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In his years in Helovia, Kaj had seen many things. Perhaps too many, for how world weary it made him feel, for the depression that draped around his coat to remember all he'd been through and all he'd lost. But his purpose was his people, as odd as it may sound aloud. Kaj had been a soldier all his life, and ever since he'd stepped into Helovia. He had clawed and grappled with the best to get where he stood, and had been a leader for what felt like the majority of his life. His flock was his meaning, and he would defend them with his life and all the talent and skill he possessed in his unfortunately mortal body.

That mortality had been called into question too frequently lately, especially when faced with battles that involved veritable gods. Sickened, weakened gods, perhaps, but gods in their own right. He had seen the destruction they wrought, both bodily and through diseases that struck through his coven like a windstorm. Miykael had been at the lead of them, helping to heal, and for that Kaj was grateful. He despaired to see how those sickened were forced into quarantine, kinship set aside in favor of keeping others from infection. A noble cause, but one that saddened him nonetheless. 

There was too much going on, at magnitudes he'd never foreseen, and Kaj was tired. But he was steady as a rock nonetheless, even as his loss of mobility in his left leg drew depression tight like a vice around him. When his people needed him, he would always answer, would be pillar they could lean against and count upon. Invading the Falls had been one of the hardest decisions he'd ever had to make, and some despised him for it. He would never earn their forgiveness. But who else could have made the decision? Who else would have stepped up to the plate, if not he and Archibald? They could bitch all they wanted, crying injustice, but they would never get down in the dirt when they were needed. 

Kaj only needed those who had followed him faithfully, trusting him, his brothers and sisters who had allowed him to uproot their lives completely on word and relationship alone.

So he called them, Archibald at his side, words cloying with mix of sweet and sour on his tongue, preparing speech for those who arrived. 

The sun bled through the woven trees and vines above, the lowest pond where their meetings were always held, a naturally formed gathering that seemed to exist in every herd that Kaj had ever lived in (three, considering he'd lived in the Throat while still holding Edge title, once upon a time). They gathered before him, looking upon him, and he felt Archibald's presence at his side. Comforting, familiar, even for how it still left him feeling bare and empty. Perhaps it was because of Loretta. 

"Family of the Hidden Falls," he greeted, striding forward as he spoke to signal that he was going to be beginning, voice lifted to be heard by everyone regardless of distance. "As many of you know, the eastern boundaries of Helovia have expanded by way of the Gods. Refugees have come from the other side, and wander about the lands lost and attempting to adapt. Battles have been fought and won, and with them came losses, injuries and sickness." He hadn't known those who had lost their lives, but he felt for them all the same. As he felt for every soul, for they were unique even in their relatively meaningless existences. "Our searches for the cure have been fervent, and Miykael's magic has been beneficial not only to us but to the other herds, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed. The black sickness of the lungs and orifices seems to be able to be cured by his magic, and there are rumors that any type of magic from the Moon Goddess is capable of curing that particular disease." He wasn't sure of the entire validity of that statement, but it was a start, was it not? It was unfair to Miykael for the pressure to be put upon his shoulders alone. Especially when Kaj knew how draining repetitive magic use could be.

"Miykael, your efforts and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Resplendence, Archibald and I praise you for your loyalty, and give to you the title of Earth Medic." The Aurelight's voice was warm and proud, and as if in answer, the trees rustled and the grass seemed to sweep up around Miykael's hooves, curling lovingly around his ankles as the Earth's magic transferred itself to him. Kaj had no doubt that Miykael would do the title proud, and hoped that it would take some pressure off Resplendence as well. 

"If any of you have questions or news, speak now. We are here to answer your questions, but this is a family. Any concerns are welcome to be voiced." 

- - -

Herd Meeting! You have two weeks to respond (HALLOWEEN!), and there's no structure to this meeting aside from letting Archibald post first. I really want this meeting to be fluid and move a little faster, so interact! We want this to be fun and informative, not a boring and painful requirement. Have fun!

