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The GOD of the EARTH

Sand and stone, love and bone

As with everything his domain stood for, the change came slow and steady. Boundaries shifted and swayed, expanding like gentle sighing rather than bursting through the veil between two worlds. He was a patient God, and he had met with the gods – diseased and undeserving of their followers though they were – of the Rift on even ground, for his might was undeniable even outside of his domain. The earth was all. Their debates had ended in pact and seal of promise. He would herald the road to salvation and new beginnings for those in the god’s lands, would cleanse and dispel the sickness inherent to the Rift, and summarily leave the ruling god in relative peace. Hissed displeasures had given way to acquiescence, and at last the God of the Earth stood before the new realm, cleansed and vibrant once more as it lay safely ensconced in Helovia’s borders. 

He came through from the greenery, striding with calm purpose to stand atop the healthy land in physicality. Behind him lay a bridge of woven branches, leading the inhabitants to the freed land before them, new Helovian greenery bending together to form an oval portal. It gave the Rift inhabitants the appearance that they were stepping out from the environment itself, heralded by the solid figure of the kindly celestial. With a gentle, encouraging smile to those who followed behind him, the God of the Earth stepped aside to allow them to venture out onto one of the greater islands. Free at last from their bondage, though their wounds would take longer to heal than it had taken him to cleanse the islands. He could not aid them on their paths, but he hoped they would find solace in Helovia, to have the chance to heal if nothing else.

Great, bearded face took in the rocky, colorful landscape. Mist curled against the land where it met the water, the islands steep and difficult to navigate, quite reminiscent to the pathways of the Hidden Falls. Warmth lay in wait to be welcomed during Tallsun, but it was humid nonetheless. A peaceful welcome to the new Helovians, a vision of beauty that he hoped they would believe in. With so little of their own, he could at least give them safe passage and a new beginning.

Turning to face them, sea birds alighting upon his shoulders in familiarity, he smiled kindly upon them all. “Welcome to Helovia,” rumbled through his chest in greeting. 

Rift characters can post here!! Open to all


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His vision swam and his head ached.

Where was ...

Where am I-

How did I ..

Questions fogged absently in his mind, swimming as if trying to mirror the movements of his legs.

Hadn't he just been in the water? Sunlight filtered down and burned his sea-green gaze, yet Virgil knew only moments before a torrential storm had been upon them.

The storm.


The fog bled away slightly, and the guardian remembered.

Ava had said to follow her. She had laughed and flit away, light as a butterfly and tantalizingly beautiful in her youth and exuberance. Suddenly, the image of her brightly coloured body was marred by images of trees, of sudden rains and winds. Of his own voice calling - screaming for her to stop - his vocal chords hoarse with concern and love for the child who was thrown out of his grasp.

His water-filled lungs gasped for reason and oxygen, as he swam away the portal from which the sunlight was pouring through. He wanted to scream Ava's name, but his body wouldn't let him. All he could do was pray silently to all of their Gods that she had survived, and had not been pulled through the unholy gate which he was currently being pushed towards. The current - far too strong and frigid thanks to the sudden storm - easily overcame his attempts to thwart it. Virgil was going through the portal whether he wanted to or not. 

There was light. And then silence. 

And then.. Welcome to Helovia...

"The way to the sun?" he repeated, the latin words resounding with an immediate ring in his ears. Looking around, Virgil saw a monolithe before him, seemingly welcoming him to this world of heat and ocean. Confused Virgil turned immediately around, trying to escape back through the portal, but finding his way blocked. However what he did find, was a smokey trail following his movements. With a gasp, Virgil came to the only conclusion his heavily religious mind could fathom.

He was dead. 

Yet even with death upon him, he still looked around desperately. Where is Ava?

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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Ktulu the Constrictor

Standing in the flats, staring out across the water she could see the island in the distance and felt a pull that she couldn't seem to ignore. There was only one god left to come back, this much she knew from Archibald and others that she had spoken to. The Earth God was the last remaining god and perhaps that was why she felt the pull to that island. It was just like him, she felt, to raise a land in the middle of the ocean. They were his elements, earth and water. She waited, hoping for some kind of land bridge to connect the beach she was standing on to the island, but there was nothing and it was becoming clearer and clearer to her that she would have to swim if she wanted to get to the island.

"Looks like I'm swimming." She said and looked to the bear who was already standing in the water, waiting for her signal. "I want you to stay here, look after my armor." It was piled up in the sand, out of reach of the water. She knew if she left it there that it would likely be stolen while she was on the island, but she couldn't wear it and swim. It was too heavy and she wasn't keen on potentially drowning.

Eytan did little more than growl as he walked to the armor and plopped down next to it. 'Be careful.' He said as Ktulu stepped into the water. The mare grinned and glanced back at the bear. "I'll try." And then she was swimming, fighting against the currents that swirled in the water. When she finally made it to the island she was nearing exhaustion but refused to let it show on her face. 

