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He stood as a monolith, as he had the last time he called a meeting. How different times were now, though. Haunches to the sea, chest to the heart of the herd, cobalt eyes cut through the mists. This was not the stare or stance of a fledgling King, uncertain in his reign. This was the calm look and stare of a monarch adjusted to leading; and a shadowed look of a man still wielding his demons. Briefly, dark stare turned skywards— where was his Queen? A single slice of uncertainty pierced his barrel at the thought of his fellow monarch; there was so much unknown. The Icebound was…

She would stand beside him at the meeting. They would, side by side, lead the Edge. With an ease that surprised him (how cold was he becoming?) he internally silenced any personal strife; now was not the time for that. Now was a time to bring the herd together.

"Edge, gather!”

Time had grown long since the meeting in the wake of god-battles. Some herd members had risen to the call of their duties; others had not— a brief frown creased the black skin around blue eyes. And the members were long overdue to learn of their alliance with the Basin, their trading with the Throat, and their meeting with the Moon.

Hide rippled once over taunt muscles as the frigid, salty winds ripped up and over the gleaming white cliffs, freeing his meeting clearing of mist. Thick black tail strands whipped at his hocks and haunches, the fire in his chest safely stowed beneath layers of his newfound ice.
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Feel lucky for what you have, when you have it. Happily ever after doesn’t mean happy forever.

Elsa was completely fine with letting Tembpvu do his thing. She hated meetings- and talking for that matter. Crowds agitated her, and although she appreciated going to meetings, she was dreading being front and center. She resisted the urge to hide when Tembovu called together the Edge, but she would be found. The Moon Goddess would also probably not approve, and that’s not good.

So begrudgingly she moved to stand beside Tembovu, chuckling quietly before the others arrived. ”I am not saying a single word, so good luck with this.” She scoffed, and stood silently. At least Tembovu was taller than her, so she could kind of, sort of, not really hide behind his height.

A tinge of jealousy also tainted her stomach. This means females, some who probably would look at Tembovu, and she would not appreciate that. She growled a little, trying to purge herself of such thoughts. Edgar was perched happily on her head, trying to contain himself from laughing at the thoughts. Elsa was possessive, even if she wouldn’t tell anyone. She hated sharing.

In his mind, this was going to be quite hilarious. He just hoped there would be one or two quite flirtatious mares. Although it may end on a cat fight, at least it would be amusing. Tembovu would probably not appreciate it, but Edgar knew Elsa wouldn’t give two shits about it. Oh Lord save those who try to cross her. It was both her fatal flaw and super power- though at this moment it was certainly a fatal flaw.

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Presently there was only one thought that lingered in the bronze boys mind. Sleep. It had been two days at least since he had caught more then just a wink. Travelling did that to him though. He was always so eager to get to his destination he usually forgot about the essentials like food and sleep, even water sometimes. The journey to the North had become almost a seasonal trip and honestly the route was a bit of a chore to the lad now. Perhaps that was the only reason he had a full belly, however he still craved rest. 

This trip to the northern iceland had been an expedition of education. How he longed to learn more about the precious art of healing! Having sought out Tiamat the basin medic, he had learned a great deal about northerly flora and how the Basin medics treated illnesses and ailments in their harsh climate and where particular herbs were scarce. Now that he was drained and headed for home, he could only smile happily as he thought of all the wondrous things he had learned.

Cloven hooves took him to the border of his homeland and it was there he heard the elephantine Kings mighty beckon; "Edge, gather!”
Of course Tilney sprung into a trot, following the direction of the patriarchs voice. He was expecting to be quite late and stuck at the edge of a crowd, unable to see the king and possibly not even hear him. He was quite wrong however; As the tired stag approached he noticed he was the first one to arrive, having ran so swiftly form his place just past the border. King Tembovu looked like Frostfall had barely phased him, and Queen Elsa was as beautiful as ever. 
"My King, my Queen" Tilney panted, bowing his crown and bending at the knee.
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She is beginning to recognize the voice that calls them together. From where she is, deep in the forest where the winter winds can barely reach her, she cannot fly to join the group. It would be the fastest way, certainly, but there is nowhere to takeoff within the dense copse of trees. She can hardly stretch her wings without knocking into at least a handful of trees, so instead, she picks up an easy trot. She’s spent so much time in the forest lately that she feels comfortable enough with the place to move through somewhat quickly, slowing in places where the roots are dense and the footing slightly more dangerous.

