and Ophelia are played by the same person that one was a bit easier.
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Νεχ ποσσυμ τεχυμ ωιωερε, νεχ σινε τε

A terrifying sound met her ears as she shook the head and looked up, rattled and jumbled by the impact with the ground. What met her gaze was not the sight of the moon smiling benevolently at her, but the visage of a giant wolf, black and silver and snarling with such fury that tears were driven into her eyes by the mere sound of it. Behind her the charging beast howled and whimpered in agony as her makeshift dagger punctured a glistening eye, there was a sound of hooves smacking into flesh and it was gone, maybe drawn off to fight somewhere else or find easier targets for whatever savage hungers that drove it. Before her the new, more immediate threat lashed out; Erthë screamed and shuffled backwards to get away, but before she could feel the pain of teeth boring into her supple skin, a dark figure had jumped in between them.

A stern voice, young yet motherly in its own right, addressed her. The filly peeled her seeing eye open, expression frightened and bewildered as she stared up at a black and gold colored girl. She was beautiful and fierce and strong, but even though the child wanted to give her right and obey those herding wings - wings and a horn, just like her! - the legs just wouldn't carry her. She tried once, twice, but each attempt brought her back down to the trampled, bloodstained ground with a forlorn thump... so she sniffed apologetically and remained in place, sheltered and shielded by those dark wings, so very like her mother's.

Around her the battle entered its final throws. In horror she watched how the big bad wolf, the one who had almost bit her, began to take down the rest of the enemies one by one. And when there were none left to fight the Moon Goddess called out a name with commanding voice, and to her astonishment the girl found the beast changing, the massive, hulking frame thinning and shrinking, becoming a young stallion with wings like night and eyes like softly gleaming stars. In the midst of her fear and loathing, a new feeling of awe blossomed. Wide-eyed and shocked beyond words she stared at the man with a constricting feeling in her chest... unable to peel her eyes off until mother's soft voice and gentle touch brought her back to the present.

Mesec, the moon had said. Mesec. Hadn't he been the one standing next to the goddess before the battle began? The moon had called him son, hadn't she? Her head felt jumbled and much too full, the aftermath of anger and shock and fear leaving her quite exhausted. A dark wind had begun to drift through the towering stalks and made them bow and sway, waters of the hidden pools and streams rippling and stirring. It swept over the fallen Wolf, the dead god... and once again she became witness to the unspeakable act of slaughter.

Erthë felt sick to her stomach at the sight of the fallen foe being stripped clean and handed out. When one of the trophies came to a rest before her own cloves she could only stare at it, numb and unsure what she ought to feel. It was a gift from the Moon Goddess, whom she had come to admire so fiercely, but it was also a piece of a corpse. What should she do with it? Wear it, give it away, refuse to pick it up...? It was a part of the wolf she had come to fear so much, was this more a reminder of what she had done, what it had almost done?

The Goddess spoke again, addressing the ones who had attacked her. The child listened with growing interest to her words, her active mind working to fit together pieces of this enormous puzzle. So the people were angry about something? Because this something had happened on a sky island - were there islands in the sky? What was even an island? - and the moon's brothers... wait, she had brothers too?... anyway there would be a chance to meet her at the veins... What veins?

It was all very cryptic and hard to follow but the bottom line seemed to be that the Moon would appear again at some place and answer questions. In her belly a yearning kindled like red-hot fire, a wish to be there and listen too, even if it wasn't to her the lady would speak or explain. Maybe she could be allowed to be there anyway?

She had no time to ask, however, because mother was urging her onto her feet. Erthë stole a last glance at the divine lady, and felt her heart skip a beat when she found the goddess smiling. At her! The gentle wind that swept across the clearing tugged gently at her baby curls, combed through the soft wool of her coat, and a rush of energy surged up from within, enough to bring her to her feet. Almost absentminded she scooped up the goddess' gift in the coils of her tail, the bronze chain jingling softly until she found a good grip on it, and with a last long look at the battlefield she began to follow her mother.

And just as they made to leave, a sparkling, sizzling figure of a wolf - not another one! - shoved its way past the little family. Erthë howled as it bumped into her and sent painful, numbing voltage through her body; Shadow cursed and glared after it, but it had already disappeared in the milling crowd.

@RE - Erthë and Shadow touched Ampere's lightning wolf. Posting Shadow in a bit.

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"My bad!" calls my voice in answer to my sire’s grunt of pain and the dull thump of my hoof against him.

Looking over at my dad with the grimace of apology, though it is a short lived moment, my attentions drawn away from regret to the act at hand. I manage to roughly kick one wolf in the jowl, and it goes spinning with a yelping sound away from us.

The wolf is cleaved nearly in half by a large, warg like creature that makes my legs tremble beneath me, my golden eyes rolling after its ferocious and murderous charge to make sure it doesn’t grow bored of trouncing shadow dogs and turns on us, instead.

Please let him be on our side.

A brief nicker of farewell escapes my lips as my father makes his quiet leave of me – again, I don’t want to seem overly attached, though I admit I had hoped he’d stay and talk for at least a little while before wandering back to wherever he spent most of his time these days. I follow his trajectory to where Ophelia and Torleik are, feeling a brief flash of jealousy that I am still so much younger than they are.

Obviously this is what makes them such preferable company.

I let my eyes fall away from my father and uncle to land again on the Goddess (though they flicker across the figure of a fallen female, laying in a pool of red thick and sticky), who lets her magic ride across the field of death, restoring the warg beast into a figure of a winged and horned black stallion, delivering boons and gifts from the bones of the fallen God to those who had been most helpful to her (or so I can only guess).

I’m not surprised she gave me nothing – I had, after all, been more afraid than useful, even managing to kick my dad.

As she delivers her vengeance upon those who had dared attack her (my sister among them, earning an “I told you so” haughty glance from me and an attached devilish smirk). And then she is running among us, magic trailing from her lavender bodice, and as she passes me, my nostrils are filled with divine smell of immortality and stardust, and the wounds upon my body shimmer and fade into nothingness, their ache a dull memory.

But one is not healed.

The cry of Ashamin draws gaze from Aithniel, who I’d been making my way towards to see what she planned to do about this meeting the Goddess had asked her to (with a gung ho prance found with this newly revitalized body of mine), and though I keep on walking as if I’m not going to change my course, I can’t help but see why he’s shouting.

There is a girl on the ground.

A girl who is dying.

My pace slows, my ears falling back on my head. Absently I stare in her direction, unsure what I can do to help, feeling some part of my heart literally tremble and break with the shrill shouts of the Haruspex. I don’t know her, but she is pretty, even as she dies, lying there alongside the dark winged figure that had been a massive wolf, and though I can’t help her, I cannot help but wonder if someone won’t.

[ OOC: Goes to make his way towards Aithniel when the battle is over only to be distracted by Ashamin shouting about Aviya. He pauses to watch what happens because morbid curiosity. Also Time if Aviya is legit dying I am going to cry whole rivers and flood my living room like you don’t even know. D: ]

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