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the Mother of Companions

She had gathered them much the same as before, with a low whistle and a guiding spark, meeting in the edge of the night before dawn broke when it was not so unbearably hot. It was an odd thing, that the season of the sun often drove her to work most in the night; his love sometimes burned a bit too much.

She watched the sun begin its ascension as the gathered with his honored ranks. Each of them was gifted with something only he could grant, and it was an honor she was sure none took lightly. There had been some quiet as of late though, noticeable even now as they were one head short - sneak-less for the time being. It was why she'd gathered them again, especially after recognizing it among her own troops (who, she was happy to say, had done much better since her lecture).

"Heads," she addressed them only partially awkwardly, wondering if there might not be a better term for them. "Like last we met, as the Chancellor I was interested in receiving any pertinent updates for your ranks." She wondered how well they might take to her this time after that embarrassment at the herd meeting. Some had been present, but none of them had stood up for her - few had - but what did that mean?

"Sikeax," she addressed first, given all the recent wars and their illness it was no difficult thing to say the healer's talents were needed now more than ever. "Have you and yours made any head way with the diseases? I'm cured of what ailed me then, but I know not why. Both times it's happened while I've fought, but I doubt that to be the ointment." She shook her head, remembering all too easily the disgusting tar that had riddled her face. "Is there a new sickness since the Sun's fight? Who among the herd still ails?" Many questions, and Ampere hoped, just as many answers.

"Cera," she murmured next, gaze shifting to the painted stud after a moment for the healer to talk. "Have you made any headway with your projects since last we spoke?" She hadn't paid the mines much heed, but she valued his work as always. "We've had many new recruits in need of keys lately, I think we ought to make more. Have we kept track of who all has them? Anyone who needs to return them that has left our border?" There were no sleuths, but they had spies who were always ready to grab at something, and her warriors would surely enjoy a physical test to take back any keys not willingly given over. The bridge was helpful, but like anything it had its down sides.

"Maren," Ampere spoke directly, her attention turning to the halo-marked mare that she held in rather high regard, though was also leery of. She was cruel in some ways that Ampere both appreciated and feared. "I'm not sure if the Sun has been available to talk to... but what is your take on these rift gods and their people? On the fact the gods have died?" Ampere was willing to listen to any advice the strange mare had to offer, because she herself was still searching for some of those answers. That there were rift gods at all did not concern her - she had known of many gods in her travels prior to Helovia, though she had never known them as intimately as the deities here, for better or for worse.

"As for the warriors," Ampere began, not for the first time feeling strange to serve as both Chancellor and Gladiator, especially at the same time. "We have discussed greater activity and fulfilling of their roles. I've had many new soldiers lately that needed some, motivation. I expect an increase in spars and responses to these rift threats, and am proud to announce many fought hard for the Sun. As Megaera had asked, we have doubled our patrols, but so far there is nothing to report. The herds seem involved with the god fights just like us, and the horses from the rift have been oddly distant. I see most of them wandering alone... in shock, perhaps." She still wasn't sure what to think of them. So many of them were absolutely bizarre, but she also hadn't bothered to speak much with any of them. Were they a threat, or no different from any new traveler? Time would tell, or maybe each individual would weave a different story.

"Before you all leave, one last thing I'd like to address, is some of the open ranks we have that are blessed by the Sun's might." She glanced at Maren and Cera first. "The crafters are still full and the Sun will not recognize more than one diviner but," she glanced towards Sikeax then, "We have another position for a healer and I have two more warriors that could be blessed. I will be evaluating my troops within the next several sunrises, and I would suggest you evaluate your healers Sikeax. We need not fill ranks if they're not deserved, but if there is anyone who shows an interest or should be rewarded, let me or the Sultans know." It was always good to praise those who were doing well, even if there was no rank as a reward to offer, she hoped Maren and Cera understood that. "They will be finding a new Sleuth soon, I expect." The absence of one at the meeting was more than apparent, Essetia had just gone, as far as Ampere could tell, and Bucephalus with her, which was much more troubling for the blue. She didn't have the time at the moment to go searching for those who lost themselves though, not with increased patrols and godly wars.

She snorted, less than amused at the vacancy.

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By that point, Cera was familiar with Ampere's manner of attracting their attention, and he willingly and happily followed the streak of formed lightning to where the Mother awaited. He knew what needed to be done, was familiar with the turning of the seasons and the meetings that came with them. Was prepared for the questions he would field, and proud of his title as lead Forger. He felt solid and comfortable in his bones, as happy and prepared for life as he had ever been since his birth. It was...exhilarating. Is this how everyone feels? All the time? Ilaria only laughed in response inside his head. 

They traveled gaily across the sands, following the flickering form before them to where Ampere stood awaiting them. Cera took his place proudly before her, smile light and comfortable on his eternally boyish features, awaiting the start of the meeting. It did not take long, Ampere fielding questions to all the heads, and Cera glanced around at those who had gathered in turn beside him. He hadn't interacted with them nearly enough in the past few seasons, for how absorbed he'd been in his own grief, and wondered at their status rather sincerely. They hadn't been slipping had they?

