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Savages! Savages! [HERD MEETING]

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She had come directly to the Diviner’s Fire after the battle with the Wolf God, and for some inexplicable reason she had come with the beast’s skull. It had been stripped of flesh and adorned with a gleaming black and yellow feather crest but that was the least remarkable thing about it. She’d had to wear the mask to get it home and is had covered her with a back smoke so reminiscent of the Moon Goddesses magic, Meg had nearly cast it off and let it fall into the ocean. Something had held her back…there was still something unseen to be discovered though she could not say how she knew, and so she had brought it to the fire.

The blaze of the Sun’s Fire had always warmed Megaera, comforted her, and it recent months she had come her often to pray for hope and guidance. She needed both now more than ever and so after the battle she had come here and she had not left. She had flown through the night and arrived at the fire in the breaking light of dawn. Healed of her hurts by the Moon Goddess she had not needed to seek any other company but the cracking flames and it had been her luck that none had come to distract her from her prayers.

Her vigil lasted for hours, began as the sun broke the horizon and the Sunspear would not abandon it until it sank and rose again. The polearm she had wrestled from the golden stallion lay in the sand at her side as well and the mask and the sweat and blood soaked armor she had peeled off. Meg, herself, was equally filthy. She had worn her armor since she had left to investigate the Bloodfalls and her coat showed it: caked with dust and dried sweat she held none of her usual luster. Dark dried blood clung to her front legs and splatters of it seemed to reach everywhere her leathers hadn’t covered. This was the battlemare, the Wild Sultana, and she wanted her fucking god to show his face.

Hour after hour she stared into the fire, boiling over the recent events. Twice the Gods of Helovia had expanded their world and twice it had resulted in bloodshed when these Rift gods would not give up what was theirs. Not only that, but it had brought sickness to Helovia, festering boils that left the infected ranges and raw. What was the meaning of this? Why hadn’t that at least been warned?

Where in seven hells was the Sun?

That question burned through Megaera as she glared into the flames. Stubborn as a mountain she would not relent, as if standing her and silently demanding it would make him show himself, make him make him help her. She had called for a meeting on the next sunrise, any at the battle would know to come and her beacon would collect the rest. They would come, she knew, and she so desperately wanted to have answers for them when they came.

- - - - - - - - - -

When the sun began to rise for the second time after the Wolf God's battle, Meg finally turned from the flames. She'd get no answer from her God now, so she would have to make sure her family was ready for whatever lay ahead. With Gaucho's help, and Ampere's... for every soul under the sun's protection she would have to met aside Meg for a while, she would have to be The Sunspear.

Pale streaks of light were just beginning to crest the horizon and she threw up her head, letting her sunlight join them, dwarf them. The pillar of light burst into she sky and with it her call went up, her lungs throwing her voice as far as they could. "Dragon's Throat! To me!!"When the light withdrew her head fell. For a few quiet moment she stood in the pale morning light to catch her breath. Why does my magic always take so much? When others wield forces at the drop of a hat, the light I love leaves me drained... But she had no time to ponder that now, (maybe it the sun god ever mad an appearance she could ask him). Her eyes lifted to scan the horizon, waiting for her family to appear.

[everyone arriving...]

She had never called the Throat together like this, never used this right as Sultana, and though her vigil she had prayed for the strength, the composure to meet the task. Whether the Sun had heard her or not, she faced them all, with the Diviner's fire at the back. When they began to assemble, she spoke, voice strong and and even a little hard. "My family... I know some of you are aware, for you fought beside me just two days past, but twice now, Helovia has been confronted with changes. I fear they might not be changes for the better, for now both the God of the Spark and the Goddess of The Moon have expanded Helovia's borders and both times a battle has resulted. They seem to have taken new lands but also brought its inhabitants and its monsters to our door." She paused to glance around, picking out the faces of those she had seen fighting the Wolf and those she had been told had met the Bear; each received a nod of thanks from the Sultana. "I do not know if the foreigners will mean us ill, but they should be treated with caution. It seems disease has also been brought to Helovia by these events. If any are infected, have our healers examine you and I want contact with any outside our borders limited until a cure can be found."

"Two Helovian Gods have incited these strange happenings, but there are four at my count. I do not believe we have seen the last of these foreign beasts so all should be on guard. I will not confine you all to the island but all should exercise extreme caution. If this happens again there's no telling where or when and I will not have our home left undefended. Ampere, make sure patrols of our borders are filled and attended. Healers, be sure you are well stocked and ready." The Sunspear gave a fierce snort, wild and angry as she looked, it should have been clear in her voice that she was in a foul temper. It was a temper brought on by frustration and fear for those around her, those she loved, but it manifested in her rough manner all the same. "If anyone has any news, any information, let them speak."

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Laedere had begun to shrink away from society for the most part as of late. She was afraid that she was not what the members of the Throat wished to be. She was afraid that she couldn't live up to their desires, that she would not truly be a part of their family. Aye, she had gone on the patrol, but she did it to try and prove to them that she was not completely useless. Would they see that? Would they understand she was trying? Still, she hid. She stayed by the huge tree, hiding in the shadows - only emerging at night when Ardere's glowing lava mark was the only real sign that she was out there.

It was only when the call for those of the Dragon's Throat to come was uttered that she dared pull herself from the tree. Body moving carefully to the pack of members. The winged mare covered in a wolf's skull was speaking. Aye, probably a leader (though she still didn't understand why females had the power - it went against all that her own society was made of). But, the way she spoke, the way she held herself was that of strength and power - and had her voice held a deeper tone she might even had believed that this was just a smaller, more lithe stag.

