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[PRIVATE] Correspondence #8: It's my birthday, I can cry if I want to

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My daughter,

You're another year older. So am I. To me, we all age together. But I don't know if that's true.

Did you know your little brother had the same birthday as me? It's true. I thought about naming him for... nevermind. It doesn't matter.

Or would you like to hear about your older brother, maybe? He'd be so old, now, I'm sure he'd have children of his own. Maybe you would, too. Would you have let me hold them to me when they were born, or lick the afterbirth from their shivering blue bodies? We could raise them together. We could have been a family like that. Close. Bodies touching, bodies swaying, always trusting in each other.

We were all beautiful creatures, you know. All of us.

I don't know, anymore, when or why we all died. On that day, the day of my thirteenth  birthday, I left the Basin just before the morning and by the time the sun rose I found myself completely alone in the frostbreath steppe. I was crying. The wind was in my hair, it was bitter and cold, and I felt my body growing older.

I hadn't really fallen to the ground, I'd just sagged. Every year I was losing muscle, every year I found new white hairs and noticed my teeth were duller. But that year was the hardest, I think. Because that was the year I'd given up. I couldn't find the blue mare, the ocean child that I'd searched the whole world for, and I had reached the edge of the world. There was nothing beyond this but ocean--if she was there, she was rotting at the bottom.

And it occurred to me, as I knelt in the fresh snow and let wind tangle my hair in ragged arctic brush, that maybe looking for her was a waste of time. Wasn't it just a distraction from all that I had lost in my life?

I was trying not to think about you, then. It wasn't because I didn't love you; I will always love you. But I was growing older, I was always growing older. Do you know how hard that is, my love?

Even now I'm lying to myself, I'm telling myself you'll be older too in just a few months. But you won't be, will you? I am growing older, but for my whole life you have never been more than the ghost of a corpse. I couldn't admit that so easy. No one can.

You were my baby.

In the snow, in the cold, I lay upon the frozen earth and cried. It was my birthday. I was thirteen years old. You were dead.


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Now, Rhiannon didn't consider herself a particularly caring individual. She never had. The dark creature had tried that once in regards to a certain coral-coated minx seasons ago, and it had done her no good. As a matter of fact, it had left her with a strange case of heartburn which had felt oddly like that thing called 'heartbreak', as well as leaving a bad taste in her mouth, and so the brindled beast had swore to never really give two shits about anything ever again.

Perhaps that was why, during her morning stroll through the frozen tundra of the Steppe, that something pulled at her frozen heart when she spotted a crumpled, bruised figure collapsed in the snow in the distance. Molten-gold and frozen-silver regarded the figure from a distance as she stopped short, teeth gnashing, tail swishing and kinked, ears pinned almost flat against her skull in sudden displeasure.

Who was this? Who? Who had the gall to promplty go ahead and die in the middle of her morning walk?

It was an odd feeling, this pull in her breast. What was it? Curiosity? No, not that... But like it. Yes, yes, definitely like curiosity, but not. Something deeper, more personal, almost. Slowly Rhiannon's ears twisted forward, nostrils flaring as she attempted to pick up the crumpled figure's scent. Whatever it was that had grasped her heart began to tug, and Rhiannon was powerless to ignore it.

Instead, one hoof crunched in the snow as she approached the downed beast, then another, and as she drew closer with a sauntering sashay, the brindled mare's eyes narrowed in close scrutiny.

Oh... Oh, my. What do we have here? Not even her wildest dreams could fathom such a stunning, captivating creature.

What a beauty. What a goddess, all charcoal and quivering, glowing blue, broken, beaten, and tearful. How tender she appeared, how fragile, and her alluring, glowing color beckoned Rhiannon even closer. Drool dribbled from the devil's maw, captivated and taken, allured and lost, but despite the heat that burned within her loins to sample the delicacy placed in front of her, offered in front of her, the dark beast found herself worried for the earthly goddess.

"Now this, my fragile chou, will not do." Her words were spoken on a purr, sultry and deep, and dual-toned oculars roamed the dips and curves of the older female, admiring her from afar. "What is such an exquisite creature as yourself doing laying in the snow? Are you harmed, my chou?"

'Do you need someone to kiss away your wounds? Drown away your sorrows?'

