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His wounds had healed from his fight with the finned mare. Isabella was growing steadily and silver eyes gazed down fondly at the small hippo. Of course, he had no idea what shape she was currently taking was called, but he didn't care. She was beautiful no matter what shape she was in, a bat, wolf, monkey, or hippo. She waggled her little tasseled tail at his feelings, but her eyes were somber. She knew what he had in store for the day. They had wandered the Throat for several days watching who was doing what and what was being done. She could feel his irritation as they searched for the ranked to see what they were doing. Einnar had seemed to disappear, and the leads were both busy with their families. He had told her how the Throat had been assigned patrols and other tasks each season, but this time was different. He wondered aloud to her often, if the herd was growing lazy in this peaceful times. He feared this was only a lull in the workings of evil. Megaera herself had stated the same fears at the last meeting, and he wondered why nobody else seemed to feel the same.

Silver eyes turned to the slowly rising sun as he stood upon the sandy field of battle. He was ready to lay out his hand. How would any ever take him seriously if he never tried to prove himself. He lowered his head to nuzzle the hippo's smooth pinky grey skin. "You must sit out once more sweet Isabella. You are still much too young to take on the wounds of war." He could feel her annoyance, but pushed it aside. She touched his leg with her odd snout for a moment before huffing and waddling away to wait for him at the oasis. Silver eyes watched her quietly as she wandered off. He had chosen this place on purpose, it wasn't far from the fresh waters and green grass; where the loser might want to rest and heal. He had no idea how badly off either of them would be after this.  He turned to look at the sun once more, praying silently as he did so. 'Lord of the Sun, give me strength as I seek power in your name and light.' He wasn't doing this just for his personal gain, and he hoped his lord and leaders would see that. He wanted the power of course, all young males wanted that, but he also wanted his desert family safe.

Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and gathered himself. The golden stallion drew up a mental image of his leader picturing her body in his mind. He had watched her move and studied her build often. He was sure his body held more muscles, even though they were matched hand for hand. She was leaner than himself, surely faster, but by how much? He doubted there would be much of a difference, but he wasn't sure. She also had more experience than he did. How angry would she be with him for this and what about the rest of his family? He was determined, hopeful, and scared all at once. If he lost would his leaders banish him from his home? A lump formed in his throat at the thought of leaving the only place that had ever truly made him happy. Shoving the thoughts away he took a deep breath; gathering every scrap of skill he had locked away.

He had to make his intentions clear, he didn't want repercussions for attempting to gain a title. As the sun crested the horizon fully he opened his eyes and called out strong and powerful. "Megaera, my Sultana, come and meet me on the battlefield! I wish to challenge for the right to be called Gladiator." His neck arched proudly as he waited for one of his great leaders to meet his challenge. Ears swiveled and eyes blazed as the heat of battle slowly lit a fire within his belly.

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Early morning set in the Dragon's Throat by the oasis, warm, clear skies, and clear land.

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She was up before the dawn, or perhaps is was more fitting to say she had not slept at all—at least not well. It had been days… no, weeks now, since Megaera had given birth to Castor and Vastra and since then she’d not had a decent night’s rest. Recovering from the birth and dealing with a wild pair of growing twins would have been enough to put any mother in need of a break but she was beyond that; Megaera was in ruins.

Asavvi was gone. Einarr was gone. Gwaihir was gone. Her sweet little star-child had vanished without a trace and in her panic, crippled by labor, Meg had sent her men out after her. Since that day not one of the three had returned, and each day took it’s toll on the Sunspear. Sleep was a fleeting thing, plagued by dreams of her missing loved ones and the thousand fates that could befall them, but Meg found little solace in waking. Hours that should have been spent happily watching her children grow passed like scrapes across her heart, each one a deeper wound for it was another hour her family was not whole—she was nort whole. Gwaihir’s thoughts had become as much a part of her as her own, but now she could not hear him and it felt like a gaping hole in her head. At least she could feel him, somehow, like a dim ember in her soul that waited to ignite again when he was near, and she knew that the eagle was alive. She had no such assurance for Asavvi and Einarr.

The energy she had was put into watching over her little ones, and though her insides felt like they had been shredded, she had enough love for them to hold herself together for their sake. Anyone who knew her would have seen a marked difference; this wasn’t the feisty Sultana but a touchy, somber recluse who was too protective and kept her eyes on the northern horizon. She’d pulled away from the rest of the herd, and the stretch of poor sleep and eating to little was staring to show. She looked slightly gaunt, and there was suspicion in her eyes instead of amusement, grief instead of fire.  Perhaps it was part of the attempts to mask herself, but the Sultana had taken to wearing her armor more often than not; her babes knew the leather as well as her own skin.

She heard the call from across the Oasis, the young warrior’s proud voice ringing clearly though the morning, and whatever solace she had held onto while standing over her sleeping twins in the quiet of dawn was utterly shattered. Couldn’t she just have this moment? Just a quiet moment when she could imagine her life was fine again, imagine that Einarr was just on patrol, and Gwaihir was hunting, and Asavvi would be wandering home from stargazing any minute now. It seems not. she thought murderously and she moved off to meet her challenger.

Somehow seeing the young stallion standing there, proud and fit and ready, struck a sore nerve in the Sultana and as she crested that final dune to bring him into view the armored battlemare gave an angry bellow. “That is my husband’s title.” How dare he do this? the thought boiled in her. Challenge ME for EINARR’s place? And she had to tell herself that the black Gladiator was coming back… She had to believe it; couldn’t get though the day if she didn’t. “What right have you to claim it?!” Meg didn’t wait for an answer but launched into a gallop, charging to meet him head-on in a blaze of righteous anger. It set her dark eyes burning red, giving the slightest of warnings before exploding in the direction if his chest: two streams of fiery lightning.


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summary:: Meg's cracked out and the worst combination of sad and mad. Charges and aims a blast of her fiery red lightning towards Ilios.
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