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Should have said sorry while you had the chance | Gull challenge.
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[Continued directly from this thread, which is when Gull tried to steal Nephele]

[Gull] “All right, Dreamboat,” he called, “I’ll tangle with ya, if that’s what you want.” Seeking the flashing pair of eyes, he smirked, adding, “Winner takes all?”

The meager amount of amusement Gaucho generated from Nephele telling Gull that her name was not dreamboat was immediately overshadowed by the contempt rising in his throat. Gull looked at Nephele like a piece of meat.

Winner take all?

Gaucho heard his own voice rumble from his throat: "No. Not get to be funny. Not try to steal from Dragon's Throat and then make jokes. Not get to steal from Dragon's Throat and walk away."

Vaguely he was aware that Nephele was at his side. However as his warrior, he appreciated that she knew her place. At least someone did.

Fire bloomed higher on his wings, casting an ominous light into Gaucho's steely gaze. He was anything but impressed with Gull. First he had tried to take one of his warriors, and now he was willing to make jokes about it? A sneer broke Gaucho's tight-lipped frown as he took a step forward.

As he had already said, one did not just steal from the Dragon's Throat and walk away. Even if their attempt had failed.

"You want winner take all? Fine. Gaucho never lose." Without a pause, Gaucho's powerful shoulders flexed as his wings beat backwards and then forwards with full force. Fire shot forward like a wave which had already gained momentum. The bright orangey-yellow flames raced outwards in a wide arc, aimed straight for Gull. "COWARD." He roared in the wake of his flames. "You not sneaky-" He sneered, taking a step forward, wings extended. "- you weak. Throat a family. Nephele family. Not dreamboat."

The Wildfire stood in powerful defiance, his stare hard and clear.

"You treat Dragon's Throat with respect. And mares with respect." Gaucho's thoughts flickered back to his previous encounter with Gull, and Ranjiri. The stallion had been odd then, but in light of his current actions, Gaucho reinterpreted his awkwardness as rudeness now. For a beast as primitive and primal as Gaucho, one might have expected him to be misogynistic as well, and yet he was anything but. That Gull so clearly disrespected two mares of his family pushed buttons that Gull likely did not even know that Gaucho had.

But that was no excuse.

Gaucho is challenging Gull for "leave the Throat alone"

WC: 340
Setting: Riptide Isles, midday, Tallsun.
Summary: Gaucho throws an arc of fire towards Gull.

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Gull is already in a challenge this is void.

"Your character may only participate in one challenge at a time, and there is a one week wait at the conclusion (rubric posted) of the challenge in which neither character can challenge or be challenged."
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