As she steps through a complex root network, she can’t help but remember Apollo. The way he so carefully placed his feet, glancing back to make sure she had been behind him. The Edge may be her home now, and she is growing fond of it, but she thinks there were always be something special about the deep forest. Something that calls to her in a way only Morham had. Before that part of her life had been ripped away.
She spots the group gathering as the trees thin. The wind out of the forest is bitter, and Lyanna pulls her wings tightly to her side. Oh, how she misses being able to control the wind. She could have simply stopped this nonsense. But that was no longer the case, and mourning the loss of her power would not make it return. So instead, she does her best to remember that though she cannot control it anymore, the wind has always been her element. It clears the mist out here, and she spots Elsa beside the Elephant King.
She hasn’t seen the mare since the Threshold, but the smile that comes to her lips is full of thanks. Elsa had given her a place to start over, without asking anything of her. But Lyanna doubted she’d be leaving anytime soon. There’s a copper stallion with horns already there, and she catches the tail end of his bow and his words. Lyanna, apparently, has failed somewhat in this. She’s always greeted Tembovu (who at this point, she has seen on more than one occasion), somewhat informally.
Old habits die hard, she supposes. She’s still used to the King and Queen being Mom and Dad. She’d rarely had to bow to her own parents, except now and again for certain events. And even then, it was more of a polite nod. She’s slowed to a walk by now, and stops a respectful distance away, dipping her head in the direction of Elsa and Tembovu. For her part, she remains silent, knowing she has nothing to add here. Instead, she is simply curious to finally see all the members of the Edge and to hear what’s coming 

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Iona was already tired of Frostfall.  The ocean below was angry and the winds she fought against were just as angry.  And they were cold.  The kind of cold that seeps straight to your bones.  It restricted how high the pegasus could fly because she was afraid of just how low the temperature would fall in the higher altitudes.  The idea of limiting patrols made her uncomfortable, and the idea of being stuck on the ground was enough to make her skin crawl.  She snorted at the very thought, and shifted course back towards the cliffs. 
She couldn’t hear Tembovu’s call over the whipping winter wind, but seeing his ass appear on the horizon was enough to provide a heads-up her that something was going on. That ass was hard to miss.  She hastened her pace towards the cliffs, using the wind at her back to aid her progress, before slowing and landing just over the edge not to far from the quickly growing gathering.  Ah, nothing like a herd meeting to warm the spirits. She wondered what would be topic of choice today, but didn’t have any creative theories so ceased that train of thought.
“It’s cold as shit out there,” she muttered, out loud, to no one in particular.  She shook the water and ice from her wings as gracefully as could be managed before stepping around the monarchs who stood at the edge of the cliff facing inward.  Pity, they were missing the view.   But she supposed they weren’t posed as they were for an afternoon of gazing over the magnificent vista.  That and they probably were subject to enough ass-kissing as it was.  The last thing they needed to do was physically present their royal behinds to their humble subjects.  No.  This was all business.  
“Hello, by the way. Should have lead with that. Oh well,” she said with a small smile and a shrug thrown casually Tembovu’s way as she tucked her great black wings against her nearly-frozen sides. She offered a nod to Elsa and took her place off to the side, standing nearly parallel to the cliff edge though angled enough she could see both rulers clearly.  Aly hadn’t arrived yet, but Iona kept an eye out for her sister.  They’d been doing a piss poor job of keeping up now that they, you know, lived in the same place.  Not to say that Iona hadn’t been creepily keeping tabs from above because she had.  But she wasn’t her sister’s keeper and seeing how her twin had flourished in this crazy place was proof of that.
Content, for the time being, Iona casually rested a hind leg – her relaxed demeanor a sharp contrast to the formalities – and waited for the others and arrive and the meeting to start.  

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“Who calls a meeting on the cliffs?” She thought to Hemlock as they emerged from the trees. In the grip of Frostfall, a more sheltered spot would have been a better choice. At least any foals in attendance could hide from the wind behind the larger bodies. Her small owl companion wasn’t interested in being blown off of his perch by the winds, however, so he took off and went to find somewhere warmer in the boughs of the giant fir trees.

She recognized those present so far but her green eyes would forever be drawn first to her twin, a laugh escaping her as she caught Iona’s words. It was so good to have her here in the Edge, to see her sister prosper. They had not taken much time to converse since Iona arrived but it had not escaped Alysanne’s notice that her sister was now a Specter and in charge of her very own rank here.

Alysanne did her best to carry her sprained wing as normally as possible as soon as she spotted Iona - she didn’t want to give her sister any impression that she was injured. Fortunately the scratch on her wing joint from Tembovu’s horn was also hidden by that same folded wing. “Hello Iona.” Alysanne moved up beside Iona so that her light wing brushed with Iona’s dark, a small wince as that light movement jostled the strained muscles but she quickly looked away and forward to their monarchs.

She was trying to not look too disappointed at seeing Tembovu up there with Elsa still but perhaps this meeting would be where he stepped down. With a little bit of luck, it would only be Iona who saw that frown on her face before she covered it smoothly up with a smile - nodding to the two monarchs and greeting both Lyanna and Tilney with warmer smiles. It was good to see two of her fellow healers here so promptly!


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“Edge Gather!”

