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SWP :: Blunt Little Instruments (Part II)

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a face that toils close to stone becomes stone itself

Though he does not call upon them, they rush to his aid, arcing over hills and through water to throw themselves into the fray. He wishes they did not have to, but is proud to see them fight so valiantly for their land and loved ones. They take control of the battlefield, and for a moment his boiling anger - a sea writhing in his blood, earth shaking in his bones, how could it do this? How could he fail them? - is soothed by the honor he feels at seeing the Helovians so faithful and fervent in their defenses. Archibald rushes to take the lead in the attack, the earth quaking beneath his magic and throwing the tiger onto the defense. The God is momentarily distracted as Resplendence joins him at his side, forever peaceful in her worry, and he spares her a grateful look. Healers converge beside and behind him, prepared to tend the wounds this battle will bring. 
The God grits his teeth, slamming spiked earth up into the tiger’s belly when he has a clear shot. He won’t harm those who fight on his behalf, and they swarm in such droves that he cannot always aid them. Chaos rips through like racing wind, tar catching fire and exploding in equal measure. The tigress screams her fury and agony as they descend upon her, the pain of fire coiling her skin like rippling waves as she lunges for those before her, massive paws with blackened tar-stained claws swiping through the masses. The Earth God watches as she swats Erthe away, a tiny doll against the massive span of the tigress’ paw. “NO!” he bellows, and the earth quakes with his anger. He can almost hear the shattering of her leg, the agony that will cripple her, and her body is swathed in light as he teleports her immediately to his side. Eyes dart to Resplendence as he strides forward, wings held high and face twisted in an uncharacteristic snarl.
“Do what you can,” he bids of the brindled mare, and encourages water to form in the tigress’ lungs, momentarily choking and drowning her from within as water slips from between her lips. Isopia follows his lead, pelting earth down upon the ruined queen, avidly protecting the companion he’d given her. He swells with pride to see her in an equal role of protector and defender. The tigress turns her eyes and they lock gazes, though one eye is missing and sickly dripping acid. The one good eye flickers uncomprehendingly to Maren, distracted by seeing the mark of her kin in his realm, her pounce slowing. It did no good regardless, as a high pitched yowling scream pierced the ears of all around. Volterra’s spike had stopped the tigress’ lunge completely, slicing the side of her neck and preventing her from moving forward just as Cera pinned the beast’s tail to the earth. Her yowling was thick and garbled with the water that she was choking on, contrasting the fire that burned her skin. Ophelia silences her with a sharp stab of horn to furred chest, but the tigress is not so easily defeated.
Ripping away from the spike before her, she whirls, tail lashing out and paws swiping at any in her reach. The Earth God summoned vines to wrap around her broken paw, trying to take her attention momentarily off the Helovians. She wrestled with it, furiously screeching incoherently, her singular eye wild as her fur burned and skin peeled as her body’s substance turned against her. “YOU WILL NOT RULE THESE CREATURES!” he bellowed in the face of her mangled desires. Though she did not answer, teeth were bared in a sick snarl of promise, and she lunged for the next closest victim. 

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i am the vanguard of your destruction
The chaos came in behind him like a tidal wave. They swarmed in, wet and sandy, from north to south, east to west, each and every one aflame with some kind of passionate, righteous rage

But Mauja was cold.

He was one ant among many, swarming something so much bigger than all of them, but there was strength in their numbers and fractured chaos. With reckless abandon they threw themselves through the fire he had helped set, they jostled in close to one another, fought their way to the tiger to bring it down, seemingly heedless of one another, and how they got in the way of their allies. It left a bitter taste in his mouth that had little to do with the acrid stink of burning flesh and singed hair. Was there glory to be had in this? In tearing down a sick God?

This wasn't even a fair fight—it was a massacre. Slaughter. It rang with the doomsday bells of all the invasion of the Foothills, the same slow, steady cadence. Those hadn't been wars, either.

Mauja had begun to back away, away from the inferno he had created, wanting to just get away—far from this battle and the sickening, rolling tide of bodies surging in around the tiger. Didn't they notice how in the way they were? How much harder it would be for those with magic to get a clear shot? Were they that desperate to defend, or was it greed that drove them? A desire for the spoils of war Earth would create out of the body of this fallen warrior?

The blood was freezing in his veins, and he wasn't fast enough.

A massive paw came striking out of the chaos, dripping hot tar, flashing for a moment like a burnished sun-disc before his vision, and then—it fell towards him. He felt it, distantly, snag the skin on his right shoulder, shear through the topmost layer of muscle, branding him.

Marking him.

For what?

For death.

Not even a second later, his mind split, a scream rising from his throat above the din—the heat and black sludge of the tarry claws seared his broken skin, red spilling out first shyly, and then freely, forcing its way past semi-cauterized edges and down his shoulder and chest like a red mantle.

Like blood on snow, he thought dimly, backpedaling and narrowly avoiding setting his tail on fire in a puddle of flaming tar. Fuck, he thought a second later. It *is* blood on snow.

Each motion tugged at torn nerves, plucked at his consciousness, and he squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. It's just blood, he told himself, trying to still the vertigo. It's just pain. The fresh, salty air bit into the exposed flesh, and the oh fuck how the tar hurt and if it wasn't for his ability to numb his own nerves with ice—

Slowly, pale blue eyes slid open. Erthë lay crumpled by the Earth God, who flared his wings angrily and strode forward.

He could still smell burning flesh, burning hair, burning hearts. Maybe fire hadn't been such a good idea, though something in the deepest, darkest parts of his heart longed to scour the entire battlefield clean, and start over from the ashes. A phoenix was the sign of rebirth, wasn't it? So maybe a beautiful Helovia could grow from the destruction he wrought.

It's the pain, he told himself, breathing through trembling nostrils. You don't hate everyone that much, it's just the pain—

Fuck that. He did hate everyone that much.