Careful not to overtalk any errant voices that arose before him, Cera cleared his throat softly, taking an idle step forward to draw attention both from the group and Ampere herself. 

"Yes. The well is completed not far form the Arena, and the water at the bottom is clear and viable. All we need is a bucket - perhaps one Gaucho used for his quest, if it still exists? And a rope or other pulley to lower and raise the bucket to fetch water. It should come in handy this season, should we experience any drought," he said happily, glad that he'd managed to come up with a way to fix such problems for his family. It was no secret that Cera was completely enamored with his job, and if he could improve the lives of his family he'd do it in a heartbeat. 

"I've kept track of the keys so far aside from those the Sultan and Sultana privately dispensed to those not part of the Throat. I will ask them, and see if we can go about tracking down whether the original owner has not had it taken off their person while we were unaware." Now wouldn't that be unfortunate? That they'd given the key to someone outside the Throat, only for a thief to lift it off them, leaving the Throat none the wiser.  "I'm calling a crafter meeting soon to work on the keys en masse. There are enough of us that all of them should be made by that evening," he announced pleasantly. And perhaps even two other small items which Cera would have to think about before ordering one of the disciples to create it. What else did their family need? Perhaps that bucket, if Gaucho did not have the one Cera had made him any longer. 

Settling back to signal he was done speaking, he awaited the news from the others. 

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Hoofs slipped down golden banks before they shuffled their way up again through the heavy sand, clouds of dust following her trail as the sun lazily began to lift its light in the east. It threw long shadows to the side of her as it bathed her brazen-striped skin in its warm glory. The air hadn’t reached it moist hotness yet, but the prediction that it would be could be made by anyone who cared enough. Summers were like this in the Throat, she had quickly learned when she came here. And, even though her itching skin longed for the coldness of the mountain valley’s she grew up in, her lips curled up in a smile as she let go of a relaxed sigh.  

She saw the contrasting blue pegasus-figure of Ampere and she wandered over to her. Cera was there too, going up in the scenery more, as his nickname already gave away. It was such a peaceful time of the day, but she was not surprised that Ampere's mind-set seemed to be set on ready-and-go. “Goodmorning,” she mused with curled up lips to all who were present as Ampere seemed to have forgotten this little bit of decency (of which she wasn’t surprised, either).

I was interested in receiving any pertinent updates for your ranks —
Hmm.. Rank updates, she thought as the wings besides her cheeks fluttered slowly, providing a relieving wind for her mind’s productivity. Within her Apostle-ranks it had been mostly absence that had filled the positions for her and thus... Perhaps that was why she couldn’t help but feel lonely. “I have attempted to attract some interest in the Apostle-ranks by providing the opportunity of a little introduction to the art and devotion of fire-watching, but there seemed to be little zest.” Immediately the one that came to mind was Einarr, the bulk who represented the word ‘little’ before ‘zest’. “Still, I have heard that Tandavi joined the wise-ranks,” she smiled, for Maren had been there when the mare was still Sultana. “I am looking forward to meeting her within our trade, this time.”

She listened to Sikeax speak, then Cera. As the stallion spoke she reminded herself of the key she owned, carefully buried in the armpit of her left wing (that was fluttering softly, still). She had wanted to give it back since she had her boat now and so she did not use it, anyway. But is the fire still an obstacle for me? She sincerely wondered so, since it has been so long now, and for a year now she had rested in the embrace of her patron’s warmth. So it shouldn’t be. Shouldn’t —Yet she wasn’t sure. For now she had her boat, a craft that was just as capable to deliver her to the promised land.

Then, however, Ampere turned to her. Turned with questions that Maren thought could just as well be for the getting up-to-date as for her personal reasurement, doubts and perhaps even just plain curiosity. She had never been that good at reading others, so she did not know which one it was.

“As we have acknowledged at the herd meeting, it seems that the Sun God and his brothers and sister have been busy with the securing of new lands. I would hate to interrupt our Patron and disturb Him in this divine quest. When this is all over I will attempt to contact him again, in case He does have new knowledge to bestow upon us.” There was a small pause, in which her cold gold eyes lay shadowed underneath a hood of a thoughtful frown. Because; what was there to think and feel about the Rift Gods and the foul creatures that were the Riftians? Was there really a right way to think? Could Ampere —and anyone here, really rely on her take on this? Because that was what the product of these happenings was; uncertainty, doubt. Even she wasn’t completely sure if the Gods saw everything in their entirety about what was happening in this mortal world. They had, after all, been as surprised by the False Gods as they had been. How could it then not be possible that they were unaware of possible consequences as well? Sure, if something was broke a God could and would fix it if it had enough value for the balance of the realm —but it shouldn’t even have been broke to begin with.