Dacianna looked up from her dozing position to groggily frown in the general direction of a familiar voice. Gather? What on earth were they gathering for? The roan was unused to such meetings and thus her face was shadowed by a confused frown. Was there something wrong? Not thinking twice, she began to obey the strange command whilst thinking through various things that could be wrong, like the Rifts appearing again.

Gods. That would be awful.

With an eagerness and curiosity, she jogged towards her first herd meeting, baring a heart pumping with excitement at the prospect of meeting all the members of the Edge for the first time. For a while now she had felt like a stranger in a herd that was now her home, it wasn’t even that they had been unkind, in fact, they had kind in every manner. Still, she knew faces and names, but not their hearts and souls. She didn’t know what the horses of the Worlds Edge found important, what history this land had or what future it aspired to. Dacianna knew these things came with time, but it didn’t stop the frustration from creeping in and nagging at her, making her miss the comfort of familiarity.

With a sharp snort she silenced the bickering in her mind and instead allowed the excitement to consume her. What she wasn’t prepared for, however, was the answer to the question of why that voice had sounded so familiar in the beginning.

Was that Bov?

Dacianna didn’t even know if that was his real name, yet, here he stood giving orders as one antlered male bent his knee to a King and Queen. So the goliath who had met her on the border and welcomed her had been the King?! "Well done Dacianna" she muttered under her breath, she’d only told him to think again about stealing her trinkets, like a King would want her humble things. The other, the Queen, looked like winter itself as snow followed in her wake.

Having no idea what went on in a herd meeting, Dacianna dumbly shifted towards Iona and Alysanne, the only two she really recognised other than the King himself and it would be a bit weird if she just went to stand next to him… Right?

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Something was bothering the shit outta Chico.

There we were, standing in the shadow of the tree line, watching as, right in front of us, a herd meeting was being called. We watched as all kinds of horses crawled out the woodwork: big and small, male and female, all kinds of different shapes and colors and varying degrees of roughness. And we were just watching them come, watching them pay their respects to their King and Queen, watching and noticing how none of them seemed to be huge and white and blue eyed. (Well, okay, one of them was all of those things, but it wasn’t the kind of whiteness I was looking for).

Well, I guess I was watching. Chico had his powerful owl’s eyes trained on the winged Queen from where he perched on my poll, analyzing her features and bearing, finder her to be a finely-spun snowflake. But it was more than that, and I could feel the growing frustration as he watched her, cuz he was so fucking sure he had seen her before. And I’m like—Bro. Cool it. We ain’t seen her ass before. Just drop it. I mean, I didn’t remember her at all, so it wasn’t really grating on me like it was grating on Cheek. He ignored me, cuz I was the one who forgot faces and names, and he prided himself for knowing every face he had ever seen, and he swore-for-lord he knew that fucking face but he couldn’t place it for the life of him.

It’s fine, Cheek. Let it go.

He wouldn’t.

So I shrugged and I left him to his frustration as I turned my attention back to the meeting. The longer I watched, the more something began to grow in me, and I wasn’t able to place it. It was—it was sad, but not really, kinda like serious and pensive, liquid and painful right in my gut. As I thought about the feeling, I realized with a shock this was the first time in four years that I had attended a herd meeting like this. Four years. Back when I was some tiny squirt of a kid falling asleep at my Bro’s knees, while Ma and Auntie stood at the head of the Executioners and the citizens of the Grey, addressing them the same way as Tembovu and that white bitch was doing right this second.


Chico broke from his agitated concentration to notice how my eyes were beginning to bubble a little bit. Nah, not crying, I told him, taking a deep breath, Just tears. I realized the feeling in my breast was nostalgia and it was hitting me fast and hard, and I guess I hadn’t been prepped to deal with it. That’s what memories can do to ya; even if they’re not sad memories, devastating memories, they can still pull the emotion up from the depths of your muscles and slap the shit out you if you let it.

I leaned against a tree while Chico zpnick!ed into his tiny lizard form, holding himself tight against my skull as she shimmied down my brow, plopping himself right below my cheek and starting to lip up the salty shit that leaked. Jeez, I muttered, letting him do his thing while I watched a family gather under my nose—feeling that strong, strong undercurrent that told me, point-blank, that I wasn’t a part of it.

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"Edge, gather!" Tembovu's call was loud and clear, the call echoing from the cliffside. Oh, why the cliffs? They would be cold, and the last thing she wanted was to get up. She had nestled herself into a small thicket and was actually managing to gather some decent warmth. It was difficult to pull herself away from her hiding place, but being the newcomer here, she had to make a good impression, and that meant coming when she was called.

Freyja wondered, idly, as she trod her way through the trees, what the king could be calling about. She was still growing used to the ways of this herd; meetings in her home had been only for emergencies, or to announce significant changes or relocations. But things were different around here, and she had to learn that. She bit her tongue as she approached the group, putting on an amiable smile to the best of her ability. It was not her place to complain, it would only serve to make her look bad.