Once on the island it didn't take her long to find the Earth God and the newcomers that he rescued from whatever godawful land they had lived in. "Lord Earth." She said in greeting (who said she couldn't be civil?) before she turned her attention to the rifters that were stepping through the portal. How many would come this time? What kind of god would be attacking them here?



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my reason to be brave
Helovia was a land of enchantment. Unlike the corrupt magic that had run through the earth in my home world this land presented the beauty of nature as it should be: rich, luscious, pure. The magic here did not feel like a threat. Maybe I was naive for thinking this, but I did not believe coming into contact with it would cause my body to become possessed by unnatural forces. As I drifted in the water, its cool touch saving me from the burning sun, I felt my muscles relax.

Until I saw something in the distance.

Every single hair stood on edge as my instincts yelled at me to leave. Now. Yet something beckoned to me. Curiosity killed the cat. Luckily I wasn't a cat, although at this rate I wish I had been born as a feline. Nine lives would be helpful in all these strange worlds. I had to chuckle despite myself. Just before, when I was still in the Rift, I wanted it all the end but now I was speaking about extra lives instead of ending the only one I had.

Slowly but surely I swam to the archipelago of islands. However this approach would not work for long. A strong undertow of currents pulled at me. Eyes widened in despair as I found myself fighting against the current. I had never been a wonderful swimmer - there was hardly ever opportunities to wade around in water without fear of losing limbs. The more I tried to fight it the more my limited strength was sapped away. Before I knew it was a rag doll and the currents my puppeteer.

This way and that my body was violently jerked. My neck reached for the skies, reached for the air as water splashed into my lungs. At this rate I was going to drown. Wind buffeted my face that soon became raw from the exposure. "H-Help..!" A pleading call from a desperate creature whom had once again proven herself a fool.

I was like the epitome of a damsel in distress. Except I wasn't worth saving. I wasn't the fairest of them all nor was I from a rich lineage. Really, I was a nobody. My legs fought against the currents once more as my eyes pinpointed the island. Please.. I had to get there. Somehow.

In that moment the currents suddenly changed directions and I found myself being forced toward the island. Did water usually act like this? I couldn't help but think before my head was fully submerged in water. Soon enough the seabed would be my grave.

I don't recall what happened next. Everything was black and when I finally came to I struggled to find air. Sand brushed against my sides but I didn't notice as I coughed and hacked, water spilling from my lungs. The whole world spun as I gulped in breath after breath of air. By some miracle I was still alive. Again I had escaped Death. Maybe I was a cat after all.

Exhaustion held my body in place on the shoreline. Water lapped at my sides but, for now, I was safe. At least.. I hope so. Shivers racked from my body as fear lurked in the shadows of my mind.

summary eska is her normally useless self and becomes a damsel in distress when the currents threaten to drown her. she loses consciousness but awakens on the shoreline of the island somehow. too out of breath and exhausted from trying to fight the current, she stays where her body washed up on the shoreline.

she really wants to meet the earth god but oh well that'll happen later. anyone feel free to powerplay her in any way <3 well.. besides killing or maiming.

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Did Isopia routinely feel things? No. She, at most, felt general contempt and apathy towards the majority of those that she met. And, in keeping with that attitude, kept to herself for the majority of her days. Of course there were a few for whom she was slightly more welcoming and open. But even among those, few even knew her real name. It was a life of self-imposed solitude, so that she might better serve her ultimate purpose here: providing balance.

Hototo had died, and though she felt nothing for her lost half-brother, she would not let his sacrifice, or the sacrifices of others, be in vain.

Gliding on wings of black, in her raven form as she was most often found, the girl glided east. Since the last epic battle that she had confronted, the earthen-child had not been able to find quiet inside of her mind. Likely it was because of the events that came prior - her conversation? meeting? pseudo swim? with Volterra, and the reality of what a poor fighter she was, as demonstrated by Abraham. Isopia had returned to her hut in her glade, to try and sort through some of these complex emotions in her own silent way, but to no avail.

And so, she had just started flying. She ignored the ache in her wings as she flew - forcing her body to come under the command of her mind through force if necessary. Despite her mental training, Isopia couldn't help but notice a portal hovering below, leading into a small subset of islands that she had never noticed before. Surely these weren't here when she inquired about Maren's boat? Lowering her altitude, the death-marked raven spied her father through a golden and impassive gave.


It all made sense. 

Clamping her beak shut, the girl descended swiftly on ebon wings. The past three Gods who had arrived had had lesser-gods follow them through. The Sun God who thought he had thwarted his assailant, had been wrong. Would her own father be so bold as to assume that he too had come through un-followed. 

With a caw, Isopia flapped her wings at the sea birds who had assembled near her Father's impressive bulk. With a final bold caw, she landed on the giant's withers, tucking her wings tightly against her body.

