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[OPEN] SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro)

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"Soon they shall meet me.." A voice crooned, deep beneath the tumultuous tides of the Riptide Isles. A magical hand tidied a piece of coral that had fallen away from a larger reef that stood sturdy on the ocean floor. "Ohh, now don't say that." The voice continued, sounding amused. "It isn't vanity to want to be noticed every now and then, now is it?" A hidden smile. A look of satisfaction. A pause. A scowl. "Oh, and what do you even know? You need to get out more." The voice chastised the piece of coral, before swimming away.

A powerful dolphin-like tail kicked hard, sending a sleek and vaguely blueish-green body towards the surface. Fins and gills seemed to haphazardly adorn the rubbery-like skin, as if they had been thrown on willy-nilly in a moment of inspiration. Bio-luminescent eyes were focused ahead, where the sun could be seen rippling on the surface of the water. From this point, so low down, it felt as though no progress was being made. But gradually the water temperature began to grow warmer, and the light at the top grew bigger.

After only a few moments, the creature's head broke through the surface of the water. With a lungful of air, it swam towards the closest isle, heaving its body up onto the land. As it did so, the marine tail it had been sporting disappeared into a powerful set of hind-legs. The creature looked vaguely draftish (or at least its body did), with legs that were more slender than one would have guessed, looking at the proportions of the creature. Its head was slender too, and still sported two gills on its cheeks, even though the 'lure' as it was sometimes called (that is, that long dangling thing on its skull, similar to an angler-fish), had hardened up into something that vaguely looked like a horn. 

All in all, it sort of looked like a creature composed of the assembled bits you might find if you grabbed every loose bit of sea-trash from the ocean's floor. A seastar was lodged in its 'mane' (though the creature had no real hair mind you, it was more of like some bastardized mix of seaweed and sinew), and scales dotted its teal body randomly. Stretching, the creature looked around, a charming smile upon his features.

His pale green eyes sparkled, as he reared onto his hind legs. All around him the waters crashed and danced against the little grouping of islands. "HELOVIANS!" He cried, his voice a warm boom across the land. "You have no idea how long I've waited to meet you."

What's this? Who knows! Come find out!
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we heal with love

Today had been the first time Alysanne and Hemlock had flown to the Riptide Isles together. Every other time had involved Hemlock flying around in circles or catching dragonflies and waterbugs while Alysanne slowly swam across the channel that separated Helovia from the islands. But this time she arrived completely dry! And it was lovely to take those first few steps on the near-tropical islands and not be instantly covered in the soft sand sticking to her dry coat and feathers. Trying to preen out sand was just a disaster!

Equipped with her bag, the pair had just begun looking around the forest bordering the beach for some helpful plants when a booming voice interrupted them.

It was warm but that hardly stopped the painted mare from filling with an icy dread.

Alysanne felt wary, but could you blame her? She had come across two strange creatures here in the Isles before - one a fearsome god that spewed out acid that her wings bore the scars of on their undersides, and the second a smaller fearsome creature who had, after some inquiries, given her and Hemlock each a gift. She internally cursed herself for the joke she had made in the Threshold with Dragomir and Syrena, about how things had been quiet around Helovia for a while. Talk about jinxing it!

Turning away from the trees, she returned to the beach and travelled in the direction of the voice for a little ways before seeing what was unmistakably the caller. Helovia might be a strange place but she always felt rather sure when seeing something that was just otherworldly.

Though she approached, she didn’t get too close, lingering back about a dozen meters where she could comfortably eye this strange sea creature. Indeed, it looked like it had crawled right out of the ocean - as if it was made out of the ocean. “Welcome to Helovia.” Well just because she was wary didn’t mean she was liable to be impolite! Besides, she wasn’t really sure what else to say. Perhaps a friendly greeting might go some way to stopping destruction like what happened with Helovia’s last mysterious visitors.

alysanne & hemlock

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It's a good thing you spend so much time at the beach, otherwise you might've missed this entirely.

You're just walking along, collecting rocks, having a gay old time. It's a nice enough day, if a little bit cold, and your mane has become a tangle of salt and sand and insurmountable knots. The salt spray and moisture make your metal shoulder a little sore, but it also feels good on your still-healing wounds- and besides, what's a little soreness compared to what you've been through? Truth be told, it feels good to be sore. You like the pain, and the cold, and the stinging, salty wind. It reminds you that, against all odds, you are still alive.

So there you are, minding your own business, enjoying the coastline, collecting rocks and chasing crabs. Pretending, in short, that you're a child. Wind not withstanding, it's a pretty peaceful day - until suddenly you hear a voice, so loud and booming it makes your bones quake. You leap and yelp, startled, throwing your head around in attempt to find the source of the call. It seems to come from further up the islands, past where you can currently see- but it can't be too far away, right? Not when you can hear it so loudly, summoning you, asking to meet you (and everyone else, let's not forget- you're not special, sparkplug). For a minute you're cautious, afraid even: is it another monster, another false god, fallen through a tear in space and time? You hover between curiosity and fear, uncertain, precarious, the gravity of each pulling on your hands.

Of course, curiosity wins. Curiosity always wins with you, that's why you keep getting into the trouble and near-death situations you're becoming (not really) famous for.