She chose not to say anything in greeting as she joined the band. The King and Queen were easy to spot, standing regally at the head of the flock. She recognized them easily; she had met them both before and though their conversations had been brief, she had felt quite welcomed. She nodded to Tilney, and then to the others she did not recognize. That was no surprise, really, considering her lack of commitment when it came to actually getting to know her new herd mates. She had simply not been able to summon the courage and the motivation it took to acquaint herself with these unfamiliar people. Perhaps this meeting would be a good opportunity for that.

She did not introduce herself to the others; she felt rather intimidated by their collective presences. Instead she hung back, settling herself a small ways behind Tilney. Her eyes wandered over the others, and she felt a pang of anxiety course through her as they continued to gather. Several of them were adorned with wings, a couple others with antlers. Odd markings and unusual colors graced their coats, and suddenly she felt very plain in comparison. It wasn't a good feeling.
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When she heard his words trumpet across the plains, she'd be damned if she didn't show up this time. After just getting settled into the edge, she would absolutely hate to have to rediscover all the new politics and structures of the other herds. So Katerina followed the sound of the King, her face set in relaxed hidden lines. She could feel the tingle of the idea of seeing the whole herd together as one rise in her stomach, Katerina was no fan of mass gatherings. They were so confusing, and she would forever resent such meetings. Reality reminded her though that such functions were crucial for survival, and she was no woman to rebut that.

She arrived soon enough, finding it quite entirely awkward that she had yet to recognize any of these faces besides the sweet Elsa and Tembovu. She offers a sweet smile to Elsa, hoping that the porcelain colored dear was fairing well. After all, the lady was perhaps one of her favorite people she had met since coming to Helovia, she was different to Katerina and the silver took great interest in the snow woman. Then her eyes fell upon Tembovu, perhaps he wouldn't catch her eye, perhaps he didn't want too, but she offered him a small smile, but did not allow herself to hover upon those entrancing blues. Perhaps a part of the silver knew that her looks were so deep, that the silver lanterns of white and coin strands cast looks so whole and emotional, that seconds meant more than the expression of words could in hours. She always feared that, her shield had to grow a defense durable enough for the power of her silver orbs.

Her attention then turned to those gathered, and she tried not to look sheepish with the large numbers already here. She heads to back, wanting to hide in the shadows as much as possible. For any that caught her eye she would give them a nod, but she walked with brisk pace to the edges hoping to avoid any unnecessary contact. Another too seemed to hide(or perhaps there was another case for the woman) and the silver approached the strange looking hybrid creature(what ARE those things?), a little bob of her head showed her respect, hoping that she would not mind her company, she stood near her. A few words slipped from her mouth in hushed tones,  "A lurker I suppose? I am Katerina."  She whispered, almost regretting speaking at all. She just wished that this meeting would just get started so it could be over.

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She’d kept to herself, for the most part, since she’d arrived.  There was still no part of Tsavo that felt comfortable here.  However, she was not so uncomfortable as to leave either.  She knew she had done very little to try to acclimate herself, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling that the skeletons in her closet just wouldn’t cease grabbing at her ankles with every step she took forward.  All she wanted was to shake them off, move forward, and start anew.  Doing such had proven itself difficult so far.
Tembovu’s voice – one of the few she recognized – drew her attention.  One of the many skeletons in her closet.  She still had her reservations about living in a land ruled by Tembovu without any information as to how he’d come to rule this place.  She’d seen the elephant in action before – that was more than enough for Tsavo to question his motives here.  She moved slowly in the direction of the call, with Eshe trailing behind her bonded.  While Tsavo’s mind was filled with questions, Eshe’s was filled with anticipation.  The little cub had yet to meet anyone other than her bonded.
Tsavo remained on the outskirts of the meeting, for Tembovu was the only one she recognized among those who had gathered. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel comfortable in front of a crowd – she’d been paraded in front of others her entire life.  Her reservations were not that superficial.  Her eyes were drawn instinctually to the winged woman standing at Tembovu’s side, the very embodiment of winter.  Emotions again hit her like a battering ram – jealousy, curiosity, sympathy – all coming in quick succession.  The surge caused Eshe to grow unnaturally quiet and to step closer to her bonded, looking up at the unicorn mare and nudging one of her forelegs encouragingly.  Had Tembovu seduced his way into power here too?  Who had he dragged down so he could rise?  How many bodies did he have to stand upon to stand before them.  The bitter thoughts came quickly, and she regretted them just as quickly.  She knew that there was more to the elephant than this cynicism allowed her to see, but until she had answers she simply couldn’t rid her minds of the invasive thoughts.
She set her mouth in a tight line and looked down at the concerned cub, her expression finally softening.  She breathed out a small sigh and leaned down to nuzzle the lioness once before again drawing herself to her full height and turning her gaze back to Tembovu and his queen. 