"All of your siblings have been followed through. Battles have been fought, and won." She reported with an academic and almost clerical tone. She did not pass judgement, nor did she mention her part in the trials. It was merely enough that should her Father be ignorant of these events, that he was brought up to speed. 

Iso (in raven form) lands on Earthy's withers and lets him know there have been past battles.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
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Cruising through the air, watch me soar. Wings beating in an upbeat cadence. Stroke, stoke - now lose some altitude. Awww yeah! Hey, hey. Don't be hatin'. Just cause I have the ultimate freedom there ain't no reason to be jelly. I mean, yeah, the wind running through your hair and feathers was an amazing feeling and that wave of invulnerability that makes you feel like untouchable. Everything looking so small beneath you, like you're suddenly a giant and-

Holy shiiiit!

A bizzaro wind interrupted my thoughts. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't think it'd upset you. Yes! I know! I was bragging I'm sorry. Oh god, oh gods. MAYDAY. MAYDAY. Houston we gotta problem! Going to have to take an emergency landing on.. uh.. oh there's an open strip!

Mighty wings fought against the pesky wind that buffeted my petite frame before I thought screw it and let the wind do most of the work. As soon as I was above my target I closed my wings. Like a rock I fell and, unable to help it, I let out a squeal of excitement. At the last possible moment I could open my wings without going splat they expanded and caught on the wind.

With the grace of my Ma I landed although I hardly looked elegant. My hair was in knots from the winds but I didn't mind because.. that was freaking fun. Like, okay, I might have panicked for a brief second but I know my capabilities as a flier. I mean I had managed to land without falling nor did I crash so I call that pretty freaking awesome.

Looking around at my surroundings I finally realized something. This archipelago of islands hadn't been here the last time I through across the waters. With these islands being so close to the Throat there was no way I could have missed them. It was only when I felt the powerful presence that only could belong to a god that Pa's words came back to me. He told me about the weird events in Helovia and.. was it happening again?

It didn't take me long to find the behemoth God that was the epitome of the earth. By now my bliss had faded away and my muscles remained tense. "Greetings, Lord of the Earth." Manners sprung in and I could see my mom's nod of approval. Yes, mom, I listened to your lessons. My heart ached as I thought of her. She wasn't really gone forever, right?

Focus on the random island appearing from no where. Yeah. That sounded like a much better idea than torturing myself with various speculations of where my mother was. I looked around for Gaucho. No doubt my father would be here shortly. He was sure to have sensed the shift in energy and noticed the random islands that were now east of our herd lands.

While I didn't stare, I took many opportunities to glance at the Earth God. Nature was always so beautiful. I thought back to the crystallized rose my mom wore around her neck and a bittersweet smile spread across my face. While I had never met the Earth God face to face I had many wonderful stories of his kindness.

I really hoped that this is just a meet and greet and not what my father had described. From the sounds of it too many had been wounded. My gut told me that this hope would be struck down. I trusted the God of the Earth as much as my Lord Sun so surely there was a reason to all this madness. If not then too much blood had been spilled for nothing, albeit I hardly believed the Earth or Sun would allow such a thing to happen for no reason.

I shifted uneasily back and forth as my eyes sought to find a member of my herd. All bravado had been wiped away and I stood at the ready. My face reflected how serious I knew this could be. My warrior instincts instantly ceased any thoughts of fooling around or goofing off. I had to make sure the Throat was safe: that my family was safe. I wouldn't abandon them again.

ooc mentions gaucho and earth god. manages not to crash and is not all serious mode.
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Fickle, inquisitive, and always chasing an interesting time, it is no surprise then that Imonada would fancy the company of a god. But she had yet to see her herd's patron, even though one of the first things ever spoken to her upon accepting the Hidden Falls standard was a firm request that she'd honor and respect him, even if she chose not to actively worship. He'd largely been an afterthought, some ancestral painting hung in the great hall, not yet to connected to her reality as an adjusting foreigner. That is, until today.

It was nothing short of a summoning that split her dreams into irrelevant fragments and buoyed her to the waking world, an irrefutable tugging on her wild heart that seemed to come from the very ground as it leeched into her bones. Obedient to the call, she trails after the source, pausing only once in the distance when she finally sees him with her very own eyes, she nothing more than a little black figure along the shoreline -- until she is on the move again to come closer, watching birds of all manner land upon his backside with a fierce jealousy over their command of the air, of their very own wings, a strange and childish feeling she often did not give credence for how utterly useless she found it to be. But it subsides when she places herself nearby the god and his followers, outrageously small and petite compared to the mountain lord, to the sideline, keeping herself within the divine radiance without barring the way for him or the peculiar rift dwellers. Emboldened by his paternal presence and the security is wrought -- albeit lacking the patience of her deity, as she practically hops on her feet with excitement -- she watches each newcomer, habitually memorizing their faces and their markings.