You begin to pick your way up the beach, fast as you can with a bum left hind, excitement burning a fire in your chest. Cross a stream, navigate some rocks, climb a hill and-


Any hesitancy and caution you may have felt is gone. In its place, a fierce fascination and curiosity, because this strange-looking equine clearly came out of the sea. How is that possible?! Your mouth hangs slack for a moment as you stare, sunbeam eyes wide as saucers in your stupid face -

- and then you're down the hill, your voice preceding you, your excitement palpable in every quivering word which tumbles out, rapid-fire, from between your grinning lips.

"What are you? Who are you? Why'd you call us? My name's Zero, what's yours? Did you come from the ocean? What's it like? Will you show me?"

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In her moment of madness after speaking with Tembovu, Anzanie simply ran. Her gallop tore down the terraria as it zipped past her and her light physique gave her a lot of speed. Speed was one of the traits in her hot native lands that she was gifted with, if not the sight of managing her emotions. Full of everything that pulled her further into the darkness, she had somehow managed to cross her way into the east of Helovia, over a mix of islands that right now were a huge kaleidoscope of greens and blues. There was still heat left here too.

Slowing down and huffing what last bit of breath the fae had, she let her tangles rip gently at the dense forests that clung to her, giving the sense of being watched. But in this strange place she was unaware that something far greater was happening. She could hear voices nearby, the tides of this place soothing it down to just a distant murmur, but she felt so empty that it was only her bodice that carried her over. The splashed pelt that she wore was unkept but still beautiful and inviting. She wandered over to the edge of this particular island, where the voices could be heard. She listened close, unaware of what was happening...

Anzanie felt some sort of curiosity within her, the bounce left behind in the Edge along with her heart. But the princess spotted her new Queen, Alysanne, and she went to join her alongside another whom she had never come across before. His bodice was small and young but it looked fierce, mudded browns and azures all forming into one striking looking beast. Feeling the sense of security in the group, she propped herself next to Alysanne in the hope that she would not be turned away. Dipping her sunken cranium to her Queen in greeting, she spoke to the colt first before turning her attentions to the strange creature that emerged from the salt waters (the one that had drawn her here),
"Hello," her pale orbs scoured the creature for something that resembled anything, but alas was unable to find anything, so in response to the words that it had made to presumably the world, Anzanie spoke, "He-hello, stranger. You do appear to be from these parts, may I help you?" The words that it had spoken rang in her lobes long after they had been uttered,

"You have no idea how long I've waited to meet you."

They sent shivers down her spine as she reflected once more on its appearance of seaweed and everything else that could be lured from the ocean.

" . "
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Anzanie comes across the small party. Investigates, offers to help.

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Whenever a strange allure grips him and commands him to follow the path it etches for him, Volterra knows better than to resist. The necklace slung around his neck, from which armour of red dragon hide can be summoned with the merest flick of the mind, is testament to the glory that can come when curiosity gets the better of logic.

Interestingly enough, this time the pull comes from the exact same place that the leviathan received his beautiful gift. The Isles hold a fond place in his mind - here he made his first kill, as the giant skeletal nightmare attempted to strike him down on the coral-patterned sands of the tropical south. That's not something he is ever likely to forget, and the addition of his armour certainly helped cement his enjoyment of the place. It took many days for him to get rid of the stink of water-dragon-spittle from the deepest reaches of his coat, but the iron-hard red prize was certainly worth it.

Of course, he's bound to be a tad more wary of the ocean now he knows what lies beneath those innocent-looking waves. He remembers the tempest and the savage segments of predator that lurched up from the eggshell-blue depths, the tongue that created a bridge and flicked him eagerly into the ravenous maw. To think he once swam across this particular sea without a single thought to what lurked beneath, so great was his eagerness to join in with the Rift God fight.

As a result, there's a tad more trepidation about the mammoth stallion as he walks across the crisp yellow sand, his authoritative stride still holding the ghost of a limp from the crippling effects of his broken ribs. He is dragonless; both red and gold have seized the opportunity to hunt the fish they adore so much, so they are not even distant specks on the horizon as they dive beneath the surface and pillage it of its bounty. It isn't long before the young warlord discovers a decent-sized crowd of other Helovians, and his gaze naturally travels towards the thing they are staring at. It is a conglomeration of everything one might think of when they picture the ocean floor; Volterra keeps his gaze impassive as he looks the thing over, but his gut twists with discomfort at how alien it appears.

The seas certainly hide a multitude of weird-ass shit.

Others seem to be offering the hand of friendship towards the odd creature; Volterra, however, hangs back. He was there for the Rift God fights, and he knows how misleading first impressions can be. There is no saying that this beast will not simply attack as the Gods did, cause devastating injuries to those not wily enough to get out of its way. So the leviathan does not join in with the welcomes that the others offer the animal, but nor is his body language confrontational. He simply stands, a gigantic monolith of obsidian flesh and taut muscle, ready to act should things turn nasty.

And, jaded and cynical as he is, he is quite convinced that they will turn nasty. In his experience, Helovia's interactions with alien life never end well.

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Vol lurks near the back of the crowd, simply listening/observing.

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The word is as much of a greeting as it is a warning as the pale Pegasus slowed to a stop beside the hulking stallion. Though her eyes remain locked upon the creature, mind already ticking away at the anatomy and possibilities of a monster like that, her body was angled curiously both toward and in front of the blackened stallion. In moments forward, the lass was sure that she would look back upon her defensive stance and laugh - who was she to protect the wretched stallion who had broken her bones and could very well take care of himself?

Why, she was Orithia Endsinger and that big idiot was under whatever protection she could offer; he, at least had been the only truly honest giant she had encountered within her short life.

