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It had been a few days since his arrival in Helovia, and already Kisamoa was itching to begin his work here. But in order to do so, he would first need the help of more than just a few of the Helovians. In fact, he would need almost all of them, for to reclaim the lands blackened by death would be no feat that he could complete on his own, in the time that he had. However. his long life and past experiences had tempered this anxiety and made him patient. First, they would need to be shown that he could be trusted, that he was not like the Riftian creatures who had come forth only a few months prior. He was not an enemy to be fought, but a friend to aid ... only he knew that their skepticism ran deep, and despite the few offers of aid, he knew he needed more.

Perhaps a little friendly competition would get them in the spirit, while giving him the chance to reward them?

Kis stood on the shore of the endless blue, with his finned legs up to his knees in the salty spray. He inhaled deeply, partially wishing that he could simply leap forward and be one with the sea again. But no ... he had things to do here...

"Helovians! I call to you again, but this time for fun! I've a challenge for you!" He called brightly, his voice somehow magically amplified.

Patiently he stepped back, still staring at the water, and waiting for those who wanted to attend, to arrive.

This is a WATER magic drop! (Not earth, just water! So your magic must either pure water, or a water hybrid)

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Among the rotunda pillars Tilney stood, admiring the brook as he prepared cuttings to bring back to the greenhouse. He simply adored his job despite how terrifying it could be at times - mind crossing to Erthë, he wondered how she was today after her horriffic ordeal. A time would be made to speak to her about what on earth she had gotten herself in to. If it had been maude to land in a bundled bloody heap among the meadow grass he would scold her for weeks.

It was only then that he wondered where on earth her parents were? Why did he always see the icy child alone?
Helovians! I call to you again,

It was Kisamoa! Tilney would recognise that voice anywhere from now on, it was a most extraordinary song of a thing.
Dropping his cuttings, Tilney leapt from the ancient structure and made his way as quickly as possible to the coast. It didn't take too long before his hooves touched downon the sand and he arrived alone before the sea beast.
Crown high and chest full of confidence the bronze boy strode right up to the creature, his feet just falling into the waves. "Greetings Kis!" he cheered
"Need a helping hand?"
He could recall that Kisamoa needed help, Father Earth needed help. He would do his very best to aid them however he could.
He suspected it had something to do with that dreadful, infected land. Surely a healer coudl prove useful?

Mother Moons power was great, that was for sure. She was a force to be reckoned with, and tilney hoped the patron deity of his homeland might also help her brother.

Not participating but he just wants to see Kis bc he thinks hes rl cool


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the Aurelight

Kaj had heard news of Kisamoa. He'd not responded to the call, too unnerved by the familiarity of it, and the deep twinging ache of his permanently injured shoulder reminding him of the Riftian battles. There was no way he could ever leave the life of a soldier, but it didn't mean he needed to answer every magical call the land had to offer a tired old man like him. But when it came the second time, close to where he already was, Kaj couldn't resist giving into a bit of youthful curiosity. Though he had so much more to lose nowadays, he couldn't help his interest this time around, and with a dip of his wing he wound his way through the skies to answer the bellow of playful vocals. 

"I've a challenge for you!" 

Kaj caught the tail end of the odd serpentine creature's words, and landed in the surf and sand at a distance. Wary, world-weary, reticent. But he is there, at least. Silent, as is his nature, but he's there. And surely that must count for something, right? Especially when he only knows of this aquatic godling through the mouths and tongues of others. It's a substantial amount of trust that goes into this endeavor, but he is curious. Mortal. Greedy. So he listens to the song of promise and competition, and listens to it. Heeds it. Gives in. 

Time will reveal how he feels, personally, about this creature. 

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Kissaaamoo” Inari called into the crevices of Sacre’s head. They had followed the coast line from the Worlds Edge, down past the Grove and onto the beach where now stood the very same sea creature they had met earlier. Again he shouted into air, as if he really was a God of Helovia who could call them forth whenever he pleased, but this time he appeared to have more purpose than before. Sacre was intrigued—what kind of fun did Kisamoa have in mind? Did this have something to do with them helping him heal the dead land further south of here? The fishy guy was stood, fins an’ all, on the shoreline where the waves rolled up onto the sandy surface. The fox boy’s eyes strayed from Kis to see who else had heard his call and he recognised one—his head of discipline.