But it wasn't reason to kill those he didn't hate, so with a brooding, childish resignation he just loaded the valiant tiger's heart with ice, hoping to burst her arteries and bleed her to death before ... well, before someone else died.

[ Mauja is backing off, gets clawed over the right shoulder/chest. He then attacks the tiger's heart, loading it up with small ice crystals in the hopes of bursting her arteries. ]
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My heart leaps with joy as one of my fire dragons lands it's attack. It lands on the Tiger God's back, burning the beast. I nearly cry with joy. That is, until I realize the black stripes were also tar. I try to move backward, to rear, to do anything to get away in time but I am to late. Other fire attacks join my dragons as they both begin to fade away, as my concentration is changed from using magic to escaping. But I am to slow. The tar ignites from all the fire, including the tar that is smeared across my left shoulder.

I don't feel anything at first, but then the burning feeling begins. I try not to call out in pain, after all I am sure I am not the only one who is burned. My eyes look for Archibald, to see if he was still next to me. Since we had attacked together, I feared my Czar would have the same if not worse injuries than I have. I see him, but before I can look him over Alanna speaks in my mind. Water. Before burns get to bad. But I struggle backward, away from the fight. My bonded is right. Getting to water would hopefully sooth the burn and put out any remaining fire.

The skin is already tight and painful as I reach the edge of the crowd around the Tiger God. The moment I think I am far enough back I flop over to stop the fire that may or may not still be there. Big mistake. The blister that is forming on my skin aches, and I lose my cool and cry out from the pain. In what seems like an instant but really it is several minutes, Alanna makes her way back to me. Get up. Not make healers think you are worse than you are. She was right. Compared to others I surely was not as bad. Stiffly I move back to my hooves, and together we make our way over to the healers. I nod to Dragomir, taking up a protective stance around those gathered. Alanna whines as a young foal is brought over by the God of the Earth, clearly harmed. My anger boiled in my veins, and my second magic flows easily. It might be only an illusion, but I hope that Tiger God felt like she was burning from the inside out for the damage she had done.


Aaron backs off and makes sure he's not on fire before going to protect the healers. As Erthe is transported over to Resplendence, he uses his other fire magic on the tiger god

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:: [ Restrictions | Will cause the same amount of pain as if they were truly burning. Can be used once during battle and will last for the duration of 20 seconds ]

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The battle kept going before us. Dae seemed to cower under my frame, as I try to think what to do. I am frozen, staring but not fully seeing as another fight plays out before my eyes in my mind. I see my father, majestic and glorious as he wheels and looks to my mother. He tells her to take my twin brother and I and run. He could see the guards being overtaken, and that he was going to help. He would meet up with us when he could. I could tell from the look on mother's face that that promise was an empty one. I may be young, but I am smart. He is buying us time to flee. To get away. He is sacrificing himself. We do as he says, whispering I love you's over our shoulders as we flee and he heads into a battle that will surely cost him his life. We don't get to run for long, as two attackers jump us. Mother turns to face them alone, not a fighter but knowing what she must do to protect her family. She yells at us to go. To urn for the place she has told us stories about. I plead with her, with the attackers just to let us go... The attackers laugh. She is firm and my twin grabs my braid and pulls me on....

It's Dae bumping against my back legs that brings me out of the flashback. I was older now, not by much but still older. I see a stallion moving backward, clearly hurt. He is not the only one but this one seems familiar. It is to his side I move without thinking. I have to do something, anything. He is a couple hands taller than I am, and bleeding badly. S-sir. We need to get you to the healers. Let me help you. I start to nudge his side, but stop short. I don't know him, let alone well enough to touch him. I can only hope he will allow my help. He has a single horn, much like those who had attacked my mother. But he was not them, and I was not better than the spotted stallion. We are equals, thrust into a fight we both were clearly ready and yet not ready to take part in.

Typi non habent claritatem insitam; est usus legentis in iis qui facit eorum claritatem.

Has a flashback about her home and the day she lost everything, then moves to Mauja and offers him aid in moving to the healers behind the Earth God.

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My portal lands just where I need it to, hopefully Erebos heard me and will use it if he needs it. Or maybe the big lug he's attacking will. Either way, as long as the prince is safe. Do I have a thing for the prince? Na, not in that way. Sure he's handsome and all.. But he's never noticed me, so why should I give him that kind of satisfaction. My heart is wild and untamed. I saw what letting a male in close could do. What could happen when he didn't show those same feelings back. It had ruined my mother, before the Moon Bitch had murdered her. I was becoming ice cold. Yes I had fun with the equine stallion, but he meant nothing to me. He would never mean anything to me at all. Oh the irony or us both being here. I don't even know his name yet I recognize his frame among the fighters. I turn my head and focus.

My attack lands, my horn piercing the flesh of the Tiger God. Blood pumps out over my face and horn. YES! First blood! Finally I am worth something to the Basin. It takes mere seconds however to realize I have made a mistake. I had not seen that the black stripes were tar. The nasty goo sticks to my neck as some idiot, or may idiots, light it on fire. I scream, as I also realize that the blood is burning hot as well. Oh what have I done!? In anger, with my horn still plunged forward and hopefully still lodged in the Tiger God's neck I thrash my head about in pain. I hope I am doing more damage, but I am also sure I will not be the same. I can not tell if the blood is hot enough to burn me, but I am thankful that the blood seems to of stopped the fire on the tar from burning for long.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

Keeps shoving forward with her horn hopefully still in the tiger god's throat, and thrashes about in reaction to the hot blood and tar hoping her thrashing rips the throat more.

x - x

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Vitani the Reckless

I watch as the young stallion who had come to stand with me before the battle charged at the thief. I couldn't help but grin in glee. He was gonna get his, that was for sure! Some mare shouted at him, something about a portal. I tried to find her, but couldn't be sure where the voice came from. I turn my dual colored eyes back to the pair to see if the thief had reacted. I couldn't tell, but I could see that the blue stallion, I think the mare had called him Erebos had landed his attack. My hurricane however was unsettling them both. I focused hard, trying to stop it. Last thing I needed to do was harm the one trying to help me.