At the moment, though, the mare could hardly think of laughter; after all, a monster hewn from the ocean's refuse had just hoisted it's wretched, unnatural body from the sea. Glancing about at the other equines, Orithia found only one other familiar face, offering the Healer Queen a curt nod before turning her attention back toward the creature. Asking what the thing was seemed to be unnecessary, a known beast wouldn't garner so much attention - so much suspicion. Instead, the feathered medusa took a side step closer to the thick black hide of Volterra and muttered something incoherent before asking outright, her voice flat and eyes narrowed in suspicion, "What does he want with us?"

Speaks to @Volterra and acknowledges @Alysanne
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Drawn towards the depths of the ocean tide, the boy and his fox riddled along the shoreline, dabbling and conspiring between sand and sun. Sometimes it was a leisurely stroll, measured amongst idle hands and ardent plots, and other moments it was an exuberant chase into the waves, the prince galloping across the current with the wind in his face and savagery plucking over his flesh (yearning for something to entangle his senses, to unravel his munitions). He’d come back to the wily kitsune, and they’d kick rocks, pebbles, and shells down the length of the tropical paradise, until either eyes were distracted and deterred by something paramount; a gull screeching amidst the sea breeze, a larger wave coasting towards them, a turtle rummaging its way through the dunes. They trickled this way and that for a spell, uncertain how many hours had passed, when another abrupt movement caught their attention.
They instantly yielded their motions and stared towards the right, where the water rippled unnaturally, bubbling, boiling, seething like a witch’s brew. The youth’s first thoughts were of monsters or whirlpools (and Orsino cackled at this, somewhat delighted at the prospect of more demons escaping hell), and he watched, completely drawn by speculation and curiosity. When the creature finally managed to break through the water’s surface, the soldier’s head tilted, confused, befuddled, and stunned by what had managed to escape the hold of the sea. It appeared to be a combination of things above and below; its marine tail drawn away as it hoisted itself onto land, morphing, changing, altering into something more equine but still drawn from the ocean – gills and lures, shifting to life on terrain. At some point Erebos’ jaw must have dropped, because he had to flick it back into place, snorting, shaking his head, and blinking rapidly – when he turned back to where the beast had ascended, it was still there, real, tangible, and speaking to them.
Some had already gathered – those familiar and those strange – and a part of him intended to stray and stay towards the back, where he could watch from a distance. He didn’t know if this was another God or monster, sent from another world, intending to destroy them all…but then, he knew that even those fiends could fall, and the allure, the enticement, of curiosity bridged over his being, and he maneuvered forward. Pieces of his thoughts clicked into place, like webs, like springs, like cogs, and he had so many questions sizzling across his tongue – Orsino merely followed along, silent in his cold reverie. Erebos took several moments to glance at Alysanne and Volterra, nodding politely (as if he hadn’t battled the winged one, as if he hadn’t teased the skull man), and eventually stopped near Zero (far older than the little boy he’d once met, but unchanged in speech, in whims). A protective shackle tethered him a few yards away from the younger lad’s side, and a winsome smile embedded itself across his lips, appearing welcoming, charitable towards the stranger, while his mind contemplated a thousand different scenarios. Why was it here? What did it want? Were they doomed to participate in more battles, in more wars, in more bloodshed? Were they all to be spellbound into abhorrence and villainy? Or was this nothing, nothing at all but kindly gestures and curiosity unleashed from both sides? You know better, said Orsino, snorting through their connection. It didn't stop him though. “Welcome,” his rich voice extended, much like Alysanne’s, and then the sprig of inquiry bounded next to Zero’s investigating lines. “Why did you want to meet us?”

[Goes to stand near Zero. Asks a question.]

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"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
Silver eyes watch from the shadows quietly hooves ever moving. The horned mare had been following her stallion for sometime now. She wanted to know what he did when he thought he was alone. She moved quietly over dead leaves, twigs and rodents in her path. Her slender frame made it easy to move stealthy after him. The two dragon's at his side made it more difficult to go unnoticed though. She had to keep far enough back that they didn't catch her scent or see her. It was kind of fun though. She wasn't scared of getting caught. Hell, she knew she would be able to get away with it. All she had to do was swish her tail around and smile. He would probably just laugh it off and bite at her a bit.

As fate had it the stallion stopped on the out skirts of a small group. Putting on her best smile the mare strides to his side. He is hers after all and she has every right to stand next to the stallion she has chosen. Silver eyes look over the creature standing on the shore. Distrust prickles under her hide as she looks at the weird build and hide. He is so different so foreign. Her eyes flicker to her stallion then everyone else around them. She cannot fathom why they are being nice to this beast. Sure he has a nice smile on his face, but so does she. Hate boils in her breast barely hidden behind that smile, so why would this thing be different?

Call it what you will, intuition, racism against strangeness, whatever you want, but she does not trust the thing. For now she stands silently beside her man eyes narrowed at the creature. She stays tense, her muscles quivering ready to run if the need arose. She presses closer trying to brush against his side needing him. He promised to protect her if she needed it and right now her mind was screaming that she need his protection.
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I stray toward him because he is like home, dark and foreboding with the occasional smile to crack that extraneous veneer. All the way down to the brooding knot between his brows, nostrils flaring as he moves quietly between the gathering equines. My own ears lean forward, following the sound of his footsteps in the sand, pale eyes stair-stepping across the languid tug and pull of his muscles. Perhaps it is part desire as well, not only the sense of familiarity I find when he is near. Three times now I have seen him after-all, three times I have been able to pick him out of a crowd, watching absently as he gnaws at the bit. He speaks, not to me of course, but to the creature that found its way out of the softly beating waters. 'Welcome,' and for a brief moment I almost wish he was welcoming me. Instead I listen, ears swiveling like well-tuned radios, picking up the murmur of questions and curiosity that rose in a swell throughout those present. I should say something too, bring attention to myself so that maybe I do not get left behind this time. So I stay silent, tongue lashing against the backs of my teeth as I lower my head in self-inflicted shame (you are such a coward).