Her mind went straight to the refugees, the Riftians that had found a way through along the sides of their false Gods and broken in. How long would it take for them to remove their vividly marked masks and show their true colors?

And yet… And yet — “I understand that you are uncertain about the fact that we have aided in the killing of False Gods, for even these are Gods as well. I see that, too. Still, they did not protect the balance of our realm. They brought sickness and chaos. In my book that makes it that they did not qualify to support the needs of our land —But that is merely my own private judgement.” Meanwhile her smile had been extinguished like fire from a candle standing in the rain.

"I can think up many theories on why the Gods let us take part in this. Why us, mortals, should aid them for once. Perhaps the Gods wanted us to earn these new lands, which was why they let us fight, let us suffer and let us sacrifice, but feel the victory. Perhaps the Gods wanted to protect the importance of balance; that the law of nature is still absolute. Which might be why they let even the False Gods have a chance to win back their stolen property. Who is superior to whom… We won, so we gain; they lost and thus they lose. And like these I have found others; possibilities —But I can not say for certain one of them is the truth."

Still, if you want to know all of my possible theories you may have more of my time, but I will try to keep it short from now and let me conclude: The price we have to pay for living underneath the protective warmth of our Patron’s wings is our mere trust and faith. In the end, these are the lands of the Sun God and his brothers and sister and we should respect their wishes as much as they have respected and fulfilled ours for so long.”

Because why was she diviner; it was not —just— to communicate with him once a season. Not to guard their sacred flames that danced and curled and sang when the wind blew them higher... It was just as much so that she could protect his religion, his faith — And the task that had to be done now was precisely that. She would not let their faith in his doings shrivel just because she could perhaps not see what he was seeing.

She sighed, perhaps letting out the strain of her thinking-muscles as the air had gotten warmer. “Yet it is normal for us to be nervous, for it means that we are still thinking.” And she smiled again, because she was indeed happy that next to that, though harder to admit, she was glad that she had a puzzle to work on this summer. A question so hard that even she didn’t exactly know what to do with it.

“Oh, and good job on that well,” she muttered a tad late to Cera with a nod of appreciation.

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Gaucho watched the herd meeting begin with something close to wonder - though more properly close to appreciation. When he had joined the Throat, so many seasons past, there had been chaos. Kri ruled with an iron fist, and Midas tried to keep ties between the desert-dwellers and the neighboring herds smooth. But there had been little accountability. Their healer, Onni, came and went with the wind. Casseiopeia appeared seemingly only with the stars, and Azzuen was an aloof and distant general. But now?

He watched as Sikeax continually molder the healers, and was herself always present. Maren had taken to her duty with more vigor and skill than almost any oracle he had seen (sorry Cera), while Cera ruled the crafters with a careful and meticulous mind. Meg was one of the first Sultana's to rule alongside him with relative ease (sorry Ampere), while Ampere managed the warriors from a position of tough love but respect.

The fact that it was Ampere calling this meeting demonstrated how far the herd had come. They had accomplished much, and acted like an autonomous but well-oiled machine. And so he let it run, never once considering if he had overstayed his leadership position. 

But had he?

Gaucho's flaming wings were tucked tightly against his muscular flanks. He allowed his steely gaze sweep over those assembled, listening with a silent intentionality to the testimony of Maren and Cera. Today, Cera seemed stronger somehow. The Sultan couldn't quite place it, but whatever it was, it made him smile to himself. The boy-prince had suffered much, especially in the wake of his Father's death, and Gaucho wondered if ever he would snap out of his funk.

The mention of a new sleuth made Gaucho grunt slightly, his darkened ears folding back to mimic the disapproval that Ampere felt. Bucephalus had ... been so keen on taking the role. It fit his charming and mouthy personality perfectly, or so Gaucho had thought. Was it that Essetia had tried (successfully) to take it from him? Is that what forced him into the shadows? And where was the victor, then? Were her actions merely to prove that she could? The Throat hadn't much use for their shadows, and yet Gaucho knew those ranks could be particularly useful. 

Perhaps with the right horse at the helm...

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Attention pulled towards the low whistle and spark which shone in the morning light like a gentle beacon, showing the way to the source. Neph had spent much of the morning enjoying the coolness, knowing that with the waking of the sun in all of his radiant glory would bring the long day of Tallsun under his warm gaze. Contrasting eyes, one golden like the sun itself and the other as icy as the frozen Norths embrace, settled their gaze on the path ahead as legs carried her smoothly towards the location.

The Warrior stayed at the fringes of the meeting, her posture was of quiet confidence and attentive concentration as she listened to the electrified bluebird speak, addressing the peers that had also gathered around her in response to their titles and ranks. Ears perking forward and swivelling to acknowledge the other voices in the vicinity. It seemed it was a time of great change within the Dragon's Throat, with the comings and goings of certain members lead to new opportunities for those bold and confident to take them, to prove they were worthy.
Her tail flicked in the cool breeze and broad neck shook her chiseled head, they spoke of crafters and diviners, and she briefly wondered why no one would take an active interest in their patron gods visions and musings, surely more would be willing to bask in his teachings and light? Hopefully Maren, noting the name to the tigeress' face, would find luck in those not called to other paths.