However I know I need to stay out of the thief's sight, and those dragon things hes bonded to. They would all mean trouble for Sarabi and me. Speaking of Sarabi, I feel her joy as her hellfire rains down and aids in the tar lighting on fire.... Oh shit. Maybe that wasn't a good thing. I see a few pull back and away. Sarabi come back. I call to her through our bond, fear of her getting hurt clear in my tone. No. Me help. I am still surprised by her voice answering me, but I shout at her this time as I move around to hide among the healers. "Sarabi come here!" She refuses and leaps forward even closer to the Tiger God, trying to bite her left hind leg. Damn that stubborn streak of her's. It was possibly going to get her killed.

"speech here"
Sarabi Talks

Vitani moves around to stand with the healers, while Sarabi goes in to try and bite the left hind leg of the Tiger God

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The ground shakes, jarring my legs and making me wince in pain. But the pain of my legs is nothing compared to the god damn icy arrow that shoots directly through my heart as I see Erthë, darling, beautiful Erthë, flung through the air like a ragdoll. "Erthë!!"

It is a while before I realise that the scream tearing the air apart is my own.

I run. Shit, do I run - like I've never ran before, until I'm by the white filly's side where a magical force has lifted her towards an equine mare. I assume this mare is a healer, but there's no time for me to ask her what her plans are. As I look at the shattered remains of the filly's leg, I feel nausea press against my stomach. Herbs will not fix this. Prayers will not fix this. Even magic may not fix this. But I have to try. For the rest of this girl's life, I have to try. For the child who is like a daughter to me, I have to try.

I reach deep down inside me to the small blossom of magic that I was granted at Megaera's bidding and at the Sun God's mercy; I've never used it before, so it is my instincts alone that guide me. I feel a sudden warmth in my gullet and it beckons me to open my mouth - when I do, a blast of flame comes out from between my teeth. Instead of burning my tongue, they tickle it pleasantly, and I feel confident enough to guide them towards Erthë's ruined leg.

I use my head to alter the flow of the torrent, aiming the gently dancing flames for the badly broken limb. I hope and pray that it will be enough. The rest of the battle is a blur; the tigress' screams, the bellows of the fight around me. I only have eyes for the little white babe before me, who I hope I can fix with a combination of magic and sheer muleish determination.

b a d g e r


@Erthë Uses healing rank magic to try and repair Erthë's leg.

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His back explodes in pain as falling tar, or blood, douses him. It stings and singes, and will most likely bless him with scars, but he cares little. He gathers battle wounds like trophies, hoarding them like precious gems. He will be beautiful.

His earth spike jams the tigress in place, and her scream sends a wave of heat right down to his groin. Shit, but is there a better sound than an enemy in the throes of pain? The stallion does not stop there. His blood is up, and even his burning back cannot tame the beast that rises within him. He wants the kill. He wants this God to fall as the others have, bleeding and screaming. But the tiger is bathed in flame, and whilst the black leviathan likes his collection of battlewounds, he has no wish to burn to death.

So it is his magic he calls upon again, and this time there is no subtlety in his actions. An earth spike bursts into life below the tiger's upper underside, where her lungs nestle in wait, just begging to be ruined; the behemoth aims to use his earth spike to pierce the lungs of the God, hoping to leave her without air and gasping for life. He hopes to kill her stone dead, to claim the glory of victory.

As he does this, he sees his dragon circling above. The red's eyes fall on Mirabella, who he recognises from the salacious memories in Volterra's head - the stallion feels a strange combination of jealousy and bloodlust flow through his mind from his companion. "She mate?" questions the crimson king-dragon, drifting gently above the battle. The massive stallion snorts. Don't be stupid. She was but the first in a long line. Still, he watches in amusement as Vérzés lowers his circles until he is directly above where the mare has her horn embedded in the tiger's throat, ready to protect her delicate face from any blows that may come her way. Volterra does not command him, and he is puzzled by the dragon's desire to protect her. Still, he isn't complaining. He might get a second go on her if she falls in gratitude at his feet for Vérzés saving her from injury. ""



Tries to erupt earth spike directly beneath the tiger's lungs to try and puncture them and kill it. Vérzés circles above @Mirabella to try and protect her.

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Fumes curled around her, smelling faintly like toxic while on the battlefield the sound of explosions resounded in her ears. Out of mere reflex she turned her head around to look, regretted it, and saw through the flames how the tar that splashed around burned the fighters and bystanders and how the mighty paw of the God smashed at those around her. From the distance that she watched the terrors and chaos she saw a white puff being thrown around and she could only wish that wasn’t Ërthe, while above the tiger her Sultan’s mighty wings blazed against the smoky sky with even more flames.

There was too much fire and she could not believe no one would be burned alive this fight, so she shot out a prayer for her God, maybe to let His fires burn less violently today and more comforting, perhaps, like He had been to her. Please, she begged.

She turned her eyes away as she set out to wander around outside the imaginary border that marked the battlefield. But she could still hear the voices, still hear the screams; even from here. Thus her face showed concern, her throat showed swallowing more than normal —and her heartbeat felt like breaking away from her chest. Why did it have to look like a tiger? The difference was, as she strayed around, searching for (perhaps) wounded fighters in need of her assistance (maybe with dying, she thought) —unlike before, she was not on the battlefield and she felt the pressure of caring more now that she was useless and pitying herself, but also confused and hurt.
...And she felt like a child again that lost her way in the forest for the first time.

As she wandered through the mist that naturally spun itself around the place, as restless as she was, she was getting more used to these surroundings and felt at ease within its greenery and mystical atmosphere. On the other hand; that was no surprise, as she liked the mist and the mist seemed to like her.