It is too soon, I can still feel the memory of her garbled lightning against my flesh, burning, bruising. The stench of singed hair is perpetually rising up in my senses, tinging the scent of a flower I might stop for, or even the pines that litter the Orangemoon floor. Yet somehow I find my hooves drawing me near, not necessarily to the exact spot of my violation, but still too close for comfort. I wander the edges of the sand for some time, no real direction driving me, just the insatiable need to feel something warm and cool against my ankles. It is just like the last time when I find them, a small group of horses gathered around the beach, all facing the water. The only thing it lacked was a talking spruce, instead it was someone else, or something?

The closer I strode the better I could see the creature pulling the remaining bits of itself from the water. It was like liquid sea, skin glistening like vines, flattened and stretched over hard bone and make-shift muscle. It was beautiful, a sight that pleased my eyes and made my heart flutter endlessly. The creamy color clashing with slowly fading blues and... and colors I could not even describe. Was this the sea? What it looked like beneath the cutting waves? Or just some bizarre monster come up from the depths to deceive? The scenarios were endless but nobody seemed too intent on chasing it off, let alone putting it down. There must have been some level of safety for so many horses to justify the lack of boundary. I sure hoped so.

That is when I saw him, him, the black beast that was wheedling his way into these things I kept finding. He too must have been drawn by the strangeness, and maybe it was then that I really started to notice more than just his presence. I had seen him before, once at the Basin, during one of the few times that Mother was keeping me close to home. Back then he had a little... oh, there it was, its tails deceptively soft against the sand next to his feet. I wanted to touch them like I wanted to touch the beast standing before this growing crowd. I kind of wanted to touch him too, just to see if that gleaning body was real. I am thinking about it so hard I am suddenly beside him, not too close, but close enough that I think I can smell him - or perhaps it is only the salty, wafting breeze.


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Since meeting Ashamin and Imani in the Threshold, Astolat had gone on to explore more of Helovia with it’s various sights, smells and sounds. None of it was quite like the varying views of Dalianir, though small parts were similar, but so far she had found it peacefully quiet and uniquely beautiful… She could live with quiet and beautiful. Often she hummed her way around as she admired the changing colours of the trees and jogged through purple meadows all the while actively trying to avoid running into anyone lest the unlucky demon, that possessed her body and mind, made a fateful decision to pick another victim. Thus, because Astolat believed whole heartedly that a greater power dictated her life, the days that followed the Threshold meeting were spent luxuriously fawning over the new landscapes whilst her heart sank deeper into desolation.

Today, however, she had decided to explore a cluster of islands that were visible on the horizon and, as she had pulled herself from the water, thinking that the isle’s location might make it less inhabited, she panicked when suddenly a great "HELOVIA" cried out and her eyes went as wide as saucepans.

“Blessed Lon” the exclamation whimpered out of her mouth as her eyes glazed over, hoping it was just one over zealous character having fun and someone she could easily avoid. Surely there weren’t many out here… Right?


'Oh no' the simple, stressful thought echoed through her mind and repeated itself several times as she found herself trapped between the ocean she had just traversed and a gathering kerfuffle of scents.

"Fudge" only Astolat, in her innocent enough wandering, could dawdle straight into a crowd on an unknown island with the sea between her and the bit of land she knew. At least it felt that way.

In the furore of her thoughts her eyes stopped on a figure that appeared to be the central focus for the gathered. Stood there, and the one that Astolat presumed had shouted earlier, was a peculiar assortment of horse and sea. More intriguingly, as the pastel paint instinctively moved a little closer the more curious she got, she noticed its build was kind of wonky and littered with an array of scales. Was this some sort of sea creature? The only sea creatures Astolat had heard of were in tales, though they were often portrayed as monsters… She did not think this one looked like a monster.

What was a monster meant to look like?

For now the hapless girl hung around at the back of the group, listening as some tried to talk to the horned sea horse, too intrigued by what was happening to turn around and hide, but still too worried about the possibilities of unseen calamities to truly merge herself with the crowd.

[Astolat is shuffling around towards the rear of the group like a creep]

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She was a muddled mess. A filly made of anxiety, sprinkled with frustration, molded with an absolute sadness. Her companion could feel it too – the sadness echoed and waved, no matter how much the large vulture wanted to change the outcome of the situation they had found themselves in he knew better than to give the child false hope. In all her time of wandering, leaving Kianzo behind for different adventures and bounded by learning had gotten her lost along the way. It wasn’t until the Festival had she realized that her other half, the sun to her moon had simply vanished.

He told her he would be home. He either lied, or something happened to him.

And she knew deep down that her bonded soul to her sibling would prevent the boy from lying to her, and so she relied on the latter. And with that little tidbit of information, the filly and vulture had begun to set out. This time, not on adventure or learning, but simply seeking. She wouldn’t live without her brother, and she’d do everything in her power to find out what happened to the colt. So when Kiada spotted a gathering in the Isles, she wasn’t one to pass it up. Her heart continued to sink with every tiptoed movement, the flames along her back dancing with mice among elephants and elephants among zebras. A combination of her fears, sadness, and anxiety as they erupted from her spine. Oh how she hoped the gathering wasn’t because of a peculiar death, but the filly was too young to realize just what kind of gathering it would be.