Fierce, angry. Wild. She spoke of new lands, of foreigners - of being wary. But Laedere herself was a foreigner. She didn't understand these traditions still, this way of life. Was she to be considered one that they needed to be wary of? She swallows, backing up and her eyes searching for Einarr. Was he here? She struggled to place herself at ease  and then she finally lays eyes on him. She scurries over - Ardere floating above the meeting (making loopty-loops in the air) - and tries to press her maw against his shoulder to garner his attention. "Mineself not… not one of 'foreigners'? Mineself not one they show caution to?" She swallows, her voice slower as she struggles to keep the words simpler. Still, she keeps it low - barely a whisper - afraid that if someone else hears they will attack her right out.

Still, she wants to help if she can… so long as they desire whatever little assistance she can give.

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Einarr was on his way to seek the bay mare before she acted on her duties as Sultana and called a herd meeting. A scowl laced his dark face as he stood before her, in his normal place as Guardian, with many thoughts racing through his mind. He had just endured the unrighteous vehemence of Ampere, and he had a laundry list of disagreements he needed to charge against her. Reddened eyes swept over the bay as she spoke, concern beating in his heart and untraceable on his stoic, militaristic face. She had been in two battles as he steadied their borders, and that made his skin crawl. They were to be in battle together against the woes of Helovia, as they had been during the flood. The dark guardian's wings shifted on his back with the discomfort he felt, but he made no motion to speak. It was not yet his turn.

Laedere, a woman he had granted haven to in the Throat, sidled near him. Her delicate muzzle grazed his shoulder, her words making his blood go cold. With knitted brows, he turned his head to look upon her soft pink eyes. "Laedere safe in Throat. Einarr keep Laedere safe." He whispered, breathing his promise into her nostrils. Now, it seemed, was his time. Turning his focus back towards Megaera, Einarr lifted his head and held onto his resolve. "Einarr believe Ampere to be danger to this family." The stallion stepped forward, his chest broad like a shield, as he harboured his bold words. "Ampere assault Laedere with her words--bring Laedere to question her safety in the desert. A member of council is called to drop personal...con-vick-tun--" he struggled with the word conviction, but he knew its meaning and its importance, "--but Ampere not. She hate those bonded to creatures. Ampere scream and call names--not a mare worthy of respect. Ampere not hold Dragon Throat's desire to be family and support one another. Ampere break desert law, and einarr demand punishment." The stallion's voice was solid and cold, but not elevated or full of anger. This stallion was smart--despite his unskillfulness in the common tongue--and he knew that requests brought of heavy voices and hardened hearts achieved nothing. Einarr stood steadfast in his role as warden, regardless of what rank the one being brought to justice held.

Or who they slept with.

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The outside world had been so quiet, as dull and empty as the sound of rain against the ocean’s surface, existing but useless to her mind. She hadn’t even taken the time to think about living. The Dragon’s Throat held her within its warm arms and held her close, closed her off from the horrors of the world while she sat back and let herself rot in its embrace.
She let her duties go unchecked. She let Hobgoblin off on his own, watching with dead eyes as he spread his wings and flew away, gone for hours only to return to sleep beside her. If she’d been more alive at the time, then maybe she would of jumped up at the idea of moving around a bit, to look at the changes that Birdsong proudly brought in.
Instead, she lays beneath her tree by the sea, listening to the soft, soothing noise of the ocean and the repetitive cry of gulls, only halfway paying attention to the movies that Hobgoblin plays out before her eyes.
She tells herself that he hates her for invading his world, that he loathes her very existence for what she does to him.
He responds to her emotions without a flicker of his own, sharing the weight of her mind upon his own shoulders, refusing to crumble, caring in the only way he knows how. If Sikeax dies, whether it be physically or mentally, he believes something will happen to him, and he’s too content with his life to let her waste his.
His perch in the tree leaves him far away from her. She thinks in the back of her head of how nice it would be for him to lie beside her and comfort her, to offer her some sort of guiding light in the dark. Dawn creeps over the horizon by the time she finally feels something brush against her side, lazily turning her gaze to see if it’s him, because please, for once, let it be Hobgoblin showing a single stitch of humanity in his heart.
Black fur drags itself along the right side of her barrel before the low stabbing of claws push into her skin. A sigh casts itself from her, following the rhythm of his touch as if he works to deflate her body within his nails, digging deeper into her side before she finally snorts out a warning.
Something rises up in her nerves, pricking her into a semi-alert state before finally soaring into worrisome thoughts. Bright lights flash before her eyes and then he’s gone, abandoning her once more for some sort of light that’s caught his attention.
She lets him carry her along, crossing the desert at a slow canter as he sprints ahead of her, moving as quickly as his long legs will carry his lithe body over the orange sand. Excitement passes through her veins at the same pace that molasses drips from a tree.
It’s probably nothing out of the ordinary, but she wouldn’t let herself be the reason that his fun is spoiled.
They step up to the plate together, looking over the herd for new faces and names she probably won’t know, searching for souls she hasn’t seen in months and hoping that she’ll discover some lost friend from days past. Each of them blur away into the mass about the same time that a wince passes over her features. She should say something about his claws, but they fade from memory when that little ’wave’ rushes over her body, relaxing tense muscles as talons tangle themselves within her mane.
She drinks in all of Megaera’s words like fine wine, swallowing when a knot generates inside of  her throat at the mention of disease. It twists a black pit within her stomach when all she can think about is how she’s let her duties go unchecked over her own personal, selfish needs. Others were suffering, and there she was, ignorant enough to turn a blind eye to the whole world and proud enough to say that she was the Sun Physician of the Dragon’s Throat when she neglects her duties.
Her throat clears in an uncomfortable sort of way and she remembers that she hasn’t spoken in some time; Hobgoblin has no need for her words and there isn't really much of anyone to speak to in her isolation.
”If anyone has contracted one of these diseases already, please meet with after the meeting. I’d like all of my fellow healers and any that have any information about the disease to come along too, if they’re not worried about getting sick.” She’d throw herself in the fray. She could care less now, because for all that she knew, she was letting the very herd she had sworn her heart and soul to suffer through illness. She had been selfish and now was the time to pay for her sins and to face the true threat of working with disease.
A shiver drives itself down her spine at the idea.
”And,” She searches for eye contact either from Gaucho or Megaera, whoever might listen to her plea and understand the need that she laces it with. ”upon approval, I would like to visit with healers from the other herds to exchange research and ideas for a cure.”
Nothing could mask that damned feeling in her chest, the one equivalent of hot coals, fresh from the fire and burning everything they touch. He rages worse than he’s ever raged, worse than when they were in the cave together.
”For once, don’t cause a scene.” It’s only loud enough for them to hear, something exchanged between lovers within a heated moment where the two search for a calming motion from the other within the battle. She understands his feelings when her chest tightens and her throat suddenly can’t bring any more air to her lungs.
Ampere had treated her kindly in the past, had always been someone she didn’t see a threat rise out of, and to think, this? Sikeax didn’t exactly know Einarr on a personal level(nor did she with the small Pegasus), but, well…
The only thing she can think to is to watch and wait, to see if this is going to be true and hope that Hobgoblin doesn’t do something to embarrass her.