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one small life in exchange for a second chance at history?

Naerys loved the cliffs in the Edge... when the weather is warmer. During Frostfall she tends to avoid them, finding the cold breezes to be hideously unpleasant and well worth avoiding. So when she heard Tembovu's voice calling them to gather from outside the shelter of the trees, she literally cringed and audibly groaned in disgust over the situation. She already holds a certain dislike for him, treating him with a level of caution after the rather gruesome scene she stumbled on in the deep forest. How could she bring herself to trust him after that? What if she, or Aly, or Iona, or Caenan were next? What then? It is rather difficult to keep such thoughts from spewing out of her mouth, disgruntled ramblings muttered under her breath. Especially now, when her own displeasure is keen.

Somehow, though, she manages to keep them locked in her mind though she does little to mask her irritation. Instead of hastening her pace and flocking to the meeting, the girl hesitates before sauntering towards the edge of the trees. Petyr follows, of course, as he usually does but she knows he has no intention of following her beyond the trees - and she had no plans to encourage him otherwise. Petyr settles into a nice sized tree, on a branch that would be most likely to keep him from most of the wind and almost immediately fluffs his feathers. Naerys might have laughed if she weren't so preoccupied with being annoyed over the meeting location.

For a second or two the filly contemplates shifting into her warmer, Siberian cat form - the dense, triple layered coat would come in handy to keep the cold winds at bay. The only problem is that nobody in the herd knows of that particular ability yet. And it wasn't exactly a large form amongst all those hooves. How easy would it be for them to simply kick her right off the cliffs and into the sea? Naerys didn't want to find out but she also enjoyed having that one little secret. Sucking it up, the filly tightens the fold of her wings and hugs them more closely to her body in preparation of bracing for the winds. Her teal eyes quickly find the familiar forms of her aunt and mother; picking her path before entering the clearing.

Once she moves past that threshold, however, her pace increases - long, slender legs shuffling quickly to carry her to her mother's side. Once there, she huddles as close as she can and tries desperately to avoid shivering. She pins Tembovu with her best bitch-face glare for the briefest of moments before allowing her face to simply dissolve into an expression of irritation. Whether the irritation was due to the cold or Tembovu's presence only she would know. And it's a secret she has every intention of keeping. Unlike her mother, however, the girl makes no attempt to mask her feelings with a smile. Perhaps that would come with time or perhaps it wouldn't. Either way it has no bearing on the present.

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She heard the call.

It came when she was finding herself particularly fascinated by the mists swirling off the edge of the cliffs of the land she claimed as home. Though it might be more fair to say that she caught the echos of the voice that boomed across the Edge, trembles rumbling under her skin and telling her that what ever was to come was not optional; the one named 'King' was expecting a crowd. She would have probably been more ready for the idea if Dagger had been around, but she hadn't seen her partner in quite some time. Her missions didn't usually go on for long, or at the least she would find a way to send a message explaining her absence. But Cloak was left in the dark on that one, and it took all her will to trust in her friend and not go off in search of her. If anyone could take care of themselves in unfamiliar places, it was Dagger.

The melted-coated girl peeled herself away from the rocky sides, where down below the waves splashed up tantalizingly and lulled her into a trance, pushing through the cold and the fog to make way toward the group that had surely already gathered. She was in no hurry; whatever would be said would not impact her in a significant way she was certain of, so she clung to the shadows and let thoughts drift elsewhere. Her necklace lightly clinked as she took each step.

There were already some clutching close to the outer circle, the shadows fading in and out. There were none that she recognized, save for Tembovu himself. Mutters filled the air as some greeted others but she merely stood alone, silent. Waiting. Watching.
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I push it down, push it down.
Somehow the mammoth’s call manages to rouse the antlered stallion, the deep bellow seeping through snow and slumber to rumble in his ears. Dark lashes flutter before the green of his eyes peeks through, squinting against the light of day, blaring and unkind as the brightness reflects off the frozen ground. Grumbling some half-hearted profanities to himself, he manages to scrape together the will to move, to rise. The soft, packed snow that had gathered over his body crumbles with his movements, long legs stretching before fighting the stiffness of his muscles, pushing his hairy body lazily from the ground.

Once he is standing steadily enough on his hooves, Rohan shakes the white from his back, cursing when the movement agitates his—suddenly—throbbing head. Ah, yes—his skull feels like it might just explode from the pressure pushing at his skull, his eyes, his brain. It is an unforgiving weight, highlighting every beat of his heart with a painful pulse of his body, and abruptly, all the Warlander wants to do is give into the darkness once again.