She recognized few in the group as she tiptoed on ink dipped legs. She spotted Erebos, the Prince of the Basin, as well as Alysanne, the woman who had been the second person in her life to meet. She wanted to say hello to the both of them, but her heart sank at the idea of Alysanne seeing her without her brother, and so she refrained. She stayed toward the edges of the group, where a quite beautiful painted mare stood and turned her snow lined face toward the creature who had gathered them. Her gaze drifted across the man for a moment, wondering what exactly he was – but refrained from saying anything. She wanted to stay as small as she could, for once in her young life.

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Stands on the outside of the group! <3 IM SO STOKED.


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I was only viewing the sunset from an outcrop in my own contemplation of its natural beauty when my attention was suddenly drawn to another . Light on the wind I had been aware of some stirring and muddle of conversation, my ears causally attuning to it but I gave no more thought then that.  I was content to leave whatever was occurring to itself for the beach was hardly a desolate place however placate and I no easily startled foal . Many Helovians tread its shore at all hours of the day or night for reasons of their own and should there have been a reason to fear harm...well, what where my great wings for if not flight?  For all intents and purposes I was simply an observer and wished to be no more till of course that the booming voice rang so clarion and true overhead...

I could have bulked but my steady nature keeps me still, recoiling by the barest of steps and up turn of my head to the source of the commotion. Some distance down on the sands my eyes find a growing number of others on the beach  congregating around something of interest but I could discern nothing more then their rapt attention to the apparent summons from my stand point.

Like them I felt awakened and yearned to know more, my curiosity irrevocably peeked. Who desired to address the denizens of Helovia so much to declare it so, and for what reason? Doubtless my questions were the same as everyone elses yet as I drew close it was obvious they they were aware of something that I was not. I approached the crowd at a causal jaunt and slowed to meander toward the forefront, keen to the shift in the atmosphere wer I remained open and unafraid and the others taunt and suspicious if the hushed murmurs were any guide. This I could understand for the figure, or creature more like, was a strech on reality and seemed rather to stemmed from the imaginative machinations of a child's daydream inspired by the unknown regions of the ocean. I too found it hard to comprehend fully but fear failed to subdue me regardless. The summons had been friendly after all and were not beings of wing and solid bone once strange to the unadorned equine?  I could not find reason to reject the finned one solely for that.

Still, what had them all on edge I wonder?  This was a piece of the puzzle I did not have and like most stubborn problems it would have to wait, or better yet it would be answered soon enough. In my experience Helovians did not ever stay quiet for long...nor did happenings ever quite cease. That's what made it so enticing.

Threading through the crowd I make my way to join with perhaps the braver souls of the ensemble; a  one-winged stallion bursting with childish enthusiasm and a young, dark stallion  bearing a solid ebon-blue coat.

" Good eve," I said to the teal stranger. " Seems to me you've a story to tell. Know that  we -" I use the word with a bit of emphasis, pausing and  making a general nods to the masses. "- are eager to listen. My name is Hearth. What name have you? "

 I don't truly consider myself a Helovian but in this instance I do not mind including myself for  simplicity sake. It may have been bold of me to presume that I might speak  on their behalf but it this state of hesitance  a stalemate was bound to occur and that would hardly be polite. I would yield my place should anyone be embolden enough to take it or asked it of me, though, that being said I had no qualms keeping it either.

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Hearth stands at front near Zero and Erebos and totally willing to chat.
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so i listen to the    wind for an answer
She’d been out flying today, with no real purpose in mind. She’d just needed to get out of the Edge, stretch her wings, and take a few moments away from thoughts of herbs and plants and more scrapped knees than she cares to count. Not that she doesn’t like her job. Oh, she does. She loves feeling useful, like she might actually belong in this second home that has become simply home. But still, sometimes you just needed a break. Besides, she hadn’t looked for Apollo in far too long, and it seemed like it might be time for her to go on her pathetic little searching party.

She doesn’t expect to find him. And 9 times out of 10, she doesn’t. The two have only crossed paths just as many times – that is to say, two. But still, he always lingers in her thoughts. She can’t help but wonder how he is, and what he might be doing, and if he thinks of her half as often as she thinks of him. Which is also ridiculous, they have met twice, and she doesn’t dwell on him. But still, her thoughts drift.

A booming voice is what brings her to the Isles though. She had not been planning to come here, though then again, she really hadn’t been planning to go anywhere. She’d just planned to fly today. By now, you’d think she’d know better than to respond to the weird things that happen in Helovia. Nothing good ever seems to come out of them, except the moon horn around her neck. Yet she can’t help it – curiosity killed the cat and all.

She makes her way through the sky quickly, the words “you have no idea how long I’ve waiting to meet you,” drifting on the wind for her to catch. When she finds the source, there’s already a crowd there. Not that this surprises her. Strange things always bring crowds. A familiar black and white form is already there, and a few others she vaguely recognizes. She lands some distance away, walking the rest of the way in and settling near Alysanne with a smile and nod toward her and Anzanie. She can’t help but notice that Alysanne is entirely dry, and she wiggles her wings just slightly with a questioning raise of her eyes to her Queen and friend.