OOC: Sikeax makes a request to be granted permission to visit the other three herds to visit with the healers there in order to exchange information to work towards a cure.
All healers and any of those interested in helping with the cure or have information towards the cure(known past attempts, exact symptoms, transmission, et cetera) are requested to meet with her AFTER the meeting. Anyone who is infected with BFB or GLL is asked to come too.
Hobgoblin is a Black Serval upon arrival, and changes over to his silver Wyvern form right before Megaera begins speaking.


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I have no idea why the herd's queen calls us to her; I didn't even know there was any such thing as a queen, or a Sultana. In my limited experience of wild horse herds, I thought a stallion ruled with an iron fist, his harem and children behind him. I was wrong, as I am in so many things. Gaucho has a queen, and what's more, he welcomes unrelated men into his herd. Entire men, not harmless geldings like me. There is a lot I have yet to understand about Helovia, even though I have been part of it for several months now.

Apparently, the place also has some evil diseases that I'm not immunised against. The hideous boils only lasted a fraction of a moment, until I reversed into the spark bear (which I still have a burn on my backside from), but the hideous black ooze from my every orifice has hung around decidedly longer. Not only that, but this particular disease has some very bizarre symptoms. Whenever I look at something, living or otherwise, I can see more colours in it that I ever could before. I can see subtle shades of purple in rocks, deep blues in grass, and a plethora of hues in my fellow horses. I have no idea what's happened to me, but I know this black ooze has something to do with it.

The Sultana - a frightening woman who excudes power and is that a skull she's wearing?! - begins the meeting just as I trundle in and take my place near the back. I see Laedere, who brought me here, and give her a wide smile, but my attention is largely reserved for Megaera. She advises healers to be well stocked and ready, and I nod vigorously. I have stashed herbs all across the Throat and across a couple of other places in Helovia, too. I also keep several of the most vital ones tucked in my halter, so they're always close at hand. Another mare speaks, a unicorn with a giant cat by her side who suddenly transforms into a hideous lizard thing, and I flatten my ears slightly - at the creature, not at her. She asks healers to join her after the meeting, as well as anybody with the diseases. I tick both of those boxes. She also suggests visiting healers from other herds, and my ears prick at this. "If you do that, I'd love to come with you. My name is Badger, one of the herd's healers." My voice is somewhat shy, because I hate speaking in front of strangers - or, indeed, doing anything in front of strangers - but if this mare gets permission from the queen to visit other herds, it could teach me invaluable new healing skills. Plus maybe I will be able to cure myself of my strange new eyesight and black goo.

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There were times when anger and yelling had a place. In fact it could be argued they were some of Ampere's better qualities, when wielded appropriately.

Unfortunately anger in and of itself had a way of misjudging that appropriateness, rearing up when something better would have suited. Those were the times when anger and yelling were not good.
That was what led Ampere to now.

Well, maybe not directly to now, because the black and blue mare with feathers on her mane and across her rump was standing rather calmly amid the crowd that she had come to know as family. She stood tall and proud, as her rank and her time had earned her the right to, and she stood attentive and focused as her Sultana, once a warrior below her, spoke thoughtfully and informatively. Ampere nodded to many of the things the Sunspear had to say, and when addressed specifically, her ears perked further and again her nose tilted in agreement. "We will double our efforts and secure the herd," Ampere responded confidently, because despite the thrashing she had given her warriors the other day, they had a strong and reliable army that if nothing else, would protect the sands when need be. She recalled, rather unpleasantly, the escape attempt Confutatis made and how many of her rank were there to apprehend her. Still, working even harder to expand their patrols would be no easy task, because it required horsepower and focus - in the same time when threats beyond the border also needed to be located and neutralized.

Ampere would have gone on mulling over who to assign to what role, perhaps staying back herself to watch over the herd despite the anxious itch to advance on the likely threats by catching them before they ever saw a golden drop of the Throat, but she wasn't granted that opportunity. Instead Einarr's voice cut through the crowd, her name the blade that drove his voice into her ears (or perhaps better said her back) and into her heart.