The tone of the meeting changed to her own following, warriors were to be evaluated to be blessed. Neph's head rose with the information further, this was her chance to cement herself as viable, that her sultana had not misplaced her trust and judgement back in the threshold to invite her to these lands. To prove she could valiantly defend the dragons throat, her new found family and the lands patron god.
Lean front leg took a purposeful step forward and the rest followed, merging her statuesque frame into the congregation fully.

"I would like to nominate myself to be tested for one of the blessed warrior posts." She spoke, her voice firm and resolute in her wishes, and also acknowledging the weight, should she receive such a blessing of her tasks and expectations. The war painted mare's gaze drifted between those present and then settled on Ampere. "I would be honored to be given the chance to serve the Dragons Throat, my family and the Sultan and Sultana, to the best of my ability."

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“She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.” 

― Terry Pratchett
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I didn't want to go to some herd meeting called by the blue whore. The last time I had been "graced" with her presence she was practically all over my father. Plus the way she spoke of my mom made me want to bite out the ho's vocal chords. A brutal thought that I knew my mother would have frowned upon had she been here. But right now she wasn't. While she was away I would take her place in protecting the family and not let some ratchet ass believe she could replace my ma. No one could ever take the place of Sohalia the Transcended. I swear to the gods if Pa gave into his stupid manly instincts..

My vagabond ways had been kicked to the curb (although I still felt the call of the wind tugging at my spirit) as I took my place next to my father. The Lost Princess of the Sands had finally realized how much of an idiot she was and that she craved family more than adventure. Too bad it took me this long to figure out the own workings of my mind. It's like I was always overthinking so I had missed what was so obvious: it had been right in front of me the whole time.

Dipping my head in greeting to my father, my gaze shifted to the small gathering that was forming. The heads of the divisions were starting to speak and there was no hiding my surprise. The Dragon's Throat had grown much as a family unit. Back in the future members had been as flighty as me when it came to their roles. This was.. so much different. Like not a bad difference. Of course not. A really good one. I beamed at my Pa and Megaera: the Sultan and Sultana doing a wonderful job.

The golden boy who stepped up made me pause and squint. Why did he look so damn familiar? Ugh. It felt like it was right on my tongue. I knew him, I knew him, but how.. Cera. The name caused my eyes to grow wide. Oh. My. Gods. This was the same little Cera that I knew? The son of Midas? Holy shit had he grown. Look at him standing there, commanding everyone's presence! Pride fluttered in my chest as he finally seemed to find where he belonged. It was so freaking good to see him again. As soon as this meeting was over I would be all over him (no, not in that way) but for now I shot him a wide grin.

The new diviner that went by the name Maren spoke with wisdom that truly fit her title. I didn't know much of the mare whom spoke for the sun but, as I listened to her, I knew I wanted to get to know her better. She had a way with words that was just so natural. In a way it was like Ma. Y'know the whole studious, diplomatic type. But I was also interested on learning about the events that occurred while I had wandered the skies and yearned to know more of about The Sun.

Us warriors were addressed and I grinned as a black mare stepped up to the plate. I should be viewing her as competition because boy did I want one of those spots too. However the firmness of her voice left me silently rooting her on. She definitely seemed like a cool, confident warrior chick. Perhaps she would be up to sparring sometime.

"Aye. I plan on working my butt off for one of those spots, too." It was about time I made my own mark on the world. "So I'd like to ask that you keep an eye on my progress." I wasn't just speaking to Ampere. Nah - if I did that I might not be able to speak so formally and confidently. Instead my voice boomed to address every member of the family. I turned to my father and tried to meet his eye. That little girl in me was still trying to keep his approval even if I didn't realize it.

mentions ampere, cera, maren, gaucho
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"Oh" Ghost roused herself from her dozing to spot the increasing gathering that was forming around a familiar blue figure. What was Ampere up to? Ghost had wanted to know more about the members of the Throat, or at the very least their faces, it was strange being apart of a herd and not knowing almost everyone’s name in it. The sprite may not be the most sociable, but when she had joined the Hidden Falls she had done so with the Asylum, yet, this time was different. She had sought this new family out by herself and found it much more difficult to weave her way into an already close clan friends who had lived here far longer than she. She persevered anyway in hopes she too would feel at ease within this society in the south, even if it was uncomfortably warm, though the banshee had expected it to be far more flaming than it had been. Maybe their God was having some mercy on them. If so, she would pray everyday that he keeps it that way, her dark coat greatly appreciated the lack of blistering sun rays. 

She hovered around the back of the group, not really doing anything to draw attention to herself, but not particularly hiding either. She held one wing out specifically for Fantôme to lay under as he took some respite from the growing heat. Looking at the poor wolf, the spy had no room to complain about the weather most of the time, so she tried her best to help him where she could.

