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Finches [Ashamin v. Chaska]

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With Lochan awake, Rakt returned to his mischievous self. The red cerndyr began to pace and kick out his legs like a goat, for he was eager to rid himself of excess energy and prove he could hold his own. Up until that evening the younger cerndyr had taken a backseat in spars, but after aiding Ashamin against Seanan and Ovidius, Rakt was impatient.

This time, he would not be left out. Ashamin looked to Chaska, who had come along just before the sun set. Given that the pegasus was a crusader, it only made sense that they spar to practice. Ashamin had made the offer and, given that Rakt was apparently bursting with energy, he didn’t see why he should exclude the blood-colored cerndyr from their friendly bout.

Lochan, having just woken, was less eager but still willing. He shook out his dark coat and antlers, sending swirls of mist to dance between the grasses. Only when he seemed fully ready—after a small yawn and a firm look at Ashamin—did the Clovenheart move to start.

"Let us begin," the painted buck said with a shallow bow and a nod to the sabino who stood before him. Though Ashamin might have normally given the first move to his opponent, he wanted to be sure that Chaska would be able to defend himself—and The Unbound—should he be fighting against someone less polite.

"I hope to learn much from you," Ashamin called as he moved, his limbs lost in the grasses that surrounded them. If not for the subtle movement of the green, the soft swish and crack of blades brushed and compacted, it might have seemed as if the Clovenheart were merely gliding along the earth. After so long spent training his limbs were stronger, and his movements were quicker. Unless Chaska decided to take to the sky—which Ashamin half hoped for, given all he could learn from the maneuver that he’d never before fought against—the Clovenheart did not suspect he needed to worry about being outrun, especially not with Rakt close behind. Already Ashamin felt Rakt’s excitement boiling over their bond as the red cerndyr began to leap through the grasses left trodden in his wake. The cerndyr’s magic allowed Ashamin to move quicker for a short time, and though he did not feel the need to use it at the moment he knew it could provide him with a strong advantage in the future.

For the moment, as Ashamin tried to close the gap between himself and Chaska, he focused instead on what they had in common. Chaska was younger but taller, and the two differences evened out into creating what seemed to be a healthy young stag who was likely well-matched with Ashamin’s own energy level. He figured that when one of them got tired of the spar the other, too, would start to feel it weighing on them. Given that they only fought to practice, this was something Ashamin was thankful for. If their endurance was matched as well as he suspected, then they might both know when to call it quits.

In the past—his heart fluttered at the thought of Rikyn, of Rexanna, of that earthen mother of the dead—Ashamin hadn’t always been so lucky.

He would not, however, let those memories haunt him. Ashamin tried to refocus, and borrowed Lochan’s even keener night vision to plan his move. Without necessarily thinking, Ashamin had already begun to approach Chaska from the front and the right, so that any collision could perhaps mean the meeting of Ashamin’s right shoulder with the left side of Chaska’s chest. As Lochan circled the scene and Rakt followed behind, he could see nothing through their eyes that would be a better first move. He was already on track for this, after all, and he did not want to strike in any manner that might be seen as more aggressive. The first move of a spar always set the tone, and Ashamin was determined to not cause Chaska too much pain; he could only hope he would be more successful in this endeavor than he had been with Ovidius.

So with all this in mind Ashamin strode on, necklace flying back with his mane and coil-wrapped tail sweeping across the grasses behind him, forcing Rakt to not get too close. Though the red cerndyr lowed in soft complaint, Ashamin knew he was doing the right thing as he pressed onward and angled his right shoulder to be the front of his assault. He hoped he would collide with Chaska’s chest, perhaps unbalancing him but not hurting him greatly, and the last thing he needed was for Rakt to run too close and be caught in the crossfire of what could be the pegasus’ fall.



AP: 1/3
WC: 800/800
Setting: Thistle Meadow, just after sunset. Some stars are starting to appear, the weather is mild. The grasses and thistles grow very tall, reaching about knee height (varying dependent on horse height) and are dry, but not at risk of setting on fire.
Notes: For @Chaska. I will be providing Namida with teaching notes! Namida, feel free to PM me (or skype me) if you have any questions before starting, since I know this is your first spar. If you haven't yet you should make sure you read the dice battle guidelines in the battle board, they'll help you out! Also I know this is continued from our thread (which isn't done yet) but if Chaska wants Ashamin to provide in character teaching too let me know in your post and/or PM and he can do that too.

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