Last night is a blur—a mind numbing haze of some sort of delicacy that he had stumbled across in his patrol of the borders. He has no idea what it had been, or what it’s called, and he doesn’t care—all he knows is that it had made him feel good. Free. Even if only for a few hours, temporarily relieved of the grief, anger, and confusion that has wracked him mercilessly these past months. But he seems to be suffering the after effects now…clutched in the grips of some sort of hangover. Ah well—it wouldn’t be his first. Rohan had, on multiple occasions, attended to his ‘princely duties’ in a less-than-sober state of mind.

He can handle this.

Swearing to himself, the antlered stallion lowers his head, thick neck arching naturally, and saunters towards the cliff’s edge. Considering the threads of respect that he holds for his King (and his Queen, even if largely in admiration of some fine piece of ass), Rohan does his best to not look so…hungover, by the time he arrives. Settling beneath the shade of one of the trees, he is able to open his eyes to an almost-normal degree, and manages to raise his head to a respectable position. It can’t be helped that his natural roughness manliness gives him more of a rugged appeal, especially in the height of winter, when his coat is its thickest, but he has done his best.

Directing a subtle nod to the two leaders, the Warlander’s attention wanders idly over the rest of the gathering. It seems to be smaller than the last (although his memory is quite possibly—most likely—foggy at this point, so who can tell), and he is mildly surprised at how many faces he doesn’t recognize. Swishing his long tail around his lower legs, Rohan makes himself comfortable, gritting his jaw against the aching of his muscles.

notes; So...hungover Rohan x_x
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it was said that the blood of the stars
flowed in her veins

I guess I was sort of the last to show up, or if not the last, definitely among the last. I hadn't been worrying much about the Edge as my mind had been a bit fucked as of late. But the snow was falling, the seasons had changed, and I couldn't allow myself to dwell on the adversaries combating my mind.

So I rode the winds back to the Edge, to the duties and responsibilities that awaited me there.

But should I be here at all?

Quit it, of course I should.

Traitor. You're no better than your father.


I swallowed a lump forming in my throat, descending unto the meeting in which I had been beckoned to. Every step I took now felt perfidious, digging the knife I had stabbed my sister with farther and farther into her back. I looked around at the faces I barely knew, the names and lives that eluded me. Wasn't I to be their princess? The Elephant King had dubbed me so.

But I felt treacherous in their presence. If it wasn't for my mother, standing by the King, then I would not have stayed. But she was there, a new constant in my life, and her presence alone was enough to sedate my doubt. I could not abandon this place as long as she was here, I knew that much.

So I stayed, lingering at the back of the herd, waiting for things to get juicy, and watching my smoky exhales in the meantime.

uhmm I hope auri doesn't develop schizophrenia whoops idk what that was >.< sorry if I'm late!!
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She walks in starlight in another world.
She is far away. She...she is far, far away from me.

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to die by your side,
The scarred mare had been so wrapped up within her thoughts of the demonic stallion she had met, that she hadn’t heard the call from her lead until a flurry of movement caught her attention. Her glassy orbs watched as a couple of creatures all seemed to head to one place. She was intrigued, hoping that this could be her chance to actually prove her worth for her herd. Her confidence had boosted since meeting Abaddon and she had slowly begun to finally accept her scars for what they were, instead of trying to hide away from them. It was a difficult process, but she was getting better at it. She was getting better at accepting herself, at least with Abaddon by her side. But he was from the Throat, and she, the Edge.

Glasgow followed the sounds of the creatures, a few paces away with her head lowered as she watched for any tree trunks so she wouldn’t step into them. And finally, she broke into the clearing. There were many that had gathered already and she suddenly felt so small in comparison from the last meeting. She forced herself ahead, pushing over her fear of her scars. Spotting Tilney, she rested a bit. She pushed herself faster, trotting over to the caramel stallion offering him a smile. “Hello, Tilney. It’s good to see you again.” She nodded before looking to her King and Queen. She dipped her head to them, actually smiling for once. The scars moving against her muscles with the movement. It felt strange to smile. She typically left it for her scars to portray. But things were going to change.

She looked from Elsa to Tembovu before taking in a deep breath. “I wish to speak with either of you about joining the crafters? Honestly I haven’t really met anyone in it yet to ask, so maybe someone could point me in the right direction?” Her voice was even, better than the crackled unused one she had previously had. Now she stood before them with a bit more pride in her chest, a bit more happiness behind her lids. “I understand that now might not be a good time, but please keep it in mind for after.” She offered them another small smile before moving to reside beside the great antlered stallion again.

—is such a
way to die.
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Burnished scales glimmered in what little light filtered through the tree's, the gnarled and ancient branches twisting and blotting out the suns attempts to shine in his sister's land. This part of the Edge seemed to see little traffic, and for the poisoner it had been a perfect choice. A perfect spot to practice his magic, it rested within his breast like a hissing beast filled with heat. Coiled and poised to strike, waiting for an opportunity to strike, rows of teeth bared and crown of ivory horns gleaming in the stunted light.