She turns her attention to the creature after though, because really, that is why they are here. She gives him a nod as well, offering “A pleasure to meet you,” even though they have not really properly met. But she doesn’t feel like offering names is really why this sea creature is here. He doesn’t look like anything Lyanna’s ever heard of before, let alone seen. He simply looks like something thrown together from bits and pieces of the sea and all the things below the waves. What did he want with them? Ah, always the question around here. And so she waits to find out.


art by yewrezz

Interacts directly with @Alysanne and @Anzanie

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She is so often here, if only because she enjoys the swim to the Isles. The water is always refreshing, giving her some renewed sense of belonging and purpose. It is hard to find those things on land, under the God of the Earth. It seemed slightly wrong that she served the God of the very dirt that bound her, but at the same time, it seemed only appropriate. What did she care of the sky (or the moon and sun that hung there), of the time that passed her by? She cared, at least, of the ground that the river cut though, of the cliffs that water plunged from. So she served her captor, because he also gave her the thing she loved most.

Not that she knows much of the God that she’ll need to learn to speak with. Oh, that’ll be an interesting endeavor, certainly, though she does (perhaps strangely) trust Isopia to guide her in this particular task at first. Go figure, for all they don’t get along. She respects the mare, even if she doesn’t like her. They are separate things, after all.

But today, she is not trying to learn anything. Her mind can really only handle so much of anything at once, and so she turns her attention to the Isles, to a refreshing swim. Though she should know better. Nothing ever stays pleasant and simple around here. She’s already on the Isles, lingering in the shallows, her body a spray of cool colors mixed with gray, when everything changes. She can’t explain it, how the water simply feels different suddenly. How the waves feel alive, how they suddenly churn around her with more force than she is used to. It draws her attention from the horizon to the shoreline in time to see something (something?) emerge from the water.

As it comes on land, it’s tail turns to rather lithe, delicate legs. Its head is also strange delicate, though the rest of it seems to be made of up of sea scraps. Its mane is sinewy and seaweedy, and like her, seems to generally lack hair (though she has a normal mane and tail). There are gills slapped onto the creature, and for once, she feels rather normal. Not that she’s normal, but simply like she belongs here now. With this creature that is so similar (and yet so different) than herself.

She doesn’t move for a while, and others come, some speaking loudly, others whispering to each other. It’s not until a familiar gray and blue girl appears that Syrena actually stirs from her place in the water. Seriously, where is this mother’s child? The memory of the animal attack and those damn birds and collecting nuts is all too fresh in her mind still, and she sighs slightly before pulling herself from the water and onto the shore. Slowly, her body fades back to normal seal gray as the Orangemoon breeze dries the water on her slick skin.

She comes to stand somewhat near Bathsheba, though still keeping herself general out of the group. The girl seems preoccupied with something else – that black stallion, maybe? Though Syrena doesn’t think twice about that, or who exactly she’s looking at, or whatever else. It doesn’t matter to the siren. She’s simply grown uncharacteristically fond of the girl, in her way, and so she keeps something of an eye on the child. Who is rather capable alone, but still, Syrena is large and imposing and no one needs to know that she doesn’t actually touch, hit, bite, etc.

She nods at the girl slightly, though says nothing, and doesn’t know if the filly is even paying enough attention to notice. But that too doesn’t bother her, and she turns her attention back to the creature at hand. She’d like to ask just what it is, but she feels like it’s something she should know. And because she’s never seen a thing like it before, she suspects it’s not a typical sea monster (she thinks monster kindly, she’s a monster too, after all). No. Maybe a minor sea god? Maybe, quite literally, it’s just the sea spitting up various pieces of itself to meet them. She really does not know. So instead, she studies the creature quietly, waiting to see what will happen.

Because for once, she doesn’t think this is a bad idea. It probably is, but it doesn’t matter to her. It’s one of the few times in this world she doesn’t feel out of place.

les words "chat chat"
Nods to @Bathsheba, stands kind of near Bathsheba and off to the side quietly


let the water take me

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The gargoyle has been laying low as of late. She hasn't had a great deal of choice - she lives in a herd full of people who hate her guts, and that'd make for awkwardness in anybody. Oizys has few fucks to give about other's opinions about her, but it isn't a particularly enjoyable time to be alive when she's dodging the veritable dagger-fest that her herdmates launch at her.

It doesn't help that her mother, rancid slut that she is, is too preoccupied with her shiny new children to be bothered about her older ones. Oizys has made no attempt whatsoever to get to know her new siblings, because they're small and ugly and useless and she scorns the notion that she was once that tiny and pitiful, too. She is not small anymore. Now a year old, the gargoyle is tall, gangly, but hardened with the raw draft muscle of her father's bloodline. She still needs to grow into her legs, but that'll come with time. To her great dismay, the Cough hasn't diminished with age, but she feels far more comfortable in her own skin now she's no longer knee high to a grasshopper.

The Riptide Isles are always a good place for the grey filly to chill, and she's doing exactly that when she hears the commotion nearby. Ker is hunting for fish over the sea, and with an excitable barrage of squawks and screeches, notifies her bonded of the new arrival to their shores. "Ugly sea fish thing," is her very descriptive appraisal of the creature, and Oizys' curiosity swiftly gets the better of her. She trots across the sand, savouring the sucking sensation that tests out her newfound muscles, her hideously scarred head held proudly high and her raptor perched happily upon her shoulders with a mouthful of wiggling fish shoved in her voracious beak.