It was then that she spotted a dark bay figure appearing out of the dark smog from the battlefield. He seemed okay from a distance, but she wandered over to him nonetheless, for he must have fled for a reason (which she wanted to know). Then, somehow, he managed to trip or something and Maren blinked at the sudden change of movement. Perhaps he isn’t as okay as he looks, she wondered and she decided to hurry her steps, after all. “Are you alright?” She asked, not in a comforting way, but neither cold. For she did not know him. However, after a quick glance over his strangely striped coat, a familiar candle lit up in her mind, one that hadn’t been on for a long, long time. Perhaps a few years, even. And so she muttered it along with a breath first, before she would scream it into his ear as she would become sure of it. “Beest? Beest, it is you! Why,” She sighed, but then laughed for some reason; a reason that might just be the finding of sudden comfort in an old friendship. One she had once thought unlikely to reappear.

“This is such bad timing,” she smiled, and she shook her head, because memories started to drip like water dripping from leaves on the ground and she wondered why they couldn’t just have met at the border instead of in this chaos. So she took in a breath, eyes crowning themselves with a frown as her tone became serious again. She wanted to ask so much, and yet there didn’t seem to be any space for it right now —And she remembered her pain, because comfort was only just that; comfort.

Maren's eyes were cold and shimmery under the large-leaved canopy of the tropical forest. “Is this even your fight?” She asked in a doubting kind of way.

And she wanted to tell him he shouldn’t be here, that it was dangerous. That she could protect herself now; that now.. now she was a grown-up mare. That she had magic to hide herself in, so he shouldn’t worry. So he should go, back to the Savannah, for she was afraid their realm was breaking apart slowly, anyway. And she wanted to huddle closer to him, because she was afraid and somewhere in the back of her mind he was still that brave colt that protected her then, so why not now?

—Please, the child in her begged, once again.

...Because I wouldn't let you, anyway.

mentioned: Ërthe and Gaucho(little bit)

Summary: Prays to the Sun to perhaps make the fires a bit gentler (lol) but doesn't attack or get involved. Then wanders off to find people who perhaps seek help. She finds Beest tripping and reunites with her old friend, aware of this weird timing.


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The smug satisfaction of feeling his blade slice through the tiger's skin was enormous especially after his war stomp combined with Archi's had been a success. Helovians one, tiger zero. Well that was until retaliation started to happen as the feline managed to swipe at a few striking them down. The smallest body was the worst to see as he only vaguely seen the filly's body fly through the air before disappearing altogether. Whipping his head up in alarm he searched frantically for where the girl could have gotten to only to find her near their Earth God. Thankfully the healers would be able to help with whatever injuries the bastard tiger dealt her. Swerving away just in time an explosion of tar and flame sounded behind him as he turned slightly to see the explosion consume part of the tiger's head. Silently he applauded the efforts of whoever made that attack possible to hit its mark knowing there was no time to jump for joy while the creature still was breathing and walking. When it died that was the time to celebrate and not a second sooner.

A frustrated hiss drew his attention recognizing it immediately as Kiara who was clearly not too impressed by something or another. "You ok?!" He shot out with concern as he tried to find her amongst the commotion. The god was a flaming mess by this time and all he could think about was what if Kiara was hurt and trapped in the middle of it. Charging forward in a desperate attempt to find her he lept over many flaming tar pits and disgusting swatches of burning flesh that filled his nostrils with the rotten scent of decay. "No! I Fine!" She growled filling his mind with her frustrated anger which wasn't directed at him. Hesitation gripped his limbs as they powered the stallion's momentum drawing him closer to the beast. Not liking how personal this was becoming between the two tigress the only thing he could do was try and strike down the god before Kiara managed to get any stupid ideas in her head. Yes they were the same species but one severely outweighed and overpowered the other making for what could be disastrous results.

Veering off to a new course with relative ease the grey set his mind to ending this before anyone else could get hurt. Exhaustion had started to seep into his body with the drain of his magic and strength being used up but he forced himself to pursue his actions. Darting forward the stallion tries to slip underneath the feline's belly slicing it open from abdomen to chest to watch its guts poor out. Keeping his head low until he is in place he throws his head up and back hoping to pierce through the flesh and slice it open. Kiara meanwhile had altered her own course leaping up to try and sink her teeth into the other tigeresses throat with vengeance. This was her home and nothing was going to just waltz in here and try and take it from her!

As his hooves land back into the earth clearing him from the beast at last his silver eyes slip to find a young mare laying in the dirt. Heart skipping a beat in worry he turns his focus to the mare (Enna) sliding to a stop by her side. Poking her roughly with his muzzle he wills her to wake but when he gets no response he spins around planting his feet and baring his teeth willing to defend the mare until someone can get help for her. "We need help over here!!" He called loudly praying a healer would hear him over the rest of the noise.

Ciceron tries to cut underneath the tiger's belly to gut it from abdomen to chest using his horn. Kiara lunges towards tiger's throat hoping to sink in her teeth or claws. Ciceron then spots Enna and rushes over to try and protect her unconscious body while calling for someone to come help her.

Mentions: @Enna

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Kiara speaks

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The battle below was unfolding quite rapidly and with it the noise also increased giving her head only another reason to cringe in pain. Too bad she wasn't immortal or something and could survive without her head, then maybe things would be different when she could separate herself from the pain. The longer the idea played around in her head the less likely it seemed to be actually possible, without a brain your body was essentially mush. Plus then there would also be the unsightly scar that would form when she needed to replace her head, no that just wouldn't do at all. Falling down towards her target the hybrid squints against the damn fire in an attempt to see what she is aiming for. As the picture finally fades into her retina the fucking tiger is no longer within her reach thanks to all the morons seemingly bowling it out of the way. Cursing she only barely manages to slow her descent by throwing her wings out stopping her from crashing into the dirt at high speed. The strain in her wing joints burns as if they were on fire but nothing compared to if she would have collided into the ground. Bracing herself for a rough landing she cries out between clenched teeth as her hooves crash into the dirt sending a shockwave through her body. Stumbling down on one knee her head follows almost as if to hide her pain from those around her or to defend herself from further attack. It takes a few seconds to manage to haul herself to her feet only to find the occasional burn along her hind hocks and cannon bones.