She must have visibly stiffened, but otherwise Ampere did not move, not at first. Never afraid to wear her emotions plainly, it was not tact or wisdom or fear that kept Ampere rooted and quiet for so long. She supposed if she thought about it hard enough, it was shock that turned the lightning mare to stone.
Shock that her dragon brother would accuse her and call for her head without even bothering to speak to her first - was this some method of cowardly revenge, a way to get back at her after she confronted him about his own faults before the warriors; would he really be so dense as to take that personally and not an attempt to improve the ranks?
Shock that her sand sister (because however new and worthless the mare was, she was still fucking family to Ampere, and sometimes family fought, especially when they'd never met before) complained to another member of the herd without speaking with her, without knowing her, without respecting her or listening to her; Ampere would fight and die for that bitch, but she couldn't even be bothered to patch things up with Ampere (something Ampere hadn't even realized was broken because that event was already water under the bridge to her).
Shock that her warrior would be wasting his energy on such trivial matters as this when the Sultana had literally just finished detailing the massive fucking problems the realm and their herd were facing, solutions to which required the full focus and effort of his god damn rank - and here he'd accused her of tactical weakness? Here she thought she might promote him for all his past deeds and loyalty? HAH.

The moments ticked by; a few breaths, a thousand sunsets, she couldn't be sure which. Somewhere amid the stream of time, Ampere came to. Her body trembled faintly, as if pulling off the shawl of stunned silence left her weak, but in truth it was the containment of the raw hurt that spun beneath every hair her hide bore. Ever so slightly her head turned until she held the stallion and the mare, brother and sister, in the blue chill of her gaze. Instead of electricity her features bore ice; rimmed with the black tar of the infection she had risked for them.
Yet still the storm did not come, because though anger existed inside of her in this moment, it was greatly dwarfed by utter despair.

"I would have thought if you'd had a problem with me," she began, speaking partially to both of them, her attention flicking back and forth between them, which wasn't difficult given the flightless bird was nestled up against him like a filly still on milk. "That you'd speak to me. I am hardly the monster you're attempting to make me seem, and I'm more than capable of doing my job when it matters," unlike you she said inside her mind, scathing, though her spoken words were deadly calm and soft. "But given your rank, if you disagree and find me unworthy of respect, why not remove me the honorable way, rather than this coward's way?" Little by little the edges of her tone sharpened, the bitter sorrow breaking away beneath the insistent crash of her rage.

"That is how desert law is carried out," she drawled, and her jaw clenched tight as she snapped it shut, unblinking as she pinned the impudent fuck with her stare.
"I would also think you'd not divide this family when our unity is needed to face the current threats." The words were forced through her teeth, which she more than happily bared towards him, her neck thrusting the crocodile smile in his general direction.

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The day following the fight with the wolf Ilios had spent away from the Throat, ashamed of how little he had helped. Everything he had done seemed to miss, every fucking thing. He had spent the day and that night gazing up at the clouds and stars. How foolish he was to think one fight would have been enough to help him win another. He had wallowed  within his pit of stupidity for a while longer before setting off for home the next day. He took his time not arriving until early that morning, on the second day after the fight

He noticed how difficult it had become to breath. It was like trying to breath through a straw. He was unaware of the slim black trial of ooze streaking down from his eyes to his cheeks. Since it was so hard to breath he took the land route, unwilling to lose his breath in the air and plummet to the ground. A shiver ran through his body at the thought. He assumed that was a fear every winged equine had in the back of their head as they soared high above everyone else. It seed like a reasonable fear to him. If just one thing went wrong it could send them hurtling towards the Earth at killer speeds

He was just about to fly over the ocean to his home when a massive beam of light and a whisper of a voice caught his attention. Gathering his strength the stallion flew over the waving water and landed with a thump on the other side. He trotted, with a lot of coughing, to the meeting place. A massive fire roared Megaera stood beside it the Wolf God's skull beside her. Silver eyes flickered in the early morning as he kept to the outskirts of the group. Politely he nodded to everyone and bowed slightly to his Sultana He listened quietly as a large black and white stallion spoke. His ears flickered back for a moment unsure what he thought about this smack talk on Ampere. She had been perfectly nice to him, why would she have said nasty things to that creamy golden mare?

Either way he kept his mouth shut, he didn't know the black and blue well enough to voice an opinion. Instead he turned as another mare spoke. 'Fellow healers, so she must be Sikeax, the Sun Physician.' He thought quietly as he watched her for a moment. A cat stalked by her side only to change it's shape moments later into a scaly lizard thing. He fought off the feeling of jealously as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. Before he could speak a cough ripped it's way out of his chest. "I had the boils from the Blood Falls, but something happened at the last fight and they're just gone." His ears flickered back nervously for a moment as he looked at the healer. "I seem to have picked up a cough, since the Wolf God fight. It might just be a coincidence though." His silver gaze flickered to his Sultana. He didn't want them to think he was complaining or whining. The healers needed to know what was going on with everyone, so that meant telling them, right?

Carefully he took a step away from the growing group as another black and white, Badger, joins and speaks. Ilios nods to the new other a small smile on his face as he coughs roughly. Once the coughing fight subsides the stud wheezes and watches others as Ampere appeared. Understandably she was upset with the first stallion and creamy mare. His ears pricked curiously as the stallion watched the group silver gaze glued on Ampere as she spoke with conviction and anger. She told the stallion to fight her, take her power himself. His attention flew back to the older stallion as he waited for a remark. He had never really paid attention to meetings before, but he was sure nothing like this had happened before at the meetings he had attended. Either way eh watched quietly ears tilted back coughing occasionally and wheezing the rest of the time. As he stood there struggling the black ooze slithered its way down his cheeks, and had started to drip from his nostrils.
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He had run from the fight like a lowly coward though the fear that had gripped him had been truly real. Enough to turn his mind to red warning lights and ignite his legs to carry him far away from it. Now, however, with a calmer heartbeat there was shame filling his mind. He walked a little slower than his usual fast pace, less energetic than his usual bounce and lost somewhere in the back of his mind rather than in the world in front of him. Inari and Ríona tried their best efforts to re-galvanize him from his slump; the former offering soothing words whilst the latter laid upon his back in hopes the closeness would comfort him. It took a while, but Sacre took back little bits of his confidence from their bond and filled himself with determination in time for the herd meeting call by his Sultana.