Timmy” Inari called once again and Sacre could almost hear the eye roll from Ríona, who was sat next to him on the stained boy’s back. The two often argued over the names of horses and other things, neither were exactly right, but Sacre found the constant chattering and bickering comforting.

The fox boy strode across beach towards Tilney, the tree marked Moon Doctor, whilst his gaze switched to Kis every now and then. His expression was friendly, but the edges of his uncertainty coloured his eyes as the boy flipped between being curious and cautious. Perhaps this meeting would cement his feelings for the sea creature. “I will help you, Doctor” Sacre smiled at Tilney, slipping easily into his role as a Nurse and dutifully waited for some inkling as to what kind of challenge was going to take place.

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She doesn’t even come for the prize this time. Yes, rewards are great. No, she has no idea if there will actually be one (she just assumes, that often happens here). But for once, the promise of some reward is not her driving force. He is the sea, and for that alone, she will help him. It is the least selfish thing she has ever done. Not that there isn’t some level of selfish motivation (everything is slightly selfish, in the end). She wants to be close to him, wants to relish in his presence. Even if he’s made of trash and scraps spit up by the waves. Even if he sends her to hell and back. It’s the closest she can get to feeling like she belongs, being near this creature.

So she goes. Because it’s almost like being home.

It is the first large event in Helovia she’s ever willingly been drawn into. Even when he calls for a challenge (not something she likes, not that she likes much of anything). Maybe, if she’s lucky, it’ll be a swimming challenge. Or a growing water plants challenge. Or a changing cool colors in water challenge. Whatever, if it’s water based, she’s got an advantage for once. Because normally, she feels at a disadvantage stuck on the ground. Yes, she has feet and breathes air, but still. She was never born to stay on this damn hard dirt.

She is not the first to arrive and find the creature standing knee deep in the water. She’s tempting to join him, simply because she longs to wade into the water. Instead, she stays on the shore where the waves lap against the sand, her feet turning swirls of blue and purple as the waves crash against her. She keeps off to the side a bit, out of the way of the others, and nods to Kis in an almost reverant way. Not as she would to a God – he had asked them not to think of him as such – but as she would to her god, because he is the closest she has ever gotten.

les words "chat chat"


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The giant is not the trusting sort, and the arrival of the sea-beast onto the beach a few days ago has left him with a deep sense of unease that he simply cannot shake. It sticks in his craw, lingers in his chest, thrashes in his stomach.

The Rift God fights had been glorious, and Volterra would jump at the chance to battle some seemingly immortal hell-beast any day of the week. Yet he remembers the diseases that the false Gods had brought with them, remembers the havoc they had wreaked across all four corners of Helovia, and it fills his gut with tension to know that it could all be happening again. It could happen worse. So whilst other citizens of the land had blindly offered their help to the seemingly benevolent stranger at the previous gathering, Volterra had hung back.

He wishes to do some of his own research before pledging his allegiance to a creature he neither knows or trusts. When the beast reappears a few days after its previous rising, Volterra is only too quick to further his own studies by attending the event.

There's already quite a crowd gathered, and the leviathan makes no effort to bulldoze to the front like he often does. Instead he lurks around the back, his eyes narrowed with interest as Kisamoa says more of the right things. He certainly knows how to weasel his way into Helovian affections, and that only heightens the goliath's sense of unease.

He is disgusted to see that most of the others gathered are already offering their help to the creature, and his brow furrows into a deep frown. They don't even know what it wants yet! Is he the only animal here with sense in his head, and a lingering dose of cynicism in his soul? Warily the stallion looks at the sea-creature, but says nothing for now; he is content to hang back and watch, and see if he can gather any more information on what Kisamoa is up to.

Because if there's one thing Volterra has learned during his three years of life, it's that everything has its price. Kisamoa offers fun and a challenge - but at what cost?

vérzés & vadir

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Deep in her explorations, the young girl had wandered to a beautiful beach. The bright sand seemed to run endlessly to her right and left and before her was a massive, beautiful ocean. The waters were crystalline blue and churning with steady, crashing waves. A steady rhythm calmed her soul from the roaring sound, and she picked her way through the dense sand, unused to this type of heavy exercise. A light sweat began to coat her pale hide, and her light blue eye squinted a bit from the sensitive sun.