The duo soon arrive at a crowd, and the gargoyle's cold grey eyes narrow as she drinks in the sights and sounds. She recognises the weak-ass filly she'd pounded into the ground a few months ago - ah, good times - as well as a veritable plethora of other men and women she's never seen before. All eyes are on the sea-beastie, however, and Oizys' are the same. Damn, it's ugly. It looks like the ocean vomited on the shore, but the filly's slim sense of preservation tells her to bite her tongue for once. Instead of speaking her mind and launching some vulgar - and probably not age-appropriate - bile at the thing, she stands in silence. Best to see how things develop before she goes in all guns blazing.

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[ the gargoyle queen ]

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Where There's No Law Tying My Heart From The Start

Things happen and when they do, it’s usually my job to make them stop. That’s the spirit of it, anyway. Not that I had particularly sound or fair judgement. I thought you had to really care about something before you could pass judgement on it, and so far I couldn’t’ve cared less about the things I could feel happening if my life depended on it. Unless it was dangerous. But it didn’t seem to be, not yet.

I watched people come from all over the place to meet the thing person that had ascended from the waves like a jigsaw puzzle of ocean shit that had been strewn all across the floor that had decided they wanted to be a horse instead. I was watching from my place in a shallow alcove in the face of a cliff, close enough to see faces but far enough to be rude about introductions. I wasn’t particularly moved to shift my ass either. Chico was laying down next to me, a huge warm lion-thing with is wing draped across my back, breathing deeply and evenly and doing a pretty good job of trying to persuade me into a nap, too. But shit was going down, though, so I had to fight that sleepy pull in the back of my eyes.

I wasn’t seeing a fight happening, though, and I didn’t feel one coming. I still watched, though, because Seaweed Sally was reminding me powerfully of the horses that had come from the Rifts that had plagued the land not too long ago. Or…shit, it’s been over a year already, hasn’t it? Jeez everything’s starting to run together.

Anyway, there was the suspicion in my breast that this guy was gonna shake things up, and what better place to do it than here, a region that had been shat out of the Rifts themselves? Would this place, with its unstable history, make it more prone for silly shit to go down? I dunno, maybe I was biased. Chico shifted against me and yawned right in my face, and I pinned my ears against the smell.

Anything happen?



He flopped into a new position, still wound tight against my side. Lemme know.


thanks chan!

Roskuld and Chico are napping and creepin' in a small indention in a cliffside not too far from the gathering!

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You're so cold but you feel alive

Cold air whistled across her ears and whipped the mass of curly hair back from the face. The light of the autumn sun was pale and bright and caused the young mare to squint as she peered ahead towards the horizon. Though still small, a mere speck of green and black against a world of blue she was able to see the island now, it's sandy beaches and swaying trees as alluring as ever. Erthë threw a glance at the bird that had been sticking to her wing-tips for some time now, and as she imagined the creature sending her a challenging leer she laughed and surged on. The pace of rising and falling wings increased, numbing muscles screaming in agony as the girl pushed herself to get ahead; slowly, inch by inch she drew ahead of the bird and with a triumphant whoop Erthë brought her shadow in over the islands landmass.

It was a race she had made up just then, against an opponent that might not have been aware that it was participating, but nevertheless it felt great to win. Laughing from the thrill of the chase the pale girl looped and spun in the air, exalted by the feeling of wind beneath her wings and the cold, crisp air rushing into the lungs. Never did she feel so free and happy as when she flew, never did she ever forget herself in such a way as when she succumbed to the allure of the distant horizon. Before she knew it the landscape below had changed from the far-reaching mountains of the north to the glittering seas of the south, where summer never really left and the cold only lasted until she broke through the layer of drifting clouds into the lower troposphere.

Still, though Erthë felt as though she could fly forever her body knew better. Even through the high of pulsing adrenaline her muscles groaned, the long flight taking its toll. Reluctantly the crowned swan began to descend towards the beach, her mind occupied with drifting ideas of food and water when, quite suddenly, a call from below brought her out of her reveries.

Peering down onto the beach that wasn't so far away now, Erthë spotted a large creature emerging from the waves, a being of a color and make such as she had never seen before. It struck a chord with her however, because this wasn't the first time she had seen peculiar creatures on these islands. As she tucked the pale wings tighter towards her body the girl felt her heart beat race, the rush of wind around her body more agitating now than soothing as she dove swiftly towards the ground. Was it a Riftian again? Had the portals opened once more, would the pale sands be stained with blood and soot again, as they had in the past?

Landing hard, the slender youth wobbled as a jolt of agony shot through her leg; gritting her teeth and cursing her own stupidity for never learning she staggered upright and hurried as best she could towards the strange creature, even as other helovians converged around the creature. The closer she got however, the less certain she became that this in fact was a mortal being at all; it seemed composed not so much of flesh and blood as of matter, sea-shells and kelp and all manner of corals and more that she had no name for. Fear and suspicion was pushed back by the onset of curiosity, and before she could stop herself Erthë blurted out the first thing that reached her tongue.

"What are you!?"

Only, it appeared she was not the only one to voice that particular question. Her own voice overlapped in near perfect sync with that of a bay colt further up the beach, so unexpectedly that she nearly cricked her neck in the haste to see who had spoken. Blinking, Erthë listened in awe as the boy kept rambling, his brazenness astounding even her; here, she had clearly met her match in the matter of uncomfortable questions.

Grinning, the snow-cold hybrid kept an eye on the boy as she joined the gathering crowd, sidling in beside Lyanna when she spotted the friend amidst the audience. Reaching the older mare Erthë made to tug affectionately at the teal-tipped locks by the withers.