Anger flashed before her clouding her judgement as she turned her head skyward to glare at the one responsible for starting the fire brigade. "You!" She growled, finding Gaucho to be the one to have caused her burns. The same damn fucking pegasus that had wounded her in the crocodile battle! For this he would pay. Ignoring the pain she felt as her ears pinned back along her skull dripping more of the lovely crimson the dark mare threw herself back into the air completely enraged. Striking the air with her massive wings she easily climbed upwards forgetting for a moment about the tiger below as her sights were set on slamming into the stallion to invoke some form of revenge. It wasn't until the tigresses scream that she remembered to mind her manners at least while others were watching. Grumbling distastefully the mare continued her upwards climb shooting past Gaucho only to level out twenty or so meters above. Hovering for a few moments to gather her thoughts and what was left of her patience (if any) she turned her icey glare to the feline once more. No more playing nice, she had had more than enough of letting these stupid crazed gods into her home. Throwing herself forward into a large circle she kept watch from above to the satisfaction of watching a few get thrown around. About time someone taught them that babies had no place in a battle such as this she thought smugly a faint smirk touching her maw.

Spotting her chance to get down there without running into more fire the mare took her chance and swooped in drawing her ice magic from deep within and throwing it at the tiger aiming to explode its brain stem or at least herniate it. Just for good measures she turned midair to kick out at the side of the cat's skull to do more damage should it connect.

Burns to hocks and ankles from fire plus strain on joints from her fall/miss. Second attack Rhea tries to swoop down at the tiger's head throwing her magic out to try and destroy its brain stem or at minimum herniate it. Also strikes out with her hooves to try and smash the tiger's skull.

Mentions: @Gaucho

@Random Event for HFH

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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Her mind was spinning. So many were already coming over. Dragomir arriving at her side first, no words - not really, just to stay close. But, she knew that already. There was a stout nod from her as she watched two more come in. One, a young pegasus she vaguely recalled, seeming to do all that he could to try and protect both her and the Earth God. Then, Imonada. The black mare she had healed, welcomed into the herd, and accidentally infected with the tar. She asks if he can help and Res manages to nod. "Help is always appreciated," she says - voice easily betraying the fear that was residing in her bones for everyone else's safety.

She shuffles her weight - Valiance obviously unsettled by the battle that he was viewing. So much burning.  Could he help? "Don't you DARE!" Resplendence hissed across the bond as she felt his desire to try and assist. Adding more fire to whatever was coming off of the tiger was not an intelligent move, and she would not lose her companion today. However, attacks begin to come their direction. Burning tar moving toward Resplendence and everyone else near her and she panics - body freezing for a moment as she watches Dragomir taking the fire for her. She wants to scream out "SAVE YOURSELF" but she cannot bring the words to her lips - not as the bellowing of the Earth God reaches her ears. She steps forward - eyes shooting to the battle field in the direction that the God's body seems to face, just in time to see a young one being swatted like a fly.

Then, as suddenly as he bellows, the young one is brought to his side and he moves forward - wings high and anger in his face. "Do what you can" - the words replay in her head as she strides to the young one's side. "Always, my Lord," she responds before calling upon his own magic and beginning to encase the young one's left cannon in vines and mud. It was at that same time that another healer appears - dark in colour and seeming to hail from the Throat with the way that his magic was caressing the young one. "Sir…" she starts, allowing her vines to recede as Valiance calls to Archibald's and Aaron's injuries. Her eyes linger upon the dark one for a moment before saying, "Even our magic cannot set her bones… Do not set your hopes too high…" Her voice is filled with tremors of sadness before she turns to Imonada. "I want you to watch her. Valiance will drop off some pain herbs here soon - try and urge her to eat them, and perhaps offer them to any who come near enough and can spare a moment." She pauses, eyes lingering over the group before adding, "Most importantly, stay safe! I want no deaths today." Valiance, after granting Resplendence an image of the two stags locations shoots off to the edge of the area and grabs as much Chamomile as he can find - which, thankfully, also would assist in treating some of the minor burns and swelling.

Aaron, thankfully, decided to return toward the healers - getting out of the main brawl. "Aaron, get back!" She calls, looking to Dragomir and taking in his injuries that he had sustained trying to protect her. "Thank you Dragomir," it's a low voice, compared to her shouts, but she is sure he understands - that he gets the message. Valiance finally comes back in (after what seemed like forever for the concerned healer) and begins to drop off batches of herbs. Taking off and coming back, all the while flashing Resplendence images of the battle field to keep her updated on who might need her assistance. Archibald, though. He would always continue to run into the battle. He wouldn't back away - he'd fight until he died. He would need the healing far sooner than Aaron would. She inches forward - moving to the other side of the Earth God and getting in a better position to reach Archibald and his burnt right shoulder. The vines spread forth - slathering him in a layer of mud as they had done during the battle at the Labyrinth. Not long enough to restrict his movement, but enough to heal what was feasible. Her own magic, while potent, was not able to reach him as easily as the Earth God's was, so she stuck with her Lord's powers, hoping it wouldn't hinder him in the process - pulling at his magic while he was trying to use it.

Team Earth God
Contest Winner

Mentions -- Earth God | @Erthë | @Imonada | @Dragomir | @Aeolus | @Archibald | @Aaron | @Badger

Resplendence watches the fight, seeing that multiple people are coming either to aid her in healing or to protect her and the Earth God during the fight. She watches Erthe get swatted away when the Earth God shouts, then tries to heal her as the Earth God had requested. As she heals, Badger also tries to heal the wound; she warns him that it didn't look good. She orders Imonada to watch the foal and try to get her to eat some pain relief herbs that Valiance will gather; she tells everyone to be safe. Calls to Aaron to come back in closer and then tries to heal Archibald's wounds since she doubts that he would stop fighting long enough to come get healed. Valiance drops off Chamomile for Imonada to spread between whomever she can reach safely.