As she wandered along the sand, she spied a very small gathering and what looked to be a very strange looking water creature. Gills and scales covered his body - somewhat like the fish she saw around the Dragon's Throat. Mom had called them fish, at least. How did he survive above water though? Mom had said that fish should never be removed from the water because they can't breathe the same air that we do.

Curiously, she wandered over and stood quietly on the edge of the conversation, blinking her odd colored eyes when the male being said he had a task for Helovians. Ellie knew she was not old enough to participate in such a task, so she remained a curious and quiet observer. If only Rhun were here with her... she wouldn't feel so alone in this big, big world.

She shouldn't have left on her own, but... she couldn't just stick around either.

Mum would find her soon. She knew it. Mum always found where she was hiding.

Ellie then began to look for others her age in the crowd, backing away from those who were talking - especially the big black one with two very menacing looking dragons! Hopefully another her age would come close so she could observe in the safety of numbers. Fortunately she was big for her age due to her father's genetic contribution, so she wouldn't be easily stepped on.

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Luther decided that now he was out of the Dragon's Throat, he would explore the perimter of Helovia. The boy traveled a bit haphazardly around since there was one big swamp area he could not traverse. Instead, he cut across the meadow and moved straight west. Fortunately for him, that was the right direction to go according to this strange, scaly things that rose from the waters of Helovia. Strange as it may be though, maybe it could really help.

It? He? Seemed like a he.

With a pride and strength greater than his age, the boy walked up the sands of the beach. Every now and then he would spread his red and black wings, launching himself into the air. The strong winds from the ocean would carry him further and higher than he had done before, and before long, he was truly getting the hang of gliding (that was a pun). Luther used this method to navigate toward a gathering in the hazy distance, yellow eyes a bit narrowed in curiosity.

Well what do you know. There was the it again. Luther wondered if his brother was nearby, and he looked around the small crowd once he landed. No, no brother. Not yet anyway. A few similar faces were surrounding this strange, but he paid them little mind because there was a new face standing there who was very... pretty. Older, and pretty. She seemed to be lost, so he approached awkwardly, standing nearby and trying not to be obvious as he was looking her way.

Honestly, his attention was completely gone from the god-like being now. Part of him felt bad, but mostly he didn't care.


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She had been keeping an eye out for the god-kin ever since that day on the southern isles. Some might say it had been hasty of her to promise aid to a creature she had no reason to trust, but so many odd creatures milled about Helovia that it was impossible not to become jaded after a while. In a land so saturated with magic, where peculiar things occurred so often that they didn't even appear strange or out of place anymore, first impressions meant a lot. A riendly smile and polite introduction could mean the difference between a pleasant conversation in the rain and a horn between your ribs, between living and dying, between trust and eternal suspicion. Appearances were deceptive, opinions could change but it would always be harder to regain trust once it was lost.

Erthë chose to give Kisamoa the benefit of the doubt. While certainly strange in excess even by Helovian standards he had come off as pleasant and friendly. Nothing he said or did had come off as false or covert; strange, oh yes and hard to believe... but even if he himself could be doubted, there was little in her that could object against the cause of which he spoke. To restore dead lands... It sounded like a monumental task, but a pleasant one, and Erthë had spent long hours in happy  contemplation over the hows and what ifs that had been left as of yet unanswered.

So when he called again, when his voice reached her and beckoned to join in Erthë was happy to oblige. On pearly white wings she traveled from the mist-veiled cliffs of her homeland, across the cooling gray ocean until she reached the sea-born man where he stood in the surge. Many had already gathered; Erthë landed with some difficulty and did a quick once-over to see if she recognized and of those present, and after offering polite nods to those familiar faces she knew the filly settled herself on the outskirts of the milling crowd.

"What kind of challenge would that be, Kisamoa of the Deep?" she asked, an enthusiastic smile playing across rosy lips at the news. She was still enough of a foal to enjoy most games, though her favorites by far were riddles and guessing games; the kinds that didn't require much running around.