"Hi, Ly, what's going on here? There's an awful lot of people gathering, and so quickly too!"

She whispered the query as pale eyes raked across the people around them. Many o the faces were familiar while others remained unknown to her; she nodded politely to Alysanne, Roskuld and Anzanie and offered smiles for Bathsheeba, Volterra and Oizys. One of the present however caused a frown to appear on her brow; upon noticing the tall, dark stallion with the skull branded onto his withers Erthë quickly looked away. She hadn't forgotten their intermission in the red forest. The mere sight of the guy was enough for a lump of unease to appear in her gut; if she was lucky she would not have to speak to him at all.

Image by Memuii || Table by Wanderer

Places herself beside and addressing @Lyanna while acknowledging Alysanne, Roskuld, Anzanie, Volterra, Oizys and Zéklè, as well as spotting Erebos.

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I know some of them, I think to myself, arriving into the clearing that the shout had come from with salt water still dripping down my sides in slow trickles.

What a shout, too. I’d heard it clear across the sea, and told Duir, for the first time since we had bonded, to remain there without me. I figured that I could easily swim to the jungle islands, but the young buck made me worry about whether or not I’d make it after all. Though it pissed him off (still pisses him off, actually, if the emotional tether between us is as reliable as it’s always been), I found myself quite intrigued by the scene playing out before; it only seems to further Duir’s anger on the distant shore, however, as he is not privy to the scene himself.

Erebos is here, I notice almost immediately. My boy’s heart makes a pang of longing to go stand alongside him mere seconds before it clenches back into itself. Did he know that his father had attacked me, for practicing my skills on an unsuspecting Sialia? Did he… was he mad at me, too?

Like a damp cat I move, instead, among the outliers in the gathering, folks like Volterra and the unknown women who stand alongside him, though not necessarily with them. I do so hoping that both Erebos and the pure white gnat named Erthë don’t see me, but really, at this point, my main focus is on the… thing.

Others begin to chatter at the deeply voiced sea creature (which seems to male) as Helovian’s are apt to do in situations like this. Too friendly for their own good, I sometimes wonder if a few of these trollops would express cordiality to a pack of snarling wolves. I, on the other hoof, watch with reservation, albeit a great interest.

Something about the peculiar, scaly fellow oozes power, which, of course, commands a certain level of respect. Having met a good number of Gods in my lifetime, I certainly don’t necessarily expect him to be one, so much as I… suspect. This leaves only one question, really: was he welcome here, or would he be yet another body felled by the hooves of Helovia, and its Gods?

[ OOC: Does his best to avoid Erebos and Erthe, admires Volterra and his collection of ladies, and proceeds to stare with great (albeit wary) interest at the powerful stranger. ]
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The being noticed that many were forced to leave companions behind in order to swim across to the isle he currently stood upon. Indeed, many foals seemed to be lingering on the opposing shoreline, too young to make the journey. With a small smile, the being called forth rocks, bones, and other sturdy matter from beneath the water's surface, creating a stable bridge.

 "Let nothing stand in your way!" He called joyfully.

A bridge has appeared! Everyone is able to cross over to the island !

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More and more equines arrived, each reeking of their herds or their lack of one. If truth be told, it was rather difficult being surrounded by the familiar scent of the World's Edge, the scent that once meant home, yet knowing she no longer belonged within it's intimate folds. Huffing quietly and giving her head a shake, the ivory mare banished the bittersweet thoughts from her mind and attempted to hear what was being said around her.

To the ivory medusa's growing displeasure and budding fear, foals of all ages poured into the gathering like water into a basin - where were their parents? Where was their protection? Orithia's throat tightened at the understanding that she may not be able to keep them from harm, that youthful blood could very well stain the glimmering waters if the Sea Beast so wished. Shortened tail lashed against her hocks, the only indication of her agitation as she looked on silently while the crowd of onlookers swelled.

Suddenly, there was a great rumbling beneath the waters and Orithia felt herself move from Volterra's side, felt herself push to the front of the gathering. Ears tilted back and wings raised slightly to shield those in the front lines from whatever might have emerged from the brine, the warrioress felt her muscles tense. If the scenario had been different, if the mare and the rest emerged from the meeting unscathed, the blushed lass was sure she would laugh at herself for overreacting - for playing the Protector even when she had been stripped of all titles the moment she had left Helovia all those months ago.

Old habits died hard, she supposed.

Rose colored lips had just began to pull back from her teeth when the source of the rumbling exposed itself as a makeshift bridge. Just like it's master, the passage seemed to be made up of the ocean's extra materials - bones, boulders, old barnacles, driftwood and the like. Ears swiveling to catch the sound of the beast's words, Orithia felt her eyes narrow - what did this beast want? Pursing her lips and taking the first step toward the bridge, the lithe maiden wondered if she was mad to make the crossing, to stare into the face of what very well could be her demise.

Yet, hadn't she done that countless times before? Hadn't she laughed instead of hid?

Running her tongue over the blunted edges of her teeth, Orithia walked with careful confidence across the bridge, eyes pinned to the Sea Beast upon his sandy island. Moving toward the beast, the Pegasus stopped a healthy distance away - close enough, by her measure, to attempt to prevent the creature from lunging past her, and hopefully far enough to avoid injury if it were to lash out. Swallowing, the mare perked her ears toward the monster and gave a nod of greeting.

First week back in Helovia and she had already plunged herself into the possibility of mortal peril. A soft chuckle itched to spill from her lips; old habits really did die hard.
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