Matanye had been wary, and intrigued. She hadn't fled into the night when he had first transformed, the audible pop of bones and exhaled breath of subdued pain had whispered into the sky as she had trilled her concern. She had peered into his mind many a time, sometimes for answers, trying to prod deeply into the serpents past without invoking a snarky remark. Other times to remind him that she was here too, they had places to be or people to see to. He had felt her there then, as gold scales slithered through the ghostly grasses.

Subtle barbs, like talons pricking against supple skin — wanting to know, was he still the same? was he still the soul she had chosen? Not that she would ever outrightly emote it, she was not a creature of free emotions. They were already as guarded as his, but she was protective of her unicorn counter-part and would see him protected from the darkest parts of himself, and those that would find him an enemy.

He had grumbled a yes to her, and her concern had left her as quickly as it came. Kiuaji was still in control, that flickering, glorious golden fire streaked with shadows still burned fiercely within this scaled form he had been blessed (or cursed) with. She watched him then, from her lofty throne of dark wood and starved greenery, as he fought with the pain that wracked his form when he grasped at the beast. Willing, subduing and ignoring the pain that swept through his body each time. Her confidence a source of comfort, somewhere deep inside his hollow bones and her chiding shrill a reminder that he could do better, when a rasp came to life a little too loudly.

Kiuaji had been practicing, when Tembovu's call reached him on the cutting wind. His many crowned head tilting so he could peer at his bonded, serpentine purples meeting her warm autumn hued ones. Time to go see what dear Bov requires he murmured mentally, lurching forward on his scaled belly in a leisured motion. She took flight beside him, close to the ivory coloured spires that erupted from his scaled head. The transformation back is no less painful than transforming into the leviathan creature, flesh and sinew knit back in a mixture of shadow and earth, scales falling away into dust as soft cream brown fur returns to a form that is delicate and effeminate. It leaves him aching and a little sore, but he masks it under everything that is so painfully him.

The trip was long, the winds picked up and so did the cold as the tree's became sparse and dappled in favor of rock and sea grasses. The cliffs? in winter? Oh Bov, you do know how to pick your spots he mused idly, earning a click of amusement from Matanye as she swooped to find purchase on his horns. Others had already arrived, a great abundence of feathers and horns spread before him as he slunk out from the treeline, spotting the familiar face of his dearest friend and Tsavo — who now seemed to have a cub at her heels. Fitting, a lion cub for the lioness.

"Tsavo, my pungent flower, why are so you far away from our King?" He inquired in a sing song tune, smirk already on his delicate — and deadly — features. "Do step up, we Dorobian's must stick together in our new home, like a pride of lions." His purple eyes drop to the lion at her heels and his own companion ruffled her feathers, unsure of what to make of this one, though he didn't stay long enough for her to examine the lion further. The poisoner weaved through the bodies like silk, coming to stand at the front of the gathered.

"Bov." He greets, delicate head dipped for a moment as Matanye trilled a happy note to him, formalities, at least he addressed a stallion he could respect — not stallions drunk on their own power and station. "Your highness." Kiuaji added a moment later, eyeing the snow queen from under his tresses. They switch to glance over those that have gathered, each individual does not escape the serpents gaze. He will remember all their faces before he knows their names, names mean little when he already knows each blemish or tell tale marking upon the hides present. "This is a merry gathering, isn't it? You would think they had all been summoned to a funeral."

 "talk talk talk"

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

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"let me shatter your frame of mind, my dear"

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Moonlight Sonata

Frostfall was doable enough for the titan sized seer, Thal'Sharah had been diverse in it's regions as it had been it's weather, the northern reaches had a wind which cut deeper than the one currently whistling in his ears and snow that seemed a hundred leagues colder than what fell from Helovia's skies. This, well, this was a nice change of pace. His fur was never destined to grow in lush and plentiful when the breath of winter ushered itself to life, but it grew enough that the blue speckles upon it seemed more like shooting stars than their still sisters.

The Seer had been near the borders when the summon reached his ears, ears perked against the wind and his body swiftly turned. It seemed that meetings were once again upon them, the last one had been where Lady Moon had granted him his position as her voice, her Seer — would this be another where those found worthy would be elevated? or was it a simple seasonal summon, to reaffirm goals and recruit those that did not have a purpose?

He moved swiftly over the frost touched ground, leonine tail trailing like a long banner of silver and purple against the stark forest. His thought themselves took flight, like great birds migrating south for the winter, each beat of their delicate white wings another there was much he could say at this meeting — if he was allowed. The Wise Ranks were lacking, and those that were there seemed to be were not as devoted to recruiting nor their tasks as he. Disappointing, that was the word for it, wasn't it? It was not an emotion or feeling he was intimately acquainted with. It would seem he needed to be of a firmer hand, at least for now, Thal'Sharah had spoiled him with their devotion to all of their pantheon.