Enthralled as she may be, however, she is still in full possession of her facilities. Her sculpted head cants away to the side when she hears what could be, in the distance, a faint and exhausted cry for help. Ears primed in that direction, she scans the waters that separate the islands -- seeing nothing, she is ready to turn back toward the portal parade with its holy overseer when she finally spots a crumpled doll, dappled silver and ash. Imonada makes a strangled, urgent sound that as she breaks away from the standing procession, trotting down the beach, kicking up sand as she does so, toward poor Evaneska. She does not recognize her yet, but it does not matter. "You poor lamb!" Putting a tight cap on her panic, she wastes no time in leaning down to lay her ear across the mare's chest, listening for breathing -- hearing a rattled but steady intake and feeling the lungs inflating, she nudges her ribs gently. "You need to wake up now, lassie," she coos.

*stood with the earth god for a bit, then ran over to @Evaneska

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the tempest of an unrelenting sea

She had been fighting. Ferociously. A tangle of particularly vicious kelp had ensnared her— barbs biting at her plated skin. Because kelp needed barbs in this gods-forsaken land. But, truly, it had not been the hooked leaves that had her struggling so madly. It had been her wisps of blue blood chumming the ocean for some gods-cursed mutant predator. She had snarled viciously in an explosion of bubbles beneath the surface.

And then she was free.

Free as a bird fish.

The kelp was normal, delicious kelp (as she found out by savagely biting into it for her revenge). Though she did not stick around for long. This could be some sadistic trick that these sickened lands loved to play.

Except it wasn’t.

As she burst forth from the depths in a spray of crystalline droplets, she saw equines. So many. And a god. A god that was not eating or polluting or killing. A god that was building… a bridge? To where?

Scaled ears pin flush with her head as severely mistrustful eyes glare around her. Her aqua and teal ringed eyes were unblinking as she swam with athletic grace, gliding through the water. Breaching the shallows beneath the bridge, she stared warily, snorting and stomping a webbed hoof in another spray of water.

“What’s the price?” Her throaty growl was skeptical as she asked this “Lord of the Earth” (as one of the winged horses called him) the cost of salvation. Nothing was free in these lands.

Overly large eyes swivel to the mare who was collapsed against the shoreline. Unblinking stare assesses the still form. She is breathing. So she is fine. “You shouldn’t take to water if you cannot swim the currents,” the gruff voice of the fierce mare states simply. She shakes some water free of her ridges, tail flicking in irritation behind her as blue blood trickles from where the kelp’s barbs had knicked her scaled skin.  

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Only the dead have seen the end of war.

Large, ivory hooves plodded down the bridge. The wood was alive, actively weaving before each of his steps as he followed the Earth God and his fellow Helovians to yet another new land. This god, too, spoke of welcome. It appeared there was no battle to be had.

But the old soldier knew better than to be as relaxed as he had been with the Sun God.

Nonetheless, he sighed, dark blue eyes roving over the faces. He did not feel social, for his gut spasmed and his head ached. At least he had grown (slightly) tolerant of the light sensitivity. So he hung back, away from the other equines. Thus, he did not see the damsel in distress that washed up along the shore. Had he seen her, the antelope stallion would have gladly lent aid.

However, he did not see her. So he surveyed the newcomers. The Rifters. Silently he wondered what lurked beneath the bridge this Earth God had built. Warily he cast a glance into the ocean below— he was not extremely fond of open water. Beaches were soothing. Beaches had sand. But elephants didn’t float very well. But they did sink.

So, rather abruptly, he decided to get off this bridge. For if a god erupted from the deep, he wanted his large bulk on solid land. Pushing his large form through the throng of equines, he crossed over the threshold to the Isles. Bringing him alongside stallion of two-toned grey and spots. And followed by smoke. “The way to the sun?” The ephemeral man strangely asked.

“Indeed, welcome to the brighter, slightly less dangerous realm,” he managed a lopsided grin to the confused stallion. Though, inopportunely, blood started to trickle from his ears again. He twitched them in irritation, for the perpetual leak was obnoxious.


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Once upon a time she had found release from a suffocating world, for the briefest of moments she had ran free until a tear caused a rift and two worlds collided, she fell into the abyss to be cast into prison again. A prison of a different kind; it was an unstable and changing realm filled with innocents and monsters. Dacianna had tried her best to avoid them all, preferring to roam by herself and help others in danger should she have to. Not too long ago a great shark monster had sprung from the depths and she had raced reluctantly into the fray to help two others who were also unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She had survived the same as she survived most days, by the skin of her teeth. Today was much the same; her cloven feet traipsed across a dead landscape until something strange and otherworldly caused her to pause, look and gasp. It wasn’t the same feeling as an approaching monster, the monsters she had experienced in the past had reeked of the rift and moved like ominous shadows until they pounced upon you. Most of the time they were mutilated versions of normal creatures.

