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the thieving hour [ Elsa vs. Rikyn Spar ]

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Not the five feet of water to your chin

I’m probably a bit too close to these borders for the comfort of its denizens – but who cares.  Youth allows me a certain amplified bravery that tempts me into all sorts of situations I shouldn’t be in, like sneaking around outside the Moon’s wood in the depth of night. 
I’m not sure why I’m here, even, other than that I’m curious and also of the thought that I’d like to continue avoiding my family and friends for a while.  Besides, if what I’ve learned of faith is to be trusted, I’ll find them when I’m supposed to.  Until then, I’m going to nose about the place that Uncle Torleik left the Basin to be King of, and where my father is supposed to be (at least as I was last told).  The place where my mother was born, and where the unicorn sovereignty of Helovia had first taken foothold under the name of the Plague, the Frostheart, and his Lady Psyche – a place that was stolen from them, forcing their numbers into the mountains, where slowly their resolve had decayed into the abysmal state I’d found it last.
So I’m here, testing theories that the Moon cursed them all when they were ousted, wondering if, by reclaiming this misty (and oddly serene) woodland, the unicorn might again feel their hooves marching towards victory, rather than churning beneath them uselessly.  So interested in spying through the dark trees am I that I miss the fact that I’ve crossed through the last remnants of what had been a glass wall – and when I do notice, I find I don’t really give a damn, and continue prowling inwards as if I am the most stealthy of the sneaks. 
I’ve heard it said the curiosity killed the colt, but honestly, what’s the worst that can happen?  Even if someone decides to intervene, I’ll just quickly explain that I am the Engineer’s son, and all will be forgiven…
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[ OOC: And cue Elsa and the irony of her arrival. xD ]
[ Setting: Along the borders of the Edge, not very far in past the wall.  Light snow fall and heavy leaf cover, with a slight chill to the air and no wind.  Set just after midnight, in the thieving hour!  He is attempting to be sneaky, but has had very little practice at this and will be making pretty obvious mistakes.  ]

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Can you say PMS?

God, she was just absolutely angry for no reason. Maybe it was all the stares that Tembovu was given during the meeting- her jealousy tended to control her life. She could feel Edgar prod through the bond then, sarcastically agreeing with her thoughts. Elsa hissed at him, and continued to fume as she walked the border. This was not going to end well. Poor girls, and Tembovu, had no idea what was coming if her heart was destroyed again. Elsa was tired of fighting for love, but that didn’t meant she was against revenge.

Suddenly Edgar poked through the bond again, his nervous voice twittering in her head. ’Unknown boy alone. In border. Don’t know.’ Elsa growled, summoning Edgar to grab her shruikens from their stash underneath the tree near the entrance. She quietly made her way towards where Edgar had seen the intruder, waiting just outside of the area until Edgar returned with her weapons.

Poor guy had caught her at the wrong time, and he was only getting one warning shot before she really released her anger. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Edgar settled on her head as they approached, the sharp snowflakes carefully held in his talons.

Elsa walked forward then, quickly catching sight of the dark intruder. Did he think that just because it was night, no one would be about? Idiot. Of course it was constantly guarded. She had learned from the Falls, never get comfortable. Quietly, she tried to approach him from behind. She stuck to the snow as much as possible, attempting to avoid the leaves and give away her position. Once she was in a couple of meters of the boy, and hopefully behind him, she sent the shruikens flying toward his rump and back. This was not meant as a fatal blow, but as a warning shot. Although Elsa wouldn’t feel bad if she left some deep lacerations. He was here unaccompanied, and she wasn’t taking any chances. The Edge had it good, and Elsa would die before she let this stupid boy ruin that for her.

Edgar sat quietly atop her head still and she loudly snorted in his direction- although he probably noticed she was here by now. I mean, flying metal snowflakes wasn’t a welcoming ceremony here. ”That was a warning shot. I suggest you find your way out before I force it upon you.” She hissed, trying to take a step closer to Rikyn. He was a tad taller than her, but much more lean- much more weak. Her confidence was soaring now, he’d be an easy fight. She’d barely have to get her hooves dirty if she played it right. He looked like a runner, not a fighter. How was he to stand up again the queen of the Edge? Exactly.

She's a bitch. Sorry xD
<3 thanks for sparring.
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Not the five feet of water to your chin

Despite all my beliefs that the people in this wood would ask questions first and maybe come to blows later, I’m quite wrong.

The first sign that anything has gone poorly for me this evening is the whisper of something through the wind, something that tears rather than simply slips. My dark ears have just enough time to slip backwards, catching distinctly the shhhhhk shhhhhhhk of the devilish weapons' approach – but I don’t know what it is, having no recollection of such a sound in my memory, but that of a horn as it crosses the air violently. Golden eyes widening, while wondering how did they get so close without me seeing them, my head begins its clockwise pivot to see who is attacking me just as two of the insidious snowflakes burrow their way into my ass and right hip, the rest flying by and grazing lightly the left side of my upper shoulder along the wither, the blood flow immediate. The pain comes slow; what makes my words rise is more shock than anything else.

Cover your ears, gentlewomen.

"What the flying fuck snowflake?!" I shout, turning about quickly to face her, the metal devilry drawing a grimace to my face as they wiggle about in the moving muscle. There is something about being attacked from such a distance (and with such effect) by a pretty bird woman that rubs my coat the wrong way, and that her attack had managed to deceive me makes me all the more irritated at her. I might have managed to talk my way out of it…

But she takes a step at me, and suddenly her words about warnings and turning around are replaced entirely with the notion of her making me.

A madman’s smile, the sort that appears without consent or notice, blooms to life with the movement of my body, my right hind kicking out forcibly to loosen some of her shuriken; one seems to fall to the ground, the pain in my hip fading, and if I can trust my senses, the other seems to loosen the further I come. In the seconds of my approach, I take in my surroundings with a different eye than that of a sneaky youth going places he shouldn’t, not liking fighting someone on their home turf; she probably knows these trees like the curve of her hooves.

I also know I don’t want to give her time to use her shurikens again – I assume their magically powered, and hope that by forcing distance between her and the blades, they’ll become useless to her. Tracking the position of the trees, gauging by her scars that I’ll have to use my wit to my advantage – she seems to be a guard dog of some merit.

I place myself and the shuriken on either side of a large and elderly tree, its trunk wide enough that she’ll have to pull her blades around it from where ever they are in the woods if she wants to get to me. It leaves one at her disposal, quite unfortunately attached to me, but it can’t be helped. With a last leap forward and a grunt of pain as the shuriken wounds pull taut and my blood fights the cold that congeals it, closing several feet at once (and hopefully surprising her with its sudden pace), I strike down and to the left, hoping to have come up on her right side, or at least in front of her, and thus impaling some sort of chest, neck, or shoulder tissue. Eager to see her red blood running down her white satin skin, to add to her collection of marks, I lash out again with the aureate point of my blade before stepping once, twice to the right.

I don’t want to get too far; she might have magic, and I learned from Volterra that walls made of anything can make distance negligible. I also remember, from my battles with the Gods, certain individuals summoning dangerous spikes and other such magic – if she wants to skewer me, she’ll have to risk getting herself too. If she has some sort of power like mother, an arcing power that she could project wherever from herself, or one similar to my own, well…

All the distance in the world probably won’t help me then, will it?

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