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There was too much happening in Helovia, and the Dauntless was a sleepless stallion these days between travelling for politics, fighting gods, and patrolling his lands. But here he stood, a silent vigil of strength and guidance, beside the once-stranger and now brother in arms. The Dauntless stood solid like a mountain, unbent and unbroken no matter how the winds howled and slammed against his sides. His faithful hound lay at his feathered hooves, chin resting delicately on her dirt-stained paws. He could feel her drifting off to sleep below him, and so he sent her waves of warmth and comfort. A small memory of Loretta, but a pup, played in his mind's eye. Archibald was curled around her tiny body, holding her as she snored and twitched, a dream running across their bond. Golden eyes moved down to look at the older bitch for a moment, before the Aurelight called out for the herdmembers they led with strength and wisdom.

The Dauntless continued his silence as Kaj went on about his speech, obsidian tail flicking flies away from his hide. The height of Tallsun was nearly on them, and even as he stood there, unmoving, sweat gathered between thick thighs and beneath the breast collar of his collapsed armor. When the pegasus finished, Archibald lifted his head. Golden eyes scanned the group before him, resting momentarily on the forms of Lakota and Ktulu before speaking. "The refugees of this Rift land are to be treated with cautiousness. We have seen the torment the diseases from these lands can cause, and we have no reason not to believe that the newcomers carry infection as well. Should any wish to make a home here in the Hidden Falls, they are welcome to, but if they show symptoms of sickness they will undergo serious treatment by our healers and those with the magic that thwarts the diseases. That is not an option." Archibald's voice was firm, and it was clear that there would be no room for disagreement and retort on this argument.

"Like Mikyael, many others have shown dedication to the success of this herd. Destrier, Aaron--you are now Conscripts of the Hidden Falls, warriors of skill. Be sure to hold these titles in high regard, and do not let the passion fall from your hearts. Ciceron, it has been noted by Ktulu and the eyes of others that you have been working hard, even beyond the borders of your rank's duties. Please, step forward now and join Ktulu as Champion of these waterfalls. This land is yours to protect with the title to match, and let none question the strength of your courage." Archibald shifted his weight, looking to the dappled grey stallion. The Dauntless nodded his massive head, a warm look falling on the dedicated warrior.

"We wait now on only one God of Helovia to reappear--our patron. Be wary, and keep your patrols high. Should the Earth return with a land and refugees, I suspect he will need our help in battle as the others have. Let us show the God of the Earth the might of those whom reside in his territory!" Archibald's voice bellowed, the baritone sound laced with the pride of a father and leader. "At long last, I would like you all to recognize a princess among you. My youngest child, the brilliant survivor of her mother. Macaria, welcome home!"

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Standing looking out over the valley the grey stallion stood peacefully just thinking back to all the memories that he had created here. As with every place there are always good and bad memories but thankfully for him most associated with the Falls were ones he would gladly remember for the rest of his life. Lifting his head as Kaj's booming voice called for everyone's attention he motioned for Kiara to join him at what he assumed was a seasonal meeting. The last one had been quite some time ago so it would only be fitting that one be called to gather the family together and see where they stood.

Moving amongst the trees to an open space along the side the grey tried to position himself so as not to block anyone's view with his big arse. Meetings were usually enjoyable for the brute but as of late the thought of everyone being in the same place at the same time was a little nerve wracking. If he was lucky he could just sit quietly and pay attention to the discussion and withhold his mind from wandering to the many other problems in his life. Kiara wandered forward more than content to lounge in the grass nearby and just listen to what she felt to be important. It was Archibald that spoke next to talk about all those from the rift portals. It was no surprise that this would be one of the top topics on the agenda considering what seemed to come with them also affected all of their lives in one way or another. The battles with the corrupted gods of their realm had been difficult but with teamwork they had succeeded in righting what was wrong. Now it was only a matter of waiting to discover how much more destruction was to come with one more god left to show his face. All he could hope was that these horrid diseases would be eradicated from Helovia along with those who posed a threat to their way of life.