This was different.

This felt much… lighter. Like someone had overturned a rock to peer under and see all the ants below. Except, he didn’t put the rock back. He took the darkness and replaced it with bright sunshine; all the dead earth had suddenly sprung into life and behind him he left a bridge, like an outstretched hand begging to be held. Daci hesitated. Everything about the rift had taught her to hesitate, but this was so different that she almost abandoned everything she knew to stride across the bridge.

Who was the guy with the beard?

One foot, two, three… She gradually made her way across the bridge until finally she stepped foot onto a utopia of nature. The sea, the sky and the rolling green architecture was something she hadn’t seen in so long that she almost felt like crying. Her feelings were mixed, however, because this was unusual and too great to be believed. Who was this towering hybrid that taunted them so with paradise at his feet and at hers. Was this real? If it was, what had happened to the rift and all its monstrosities? Were they here too?

She heard a familiar voice and automatically started walking towards it, coming to a halt on the land beside the sea mare whom she had fought beside once. Her aureate gaze still lingered on the bearded anomaly who some addressed as Lord … of the Earth? He was a God?

"What is this Helovia? Does the sickness of the rift not reach here?" She asked, looking around at the blooming landscape that looked beautifully healthy.

Stands near Aquila on the shoreline, the question is just directed at anyone really.
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Dead men tell no tales.

"Islands! Islands!"

Fantôme boomed through her mind like an overexcited kid who had just spotted his favourite toy. Ghost winced, but looked up from her nosying around the Flats to see her wolf by the shores, bouncing up down like an idiot, nodding to a collection of landmasses in the distance. Where had that appeared from? Had they always been there? Surely not?! Ghost frowned and trotted forward towards her companion, activating her pocket watch to cover her body in armour. The last time a new piece of land had suddenly appeared was the same time that crocodile God had appeared. She began to follow Fantôme across until the water swallowed her dainty legs too deep and she left the wolf to swim whilst she backtracked towards the Flats. The ground levelled up more the closer she got back to the coast and, once her footing was sound, she took to the skies and tried to cross again.

"Go back, the current is strong" she warned the wolf, who grumbled into her mind but turned back faithfully. "I won’t be long" the banshee soothed, "watch the bear" and with that Ghost flew off as Fantôme went back. He sat several paces away from the grizzly and the pile of armour he protected. The wolf made a show of taking little interest in the brown beast with hopes it would leave him alone. It wasn't a smart idea to anger a bear.

It took some time, but Ghost managed to find a small gathering on the island and the Earth God, who had seemingly built a bridge for those of the rift to cross. The banshee hovered above, preferring to linger in the air in case some messed up evil monster decided to attack. She could also see a large part of the landscape from her vantage point and she admired the series of islands, wondering how many secrets lie in its coves and its forests. Her eyes turned away from the glorious landscape and strayed across those gathered, but she didn’t recognize any faces immediately and her attention turned to the peaceful Earth who welcomed the Riftians to Helovia.

Ghost flies across, leaving Fantôme in the Flats and hovers over the group.
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Something called him away, as it often did.

He had spent much time with Ranjiri over the season, wandering the red ribbon of shore that stood between the sea and her desert home, and even getting to meet and know some of the wanderer’s native to that region during his stay. However, it was not to say that he had been eternally at her side (though he is not so sure he would mind that, a thought that comes to him like the slow roll of a lukewarm wave over his awareness, a strange and strikingly true notion for a man such as himself); he had often wandered away, as had she, each drawn by their own tasks or thoughts as individuals often are.

She also had a rank now, he thinks with a smile, pleased that he had a friend who could understand the peace to be found in creation, as he did.

His cheerful or simply warm and silent company was absent this morning, gone somewhere for a brief while to do whatever it was she did when alone. He didn’t really ask – she never seemed to bother him about what he did on his own, unless he was to count when it randomly occurred in conversation. His solitude, as it often did, leads him deep into his thoughts, so deep that he almost doesn’t notice as he comes upon the little bridge, and across its expanse, the God and those who have already gathered to meet him.

While some may look around for those they know, or awkwardly stand along the outskirts of the gathering to gawk at the titanic lord of mountains, rivers, oceans, hills, caverns, the Earth, Dragomir feels his blue eyes focus upon the Divine with all the rapture of the faithful, stolen away by the power radiating from the only God that the young man has ever really been this close to in all his life. His long steps carry him towards the God, his pale eyes oblivious to the delightful, wild land behind the russet tones of the Divine for the time being as he approaches.

He had never met the Moon, not while he lived in the World’s Edge, but he had met this one. He had even, once, made the God a pendant of glass, in honor of his creation, Helovia. Better still, the boy is numb to the notion that other Gods are likely to assault them in this meeting, the warnings of his friends and the blisters which ooze and glisten along his back, marks of the first struggle fought in a red forest he has never seen, silent.