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With all the chaos it was so hard to keep focused on what was going on when so much was happening everywhere at once. Between the sights and the horrible excess noise he began to feel like he was not actually there but rather watching things play out from above. He could see himself almost as a clone reacting to many things at once but not really understanding what was going on. Resplendence was somewhere off to his side and he could hear her every breath along with everyone else's, and then there was the pain, and the gushing of blood, the raging fire, ugh it was all just too much. Cringing inwardly the colt draws his head into his chest swaying on his feet from the overload of his senses as another gurgly cough forces itself from his chest.

Catching himself he stabilizes his balance making himself try and concentrate on only one thing, protecting the healers and the Earth God. Reopening his eyes and slowly pulling his ears forward again he takes a breath to try and ground himself once more. All the sound was overwhelming but he needed to focus on helping do something good, he wanted to help but he felt like he was no good compared to everyone else and their powerful magic. Looking up to the now angry tiger a sickening crunch breaks out through the crowd making him want to vomit. Seconds pass before movement from the Earth man draws his eyes  only to catch sight of Erthé laying still as can be on the ground as the Earth guy gets all loud and angry. "Erthé?" Erthé!" He shouted out towards his friend not believing what he was seeing. Everything from that point seemed to go in slow motion as cold swept through his veins imagining the body of Erthé's dead mother laying on the ground. No, no...Erthe? How can this be? He had just been helping her not too long ago chase away those ugly rat-bird things, she couldn't be.. Shell shocked he couldn't tear his eyes from her still form and her crushed leg. Shaking his head in disbelief he backed away a couple steps feeling fear crawl up inside him, no one was supposed to die! How could the Earth God let this happen?!?

Feeling his skin tremor he turned away gasping for air, no this wasn't true. The god's were supposed to protect them! Not able to stand nearby anymore the brindled colt takes off running as tears begin to leak from his eyes. He didn't know what to do or where to go so he did the only thing that might make any sense, he ran towards the beast that had done this to his friend. Feeling his magic swirl up around him he threw everything he could into firing another electric fire bolt at the tiger while he lept towards it trying to bite down on the fleshy portion of the creatures arse. While it was likely a stupid move he couldn't think of anything else but getting away and taking his anger out on something worthwhile.

Aeolus Speaks
Aeolus Thinks

Overwhelmed by the sounds (hearing of a bat due to GLL) and the symptoms of GLL. Recovers only to hear Erthe's leg shatter and EG (earth god) bring her lifeless body over to them. Is completely shocked and scared of this, believes erthe to be dead, freaks out. Panicked runs at tiger, gathers everything he can to throw a electric fire bolt at tiger hoping to hit something vital. Then tries to leap up and sink his teeth into the tiger's buttocks.

Mentions: @Resplendence , @Erthé , @Random Event for GLL , EG

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Somehow this world seemed to have different forms of gravity than his old had for strangely enough he was a hundred times clutzier. Before he had been almost expert at wielding his knife and his blades but here? Hell he seemed more like some amatuer barely scraping by what in the hell had changed? Watching his knife go sailing by its intended target the next thing he knew was that his cheek and neck were on fire, literally! Recoiling from the pain and flames the stallion tries to bat away the flame with his feet before resorting to shaking his head wildly when it didn't work as well as he had hoped. A angered squeal rips from his throat as his ears pin flush with his skull. Finally the flaming tar seems to resent and gives in to letting go of the flame which had only seemed to superheat it filleting his tender skin along his cheek and neck. Damn fucking tiger! The rest of the string was less than intelligible and consisted more of sounds and mumblings. Why was it that every single battle so far he wound up getting burned? Not scratched, clawed or cut open but stupid burns!

From where he had ended up off to the side of the still raging battle he couldn't believe that there was so much tar! Everywhere he looked the same black crap seemed to stick to anything as if it was a disease. He really hated to think who would be in charge of cleaning all this crud up after all was said and done, definitely not him though! With everyone seeming to shoot flames at the tiger there was little to no hope of getting close to its body without some sort of magic, which he was sorely lacking. If he couldn't get in close what would be the next best thing? Thinking as quickly as he could he set forth slowly picking his way through the tar before coming up with a plan. Retrieving his knife from where it had landed he tucked it away into its holster for the time being before setting his sights on the trees around him. The god had the benefit of the vines and trees listening to him where as he would have to make things work for him if he was going to be successful. Rearing up he managed to grab a hold of a rather thick vine hanging between the trees and cut it loose gathering it up as quickly as he could. Throwing it around his neck he raced off along the side trying to get ahead of the feline and its pursuers, if this was to work he would need to be fast.

Looking back to his handiwork with a smirk he pulled himself in behind a couple trees to conceal himself grasping the one end of the vines between his teeth.The end he held had been roughly fashioned to create a slip knot while the opposite end was tied to a large tree trunk that would hopefully support the cat's thrashing. Darting forward at the tiger neared the warrior ducked beneath the cat's swiping paws before throwing the makeshift lasso up around the tiger's neck, or what he hoped was its neck. While in this close he couldn't help but thrust his horns upwards aiming to bury his double swords up to their hilt into the tigress's neck. Hopefully something would succeed this time so that he didn't wind up looking like an idiot yet again.

Kalona suffers 2nd degree burns to cheek and neck. Second attempt at an attack manages to fashion some vines into a makeshift lasso and ties one end to the largest tree he could find. Charges forward to throw slipknot around Tiger's neck (attempt to) then tries to ram his horns up into the tiger's neck to sever something.