The clearing comes into sight as his thoughts once again come to land within his mind, the great sentinel stepping out of the tree's with a shake of his great head and neck, long rivers of silver flowing against the motion. His head dips to each of the mares he passes, gentle to avoid bumping into them with his great muscled haunches with a whispered murmur of 'my lady'.
"My King." He greets as he comes to stop at the front of the crowd, taking his place further off to the right in order to peer over the rest of the herd. "My Queen." His head lowered in a deep bow for her, as custom dictated him to do so. "I'm glad to see that you are both well." There is concern in his voice, silver eyes peering at the monarchs, Tembovu pulled his gaze more than Elsa for something seemed off with the King. Though, he knew now was not the time to probe into the fellow Goliath's private life and thoughts, maybe it would be wise to see stay back afterwards and inquire if he was alright — see if the Elephant King would like a rematch on their spar.

"Perhaps, if you will permit, I would like to say a few words myself when urgent matters have been dealt with." He moved on from his thoughts, to his own task at hand, exhaling a frosted breath, looking at the crowd gathered. While he spied only one of his fellow wise ones, he did not see the other. Disappointment again flooded his chest, this meeting would herald a change he thought, he will inspire others to flock to the moon goddess' cause.

We are all like the bright moon
we still have our darker side
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"I have seen the movement of the sinews of the sky,
 And the blood coursing in the veins of the moon."

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So innocent; pure & sweet.

Her teal eyes were found wondering once again. She was discovering the new home land in edge. Tin stayed faithfully by her side, he was her only true friend. The small deer creature was the only thing that she could always rely on. Tin was at her side no matter what the problem was. Then she thought back to Tembovu, the stallion that brought her to Edge. Her train of thought went off thinking about the hunky king that said he would personally show her around, but she had not seen him since that day. Her crowned skull looked to the ground watching her foot steps fall as she continued. Then she heard the sound of a rumbling voice, it was strong and powerful. Her light maw smiled softly as she headed towards the attractive sound.

Tin quickly moved with her as they got closer and closer. Then the teal eyes saw the group, and the crowd. Her heart sank as she realized she HAD to enter this group of people. Cream hooves walked past the many faces she had not met only to stop towards the front of the group. A smile graced her face as she saw HIM once again. His large body stood tall and solid, but there was something next to him... A white mare was that his queen? Tembovu had never mentioned anyone else ruling with him. Silver flecked eyes narrowed upon the white mare as she felt her body engorge with rage. A soft snort flew from her mouth as she shook her head killing the thoughts. She would ask him if that was HIS queen later, but right now this looked like something important she had to pay attention to.

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The voice echoed out above all the sounds. The voice of a king, the command of a king. A sharp ow escapes my lips as the tiny muzzle of a child sucked a little to hard on my teet, and my head swung round to nudge him to remind him to be careful, and also, that it was time to move.

A herd meeting was in order now, and eating would have to wait. Kvasir slowly let go, only to look at me with his gorgeous turquoise eyes. I looked at him, a sigh escaping my lips before I looked away, tears threatening to over flow from the brim of my eye.

Your okay. You'll be okay. Take a deep breath.

A shaky breath is drawn in, and just a shakily breathed out, several times. "Mommy?" The voice makes me turn my head to look at him, a forced smile on my face. "Yes, Kvasir?"

He looked down for a moment, like he was considering something, before looking back up at me. He was so gorgeous. so perfect. But he hurt so bad to look at too. "You'll be okay, mommy." Slowly my head reached around to touch his nose with mine. "Thank you. Lets go now. Our herd needs us."

Carefully mother and son move through the Edge to a cliff, which was the source of Tembovu's voice. Why a cliff? "Stay by my side, Kvasir." I said firmly, looking down at him, but my lips held that smile that hid the pain deep inside. He would know that smile well. He would know how much I loved him, but at the same time couldn't stand his presence, because he reminded me that I had failed his brother. I had failed them both, though hadn't I? I loved, but I resented an innocent existence, simply because I couldn't get past this grief. This depression. And suddenly that cliff looked so much more tempting. Maybe if I just walked off.... It would feel better.

My attention snapped from those dark thoughts, and I struggled to gain composure once more. These thoughts had plagued my mind constantly. My eyes turned to look over the crowd, desperate to find something else to focus on. I searched for my father, but he was not here. There was a lurker, a creature I did not know. There where two unknown faces, but they held unique markings and height similar to the king. There was a mare who's color so closely resembled Vida-

My gaze snaps away from her, focusing on Tembovu, wishing him to speak so I could focus else where. So I wouldn't break down in front of everyone. So I could push away the pain for a few moments.

Just a few.

It's all I ask.

"talk talk talk talk "

but the queen has been overthrown

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