As the next topic arose to talk about those who had excelled in various areas he was more than surprised to hear his name called upon. Lifting his head it took him a minute to actually figure out what Archi had said but when he did a smile spread across his face. Him..champion? Wow, it was Lifting his head to attention proudly he stepped forward to address Archibald. "It would be my honor, Thank you for this amazing opportunity." He commented brightly before bowing his head respectfully before turning to find where Ktulu was standing. Spotting her nearby he walked over to join her to listen to the rest of the meeting. Moving up alongside her he couldn't douse the surprise at this unexpected promotion still feeling as if he was on top of the world. Reaching his muzzle over to touch his fellow champion's neck kindly he couldn't help but feel as if she had known about this long before the meeting. "You knew didn't you?" He asked softly with a joyous chuckle.

Ciceron talks
Kiara speaks

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Resplendence finally began to pull herself from the darkness that had started to settle upon herself these past few weeks. If anyone had seen her, they might have realized how broken she had become. How battered. How torn. She was so concerned for Rue… for Quil. God, for everyone. And, as of late, she didn't even believe that any of them would come back to her. She was going to be left without a family again. Hah. Who wanted to really care for this broken mare? She may be growing stronger, in some ways, but it others she was definitely unable to pull even the tiniest shreds back together.

She moves at the call of Kaj - always willing to stand up for him, to be his support should he require it (as he so often had been for her). Aye, she had spent much time with him lately, he was with her at night - protecting her from her nightmares as he always did when Quilyan was no longer present. She pulled herself to the front, body taking her place to the left of Kaj, but facing him - a few feet in front of him.  It was only when he and Archibald had stopped speaking that Valiance shot to the skies to garner some attention to the timid mare where her voice might not have gathered it.

There is a small clearing of her throat as the breeze blows in, spreading her glitter into the air and swirling around her. "It is with an open heart that I welcome you to the folds of Earth Medic, Miykael. Everyone else, we are a family, and we will do all we can to ensure you health. If you had not arrived at the healer meeting and still wish to become a healer do not be afraid to let either Miykael or I know. If you don't wish to heal but wish to help us still I can always send you in a direction to gather more herbs." It is a bit of a speech, for the mare who hated crowds, but it does not have a wavering voice. She offers a gentle smile - though those who knew her would realize how forced and hollow it really was - before she turns back to Kaj and Archibald and gives them a gentle nod of encouragement.

Basically, Res welcomes Miykael to the Earth Medic ranks and tells anyone interested in being a healer or helping the healers to talk to her (or Miykael) after the meeting

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Isopia - called down by Kaj's summons, begrudgingly landed in a tree in her typical raven form. How many of you, she thought with a click of her beak, do not even know what I look like? There was no judgement in her mental observation. The girl quite obviously had made no attempts to get to know any within the herd, nor did she feel compelled to in any manner. Yet she found it odd that nonetheless Kaj still called them a family. She assumed she was not the only one with secrets here - even if hers were a mile high. Was Kaj just being naive? Ascribing some sort of bond to those who gathered within the protective boundaries of the Falls, simply because they shared the same proximity? She assumed that was it. Whatever relationship that was forged between them all, was seemingly in name only. Isopia had taken no oath, sworn no allegiance. She simply came and went as she pleased, doing whatever she wanted, and somehow was given the same title as those who did try.

Folding her blackened wings tightly against her body, the raven-girl listened.

Kaj spoke of those from the Rift, and Archibald echoed his sentiments. They advised treating the new comers with caution, but Iso simply decided to avoid them all together. Not because she feared injury or infection (though that black-goo disease was particularly distracting), but because that was how she treated everyone else. 