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The fire danced all around them, a haunting, poignant nightmare she’d had before. It swirled and ducked and dived and lacerated, curling along limbs and across hides, scorching, burning, simmering, and smoldering, inciting future terrors and distortions. While the calamity broke, while it seared and choked and massacred, she continued to sing – just as treacherous, just as menacing, just as disastrous as the rest – the Songbird, humming away noxious, nefarious tunes. Only when she opened her eyes to see the damage, only when she saw the vicious, monstrous scene, did she cease all words, all phrases, all sonnets.
Her breath seized and her lungs hurt, because there was no escaping the vile, horrid setting, and no way to stop the images of maimed creatures and wounded Gods. Her heart was broken and shattered, crumbling bits of nothingness and sorrow, chiseled away from every mistake she’d made, every sentiment she’d destroyed – she’d been one more of the mass, of the fury, of the vehemence, and it trickled down through her veins, clawed down her throat, and cut across her tongue.
In the midst of silence, in the sanctuary of the gallows, her eyes swam to those who needed her most. While Imogen stalked and brayed and howled into the void, into the wild, tempestuous whims of their mutinous plots and schemes, the nymph backed away, and stared into the great throng, studying, scrutinizing (hoping, pleading, begging), aiming for a hallelujah, a measure of healing, of soothing, to keep the hounds of war at bay.
Along the swell of maneuvering bodies and painful outcries, a mixture of constellations and stars motioned nearby: Ki’irha, burnt and singed. Like a restless ghost, like a vivid, blackened dream, she sprinted towards the Corporal, invoking the spirits of time and the reverential decrees of her rank – glowing and pulsing and beating like wings, a gilded force bearing down upon dreaded wounds and bleak outcomes. “Hang on,” she whispered across the barbaric embraces and the war-torn hides, to the snippets of astral heavens, aiming to erase the bestial shades of fire shrouding the twinkling stars and midnight hues. She yearned for the slightest of blessings amongst the brutality of their savage iniquities.

[Team Earth God. While Imogen aims to hurl more fire at the tiger, Lena goes to try and heal Ki'irha.]


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Virgil can feel the muscles of his back clench and tighten as his body warps like a wet noodle. Ligaments and muscles try to correct and protect him, but they are only partially successful. As his hindlegs find their way back down to the ground inelegantly, pain reverberates through out. Audibly the once-warrior gasps, though he forces himself forward and away from the beast that must be somewhere behind him.

Surely this is death, for the warrior rarely misses his mark. Only in one of the inner circles of hell would he find himself having lost Ava and his talent.


"ADRIA." He screams again, this time using her full name, hoping that the intensity of his voice will force her out. Breathlessly his eyes scan the fray. Magic erupts all around him - surely another indication that he is dead - and those who appear far less skilled than he, are somehow wounding the beast. His warrior's-soul flails inside of him to see such blasphemy, and yet he feels his concern slipping away. It isn't real, he reminds himself, as smoke billows around his body. But I must find her-

"AVA!" Without thought for the aching muscles in his back and legs, he pins his ears and rushes towards the tiger. The gatekeeper, surely. He wants to ram his shoulder into the creature's side - or whatever part of itself that it presents. If he is the gatekeeper, then the beast must know the way out - or the way to his precious ward.

He wants to die, but he must find Ava first. He must make sure her souls ascends out of his damned hellhole. 

Team Earth.
Virgil tries to ram the Tiger with his shoulder. 

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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He was reborn in the alms and arms of violence. He didn’t thrive upon icy thrones or across desolate landscape, but within the tempestuous boughs of vehemence and scorn, battles and war; where he could live, exist, sculpt, and mold the life of a weapon. Rapiers and cutlasses, knives and daggers, strewn across the canvas like a tapestry of heathen portraits – all designed, all construed, all manifested as bloody opuses. The beast sharpened his way through, a titan, a colossus, a monster, and a demon: flourishing through conflicts, campaigns, and crusades, not a King, not a sovereign, but one more bloodthirsty breath of Lucifer rampaging along the street. While the suffering timbres roared through the dais, while the landscape bolstered burning fringes and horrific acrimony, he plunged further into contentment, satisfaction, and decay, gratified by terror, by persecution, by wicked, devious, corrupting actions. His blood blistered, his muscles coiled, his body hummed with the hymn of disaster and upheaval; as Gods became unleashed and bedlam reigned, he was a pinnacle of ruin and oblivion, the hollowed reaches of Mephistopheles’ power and condemnation, too forsaken, too damned. The Reaper was a part of the fire, a part of scythes, a part of chaos and control and every little nefarious bit in between – where the bestial urges lurked and the loathing, abhorrent yearnings curled, where the intensity of survival outweighed the mutinous barbs of fear and flight.
There were brief moments of lordly prowess amidst the abyss of decay and rapture – his eyes judged the sidelines, the glimmering snippets of his people, his comrades, and those once known and left behind – Mauja, burning but fighting, Tiamat, the sea healer, astute and mending, Enna – suddenly knocked out of the fray (and there was a chance, a snippet, where he would have gone and massacred whomever or whatever came near – but another gray stag stood in her stead, and the Reaper – useful for only murder, only mayhem, could do naught else for her…). In a bout of clarity, in a vision of severity, the brutal scabbard, the maelstrom, the agent of chaos, lunged across the perimeter, reaching and reaching and reaching for the stricken Mender. Only upon advancing, growing closer to her fallen frame did he cease his course of collision, nodding briefly to Ciceron, and setting up the notion of defense. Like a beacon of annihilation, he reclaimed his namesake, his title, his debauched, contorted reason for existence: calling the whims and wickedness of his deadly, dreadful magic, allowing it to spread out like a molten, brewing phantom. On silent waves it slithered and crawled towards the haunted reaches, aiming to hinder those who would dare come near the fallen Mender, and hopefully intertwining with the limbs of the tiger.
He didn’t even stop to think about how much he’d changed in a series of seconds. 