All he feels is the strange, overwhelming rapture that fills him in the presence of the one who made everything they saw. It allows him to overcome the urge to avoid the others who amass here, it allows him to walk among them, even, without a single tremor of his usually wavering heart.

"Lord Earth," he says, deep voice rumbling throatily, bowing with one leg raised and the other reaching long so that his forward end is low and neck arched, muzzle gently tousling the loose dirt it hovers some millimeters away from.

But, as he bows, standing alongside some winged creature in cloth and armor (she’s so pretty, he thinks, ironically), some sharp voice draws him back up, his tall and awkward frame quite swiftly rising for all its graceless bulk, his head swiveling to let his crystalline eyes fall on the strangest creature he has ever seen.

His head balks upwards, his eyes broaden, and his nostrils curve in deep inhalations, dark rimmed ears splaying aside as he wonders what in Aarde’s green fields that is, and why it feels it may speak so crassly to a Divine that has done nothing to her (he thinks it is female anyway). While no words make it to his lips – he’s more sensible than some, and knows arguing won’t do any good – he does continue to glare at her from his distance, disliking her tone, and making that apparent but the glower set to his brows.

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[ OOC: He walks up, bows to the Earth God not far from Isopia, and then looks hatefully at Aquila for being snoody to Earth. xD ]
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Flying always seemed to be so much easier during Tallsun than it was any other season. I guess its the warm and and the thermals and all that nonsense that comes along with flying that I never really paid attention to. I just know that there is less strain on my wing as I soar through the air high above the ocean enjoying my freedom. I wasn't really paying attention to anything below me, why would I have to when it was just supposed to be water? The sudden appearance of an island that I hadn't noticed startled me and made me wonder how far out I'd flown because I hadn't noticed it from the shoreline earlier.

Curiosity about the island made me circle lower until my hooves finally touched the sand, and as that happened it occurred to me that the island I was standing on just might be a new land like the other three. If that were the case then that meant that the Earth God had to be here somewhere, so I started walking, my crimson eyes scanning through the tropical trees and bushes. It was all so very pretty and while I looked I thought about Dragomir and decided that I would have to find him and bring him here so he could see it.

I heard voices so I wandered until I found the gathering with the God of the Earth at the center of it. My mother was already there and I wondered what she would do if there was another fight because she'd already attacked the Moon Goddess. I shook my head and looked from her to the strange newcomers then finally I saw Dragomir. I smiled (even though he beat me to the island) and immediately trotted over to him. As I stopped by his side I reached to brush my muzzle against his shoulder in greeting before looking back at the Earth God. "Hello..." My voice trailed because the last two times I'd seen the Earth God had been very unpleasant. I certainly hoped that this time would prove different.


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Ophelia watched from the flats as an island appeared in the distance, and it was the flash of wings too large for a bird that gave her direction. Flight-gifted Helovians were making their way across the ocean to a distant land, and she furrowed her brows curiously. She walked carefully forward, using the sky as a guide, and breaking the point where the flats turned into a sandy beach again. The memories of her birthplace of the Moonlit Tides came flooding back, but she did her best to shove them down, keeping a clear head as she assessed the problem before her.

Fortunately, she knew how to swim, and there was a section that looked much shallower than the rest. Ophelia inhaled and ventured out into the waters, her coat staining almost blue from the dark skin beneath the white hairs. She shoved her nose in the air, gasping for breath as her muscles trembled. Reaching the shores was an effort, and she felt exhausted and heavy, rattling and trembling with every step until she regained her footing. Ophelia looked over her shoulder, marking the coastline, and then she pushed inward.

She should have realized the Earth God would be here. He stood in strength and splendor before them all, his power unmatched as he welcomed more strangers to Helovia. Ophelia stood proud but at a distance. She did not want to get sick again - not when she was so recently healed. The pale princess leaned against a tree and waited, wondering if another monster would come loose here too. It would only be fitting, really. The Rift gods were determined to save their corrupted lands from the light of Helovia. Who could blame them really?

Still, she waited patiently, saying nothing and lingering with keen, watchful eyes narrowing through the dense jungle. The humidity was miserable. Oh, how she missed the snow... <

Art by: equusamor @ DA

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I don't know who you think you are
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I wanna do bad things with you

I stepped through the portal with great skepticism chilling me to the bones. To the bones, get it? The deal seemed to good to be true, and it also seemed a tad boring. I mean, come on, what is fun without a bit of malice and chaos and a nice touch of madness? Gotta have that spooky scary flair and stir things up a bit. But everywhere I looked there were these goody-goody two shoes, and even my favorite playmates from the walking shark intermezzo at the beach. Ohoy, hello, care for dessert? No? Well damn, what a bloody shame. So I skipped the part where I waved and grinned madly (Ha, grinned, get it?), opting for a more incognito lurking at the back of the pack, a stint to the backdrop. Like a ninja - albeit a very tall, very striking and obvious ninja. Like the one in that show, ya know.

Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.

All things considered, life was probably more interesting back in the Rift. This place. It wasn't half as inventive, if you get me, all this blue sky and blue sea and green trees and all, it was dull and repetitive and once I'd seen one I'd seen them all, I felt. Not much to look like, these natives either. Dull, plain, and what was even up with that bohemian rhapsody thing going on? Where's the color, the life, the goddamn flair!?

As the plebeians and mortals chatted along, I kept my words of wisdom to myself, close to heart if you will - well I would have if I still had a heart! - and without drawing undue attention to myself I slipped away, merged with the shadows beneath the trees and took off. No, I didn't leave, not really. All things considered there were great opportunities building up here, like the recipe for a perfect storm, and who was I to miss a party? No way, nuhuh, I kept close enough to watch and listen, and all the while I looked around to see who I could have the most fun with once it all went down.

Because believe you me, nothing ever goes smoothly in the Rift. These foreign god-beings, they had noooo idea whatever the fuck they were messing with, if they thought our dearly beloved meisters were that easy to bargain with. 

Summary; Slinking into the background, Gashad listens from among the trees, plotting bad things. ;D

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A heavy body like his is not designed for swimming; his massive hooves seem to propel him only a short distance through the water, like he's running in a dream. Still, his massive feet finally find purchase on sand and he heaves his colossal body up onto sand, onto glorious, solid land. He hauls his sodden limbs free and enters this new land for the first time; not one he thinks he will frequent, given it's so damn difficult to get to. His dragon wheels happily in the skies, his wings allowing him easy access to the island. He, unlike Volterra, does not have to take the slow path, and the stallion's nostrils flare in envious disgust.

A crowd has already gathered, and the beast lurks towards the outskirts. He is eager to avoid further disease, and fuck know how many delightful varieties of illness these virus-ridden Rift creatures are nurturing. He draws to a halt, his foot-feathers slicked flat to his legs with water and clumpy sand, his black pelt glimmering with moisture and sweat from his exertions.

His crimson gaze fixes itself on the Earth God, and his heartrate increases with excitement. Finally, a God he has reason to respect. He has nothing against the other Gods, and if they gave his greedy self something he'd probably have loyalty towards them too, but they haven't. The earthen behemoth gave him his magic and an amulet, and from his godly balls came Isopia - who, it appears, is perched on her esteemed sire in raven form. The beast gives the tiniest dip of his head in greeting to both the Earth God and his black-feathered daughter, whilst a smirk plays at the corner of his muzzle. Shit, he's eager for this battle to get underway - to see the great God wield his power on the field of war, for Volterra to admire and covet. And maybe, just maybe, he'll get some seriously good shit from his favoured deity - some more magic wouldn't go amiss. ""

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It's really bad manners to make a pregnant woman swim. The silver is half-contemplating the notion of not bothering to come to this particular new land gathering, but her curiosity outweighs her trepidation about swimming from the mainland to this new island. She is, however, alone in her journey. Dominus firmly refuses to get his fur wet, possessing that typically feline loathing of water. He remains on the other shore, glaring daggers at his bonded as she treads water and boosts herself across towards the gathering on the archipelego.

The water is not too cold, though, and Nyx is soon on the other side. As the water cascades from her grey fur, her slightly swollen sides become evident; the expansion is faint, but it's enough to give away the fact that life grows inside her. Either that or she needs a serious diet. It does pose a worrying conundrum, though - if there's another God fight, what will the ironheart put first? Her warrior duties, or the safety of her foal?

As ever, there is a batch of new Rift-creatures, as well as some familiar faces. She sees Tembovu, and feels a thrill spread down her spine. She soon averts her gaze and looks to this land's patron God, the massive man of Earth with a crow-thing sat on his haunches. Nyx glances at him for a moment, before continuing to look around the rest of her companions on this strange little island. Water drips down her legs, cooling her off and providing blessed relief from the humid air, as well as her pregnancy sweats. God damn those pregnancy sweats. ""

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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There it was on the horizon. The East had opened up to them, and she saw from her perch in the sky the islands jutting from the mists. She flapped hard, the red sores on her body still bothersome, but at least she didn't have green goo falling out of her face anymore. Aithniel took a deep breath and stretched her body, going to where the green peaks of trees dotted the unending ocean with life. Cool winds embraced her hair as she floated on thermals, heat rising from the earth to give her lift.