He followed the direction towards the pillar of light and to a place Sacre remembered finding Maren once, trying to summon the Sun Lord. Horse and fox raced towards it with the rest of the herd, falling into line in front of Megaera to listen to what she had to say about recent events and what they knew to date.

The Sunspear spoke with wild anger that gripped the blood stained youth’s mind, this had happened more than once? The foreigners he had seen step out of the portal did not appear to be the ones offering them ill will, instead it was the monsters they brought with them, although Sacre did not know if that was willingly or not. Would these monstrous ‘Gods’ come here to the Dragons Throat? The crafter swallowed. He would have to conquer his fear of fighting if he was to protect what was most precious to him.

Afterwards, the beginnings of bickering sparked into life and Sacre watched from behind the scenes as words were brandished to and fro. In the face of danger were they to descend into disarray? He frowned and shook his head. Now was surely the time to be family if there ever was one. "If you need any help I'm here" he said to Megaera and Sikeax with confidence, although whether it was to offer his services to the pair or to reassure himself wasn’t clear.

He chose to remain silent after that, not having anything much to offer in the way of a solution or advice. Instead his gaze lingered on Ilios in dread as some black began to fall from his nostrils and he took in a sharp breath. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked of the colt, who clearly appeared like he wasn't at all.
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nothing can save you now,

Aithniel watched with thinly veiled amusement, her silver eyes dancing back and forth between the accusations and exchanged words. She kept her distance, unwilling to infect anyone else with the bleeding ulcers on her sides and the black slime dribbling from her nose. Instead, she shuffled her hooves and tucked her wings close, doing her best to hide the worst of the weeping circles from the rest of the group. Apparently the healers wanted to check on her, and she would take them up on that - absolutely.

She tried to make eye contact with one of them. "Uh, I have both, I think... or two different things," she said quietly. "And it sucks. I'll do whatever you want if you try to heal me." That was the honest truth. Aithniel didn't much care for the exchange being bounced back and forth - not for Einarr's words or Ampere's snappish retort. That sounded like a personal problem. A legitimate one, but still a personal problem.

The sun child turned to Ilios, shaking her head. "I don't think it's a coincidence. I have it too. Lucky you for getting rid of the boils though..." she grumbled, frowning deeply and settling uncomfortably again. She tried to pay attention and think of something more useful for Megaera, especially since she wanted information, but she wasn't sure she knew anything more than anyone else. Aithniel hummed thoughtfully, thinking back and seeing only battle and blight.

"Uh, I think there will be more. One of them said something about their 'brothers and sisters', so I think maybe the God of the Earth and the God of the Sun are next. Since we know that there is only the Endless Blue to the West, we should probably keep exploring east," Aithniel offered this and then shrugged, not having anything else to contribute. Instead, she would wait for one of the healers to take pity on her and at least try to get rid of one of these awful symptoms.

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Her family gathered around her at the call and seeing so many familiar faces began to calm the Sultana. Yes there were threats, yes there were dangers, but the people of the Throat were strong and they would face whatever the God’s were throwing at them together, wouldn’t they?

When she finished speaking here eyes swept the crowd, she was interested to see several faces she did not recognize and was thinking she ought to do better at getting to know their newer members when one of them caused a sharp twist in the pit of her stomach. The cremello mare wrapped in old bandages should not have been cause for alarm except that she was snuggled up the Inky black form of Einarr. The hot, boiling feeling that sprang into her gut was unlooked for and for a moment unrecognizable to Megaera. Flared hotter when the stallion turned and whispered gentle reassurances to the mare. Hey eyes flashed at the pair before she turned her head away as others spoke to her call for information but she only half listened until Gwaihir put a name to the ugly feeling. His voice came into her mind as he circled the skies ”Why jealous?” he intoned, having felt the heat of emotion and abandoning his morning hunt to return to her. Jealous? Like a guilty adolescent her first instinct was to vehemently deny it, but even if she knew it was a lie she had not quite caught up as to why that particular feeling plagued her and she did not answer her companion’s question.

As if she wasn’t already waging and internal war over the stallion and his stupid, gruff, stoic, fierce, gentle, strong, dependable, wonderful face he stepped forward and called out for the punishment of his Gladiator and Chancellor. She didn’t know Ampere too well on a personal level, but she had nothing but respect for the blue mare. Even if her contentious relationship with Gaucho caused Meg some confusion she had never known she sword-sister to do anything  but work for the good of the herd. Still, she had never known Einarr to lie. Ampere’s cutting response made it seem like the blue didn’t think she had done any wrong, but what business had she making one of their own feel unsafe in their home? Being hard on the warriors was one thing, almost expected of a commander but it was plain enough that this shrinking, timid mare was no warrior.

Megaera glanced from Ampere to Laedere and for a moment some dark, petty part of her whispered that she should side with Ampere against the whore. That is uncalled for! her conscience roared and Meg knew she must act on truth and not these ugly new feelings. Through the Earth God’s interference they had raised a child together, but that did not mean she had a claim upon the stallion and Leader had done nothing wrong. But had Ampere? The blue spoke her last words and they raised the hackles on Meg. They were absolutely true, with outside threats the throat should be a unified family and force, but yet it was Ampere’s supposed verbal assault that was causing trouble.