However what Archibald did next, made the girl's stomach turn as the respect she held for the warrior began to curdle. As if introducing his daughter to all at the herd meeting wasn't nepotistic enough, that he would label her a princess made the golden-eyed avian internally scoff. If anyone here was a princess of these lands, it was her. Her Father had made them - Archibald merely presided in them. The demi-god was not jealous that the Czar had labeled his child as such, merely disappointed that 1. He felt it necessary at all, and 2. That he would boast of her to those assembled, as if creating her was somehow just as noteworthy as their new Earth Medic who had cured many diseases, or their new warriors who had bravely defended their home. The girl simply had been born into her life, just as Isopia had, and those contingent circumstances were not deserving of praise. 

Somehow the introduction of a child - who wasn't even a newborn and so not necessarily new news - during a time of conflict and crisis didn't strike the girl as properly timed. However the thought did not linger in her mind for very long, for she didn't find nepotism particularly interesting. 

Is...that all? She found herself wondering, her thoughts hidden behind her ebony feathers. It was lucky for her that her raven-face did not display emotions well. She had been practicing a resting expression of neutrality in her true form, but found that mask all the easier to maintain as a raven. 

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To be truthful, Ktulu had been waiting for a herd meeting since they had first learned of the Rift and the god battles that had been plaguing Helovia. That they were having a meeting so late only spoke of just how busy they had all been with the fighting that seemed to happen in such rapid succession. It seemed they were afforded a small reprieve, but the warrior in her knew and assumed that it would not last long. There would be another land coming because the God of the Earth had not returned yet, and if history repeated itself there would be another fight. So when Kaj and Archibald called the herd together she wasted little time in getting there.

She stood off to Archibald's side, several paces back if only because she did not hold the rank he did, and kept her eyes on the herd as they gathered. One ear was tilted in Kaj's direction as he spoke, but the promotions of medics mattered little to the battleworn mare. It was Archibald's announcements, the promotion of Ciceron that she had suggested upon the conclusion of their spar, was all that mattered to her. She had wondered and hoped that he would take her suggestion seriously and promote the stallion that she had thought deserved it more than any of her other warriors.

When Archibald made the announcement of Ciceron's promotion a slight twitch of her lips was the only indication that she was happy and approved of the stallion's new rank. As he joined her side she turned her head toward him, her own muzzle bumping roughly against his neck as she returned his touch. "I just made a suggestion." She answered back quietly. "And Archibald sees what I see ... don't disappoint us." Her head turned back to Archibald, then, and she listened as he concluded his speech by introducing his daughter to the herd and inwardly Ktulu was surprised at her growth. A yearling already? Had it really been a year that he'd been without Circe and she'd been without Hototo?

It was a year that felt like an eternity.

"Warriors!" Ktulu spoke up rather suddenly, desperate to chase away the grief that was threatening to overwhelm her in the middle of the herd meeting. "You will meet with Ciceron and myself at the conclusion of this meeting. Those of you who wish to join our ranks are invited to meet with us."



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About time...

Newly minted, Imonada was still adjusting and integrating herself into their fold, having been that very spring teetering at the brink of death only to be dragged from the threshold by Brisa and placed before Resplendence for care. The details of that day were frustratingly hazy -- even a mind built to collect and easily retrieve information can't do much without a reliable consciousness to pick apart the stimuli needed to retain the event. Did she even really want to remember? Was there crucial information in there? Probably not, but hidden memories were her bane, when her hand relied on attaining everything.

Moving silkily, ever silent, she slips from the shadows of the trees, following the one who had helped nurse her to health to the summoning site, but she positions herself away from the main audience; close enough to hear all and be seen by all, but notably tucking herself beneath the drooping branches of an aged weeping willow alight in the summer sun. How she had desperately wanted to meet the men she was conscripted to follow through hell and back, her sovereigns, and the rest of those that pledged their loyalty. Who were these folk, really? What had she gotten herself into?