She flew around the main island a few times to scout, seeing bodies here and there on the beach. Poor suckers that had to swim! Aithniel landed closer to the shore - unable to fly directly in given the density of the jungle that grew up rather than out. Cloven hooves came to a soft and gentle rest in the sand, and she tucked her wings close, trotting forward into the thickets. The humidity was pretty damn terrible, but she ignored it for the most part. Sweat would occasionally burn against a sore, but she bit her lip to stifle her groans.

More strangers flooded in through a portal, the Earth God this time at the helm. She watched with curiosity but didn't say anything - not really. There wasn't much to say that wasn't already being said. Welcome to Helovia, yeah. We are glad to have you here, okay. She made a mental shrug and kept an eye out for another monster - not that there weren't already weirdos here. There was something that was more of a skeleton than a horse, and she scrunched up her nose in distaste, ruffling her feathers only to settle again. She flashed her lion tail and didn't see Erebos or Rikyn yet.

She wondered if they would chance swimming across the channel.

You let the world burn down
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The Earth God was coming, at least that was what she assumed from how the other Gods had each brought in a land. Valiance had taken to the skies, surveying the land that was now a part of Helovia. Resplendence, meanwhile, fought against the tide to get to the island. Exhaustion radiated from her limbs as she settled onto the shore, shaking her coat out and taking in all of the new creations upon the soil.

What she finds, is Dragomir close to the Earth God, as well as the winged mare from the Threshold (Ranjiri she believed it was). Slowly, she works her way up toward them before offering a graceful bow to the Earth God. "My Lord," she offers as Valiance lands upon her back and offers his own little clicking greeting. Then, she begins to back away - offering space and placing distance between herself and the bridge. Still, she gives a gentle smile to Dragomir and whispers his name in greeting.

Would Archibald or Kaj show up? Kota? Quilyan? Anyone else that she cared for? Oh, how she hoped this wouldn't end up in a fight. She would really prefer that this did not go in that direction. She didn't want to see more people injured - she didn't want to see anymore of her loved ones hurt. She couldn't deal with that again. And, most importantly, she didn't want everything to break. But, of course, this world was always breaking. It was what it was best at, after all.

@Dragomir - @Ranjiri - The Earth God

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There had been so much that he had missed out on lately thanks to no one telling him what was going on. They figured that he was still too young or too fragile to be worthy enough to hear what was going on around them. Hello, he lived here too the least they could do is tell him what was happening! First thing he had discovered by complete accident was that there were strange illnesses going around. Sniffeling with an exasperated sigh the colt stood holding his head low hoping to drain out this ugly black goo that came from everywhere, nose, eyes, lungs, you name it and it was there. No matter how many times the poor boy washed his face the goop would come back minutes later messing up his once clean face. Despite all this badness there was still another problem that had developed along with the illness. Instead of hearing things as he should everything was amplified 100x totally freaking the colt out. He could hear another snoring from way across a meadow, or the strange noises other animals made that he had never ever heard before. While neat in theory he wished desperately for his old hearing back.

In his attemtps to find a quiet place to rest the sound of many voices could be heard coming from out over the water? No surely it wasn't on the water, or under the water. FLicking his ears back as a whole new torrent of noises hit him he pulled his wings up over his head attempting to just hide away from the world and its obnoxious noise. That was until curiosity seemed to get the better of him drawing him to the shoreline to gaze out over the ocean. Islands? When did those get here? Was this what everyone had been talking about? About the new lands appearing out of thin air? Feeling overwhelmed with joyous anticipation the brindled boy knew that he had to go check it out for himself, there was no missing it now. Looking down into the water he froze as memories of the last time rose from the depths. No way was he gonna do that stuff again, he had had more than enough to do with water so he wasn't going to be swimming it. Well he did have wings...but still hadn't mastered flying, most of his attempts had landed him in something thorny or itchy.

Backing up quite a ways before stopping the boy pulled his wings away from his ears reluctantly cringing at the loud sloshing water. Well it was now or never he guessed, might as well get it over with. Lunging forward into a gallop the colt leapt up hoping to cross the river with having to set foot in it. Stretching and twisting his frame he managed to make it over to the other side with a thunderous thump (at least to him) as his hooves dug into the shore. Pleased with himself a smile broke out across his face before he turned and trotted off to join the group, he didn't need to fly all he had to know was how to glide, oh and not fall off cliffs. Seeing the Earth God before him he walked forward and bowed his head to show his respect for their lord. "Hello Sir!" he greeted with as much enthusiasm as he could muster. This black icky flu thing was not doing his body much good nor his energy. It was like if he were a slug only with a bad case of anthrax and a hippopotamus sitting on his chest, or Archibald would suffice if he couldn't get a hippo. Ohh, how he wished that everyone would just shut up to save his sanity. There was too much noise, too much commotion it felt like his head was going to explode. While it would be cool to have your head explode he doubted that the Earth man would appreciate it.

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Arrives to gathering with only minor difficulties and comes up to face the Earth God in total fascination/awe. Politely bows his head and says his greetings.
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