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Bite Me [Nephele Challenge]

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Winner takes all? The question had been directed at the fiery mare, but once again her brutish watchdog stepped between them. “No,” Gaucho boomed, and Gull’s ears flicked towards the giant in displeasure. “Wasn’t asking you,” he muttered through gritted teeth, though his eyes remained on Nephele. If there was one thing he hated, it was a third wheel, and Flamethrower here was bumping along as exactly that. Not that he expected the territorial stag to give up his prize so easily of course, but it was an inconvenience that he would rather have avoided. Though Gull suspected that Gaucho’s ego far outweighed his muscled body, the fact remained that said body still towered over his own. Without some artful dodging on his part, he knew that Flamethrower could easily pummel him, or barbecue him, or really inflict whatever misery upon him that his testosterone-fueled fancy desired. Every moment that Gull danced just out of harm’s reach, he was running the risk that Gaucho’s patience would wane. And it seemed that time was running out. “Not get to be funny,” Flamethrower continued, voice low and menacing. “Not try to steal from Dragon’s Throat and make jokes. Not get to steal from Dragon’s Throat and walk away.” Behind him, the mare snarled, as if empahsizing his words, and Gull could practically feel the air crackling with the tension.
A wiser stud would have cut his losses at this point, realizing the futility of a brawl. A more cunning creature would have walked away, perhaps retreating to plan his next advance. But Gull was neither, and Gaucho’s blustering only stoked the embers smoldering in his chest. Grinning devilishly, he hugged his wings to his sides, prancing in place in preparation for a fight. “Listen buddy, it’s nothing personal,” the smoke-stained stallion replied, tearing his gaze away from Nephele’s obsidan coat for the briefest of moments to flit across Gaucho’s stormy face. “You just can’t fight the sparks here,” he cackled, casting a lecherous smile at the mare. “And tell me if I’m wrong, but I think that the lady can take care of herself—can’t you, Neph?” he added, directing the last question to Dreamboat herself. “Go on, Dreamboat,” Gull provoked her, stepping back and spreading his wings wide, “I’ll even let you have the first shot.” The salacious grin stretched wider. “Bite me.”

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OOC: This is an official challenge! Gull is challenging @Nephele to a fight, though it is not tied to her freedom. Should he win, she is free to stay or go as she pleases. Should she win…well, she can be the judge of that, aside from permanent maiming ;) Continued from here.
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@Gull please make the dice roll thread so dice can be rolled!

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Nephele defaults to Gull. Gull earns 0.5 VP and nothing???
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Gull upon review you never actually attacked Nephele. You VP has been revoked since no fight occurred.

Please do not put 1/4 if no attack was made. the 1/4 (and any variation ox x/y) signifies attack posts which lets admin know if the fight was initiated and if a dice needs to be rolled. In this case a die was rolled and still nothing was said about there not being an actual attack which has now created unnecessary additional work for admin to add and now remove incorrect records.

Because Gull didn't attack, then the die roll time plays no part, and the fight would have defaulted on 12/8. This default time is the 'rubric' - I didn't originally default it because I thought he attacked and time begins at dice roll time etc. So that puts his week wait between challenges at 12/15 which has since passed.
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