The banshee brought a back foot up to rest and dozed in the sun behind the gathered group, listening to each report and catching the names of those who manned the important ranks. Sikeax, Cera, Maren and, of course, Ampere. Even the Sultan showed up and Ghost lifted her gaze briefly to spot the familiar flaming figure of Gaucho in the crowd, he was hard to miss. She soon returned to her dozing, however, and listened to talk of rifts and disease, mobilizing warriors and finding a new healer. It was interesting, the more they talked the more Ghost became impressed with their ability to deal with crisis and she smiled a small smile to herself.

It didn’t last long, however, as her expression soon turned more troubled when there was mention of a new Sleuth position open. Where had Essetia gone? Ghost had been quite looking forward to meeting the girl and her wolf once again, the banshee hadn’t had the chance since before the invasion to talk to Essetia. Nor had she had the opportunity to apologize, like it mattered now, but she wanted to anyway and if anything for her incompetence and inability to see further than her own small world. Returning back to the situation she stifled a sigh; did the Throat not have any other Sleuths? Was the position really so poorly represented that they had no one in the shadow of the fire?

She looked around; waiting for someone to come forward and claim the role, but for now her scouring found no one. A herd with no spies was blind surely. At least, Ghost’s pride in her position led her to believe that the role she loved was one of the most important one, naturally. "Are we without a Sleuth?" the thought ran through her head and went straight out of her mouth, her mind intruding on her tongue as she spoke concern.

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When two tribes go to war, a point is all you can score.

The blackened brute wandered through the heat of Tallsun without much running through his brain. His mood was not in good standing order, with a rage filling his brawny bodice like a fire being stoked. And all for no reason. With his lobes pinned back, he began to skulk across the sand. Without any mission on this particular day, it left Abaddon with little choice but to move aroun and find out what was happening. In some aspects it would have been better not to speak to any creature, but even the hellboy knew that in this climate in such a densely populated region that he was likely to bump in anybody. Anybody. And this was something that caused Abaddon to let out a huff of frustration, they better not get on my back he thought with venom.

With quiet lashings of his tongue as he muttered, the flame-kissed pools noticed in the darkness several creatures locked together in fierce discussion. He had caught wind of a speech being made that was carried across into his line of hearing by the hot wind, but he had never paid attention. He gathered that this was one of those wretched meetings, and since few bodies encircled the leading creature, Abaddon assumed it was more exclusive. But regardless of whether it was for certain members of the herd, the heartless stag drove himself forward in an attempt to crash the party...

Soon he stamped his way into the crowd, with the melee of discussion buzzing away. Evidently he had been too late to fully catch the topic of discussion, and thus he simply stretched his attention onto who was there. There were creatures of all shapes and sizes, one striking ivory fae draped with a flame-kissed blanket and two small ivory wings behind her cranium, a primitive looking brute with a bone hooked through his nostrils, a winged flame-kissed fae, an ivory dame with blackened tassles and another mudded winged creature. None of them he recognised, nor wished to really consort with. His attention was drawn to his pretty friend, Ghost who seemed to have only just arrived herself. He nodded in acknowledgement to her in the politest way he could, with his pools still burning with a lust for chaos. He then turned himself into the crowd and tried to listen into conversations before simply making himself heard with his dark voice rumbling through his chest,
"It seems I may have arrived late to the party," a mischevious chuckle thinned the air and he shook his thick wavy tassles to be rid of the dust that had settled as he wandered through the night into this part of the Edge, "Why are we gathered?" His question was not to one creature, as he knew not who was who. There was Ghost, but she was a lowly rank, thus meaning that someone must be the leader here. Or at least someone who could help him fulfill his ambitions of becoming a warrior... He asked another question: "Who do I ask here to become one of the Throat's warriors?" Abaddon's blunt question was perhaps the only reasonto be involved with such a crowd. But to say he was making a good impression of himself was perhaps an over-exaggeration. That the hellboy could not disguise.

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thinking about you as if i lost you

Together, they brave the night, time wasted along the shoreline as if they are a pair of aged soldiers, attempting to recover from their acts of war, to forget the sounds of pain and suffering as it rang through their deaf ears. She twinkles like the stars beneath  a spread of black ooze, one that wastes no time in threatening to stain her pretty, pale, scarred skin with its everlasting mark. The stench of herbs, sweat and hopelessness rolls off her pale body even though she’s tried time and time again mask it beneath the sharp aroma of mint leaves.
His voice fills up an empty place in her thoughts that she never knew existed these days, bridging a pathway that gives her the ability to live in silence and still have his aid. Guilt drowns her when thoughts rush over her brain like a tsunami’s wave, sometimes begging for some sort of humanity out of her companion when he helps apply herbs to her bleeding face, longing deep in her chest for a spark when he still wounds her, searching out his rage that seems to have parted from him.
Or maybe it’s because she doesn’t have the heart to push herself into socialization when she can’t even call her own soul brother a friend, left alone when she remembers that all of the people she’s ever considered friends probably aren’t friends anymore.
The spark arrives in a way that neither expect. It sweeps across the brightening sand, dancing, escaping with the same speed that it enters with.
Excitement explodes in her chest about the same time that dust flares up, watching with a half-attempted smile as Hobgoblin leaps on long legs, making tries at capture. He makes the choice to part with it and she is slow to follow, trailing his upbeat pace with her own lazy stride.