From above the golden eagle descended, feeling the second rise of temper in his bonded and seeking to sooth it. Gwaihir may have been of a cranky and aloof nature, but the mare was the twin of his soul, eternally tied, and he loved nothing so much as ‘his Meg’. With no regard to any on the gathered, he swooped low over their heads and perched himself on the bone mask beside Megaera and clicked his beak at the bay mare and for a moment the turned her eyes away from the herdmates. ”Meg calm. ” he reminded her and despite herself she knew he was right. The let out a quick and quiet laugh that contained little humor and more skepticism, but all the sam she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. You lead this herd for them, not you. she told herself, Be better for their sake.

She moved her gaze towards Einarr, Laedere and Ampere, giving each a sharp glare that clearly meant she was not finished with them before turning a warmer face to Sikeax. Megaera would get the larger business you the the way before addressing their fucking interpersonal squabbles (though on some level those concerned her far more), She gave the physician a strained smile and a nod. “I thank you for your diligence, Sikeax. After doing what you can I agree you should confer with the other herd’s healers but I do ask you to be careful. I would be more comfortable if a warrior accompanied you, or another healer from the Throat at the very least.”

She found Sacre then, and nodded at her friend’s offer of help. “I will defer you offer to the Sun Physician, it seems she may be in need of assistance if these sicknesses spread.” She nodded again in approval when Sacre took charge of seeing to the sick colt and then it was young Aithniel’s turn. “I agree, it seems we have not seen the end of the Gods’ plans, and we shall focus our patrols on our own border and the east. As for you, please make sure you see the healers, it is difficult protect others if we have out own ailments.”

Her dark eyes turned to Badger. She had not met him properly but she remembered seeing him at the battle with the wolf god. At least our healers have their acts together.She knew what she wanted to do but….how did it work? When Gaucho had given her the Sun God’s gift he’d only had to say and the magic followed. Well, here goes nothing… She managed a warm smile at the shy stallion. “Badger, you have proven yourself to be committed to the healing arts and I believe you have the courage that we in the Throat value. I give to you the Sun’s gift and name you an Alchemist of Dragon’s Throat.” At the words, her own light pulsed, seeming to emanate from her chest in a warm glow that was just a fraction of her usual beacon.

She took another deep breath to keep herself calm as she turned her attention back to Einarr, Laedere, and Ampere. Her eyes rotated through the trio and based her, Gwaihir followed her movements with uncanny accuracy. His golden glare fell on each of them, all villains in his mind for causing Meg any disquiet; even his soft spot for the stallion’s daughter did him no favors in the eagles supreme disapproval. “I agree with Ampere, this is a family and there should be no cause for strife within our borders, especially when we face outside threats.” Her voice had it’s edge back and she stopped her eyes at the blue mare. “So naturally, I would be most curious to hear exactly why you felt the need to verbally abuse a member of our family” Without waiting for her to reply Meg turned to Leader and Einarr. “I will have the story from the three of you, one at a time, and tell it true.” She settled on Laedere, and trying not to let her discord of personal feelings cloud her judgment of the mare. The Sunspear beaconed her forward, and struggled to keep her expression even so as not to frighten the timid thin into further silence. “You first.”

The Basics:
- Meg's a jealous not-girlfriend
- Sikeax has permission to visit the other healers
- Sacre is asked to help the healers if they have need
- Ilios and Aithniel have orders to take their medicine
- Badger is promoted to Alchemist and receives rank magic!
- Laedere, Ampere, and Einarr have some 'splainin to doooo

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It's a wonder how he made it back to the Throat without Ilaria. Their reunion is bittersweet, filled with anger on Ilaria's part that Cera had left without her. She is completely sure that the reason he made such stupid decisions is because of her absence, and she clings to his nape and occasionally digs her paws harder into his sides when waves of anger come upon her. They are born of love, and he knows that, so he bears them quietly. He deserves far more for his stupidity, for his petty vengeance and heartbreak. He has been hurt so deeply, there is nearly nothing left of the creature he used to be, or so he sees himself. Over and over he has been handed something beautiful but ephemeral, and allowed himself to fall in love with it. Yet, no longer to his surprise, it was always ripped away as painfully as possible out of his hands, leaving gaping holes in his heart where he'd tucked them away with the hope that they'd remain there. 

Everything is shadow and hellfire, but when the summons come, he does not ignore them. Though, he goes slowly, the world obscured by whatever sickness he has obtained from the battle. From Ranjiri, though he dare not think her name for all the pain and emotion that wells inside him at the memories it brings. He trails, letting Ilaria be his eyes, behind the pack. Far behind, because he cannot stand to infect them with his presence nor the illness inside his lungs. It is a gratitude that he is not further affected, for his body is slight and his will is low in the hours after the battle with the Goddess. Surely any wracking cough or debilitating disease would finish what little fire remains in his soul. For while Cera is the Golden, hailed Prince of the sands and the Sun, he seems to be forever beneath the slavery of the darkness around and inside him. 

Ilaria tells him when to stop, and he listens, shying away from any who come too close for how their ghoulish auras flicker demonically before him. His heart knows fear, and knows it well. He is tired of it, weary of the anxiety that comes alongside it. And he stands alone, not knowing what to say or how to participate, unwilling to speak up. His only comfort is Megaera's voice, familiar and strong. He lets it hold him up in spirit even as he quakes, knees trembling and shaking, wings low until they brush the sands. But he stands vigilant, against the waves that beat against him, depression and dejection. Where is the sun? he cries inside his heart, crippled and awaiting salvation. I have held on for so long. Where is he now?