From her spot, she makes note of them all. A soft, gentle smile is offered to Resplendence should she look Imonada's way, while the raven landing noiselessly to survey over the gathering grabs at her attention. Some vague recognition fires away, but she does not pursue it, trusting that inkling will soon reveal itself. The others... as much strangers as they were herdmates. The darkly bewitching soldier that is Ktulu, whose obvious competence provides Imonada a sense of security. The steel beast Ciceron, who gained the champion's lofty regard. The bull of a stallion Archibald, whose rugged exterior belies a stalwart temperament and Kaj, at his side, imperial and and dawn-like. They all get a curious, but otherwise tame expression from the black grounded pegasus even as excitement begins to unfurl inside of her. To one such as herself, a gathering like this yielded an insurmountable amount of data. It could be nothing but pleasantries and announcements, and she would glean the world.

So she watches, standing politely and quietly, offering not much for now other than her mandatory presence and sublime listening skills. This was a good opportunity to focus on something other than her incessant headache.

*Summary: Appears and goes off to the side to pay attention.

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Lifting her head seemed like such a chore but it was for a worthy cause as it was Kaj that called out for everyone to join him. Coughing painfully and hearing the rattling in her chest made her groan, what was this horrible illness that plagued her? Black shit seemed to come out of her eyes and nose making her feel miserable and like doing nothing but hide herself away so that no one could see her in this state. Resplendance had seemed to have something similar when she had encountered her a few short weeks ago perhaps it was there she had caught this? Brushing away the newest discharge from her face the pale mare pushed herself to get moving to at least clean herself up a little before hovering around the meeting. There was no way that she wanted to give this to anyone else so if she stayed well away from anyone hopefully they would be safe from catching this black plague.

It took longer than she would have liked before the figures of their family came into sight but instead of walking up to the front like she normally would be expected she chose to make a wide circle and come from the side. Stopping once she was able to hear what was being said she heaved a sigh leaning herself up against one of the scarce trees. Blue eyes scanned those who presented themselves curiously noticing many new faces before she let her eyes rest to their leaders. Hopefully one of them would at least take notice of her so that they would know that she had at least attempted to be at the meeting. If she had been healthy and not feeling like she was dying a slow horrible death she had wanted to gather the crafters together and those seeking to learn for a short meeting. It would have to wait until she could trust not in infect anyone, surely they would understand...wouldn't they? Archibald had just spoken about these diseases and to seek treatment so it should be alright, if only she could somehow tell Kaj or someone else to make the announcement for her. Lifting her eyes to the pegasus she wished that he would look up and perhaps if she was super lucky would make a connection to what she wanted. It was highly unlikely but she could always dream.

CRAFTERS: There will be a meeting posted in the next couple days for anyone wanting to learn or to gain some knowledge on the art. Everyone is welcome to come out and lend a hand.

Brisa talks

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Approaches the meeting but remains well away from the rest in the hopes of not infecting anyone else.

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He reassured their minds by his serenity.
His countenance, wherein his soul was visible,
expressed contempt for danger.

He hadn't healed as many as he had for recognition or reward. That was why he strived to keep everything casual, except for Archibald but that was an entirely different situation. A situation that he felt required a more professional approach. Even with Archibald he didn't have any underlying motives. He hadn't been secretly trying to glean the Czar's favor. He was simply doing his duty. A healer worth their weight mends the wounded and cures the sick without so much as a thought of greed. Though, to say that recognition, reward, or some sort of promotion would feel awful and would thus be unwelcome would be a lie; even for Miykael. Being recognized feels good but it does not drive him. What drives him are the faces of those he's healed, the relief so clearly on display, the way their breaths come easier and the way their eyes shift from clouded pain to healthy clear. Miykael does it for all of them, though, not just this herd. Perhaps that would get him in trouble some day, but today would not be that day it seems.

Kaj's call pulls them all towards him. Bidden like the moth to the flame, though presumably none would die at the stallion's hoof or by any other means, for that matter. Without hesitation, Eliana lands upon his withers and the two meander their way across the Falls by the way of the well worn paths. Soon, they came upon the lowest pond where several others had already gathered. Miykael pauses, eyes narrowed against the sunshine as he attempted to pick out a shaded spot in the group. Much to his relief, he quickly found one and slid into place with the hopes that the shade might help to ease his headache. The dried blood coating the hair from his ears down along his cheeks has thickened from several bouts of leaking blood. The red-brown streaks stand out against the golden and pale tones of his face, dark and likely concerning. As a healer, presenting anything less than perfect health had garnered him far more attention than he ever wanted. It made them more vocal and more resistant to accepting his aid. Although their hearts are inevitably in the right place, he finds it to be almost insulting that they'd presume to hold him back from his job. Miykael would continue to fight against them, as he always did. He pushes back against them, reassuring them in any way he possibly could that he isn't inept and that they are far from burden status.