Her arrival seems later than the rest. The familiar faces that she had slowly grown to expect at these meetings have beaten her to the punch, gathering around Ampere in preparation. Embarrassment nips at her heels, pushing out a sigh when she accepts the fact that she's usually  the one to arrive late and hold up the flow of business.
Upon her entrance, she can’t bring herself to greet them, simply making use of her head and nodding while avoiding eye contact. The first time that she had been able to meet Maren seemed to have gone sour(with the use of Hobgoblin’s creative ways of making new friends and greeting company), and Cera, someone whom she had once seen as a dear friend, a special being that had the ability to be an endless well of hope and strength regardless of the circumstances,  hadn’t spoken to her since she’d attempted to comfort him after a herd meeting.
He'd taken a mauling for her, and her way of repaying him was unintentionally ignoring him.
”Some friend you’ve become.”
Her chest clenches tight in response as talons latch onto her mane and body like grappling hooks, bearing the pain once more as teeth sink into tired, weak flesh so that he is able to stand atop her as if she is his pedestal, crumbling beneath the weight of his pride that has been too heavy for her from the beginning.
Ampere, out of them all to do so, is the one that offers her something to run on when she pushes herself along on toxic fumes that do more damage than aid. A cure is a cure, and while the thought of her encourages snarls to slither across Hobgoblin’s scaled features, she is a flickering flame from a candle in the distance, guiding Sikeax out of the hurricane. It brings her ears to lean forward at attention, glazed, dull blues possibly wearing a glow of hope, not to be mistaken with the flickering lights gathered about them like an eyeliner made of fairy lights.
As for choosing a new healer to bare the flame, the choice would be simple. Badger had stepped up to the podium to carry the weight with her, and while new, she had accepted his lack of time in the profession because he had clearly applied himself. If the choice had been left to herself, then she might of chosen Morrigan, but the choice made by her superiors had better suited the herd’s needs.
All that was left now was to find a test that would prove any new knowledge and skills gained by the dark mare in the time that she had been studying within the herd.
”I haven’t found much as of how to achieve a cure or even how to work with the symptoms. Do you remember anything from your battles? Anything out of the ordinary that released you from your symptoms? The disease completely?” If the battles could do something for the diseases, or something was occurring during them or in the new lands, further investigations would have to be done.
”If you wouldn’t mind me doing so, would you allow any of your warriors to speak to me about anything they saw involving the diseases during the battles? Possibly one could accompany me and one of the healers to the lands where the fights are happening to see if there’s any clues?”
She’d have to make her planned trips to the other herds afterwards. It only seemed like the best idea to go ahead and get the runs done altogether, to work their way slowly towards the Aurora Basin and hope for the best along the way.
Cera’s voice is what brings her back into reality, his voice cheerful, alive,, something she’s forgotten to listen for for a long time. For a moment there, it takes her back to the times that she hadn’t seen her friend from afar and having to listen to sorrow taint his once joyful voice.
She can’t bring herself to imagine the well he says he’s created when she thinks about it. Hobgoblin snuffs out anything worth enjoying with his bitter feelings towards Ampere and she doesn’t have the strength to duke it out with him for her own pleasure.
And then it comes down to the Gods…
Sikeax had never been religious in her life. As far as she was to know they were real and existed. She’d seen two of them and denying their existence and part in this world after such events would be ignorant.
But the idea of killing gods seemed surreal, something out of a story a mother might tell her child to soothe their wild, young and curious minds. Gods do not simply die. Gods do not die at the hands of mortals if they do die.
While she is no expert in them, everything she’s ever thought about them as celestial beings that no mortal could ever amount to tells her they would at least have basic laws as such.
Or had they wanted to die?
Hobgoblin snorts, almost feels himself chuckle at the idea. It drives a shiver down her spine as if she’s been struck by lightning shaped by ice. How? Ho-
He makes sure to let it hit her exactly like a brick wall would if you’d thrown yourself off the roof of a skyscraper, slamming her so brutally that she has no time to completely process out what’s made him so heavily enraged until the voice spills itself over her ears. A thought makes sure to cross her mind that she’d rather have both of her ears removed if it meant never having to hear him again.
Disgust blankets her face and for once in her life, she finds herself snarling with her brother. Sikeax has never exactly found a soul in her life that she could truly hate(and such a strong word that is too), but after what occurred at the bridge with Abaddon and his oh-so-caring treatment towards Ranjiri, the brute might just be the lucky one.
”And here to think that this might of gone well.” A sarcastic laugh breaks from Hobgoblin, filling her mind when she whispers out her raw words, specifically directed to the loveliest company that could grace their meeting.


you were angels,
so much more than everything

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the Mother of Companions

They came. They all came, and then some. Her heart is buoyed with a happiness she hadn't known she was missing until she felt it again. It reached at her face, softening the hard features that time had slowly carved there, at least for now.