[Team Earth/Defend My People. Seeing Enna fallen, he goes towards her and Ciceron, intending to defend. From his standpoint in front of them, he uses his death magic towards anyone threatening/the tiger.]


@Enna @Ciceron

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"Not too shabby!" I shout at the big spotted one, winking my baby blues and cackling something fierce. Is Ampere here? Did she see that? Because it was fucking on point. Not a warrior my ass. I'm nailing this.

Princess and I scuttle out of the way - both of our bodies are fueled with alternating surges of happiness and anarchy. I mean, we just threw some motherfuckin' tar, onto a motherfuckin' tiger, usin' some badass motherfuckin' magic. #winning 

But it clearly isn't over yet, since the thing won't laydown and die - but if the past fight taught me anything, it's that these Gods only really have two rounds in 'em. Just watch - we can bet if you want to - it'll go down soon. I just know it. Things like this have a way of following a pattern, ya'no? 

Princess barks and bites at the air as his youthful body darts around mine. He actually is sort of the worst at this - in neither of these two fights has he actually hit anything. Hellfire is pretty cool on its own, but I mean dayum kid, feel free to aim every once in a while.

"Okay last try. Don't fuck it up - you got this." I whisper to him encouragingly, before kicking him gently in the butt. The Hellhound rushes forward, fire falling from the skies as he did so. He moves to jump and bite at the Tiger's shoulder as he directs fire down from seemingly nowhere. To help, I try to explode the area just in front of the tiger so that it stops, allowing Princess and easier in. 

Team Earth.
Shida tries to explode the area right in front of the tiger forcing it to stop, so that when Princess jumps at its shoulder to bite it / rain hellfire, his attack hits. 

Image Credits || original coding by Tamme; modified by Shady

Mentions  @Mauja
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Normally friendly fire is not something that weighs heavily on the Wildfire's mind. His warriors know how to protect themselves, and they have all been in enough battles together that they are a cohesive unit. But this? Gaucho's steely gaze notes how his flames dissipate - bleeding away into the paths of those around him. His ears pin against his skull with frustration. Why so many? his mind wonders. They are clearly not all warriors - though he does recognize many. Are they here for glory? To prove something to themselves, their Gods, or their leaders? Going to get themselves killed. He thinks with irritation as he allows his gaze to sweep the battle field once more before attacking.

And then he sees him.


Gaucho's gut clenches immediately and his large fiery body drops from the safety of the skies, aiming directly for the fray of battle. Whatever strength Ampere attributes to (his son?) the boy, is misguided. Handicap or not, the boy is still young. He should not be here. He might not be weak, but that certainly does not mean that he is ready.

Gaucho's body falls mightily, like a flaming beacon towards Zero. His large and blackened hooves land heavily into the soil, and his fiery wings fan outwards, hoping to create a barrier to protect the boy. The Wildfire can almost hear the cries of, You think I'm weak! emanating from the boys lips, but he doesn't care. He will take an angry child over a dead one any day - especially if that child was his son.

Beating his wings, Gaucho threw another wall of fire forward towards the Tiger. As he did this, Vorsa left his side and flit gently towards Zero, trilling softly and encouragingly. The small phoenix might not have the battle-lust like her bonded and her bonded's other companion, but she knew his kindled love for the boy, and his want to keep him safe. Her bright red body exploded into flames as she hovered by Zero, ready to distract and draw away the Tiger should it target the one-winged colt.

Gaucho sees Zero and lands in in the battle to try and protect him. He throws a wall of fire towards the Tiger, and Vorsa goes to protect Zero.


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sed quis custodiet  ipsos custodes?

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Zero's actions are on replay. Even as her focus splits between protecting the egg given to her, attacking the tiger, and maintaining her balance, she thinks of her one-winged friend.

Volterra moves away from her to attack, and as he does so, his presence bleeds from her mind, leaving more room for Zero. Her friendship with the mechanically-inclined boy is unfettered by feelings of lust, and in that way it is wholly distinguishable for what she feels for Volterra (or what she thinks she feels). Her friendship with Zero is pure. It is perhaps the only tie to a time where the demi-god was slightly more innocent and softer somehow. She was filled with wonder back then, in her days spent by the pool discussing nonsense with the only boy whose mind worked as fantastically and frantically as her own.

Focusing her energy on the ground beneath and near Zero, she formed a rough set of stairs. Zero's body did not grow as fast as hers did, obviously, but was already rather small. She hoped that this naturalistic set of stairs might help both he, and his golum, reach places on the Tiger that previously he might not have been able to. Unlike Gaucho perhaps, Iso was not worried about keeping her friend safe. She was only wanted to help him in whatever he chose to do. 

The girl's large golden eyes watched as water poured from seemingly inside of the Tiger - magic controlled by her Father. Her eyes narrowed as her mind quickly reeled trying to discern whether or not this was the best course of action to take. External wounds could be sustained ... but internal? The cries of the Tiger-God reached her ears in hurried and burning cadences. The sound of suffering did not wound her soul, but neither did she relish its sound. The God had to die - yes. But it did not have to suffer. Looking now to her Father, and his choice of magic, she understood. A rockslide might crush the Tiger, leaving only an ounce of life left in it. But drowning it from the inside would be faster, with no margin for error.

Setting her sights on the Tiger, Isopia followed her Father's course of action. A delicate ribbon of water flowed from Isopia, heading towards the beast. It warped and danced, controlled smoothly bu the earthen-child. Her intent was to drown the creature, by forcing the water into its roaring jaws and down its nostrils. Accompanying this was a mixture of earth and water - thick mud meant to blind the creature, and block its ears. She wanted the creature to die quickly and in the dark. It was the most compassionate death she could think of. 


Team Earth God.

Makes a rocky stair case for @Zèklè so that he and his golum can attack from a higher position if they want. Then she uses her water magic to try and drown the Tiger by forcing it into its nose and mouth, then makes a rocky mud to blind it and plug its ears. 

Image Credits

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

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