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Naerys couldn't go home, not like this, but where else could she go? Teal eyes watch the crowd gathering around the fallen mare but she can't bring herself to join them, not even to offer her condolences. What good would it do, anyway? Sorry couldn't bring the girl's mother back. A soft sigh escapes her nostrils, her breath warm despite the chill in her soul stemming, perhaps, from the crocodile blood staining her previously white knees. She feels useless, stuck, and endlessly disappointed in the way everything in this forsaken place had turned out. Worst of all, she felt stupid and careless. Mother wouldn't be proud, not even if she had returned with some fantastic prize.

Sparing one last glance at the bed of passionflowers growing around her hooves, she turns and walks further down the beach. Her progress is slow, the stiffness in her knees causing her to limp and subsequently stumble over her own hooves. Still, she presses on, putting as much distance between her and the crowd as she can. That's when things start to change. The light here seems to grow more intense than she remembered it to be. She'd once found it to be pleasant, a beautiful sort of heavenly place despite the blood and gore now staining it's surface. Now, it seems too bright. Every ounce of light being reflected back up at her from the sand and water below her hooves seems to sear into her eyes. And it hurts. She sucks in a sharp breath and squeezes her eyes shut as hard as she can.

But that doesn't fix it. It doesn't fix anything.

The pain slams into her head, sharp and biting, and for a second she hoped that maybe her head would just explode - effectively ending her dilemma. She fumbles, falling to her stiff knees. The sand is rough against the already tender flesh of her knees but any pain from that is easily overshadowed by the headache pulsating in her brain. Naerys surrenders to the pain, lowering her hind end to lay in the mirrored surface. Something trickles from her ears, tickling her but she can't pry her eyes open - the brightness of the light shining through her lids is awful enough. In agony, the girl screams. Brief and sharp, it pierces her ears and momentarily intensifies the throbbing in her skull. Panic seizes her dainty chest and though she longs for the shadows back home, she is frozen to the spot. Unable to move, unable to think. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?

It hurts.
Oh, how it hurts.

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Note; This is set before the Riptide Isles section of the SWP, so she technically has HFH. Seriously, anyone? xD I really would rather not just delete it.


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The duchess picked up a dainty, onyx colored hoof, peering at it with dismay. She wasn't one to be overly concerned about her looks, but seeing her hoof in it's current state was utterly depressing. Growing up in the lap of luxury hadn't seemed to help the resilience of her body. She had been using it plenty lately, traveling, gathering herbs, and now prodding through shallow, salty waters (that can't be beneficial for your hooves, can it?).

Alas, the pale maiden slipped her ebony hoof back into the waters with a dissatisfied snort. She had not been fortunate enough to have been born with wings (though she is sure this a trait that would be looked down upon where she is from) and cannot simply float out of this flooded land she had found herself, for the moment, trapped in.

Agnodice turned around, preparing to (pardon the oh so un-lady like verbiage) get the hell out of there. But the maiden heard a splash. It was not like a hoof beat splash, or a bird flittering around in the waters splash. It was the splash of something much larger, slower and deliberate, falling into the shallow waters.

Her interest is peaked.

The doctor flicks a curvaceous ear in the direction of the splash, her head soon following. A dainty horse shape was lying in the water not far from her. Agnodice's brow furrowed, her turquoise gaze narrowing. She could not think of a single reason as to why anyone would want to lie down in this water. The mare sighed, shaking her head slightly, sending her onyx mane billowing in the sunlight. She was happy to be blessed with an affinity for healing, for helping, but she was not as happy to have to use it. If she could change something about this world, she had decided that it would be to stop sickness and injury. Sure, she would be out of a job, but she would be satisfied in her unemployed state.

Agnodice picked up a trot towards the figure, holding her head high (this is a natural state for the duchess - despite being concerned, she will first be regal). The mare approached to find a pegasus filly lying in the water. With her alabaster and mahogany coat, the filly reminded Agnodice of a bunny, which of course just made her more concerned about the girl.

"Are you all right? If you're in need of any medical attention I can help you, I'm a healer,"  She spoke softly, delicately, reaching her head down to examine the filly more closely. Agnodice did not see any outward signs of injury, something that made her heart sink. Injuries of the body were simple to heal, of the mind and insides were not so.

hope you don't mind aggy dropping in! I haven't written her in a while, so she's acting a bit out of it here, I think? ahah ^^;

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