No horse drew upon her with distrust or disrespect. None held tongues tinged with the accusations Einarr flung around; indeed they didn't even act as if they'd been present, though most had. Was it, was it really nothing after all? Was she taking such a wound when she bore little more than a bruise due to fade?

Cera was the first to speak, and gladly she turned her gaze to the Golden Prince. She noted that he seemed more at peace than last she had seen him, an unease she had recognized then but had sadly not had the time to pursue. The memory of it struck a cord of disappointment in herself. She did not bemoan the fact she hadn't been the cure to whatever ailed the Forger, but rather than she had not been there for a friend when he'd clearly had need. She had no excuse this time (had she ever?), so though he seemed improved, she still supposed she ought to speak with him in private when she had a chance. 

Not one to waste sunlight among storm clouds though, Ampere dispelled such dour thoughts with a warm smile and a nod towards Cera's perk and accomplishments. "Well done Cera," she appraised. "I've sent a few of the new members to seek your name for keys, and it seems we get more who need them by the day. The soonest we can make more for them and provide them their rightful freedom, the better." That and she was tired of running a taxi service for everyone she saw while she was on patrol. They had been such a pegasus prevalent herd before that it had never seemed this much of an issue, but now Ampere was starting to get those old concerns about this isolation. Too late now... She had faith Cera would make what they needed.

Next Maren's voice lilted to her, drawing Ampere's gaze to the strong, complex one of the Diviner. There were few horses Ampere could truthfully say intimidated her, but out of anyone, it was easily the religious mare before her. Maybe part of it was the unsettling way her wings sprouted from her skull and fluttered like a second set of ears by her eyes. Maybe, but Ampere was more certain it was the mare's disposition - was it a product of her craft or had she always been so thoroughly stoic? Either way, it came as no surprise to Ampere that the Diviner had few to oversee; indirectly though she oversaw as much of the herd as the sultans did. "Yes the Fire Dancer held your rank before her crowning and departure. I'm sure she'd have some lore and history to impart on you." Ampere nodded, thinking fondly of the fiery mare, who was much the same as Maren in regards to their relationship. It wasn't fear that Ampere held them in, just healthy respect and mild discontent, but trust all the same in their wisdom.

Then Sikeax spoke, and Ampere's gaze drifted to her, lips thinning as the healer gave her news she had hoped not to hear. Still no real knowledge... she did not discount the efforts of their menders, but it was still difficult to struggle against an opponent she couldn't face down on the battlefield. "Out of the ordinary? Aside from fighting gods-" her gaze flicked to Maren before she grunted and went on, "The new lands maybe played a role, or their people? I never touched one directly, mostly contact with the gods or all the magic flying around overhead..." she shook her head. There was so much happening at the battles when she'd been cured it was hard to say what exactly had done it. "You're always welcome to take a warrior escort - we could use more information on the new lands too, especially if it helps us cure all of this. Maybe the other herd's healers have made headway too, have we spoken with them?" It would be a tricky situation, to ask for their help without seeming weak as well, but she had seen horses of all types with the afflictions; all of Helovia suffered from it, and perhaps only together could they cure it, much like the gods were only conquered by all of them together.

As Ampere fell silent Maren picked up the mantel again, resuming Ampere's prior questions now that she'd had time to think. Attentively Ampere listened, nodding at her affirmation that she would not bother the Sun now, but perhaps later with questions.
Maren's take on the death of the gods was refreshing to hear. Though Ampere had no direct qualms with the taking of life, she had wondered how justified all of this was. The gods had been a clear threat at the time, but what would have happened if the gods had just fought among themselves? After all their gods had started all of this, wasn't the retribution from the rift deities fair? As if guessing her thoughts Maren continued, touching on just that, but it wasn't exactly enough to satisfy the blue mare. She opened her mouth to ask more questions, about why the gods even started all this to begin with (new land, but was the realm really suffering to begin with?), but on cue the tiger mare thwarted that too. "...if you want to know all of my possible theories you may have more of my time..." Ampere glanced at the gathering, reminded that this was not a time to get into theoretical debate. As it was the sun continued to rise and she'd have other duties to attend to soon. 

At Maren's closing statement regarding the rift horses, Ampere nodded. "Your insight is valued, as always, Maren."
Ampere was dimly aware that Gaucho had joined and lingered nearby. His heatless blaze cast shadows which danced around them. That and despite the magic, her body reacted to his presence, growing heightened and sensitive, growing warm. Her mouth ran dry and she licked her lips, body weight shifting in some effort to regain her self.