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"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
She had been glued to his side since that day on the beach not so long ago. A smile touched her velvety lips as she wondered by his massive side. She had no idea why he was so wound up about this new God thing, but he defiantly was. Being the dutiful queen she was she made it her duty to follow him around. He was her business, there for, whatever he deemed dangerous was. If he wanted to hunt it down that was no problem, and her solution was to do it with him. What good is taking someone down if there wasn't anyone around that was worth of his protection. She smirked and strutted next to her Goliath beast. 'Mommy and Daddy would be proud of me finding such a strong peasant to be with.' It took all the effort she had to not burst out laughing at the thought.

She doubted they would have been proud even if she had bedded that old bat. There was no way his loins would have offered a child, but the disgrace would have landed squarely on her shoulders. All mares were to blame when a strong son wasn't born.
She shook the thoughts away sure she would offer him a fine son, that would exceed both of them. Silver eyes turned to look him over taking in his tense muscles. 'I'll have to take care of those later.' She grinned her tail snaking out behind her.

As they come up on a group of horses her eyes rove over those gathered cautiously. She doesn't know anyone here really, so she is hesitant. Stepping closer to @Volterra her confidence sky rockets. Horned head shoots up and silver eyes sharpen as she looks at the sea creature. Her voice is a soft whisper just for Volterra, "He looks like the ocean threw up." She chuckled darkly at her own joke. Settling down she stood silently beside him ears swiveling carefully eyes on the creature.

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The Seer had not been far when the magical, newly familiar voice echoed across the land. Had he not pledged to help Kisamoa, albeit silently rather than a clear declaration as others had? So he came forth, behind the peppering of bodies who had also emerged in response to the Earth God's distant cousin. He had no reservations as other had, about creatures which came forth from unusual worlds, for he had arrived after the scars of the earth had began to settle from the wars with the Rift Gods.

Besides, in his homeland, it was rather common place for creatures to appear and disappear from realms and scapes different than their own. Those of the Earth Mother's verdant landscaped dreamed the dream of emerald creation, and then there were those who were forever bound to the timelines of any and every circumstance and happening, their bodies flickering in and out of time.  He had little reason to question the merit of the Sea dweller who called to them now.

Lapis hooves stilled and sank a little as he stopped short of Kisamoa, beside his thero'shan as he turned to give her a gentle nudge against her cold neck. "My Lady." His head tilted, and dipped in greeting toward of the Sea faring creature. "It is a fine day for a challenge." He offered with a tone of mirth. "What would you have us do?"

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The Grandchild of the Sun had been waiting, anxiously, excitedly, curiously for the strange horse from the waves to call on them again. So when he did, he was in the air within matter of moments, growing wings struck against the air to carry him toward the Endless Blue with all the fervor he could muster in his skull marked frame.

Finally, would they get to see what this Kisamoa wanted of them? and why he could not summon his Grandfather, Aunt and Uncles for aid instead of looking to them. Why did it require a mortals touch instead of the divine? So many questions, and apparently so little time.

He's not surprised to see his father there, the imposing boulder of black and white stood with a healthy dose of skepticism on his face. He shared the same reservations as most would, the childish excitement reserved solely for the point of answers at this point, of potential knowledge and for the sake of finding something out. He's not exactly thrilled either, to be faced with a potential bout in the water, he's made for air and fire, not mud and water. Still, if this is what they have to do, he supposed he would have to suck it up.

He landed next to his father, cloven hooves soundlessly clawed into the white sands beneath them as he drew himself together. "Apa." Tyrath greeted, pupiless pits decidedly resting on his sire rather than the strange creature, or the woman which has chosen to sidle up beside him. He has no opinion nor clear read upon her save for her appearance and her general stance, but it didn't stop the smear of disdain setting off a small flame within his core.

Tyrath's gaze divided between those already offering to help the creature with whatever tasks he had in mind, an invisible brow rose as he went from once face to another. Fanged maw turned downwards after a moment, and his leonine tail gave an irritated flick. "Has he already stated what he wants of us?" He'd kick himself if he had been late, and had already missed some kind of introduction saved for those who had got there first.