Ilaria croons softly, pressing her pretty face to her son's neck. They are family, in a thousand different ways, and she cries to see his soul go through each new torment alone. But I am here with you, she whispers. Together, we will make it. And for the moment, in a sea of faces he'd die for but who don't know his name, that is enough for Cera. 

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Laedere shuffled in closer, uncertainly placing herself with the one she knew still considered her to be family. Aye, but no one else really knew her - and with Ardere she definitely looked foreign. Einarr seems to try and reassure her, breathing his promise of safety into her nostrils as she breathes in his words. She wanted to believe him, she did, but there were so many others… He couldn't take them all on - even if he wanted to. And she doubted that he actually wanted to.

Alas, he seemed to lift his head and move forward, chest acting like a shield for the mare who is now flailing deeper into herself. No! No. Please, mineself tis not desire trouble. Mineself tis been confused… Her ear pinned back, panicking as attention was brought to her - and to the mare who looked like she could kill her. She shies in closer to him,  wings pressed tightly against her hide and head held low. Mine apologies. Mine apologies. Not intended… she's shuffling through her head, unable to speak these thoughts as she can feel her heart pounding through her chest.

Aye, other words were thrown around about healing, about everything. But it was the black and blue mare's gaze that had her freaking out even more. The way the tar seemed to leak from her only tending to scare Laedere more. However, slowly, Laedere could feel the tar begin to leak from her eyes as well - the black staining her bandages as it drawled from her mouth and nose. Then, as it eased into her system, she could see almost with this x-ray vision. She could see the bones, and muscles (if her vision wasn't hazy with tears) of those around her.

It was the leader, though, who spoke - calling to Laedere to speak about what had happened. Alas, the shock still has a hold on her and all she can splutter out at first is, "What hath thou done to me?!" She coughs, hacking up some of the tar as her ears pinned - eyes widened with fear. "Why tis mine sight plagued by skeletons?!" Her voice is directed toward Ampere, her mind struggling to figure out exactly where the mare was with this strange view.  Ampere did this? She had to! She had to do this because Einarr had spoken out about Laedere's confusion. She was trying to torture them. Right?

She staggers, ears switching between pinned and unpinned before she offers a bow to who she assumes was the leader.  She coughs a little more, trying to snort the tar out before she finally manages to compose herself long enough to begin to speak. "Mine apologies, mine lady of thine desert…" she says, voice a little scratchy rather than it's usual graceful tone from the way the tar seemed to leak down her throat. "Thine black and blue mare… She approached mineself at thine border o'er yonder when mineself twas using thine key to feel the joys of flight… Aye… she called mineself a 'sick fuck' -- though mineself still not comprehend thee meaning of such a phrase, though mineself doubt it to be pleasant -- and inquired as to why mineself twas keeping Ardere out of thee water. Mineself tried to offer an explanation, that she had been gifted from thine God of Earth and she dost not require water to subsist." She is forced to stop, her sides heaving as she coughs - too much of the tar sliding down her throat.

Carefully, Laedere looks to Einarr, trying to find support but only being even more concerned by the fact that he was also bones and muscle that was leaking the tar. "Then, thine mare said mineself hath been enslaving Ardere-" Ardere flips in, clicking happily before settling at Einarr's side so as to not take away completely from the conversation, "-Mineself tis never enslave; only attempting to fulfill thine desires of thine God of Earth and care for thine creature. Thine black and blue mare seemed to seethe and burst off the thine skies once more…" A few more racking coughs as she squeezes her eyes shut - the horror before her overwhelming and causing tears of panic to flood from her orbs. "Mineself twas confused, mineself tried to comprehend what had occurred and Einarr arrived to inquire what was wrong. Mineself explained, to try and garner some answer as to what had transpired -- and now we tis be standing here…"

Could they tell she was scared? Could they tell she didn't want to cause trouble? She just wanted to be a part of the family… but maybe that would never be possible.

Still, she moves back - struggling to understand what had just happened, before she tries to press up against Einarr, body trembling  and tears still falling. He said mineself be safe with him. He said mineself safe… she whispers to herself - clinging to those words, clinging to the idea that she wouldn't be completely alone.
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Gaucho had ... been busy with other things. After the encounter with the Moon Goddess, the Wildfire had some soul-searching to do. He had watched how Cera had jumped in front of him to offer protection, how Aithniel had thrown hot fire at a God, and how Ampere's concern had not been for the safety of the herd, but for one particular individual. Mesec. But perhaps more importantly, he had watched how Archibald,  Ktulu, even Ophelia had stood defiantly against the Goddess. At the time, he had thought them foolish. But the dun held Ophelia in high enough regards as to reconsider his motives - and theirs - after the battle. 

In a moment of deep prayer, when the Sultan was searching the skies for their deity, it came to him. 

Power. But not like the sort that he already possessed. The flames on his wings - the fire he could throw and contort - could sustain life now, just as easily as it could kill. Gaucho could heal.

And so, it was from that place of darkness that the Sultan rose like the phoenix who followed him dutifully. The Sun might have been absent, but they were not abandoned. 

Tallest among them, save for Einarr, Gaucho landed in his usually shockingly graceful manner, next to Meg. the meeting had clearly already begun, but Gaucho was not concerned. Many had doubted his decision to promote Meg, but he never had. In her capable hooves, much had been accomplished, and although when he arrived hackles appeared raised - as did voices - he had no doubt that she was in control. 

As he settled, he heard Laedere - the mare whose vocabulary left his head spitting and suggesting a nap - describing a turn of events, presumably between herself and Ampere. At least, given how often she mentioned companion and slavery, that was likely it. From those who were prominent in this discussion - Ampere (obviously) and also Einarr - the Wildfire also surmised that the warden was somehow involved.

