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Another kind of heat [Aquila v Abraham]

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She gravitated towards the heat, orbiting the entrance of the demonic caves in order to remain warm amid the chill of the season. The aquatic woman bitterly hoped (vehemently, really) that the lengthening of days would bring hot, scalding weather. Then she could find a relief in the sea, rather than a necessary chore that left her more frozen than before.

Webbed hooves stood atop the bare rock, some ways away from the opening and billowing heat that kept both flora and snow at bay. Despite the uneven, hard earth that irritated webbing between her cloven toes, she had found some semblance of comfort here. Her slender, lithe haunches were cocked, an aqua-striped hind leg tilted and resting. Scaled ears were continually moving satellites, listening for movement, for danger, while her eyes alternated between scanning around her and staring unseeing into the fiery pit.

A part of her knew it was unwise to stand in the open. But if she moved closer to the fire, then the heat dried out her skin too quickly and the discomfort forced her back to the frigid seas. If she stood further away, then her cold blood chilled too quickly. And there was something about being beneath the earth that she did not trust. Ground was solid, unlike the waves. She could be beneath water without second thought, but to be in caves? Her ridges rippled with unease at the thought.

Her head snapped up, bladed horn glinting bright blue as large, unblinking eyes scoured the boulders around her. Was someone there? Or did she merely mishear the distant crackling of the fire pit? Fins fanned in warning, but as the moments of silence stretched, she began (perhaps foolishly) to relax once again. Her growing familiarity with Helovia was making her sloppy.

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Setting: Around the entrance to the Heart Caves, on the rock and uneven area.
Summary: She standing, relatively relaxed. RIP HER UP.
I'm fine with magic/companions/etc, and you can  go straight into an attack, if you'd like! @Abraham 

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