Fortunately, many had let him do his job and many were better off for it.
Himself included.

After they'd all filtered in, Kaj began his speech. As he'd expected, the Czar spoke of the new lands, the refugees and the fights. But then something he hadn't been expecting happened; he heard his own name upon Kaj's lips. His head lifts a little, confusion fluttering within his mind. Earth Medic. He was being promoted to Earth Medic, the highest honor amongst the healers of the Falls. Miykael is nothing if not an open book and his blue eyes find the Czar, surprise very clear upon his face. He hardly even notices as the grasses curl gently around his ankles. Hardly notices them bestowing the earth's magic upon him. The healer feels it, of course, but his gaze never wavers from the Czars. "I-" he begins but his voice trails off and for several moments he's at a loss for words. "-thank you." Then Archibald speaks and, to Miykael's delight, takes the attention away from him. The larger stallion informs the group that the refugees are to be treated with caution and he merely nods in agreement. Archibald shares news of promotions amongst the warrior ranks as well as a new addition to the herd, bringing a gentle smile to his face. However, he remains silent - finding words unnecessary until Valiance shoots into the sky, bringing all of their gazes towards the small, one-eared mare. Resplendence adds her own little speech to the mix and even Miykael notices the subtle confidence in her delivery. "Thank you, Resplendence." he adds when she is finished, his voice deep but warm. "There is a new disease from the addition of the Halcyon Flats following the Sun God's return. It presents as a rather nasty headache with light sensitivity and sporadic bleeding from the ears. It does not appear to be as contagious as the previous disease but it should still be treated with caution. We have not discovered the cure yet but I have no doubt we will find one soon. If any of you are ill, please don't hesitate to come to us." Miykael falls silent then, allowing his blue eyes to scan the crowd for a moment before returning back to the Czars. It felt strange to be thrust into the upper echelons. Though even that could hardly compare to the odd feeling of speaking more than two words at one of these meetings.


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Parelia sighed lost in thoughts of what to do with herself. Kaj had rejected her, Ciceron, well, just wasn't much more than the father of her children. She didn't want to leave Areli, but it just felt as if there wasn't anything left for her in the Falls. Penna preened her short mane kindly trying to ease her inner turmoil. How was she supposed to be happy with all of the males that in a way had shunned her? Her mind kept flickering to Areli, how could she rip her family apart any mire than she already had? Her beautiful cream and white head hung inches from the warm Earth. "My lord what should I do?" Pain prickled her heart as tears slowly tracked down her face.

She wasn't sure how long she had been standing there lost in her self pity, it had honestly been hours, before a familiar voice called her. The dove grappled with the idea to turn the other way and leave, just run until she couldn't run anymore. Knowing she had to go the falcon grabbed her withers roughly drawing blood forth. 'Fuck Penna! Fine...' The proud bird clicked his beak angrily even as she started to walk forward. She nears the gathering and stands well to the back of the group trying to hide from prying eyes. The mare stood with her head bowed and wings dragging upon the ground.