Sikeax drew her gaze again as the girl and her companion had an interaction - her critical gaze might have burrowed more into that relationship if not for some new arrivals and their announcements. Cordially Ampere's focus shifted to them, grinning at the warriors that crawled from the woodwork. "Then we should spar after this," she remarked to Nephele, head dipping in recognition of the mare's desire to protect. After her came Zenobia, a girl (Sohalia's daughter more appropriately) that she recognized but couldn't say she knew. Last she'd know the wild mare had been on her own, had she returned? Ampere had no notion of Zenobia's deep seated dislike from an encounter years passed, so she gladly proffered a smile and accepted the new warrior, walking in her father's footsteps. "Of course, I'm always whatching." Her grin was rugged, slipping easily on her asymmetrical face with a similarly lopsided charm.

The presence of Ghost had not gone unnoticed, but it wasn't until she spoke that Ampere gave her attention. She had hoped the mare would rise to the challenge of the call, because what little she knew of the blood-marked spy she knew she liked, more than could be said for Essetia who had ghosted in and out of her with little more than a hello. "We are... know someone who's interested?" Her sly gaze slid to Gaucho, wondering if his thoughts aligned with hers.

The late arrival of another drew Ampere's gaze once more. There it fell upon a dark colored stallion, his body more than capable for war and other things she prized. His mouth however left something a bit wanting. Carefully the blue of her eyes hardened upon him, scrutinizing, as her lips parted to say, "Me." She was a great deal shorter than him, and as she walked closer it became more apparent, her head forced up to maintain her stare.

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Ampere praises cera, says more on tandavi to maren, responds to sikeax, listens to more of maren, tells Nephele they should spar, agrees to watch Zenobia, encourages Ghost's interest in sleuth, and responds to Abaddon.

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Are we without a slueth?

Gaucho's dark ears flickered. He hadn't even really seen the tri-coloured mare in the background. She blended in, was easily over looked, and yet now that he did see her, he wasn't sure how he could have ever mistaken her. His eyes just glided over her as naturally as he would overlook shadows.

Yet she was there. This whole time. Watching.

Gaucho recalled his first meeting with the mare - long ago now. She had been a spy for the Hidden Falls. Although he and Midas had differed on many things, he knew that his once-sand-brother usually had an eye for promotions and placement. It was he who had made Gaucho Sultan after all..

"Not any more." Gaucho declared, his steely gaze falling upon Ghost. He knew the mare was cunning, but not careless. She could be diplomatic without appearing to suck up. She was like a more refined Bucephalus.

"Ghost was lead spy for Hidden Falls before, yes? Why not again?"

His gaze shifted dutifully towards Ampere - she was the only other rank present who might dispute his proclamation, even if she couldn't overturn it. The Wildfire wasn't even entirely sure that the Cadaverous knew the Mother of the Companions. Still, Gaucho assumed that this recommendation might still carry sway in Ampere's mind, even if the two had not been on civil speaking terms for a while.

Nostrils flared, the Wildfire's gaze returned to Ghost, trying to discern through her ever-veiled expression whether or not she would accept the promotion offered to her.

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It wasn’t all that long until someone she did know appeared at the gathering and her brows rose in curiosity as she noted Abaddon. He was the stallion that quite fancied himself to be a hellion of war and one who she imagined probably enjoyed the pain of others. She had met the odd one or two similar to him and whilst she would always keep a safe, sane distance from him, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by him. The banshee nodded back in return as a small, humoured smile wove onto her lips. He asked questions, perhaps today was the day he rose to the position of warrior and Ghost averted her attention away from him and to the others gathered as her question was answered.

It was Ampere who answered it, the blue one who had greeted her on the border- well, questioned her on the border was probably a better expression. Though Ghost couldn’t blame her, the banshee too would be questioning everyone who came in and out if disease was lingering around. Alas they were both healthy creatures and their conversation had progressed easily enough afterwards. The little Ghost knew of Ampere she liked, but her lips set into a grim line when her suspicions had been proven correct. So Essetia wasn’t here? Ghost couldn’t but feel a little down trodden, she had wanted to see the mare and ask her many things. A small sigh passed through her lips as she considered Ampere’s question. She didn’t know anyone… Except her own good self of course. "Apart from myself? No" she answered simply as she placed herself forward for consideration. Or, at least, they knew she was interested.

Ghost did not, however, expect the job so soon.

So it was with a flourish of surprise when she turned to Gaucho and met his steely gaze with one of dismay that slowly turned to one of thought and she began to nod her head. Why not? She had already begun to get to know the herd and without a sleuth they had a gaping hole in one vital area. She raised her head, her expression morphing into one of greater confidence "I will gladly take the position if that is your desire. I will not lie, it is my desire too" she accepted with a small smile, though she hadn’t expected to have the role so fast.

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