"talk talk talk"

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Imagine the sand wolf's surprise when Kisamoa turned up on the very beach she had spent her morning at, she'd always had an affinity for the sand and the water. Hadn't she spent most of her time in the Throt, playing by the very same blue hued ocean and picking shells from the orange sands? Lilac eyes watched silently, unsure whether to say something to the strange depths horse that had washed up only a few days prior. Did he want to be alone?

The salted wind touseled her growing white hair, sending the braided feathers flickering into the breeze as she turned her gaze back toward the ocean. What was it like out there? Both on the horizon and beneath the waves, were their sunken cities like the stories her mai had told her? Stories which had been passed down from her own mother who had once come from a wondrous city. Where scaled horses swam bejeweled in lost treasures, and read languages lost or was it more like up here? Just fields of kelp grasses and coral forests where they lurked in similar fashion to how herds worked here? Was it just another simplistic land except the sky was watery waves?

She liked to think it was the former, the more she watched the white tipped waves roll in, and then roll out. That there were underwater cities of sunken marble to be found, just waiting for the surface to discover them, and their watery citizens again.

Apparently, Kisamoa did want company, the boomed magical voice caused the filly to jump and exhale a gasp of surprise. Her legs moved before her mind caught up with it, trotting down the beach to bring her closer to where Kisamoa stood in the waves with a smile on her face. A smile which became somewhat guarded as others soon appeared, and the dun filly found herself standing a little straighter with her head held higher as she studied them. "Hello, Kis." The gentleness soon returned, to a degree, when she returned her attention back to Kisamoa, and soon replaced by a fiery spirit of competition. "What kind of challenge?" She quizzed, the flames on her wings burned brighter with her sudden spike of emotion. "Do we have to swim underwater for it?"

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If there's one thing Oizys is firmly sure of from the previous gathering with the sea beastie, it's that shit is going to go down. And if there's one thing Oizys enjoys, it's when shit goes down.

She's like a woman on a mission as she hunts the beaches for another sign of Kisamoa. The gargoyle is torn between her greedy desire to see what gifts the otherwordly creature could possibly impart onto her, and her deep mistrust of anything different. Something doesn't quite sight right with her about the demon, and she's not even recalling prior experiences to create her opinion - it's just a feel deep inside her chest. Oizys wasn't around for the God battles, so she has no idea what to expect when it comes to sudden appearances from oddly benevolent monsters, simply her own thoughts and musings.

Ker flaps lazily alongside the filly as she struts across the sand, her long wings flared to snatch at the sea breeze and carry her along with the minimal amount of effort. Now fully-grown, the eagle is a quite magnificent creature; magnificent enough to make Oizys glad she didn't kill her at birth as she'd intended. Ker has also started to talk, which is quite unsettling. Her words are broken and childlike, but it is still a deeply odd sensation to Oizys, who is used to only her own mental voice. As they march together along the beach, though, Ker's incessant babble is quieted; they exchange simple thoughts and emotions, united in their mingled mistrust and curiosity towards Kisamoa.

Speak of the devil and he's sure to arrive; Salty Tits has popped back into existence, and is luring Helovians with the promise of a fun challenge. The gargoyle snorts her derision at the idea, but attends all the same. She lurks towards the back of the crowd whilst Ker circles and lands heavily on her withers, and both filly and eagle stare with veiled interest at Barnacle Bill and his boomy-ass voice.

image credits

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Kisamoa had arrived once more! My wings flapped gently, stirring up the sand on the beach with each gust as I landed. There where not many here, Which was pleasant to see after the huge massive crowd that had arrived at the last appearance of the sea creature, or god, or whatever he was. Actually, I do know. He was Kisamoa.

My turquoise eyes browsed over this crowd, landing on a red and black colt, who I believe I saw at the last meeting. The others? That big one with the dragons.... His face seemed to be imprinted on so many foals that I had seen. There was one of them here actually. And then there was the pretty white filly who was way too old for me. I wanted to talk to her, but fear kept me from doing so. Instead I looked away to find one more I knew. Oizy's. Now, she hadn't been exceptionally rude when I met her, but I got this feeling that she was a nasty devil. I twitched my muzzle, remembering the peck I had earned from that nasty bird of hers for just trying to help. Yes. I would avoid them.