The cream and white couldn't stand to see Kaj, or Ciceron, or anyone for that matter.She prays one of the leaders will see her just to know that she had been there. Hazel eyes look up only once to twinkle as he once healer. When that gold trimmed bitch had attacked her, Miykael had been one of the healers to rush to her aid. Brisa and Lakota were the others that had saved her life that night. Shoving the memories away the mare turns her attention back to the meeting. She nods slightly as Archibald speaks of the Rift people. Of course they needed to be treated carefully, it would be foolish to prance up to them with fucking on your mind. Once the leaders were done she merely stands in the back wondering if anyone would have something else to add to all the chaos that was the God's work.
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The idea of a meeting had been really exciting for Murtagh, for all of about two seconds. He was thrilled that there was going to be so many of his herd mates gathered together and he wondered if he’d see Areli there. Or some other foals! There had to be some, his mothers couldn’t be the only ones in all of the herd. He happily accompanied Lakota to follow the call, trotting alongside her and encouraging her to move faster. What if they missed it? What if he missed it? His first meeting!

And then they started talking. Well, the whole business of gods and promotions didn’t really mean much to the colt, who immediately started looking for something or someone else to entertain him. He busied himself for a time with learning the faces and trying to remember the names but it was hard when they weren’t introducing themselves every time they spoke. He spied Ktulu standing at the front with the Czars and felt a surge of pride. That was his Papa up there. He grinned wildly at her and tossed his head as a greeting but he knew better than to interrupt.

The only matter of business that was in any way interesting was the introduction of a princess. A foal?! She might even be his age! He looked around for her but didn’t really see anyone that fit the description. In a whole crowd, how were they supposed to know who Macaria was? It seemed a little ridiculous. And why wasn’t he being introduced? This was his first meeting too.

Deciding that meetings just weren’t for him, Murtagh opted to lay down in the soft grass and wait for it to be over so that he could go play. He probably could have asked for permission to leave early but he didn’t want to be the only one not here! Better to be here and bored than to leave and find out that he missed something later on.
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Ah, yes, the herd meetings. Knox has not forgotten about their unique charm, their absolute dullness, their tedious uselessness.

When was the last time he'd been to one? Years ago, surely. And the last time he'd enjoyed one? Oh, well, that would have to be never.

He listens now from the shadows with a disinterest that is so total that it is actually impressive. Manhattan is still dripping with blood from their hunt and he has commanded her to commence her silent stalking. She will return for the both of them, he's not of a mind to truly present himself to this crowd.

He thinks, idly, that they aren't worthy of him. Certainly not Archibald, who stands their praising yet another of his offspring. How many young demons has his elder brother spawned, now?

Fifty, maybe, Knox muses. He must contain the snort that threatens to burst from his nostrils as he circles the edge of this.

But the real reason he does not show himself is because there is no one to show himself to. Everyone he knew is gone--the Windtossed Foothills is no more. He is a part of the Hidden Falls now, whatever that really is. He needs a place to stay and he needs a place for his son to grow up, so he is here. He holds rank because Archibald and this Kaj fellow were too inept to produce anyone else interested in the role. Perhaps this will change.

But until it does, Knox wanders around the edges. At one point he calls out, blithely, just to contribute to the noise and clatter. He drops his cloak but stands enough in the dark that only those with the sharpest of eyes could see the dark figure--Zekiah--that is revealed. "Any interested in the art of stealth, seek out the Dauntless' brother."

And that is it. A voice from a crowd with no definite tone, unable to be made out and enough of a mystery to satisfy him. He settles beside a particularly colorful mare and oozes out of his cloak, revealing the pure white form of Cem. Unrecognized by any in this herd meeting's attendance--just an old white stallion with an eerie sort of glow, but otherwise unassuming. Maybe Archibald will know, if Archibald has any brains left.

Maybe Aylin would, if he hadn't blinded her.

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Circles while cloaked, eventually dropping it momentarily to tell people to seek out Knox if they are interested in stealthing. When he first drops it, he is in the form of Zekiah. He then draws it back up, fades out of sight and sound eventually, and then returns in the form of Cem beside @Parelia . Manhattan is circling the crowd as well, out of sight. No one will recognize him except Aylin if she attends, and perhaps Archibald if he is astute.

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Rasta was not okay with this whole, do things and stop thinking vibe that was rolling through her head. So many things were happening - so much was breaking. But Ettore kept prodding her to move, to try and do something, so she did. While her brain tried to piece together the landscape against the crashing of the waterfalls she tried to bring back images which had been so vibrant in her mind just after she had lost her vision again at the completion of her quest.