But why?

For now it didn't matter. But there was one question that did. Although he hadn't heard what Einarr had said about his loss of respect for Ampere, or how she valued her own convictions over the safety of the herd, Gaucho's query would pierce to the heart of it. (Perhaps that was unsurprising, given that Einarr and Gaucho were raised in similar circumstances) 

"Ampere." His voice was not loud, but nor could it be ignored. Perhaps it was the way his entire body seemed to hone in precisely on the black and blue mare, or that way his stare took its time raising to meet hers. In truth, this was not done for dramatic effect. It was the first time he had addressed her - looked deeply into her eyes - since ... well, for a while. But he was in Sultan-mode now, and not even his feelings for Ampere, however tattered and trampled they might have been - could stand in his way of protecting his herd. And perhaps it was for the best - perhaps the Sun's influence in his mind had come at precisely the right time. To remind him that his love and fealty to his family necessarily had to eclipse his feelings for Ampere.

But now he needed to know that she felt the same.
"If member of Throat have companion - new baby companion, just out of egg-" He began, trying to make the set up of his story as close to the scenarios of bondage that Ampere seemed to always be shouting about. "-and they in danger. Would you save them? Would you give your life, to save mel azzafrok?" He didn't care if she understood his native tongue - the way he spat the words, as if they were something dirty, would likely communicate his meaning. 

If she said she would, then all would be well. Ampere could continue on her companion crusade, so long as family came first. If she said no?

Well, then they would finally see if the gulf that Gaucho's second companion had put between them would be permanently widened.

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She was late. The sinking feeling had started when she had been a few miles away and noticed the group already gathered, a group composed of so many that it could be nothing less than a herd meeting. She had raced across the sea, swooping low over the sand, willing her wings to carry her faster. Why, oh why had she not seen them sooner? Nasreen’s stomach was in knots, for she had no excuse. She was still new here, and to miss a meeting for the idle daydreaming and lazy spirals she had been executing over the ocean while the herd discussed business…it was shameful, and the mare regretted it deeply.
Hoping to avoid drawing attention to herself, Nasreen circled wide behind the gathering, trying to land a little ways off so that she might approach on foot. With a quiet thud, she touched down clumsily in the sand, then picked up a brisk trot that carried her to the back of the group. Though she had missed most of the important information (most significantly, the return of the gods and the spread of infectious disease), she did arrive in time to hear Gaucho berate Ampere, and she trembled to think that it was most likely her turn next. She did not know the Sultan, but she could tell by the flames and by his massive size that he was someone of rank. The girl also noticed Ilios in the crowd, but she did not catch his eye. Should her chastisement come soon, she did not want to disgrace him along with herself.
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Is this not a holy place to you, Megaera? She questioned in her head. 
Or do you want our God to hear our mortal whining, too? Maren huffed a tired sigh from her dark stained lips. The fires burned brightly behind her Sultana-figure, it danced and sang, and cidered as usual. Still, the diviner wasn’t sure what to think of the jazz going on as the noise stirred away the divine presence that was so tactile to her feathered fingers. 

Her gaze wandered about, lay dripping eyes on her family even though she saw barely anything. Instead, she felt them around her, tickling her irritated skin. Ampere and the warrior she thought was called Einarr were in the midst of a word-fight and Maren couldn’t help get frustrated in silence with her, too. (But perhaps she just was irritated.) Perhaps this whole lullaby the herd was singing in their organized chaos was sticking on to her like leeches. 
She turned her head around to blindly look at the colt she had met on patrol. She felt Sacre standing concerned beside him. “Ilios,” she whispered to him after she had moved a little bit closer to the young hybrid, but trying to keep her distance from the red-splashed unicorn. The daughter of the Sun seemed to have noticed it too, still... “You are dripping...” she attempted to confirm his earlier assumption carefully through her blackened teeth. Maren was, after all, dripping too. Then, crawling over her skin along with a memory, she noticed Cera in the company and she pulled up her neck. She tried to find him with her eyes, but she failed as the tar washed her eye-whites grey with sickness. Still, her insides were comforted by his apparent aliveness after the battle. 

The topic of conversation was now quickly gliding down the slide of Un-importance, and thus the Diviner moved forward through the crowd. She tried to stay outside the reach of as many uninfected as she could in case the sickness was contagious. Gaucho mixed his philosophical mind in the discussion, but still she was left unsure if this was something the herd would improve on hearing or if it was meant to corner Ampere in her beliefs. So she coughed, hoping for at least her kingpin’s attention. “Sultana, regarding the… foreigners that have come through the time-shreds,” (filth, foul creatures, demons) Thoughts crossed her mind as black smudge stained her former alabaster cheeks. It would’ve made more sense for her to have addressed Gaucho, the one she had already had multiple conversations with, but she was specifically looking at Megaera. Possibly in the hopes of exploring her line of thought more, getting to know for who exactly she was working beneath. “Perhaps we should not be welcoming them too early. After all, they did come from ill lands, obtained from ill Gods. It could mean that they are ill as well, or perhaps even capable of sickening our lands." She clenched her darkened teeth while her mind raced for the politically correct wording. A frown hooded her golden stare. "I am not saying that they are not here to serve a certain purpose in this world, but until we know what exactly that purpose is, perhaps it is wise to stand more vigil towards them than we might have so far,” she concluded darkly, thinking back at the various individuals who had attempted to converse with the new creatures from the Rift, accompanied by their now deceased Gods — ... Or were we merely being distracted?

—For, have we really fought of the monsters that have appeared so far? Or are they still here; still alive and amongst us, veiled by their cloaks of innocence? 

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