She would.

Oh, but she would.


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Pain. Even breathing was pain, even the simple beating of my heart. I have never loved anyone more than I loved my children, have never cared for myself the way I have for them. And now, to lay alone and be forced to remember what they could have done with a life I felt I had stolen from them?

It was almost too much. For a time, I thought it was. Only when another approached, purring sweet garbage like the rest of them, did I realize it could actually, somehow, get worse.

At first I didn't even look, too exhausted to turn and see yet another pair of balls. The voice was a bit higher than I expected from a stallion but the words were perfectly fitting for one, even if I hadn't a clue what the hell a chou was. It sounded vaguely like shit to me, plus or minus a few letters. I didn't care to find out, I didn't care for anything but for this monster, so like the ones who kicked children like mine at their birth, to leave.

"I'm not harmed, I'm just getting older. Haven't you ever seen a mare grow old? Would you leave me the hell a--" but as I spoke I made the mistake of looking back, taking just one brief look at the shadow who stood behind me.

It wasn't a stallion at all.

My breath caught, confusion spinning my head. What good was it for a mare to speak such things, what possible motivation could there be for such talk? I coughed, suddenly aware of how strange I must have looked, how much space I must have simply taken up on the earth. Body and hair spread over everything, eyes dropping with salt, was I like the sea to this mare? "I..." I struggled, unable to reform my thoughts or find the end of my sentence.

And what the hell was a chou?

"I'm fine, I murmured eventually, unable to wipe away my tears, jaw slightly slackened in the face of the unfamiliar situation. I didn't thank her, didn't have the composure or understanding or even the desire for that. It was just enough to push a few more words from my still shaking, still tear-stained, but no longer moaning lips. "Are you?"

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That strange, peculiar pull in her breast did not lessen even as the divine creature wallowing in the snow seemed to realize that she was no longer alone. There was no scent of blood on the wind, nor the acrid smell of panic or sweat, and so Rhiannon couldn't truly fathom why this vixen was laying pitifully about with moans and salty tears. At least, until, barked vocals were thrown her way and dual-toned eyes widened minutely in posh surprise.

'I'm not harmed,' She screeched, causing Rhiannon to quirk an ear to the side, a thoughtful frown crossing dark lips, 'I'm just getting older.' She went on, inquiring if the brindled devil had ever seen a mare grow old, and Rhiannon promptly tuned out the rest of her shrill exclamation in favor to ponder her aforementioned question.

Had she ever seen a mare grow old? No, no she hadn't, but she had seen a mare die of quivering, decrepit sickness, a sickness that turned a heart into stone and robbed a filly of her mother.

Not a great loss, but Rhiannon assumed that it basically counted for her question.

Silence became her companion as the alluring beauty seemed clash with a struggle inside of herself, stumbling over her words and forming half-hearted syllables in an attempt to explain herself. Was she surprised to see that she was not alone? There was a confused look upon her face that lasted for a mere moment, but it was enough for Rhiannon to grow inquisitive and curious. What in the world was going on in this mare's head?

Perhaps she would lay off attempting to bed the splayed goddess until she knew more about the situation. In all her time, the brindled beast couldn't say that she had ever encountered such a meeting before. Needless to say, she didn't know what the fuck to do.

"... I am fine, I suppose," Rhiannon stated, positively flabbergasted at the strange turn of events. So confused as she was in regards to the situation, she barely noticed that the demons that wrought havoc in her mind were peculiarly silent. Odd. "Merely concerned for your well-being, chou." Hot, molten-gold and frosted, icy-silver stayed locked on the older specimen before her, and curiously Rhiannon lowered her head, nostrils flaring as she sucked in the stranger's scent.

"I am Rhiannon, mare, but some call me Nonnie. I thought you were but a dead thing, the way you wallowed in the snow." A sly, cunning grin returned to the devil's lips. "I am pleased to see that a beauty like yourself still has some life left in you." Elderly or not, she was a beautiful creature, and once more that stirring for a taste of her boiled in Nonnie's gut. A fine wine, begging to be sampled, and oh if Rhiannon wasn't a connoisseur of fine things.

A tilt of the head, a curious look. "May I inquire your name? Or shall I continue to call you 'chou', my chou?"

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