There was a new face though. And man was my attention drawn. She was younger by a little bit, an just a heir smaller than I. A charming smile lifted my features as I moved close to her seemingly scared form. That other colt had noticed her too it seemed, but he hadn't said anything, so I might as well try. I approached the pretty filly, "Hello! I am Kvasir. You are more than welcome to stand with me if you like." My turquoise eyes shifted to the red Pegasus colt. "As are you. Could I catch either of your names?" My eyes turned away from the colt, looking at the filly a moment, before landing back on Kisamoa. A challenge he said...
Well let the challenge begin!


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The pair of heathens nestled themselves amongst the entanglement of shoals and dunes, of bracken and endless, unwavering sea, of undulating waves and posturing gulls, of eternal shells shifting and scorching on the bed of sand and sun. Most of their wandering, following (always in pursuit of something, anything, their avaricious claws could snag and snare), had been claimed by the annals of curiosity, by the bright, looming depths of inquiry and intrigue. Erebos had volunteered himself, among many in the swelling crowd, to be of assistance towards cleaning up the dead lands – but what that entailed had still been left in an enigmatic twist. Prior experiences with helping any higher beings had been a bit of a hit and miss: exploring ships with his friends and being silly had diverting (and they’d earned things; little charms that still dangled within a few twisted tassels of his mane), delving into unsolved mysteries and murders (and then becoming all the more disturbed when those he knew had been left flayed and destroyed), or the latest cataclysmic plunge of deities against mortals. He’d seen Gods fall. He’d seen enemies brutalized. He’d seen friends and foes deceased, sprawled against the earth, some barely mourned, only scrutinized for small clues and discoveries left behind. He didn’t know or understand what Kisamoa truly intended; if everything was a ruse, a falsehood, and they’d been swept into a bestial trap, or if he truly meant what he said and merely needed their abilities.
But the boy had always been willing – he had too much of his mother’s genial, gallant blood flowing through his veins (sometimes virtue and valor rolled right off his tongue, off his lips, off his frame) to ignore the pleas and requests for help. The soldier simply didn’t know what it would all entail. Bloodshed, hopefully, Orsino mused through their connection, and the scion snorted, deep and low, trying to hide the rogue smile tucked along the side of his mouth. While neither beast, neither infidel, had any need of begging for the God’s invocations (the prince already conducted his watery enchantments on almost on a daily basis), they came for the knowledge, for the sagacity, for the divine wisdom of the unknown to whisper in their ears, to pull them towards desired directions. Both stood off towards some rocks, not hiding, not garbed and veiled in cloaks or daggers, eyes narrowed, speculating and studying, merely watching, waiting for something to happen.
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“come down now,” they'll say!

“That’s a seashell. Apparently little creatures used to live in them and that’s all that’s left. It’s a bit sad in that regard, but I think it’s hopeful, too – there’s always something of them carrying on in the world, even if they were small and might not have had names to remember.” Snapdragon, sitting where the dry sand met the dark, wet bar, mewled thoughtfully before batting the shell aside. “Charming. I h—”

Kisamoa’s voice breezed through her like a wave, water spraying as she spun swiftly on her dime. A fair number of people had already begun to gather, some to join in and others to spectate – Tilney was there, striking up a conversation with the deeps-thing further down the strand, and she turned her face away out of reflex. Seemingly a hundred years ago she would’ve flown straight to him. Now, Ultima thought she’d rather be miles and miles away.

But her curiosity was stronger than her bruised heart, and being an unabashedly social thing, the prospect of watching alone was unnerving. There wasn’t anyone from the Falls who she recognized – a little knot of foals had gathered on a nearby dune, though. A tall filly, crowned with a pair of pale, elegantly curved horns. Two pegasi boys, one dark and dusted as if with sand, and the other a vivid red that drew her eye almost immediately. For several moments she stood with uncertainty, gaze flickering back to Tilney. But then a cloud momentarily dimmed the sun, and before it had drifted past the girl had made her choice. 

“Come on,” she said quietly, extending a wing as she took a step upshore. “Oh, careful,” she added, pausing; the kitten had hopped onto the joint where her primaries began, and, “Steady,” was clambering up to his perch at her nape. Another beat, and she took off, sand scattering at her heels.