It was only when she heard the call for a meeting that she even dared to move forth. Of course, she didn't really push her way into the helm of things. She only lingered at the edge of the group of people - taking in the sounds of each of those who were speaking. Ettore offered gentle images of each who spoke in turn, allowing her to fit some of the builds with the voices, even with the builds distorted from the vibrations.

She had nothing important to add to the situation, so she simply stood in silence. Was Alleo going to arrive? Would he speak to her? Or hide off to the side? Oh, she didn't know anymore… she didn't know what to do. She just knew her heart ached for him. And she knew she seemed to only manage to cause him pain.

Oh what was even going on? Maybe she would just roll back to the crafting side again. Play with rocks and wood that she couldn't build things with anymore. Hah. So useful.

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A call went out, and I knew what it meant and so did Sarabi. Another herd meeting. With a heavy sigh I lifted my frame from the grasses. Let's go. I groan in her mind. She knows I hate these meetings. I feel even more alone as everyone seems to know the others.... While me.... Well i'm just on my own. I've got Sarabi, but she's always been there. Everyone else was gone. They weren't coming back. They had left me here without another thought. That is, other than Momma. She had looked. She had tried without coming here. I guess she had thought I would of left too. I wish I had. Maybe I would of found her before.... Before he had...

I'm staring to lose it slightly as we arrive at the edge of the meeting. I pull myself together, remaining quiet and listening to the words that were spoken. When Czar Archibald announced his daughter, I cringed. I had been the one to greet them when they had arrived back in the Falls.... But why did he have to be so proud of her.... Why did my Dad have to abandon me? Was I not worth it to him? I look to the Czars, tears rolling down my cheeks. Was I that unlovable that my Dad wasn't proud of me? That I was an orphan in the one place I had always felt at home? Sarabi nudges my leg gently, trying to sooth me. But it wouldn't work. Not this time. I was breaking, at probably the worst time ever. Right here, in front of them all. I had to make sure I didn't speak. If I did, I don't know if I can censor the words that will come out from my mouth. Sure it will be out of the pain and hurt I feel.... But what good will it do?

"speech here"
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Kaj's voice flows over a quiet, respectful crowd. They gather with their eyes glued to him; his handsome face and wings that seem big enough to embrace all of the waterfalls at once. They honor a few faces that she does not recognize, the magic of their ceremony was evident – she wondered if they all felt the static energy in their feet or if it was just her. It feels as if the Earth is speaking through the dirt...

Macaria's dark dappled coat hid the twitching of her muscles as her skin prickled – the contempt could be felt, like a wave rolling into the cliffs. Smash. The moment her father's thunderous voice boomed her name their eyes began to search for her. Her pale blazed face pokes out from behind her father's charcoal hip, her ears shaky but upright, her body trembling so hard she fears they will see it. She almost buckles, tipping over to give way to a faint, but she does not. Instead she pulls her thoughts together and smoothly melts from behind her father. She recognizes no one except Vitani...and a few features that seem to be from her foal-hood...but the anxiety blinds her thoughts and memories for the moment. She can do nothing but pull a half-nervous smile out of her ass and nod to a few of those closest to her.

The raven makes her jump, it's beady eyes feel as though they are tearing into her flesh. She averts her eyes back to the crowd ahead. Her voice catches in her throat, “Hel- Hello.” She speaks through a sweet, but broken up voice, slashing her small adolescent tail.

Why do they hate me already? Isn't this my family?

Perhaps it was only her own thoughts that beat her up, she tries to reassure herself of such. Maybe they are simply confused. Mother – is it always going to be like this? Their eyes. Are their eyes always going to be so sharp, so bent and leering with disappointment? In all her anxiety she failed to notice her father announce her as 'Princess'... she's heard the title, which to her is just a loving term, many times. It holds almost no significance to her just yet. But if she only knew what it meant to her father's people. To her people.

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