She coasted halfway and skipped across the last few meters, chirping as she approached. “Hallo! Mind if I join you?” Drawing up beside the larger colt, she smiled cheerily before peeking back at the god’s figure in the distance. More and more were funneling onto the beach to answer his call; That’s the storyteller, she thought, peering around the onlookers, And there’s Alune, and that girl, Oizys, and … 

Ultima cocked her head, shooting the children a wondering look. 

“What do you suppose he’ll have them do?”


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Like most, Isopia had been on the look out for Kisamoa to appear again. She had judged, as many others similarly had, that he would appear by vast bodies of whatever. And, like those who had already assembled below, she was right.

Isopia descended quickly and without much pomp or circumstance. There were a few here whom she recognized - mostly those from her herd, Syrena, and Ultima. She spied Tyrath too, standing with a stallion she could only assume was his father. Funny, she mused, his markings look more like mine. Ahh, but then again markings were no sign of heredity around Helovia. Not always, anyways.

Folding her wings against her flanks, The Mountain stood offset from the group somewhat, eyeing Kisamoa with a watchful, curious amber stare. Hubris landed upon her wither, clutching the red folds of her cape in his bronzey talons and whistling slightly to himself. As in most cases, he was much more eager to trust and understand than his bonded was. Though the Demi-goddess had to admit that she was surprised to see so much dissension among those who had assembled when Kisamoa first arrived. After all, they were normally so trusting, or if not trusting, greedy. When the promise of an egg was dangled before them, had she ever seen even a one refuse the task set before them? No. And yet suddenly everyone wanted to play detective? Everyone was curious?

She snorted, and watched the events with an academic and sterile interest.


Also Iso is just watching :3

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The Glazier hadn’t ventured far from home. It was enough to keep her legs moving again, removing the stiffness that had settled during the time she seemed to hibernate – hidden away during the day only to come out at night. Soon, she had begun to realize the error of her ways and the things she had been missing out on. She had heard the quiet rumble of voices talking of an event that had happened in one of the newer lands since her time here in Helovia and it was only then when she realized she needed to stop sleeping through everything.

So she trudged toward the water, wondering if perhaps she might be able to watch the waves or wait until the sunset and be able to learn how to enjoy things once again. Of course, nothing seemed out of ordinary until she came across a voice – it called for Helovians and her fluted pale ears perked at the opportunity. Was it her lucky day? Glasgow picked up her speed a bit, as much as her old and tired body would allow her, before she stumbled across a gathering. She spotted many familiar faces, Ultima, Tilney (oh how her heart ached and shuddered at the sight), a variety of children. Nevertheless, she made her way into the group – her glassy gaze dancing around the faces until it landed on the one that had called them there. He was a strange combination of different things, but in all truth Glasgow had seen worse. She simply offered him a small smile as she stood closer but a bit of distance away from Tilney. “I’m willing to help.” She acknowledged above the voices in the crowd.

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The filly wandered from home once again, hoping to scout out all of the places she had been with her brother at or had at least talked about in the hopes of seeing him around. Nothing had been of use quite yet, but she hoped perhaps if she tried enough times she might be able to find him. She recalled wanting to see the ocean, remembering the excitement that laced through her mind at the idea of such an adventure – and she remembered relaying the information to her brother when she found out what it exactly was. And so far, her life in the Edge had allowed her to see the ocean from the rocks the waves crashed upon. It only caused her yearning to get worse.

So she set out for the ocean. Khairi flew above her, a white shadow among the sky as he scouted ahead. Deep down the vulture was also extremely hopeful in the chance of seeing the colt once again. While he didn’t have that same deep rooted attachment as Kiada did to her brother, the bird was quite fond of the boy’s companion as well. And even he was beginning to miss the notorious yipping and clacking of the hyena’s jaws. Perhaps one day they’d see each other once again, yet as the duo approached a familiar voice called over the land. Kis she remembered, and immediately picked up a canter to reach the group. Her ink dipped legs digging into the earth as she bounded toward the gathering. She spotted more of those she knew, but her eyes were set on the ocean creature – more than willing to help with anything the beast needed.

"Talk. "

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