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[PRIVATE] what's your response to the prison program?

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What doesn't kill me better run.

Ralik snorted as he paced along the shore of the Dragon's Throat, his gaze fixed on the opposite shore. Normally he wouldn't let the sea stand in his way, but for the first time that he could remember he did. He had discovered, quite quickly, that the magic he'd possessed that allowed him to shift into a seafaring creature was gone. Naturally this irritated him, but it also concerned him that the immortality he'd possessed outside of Helovia was also gone. If this were the case he wouldn't be able to cross the ocean without risking death and he certainly wasn't ready to die yet.

Honestly he Dragon's Throat was that bad -- it had wenches, sand, sun, and the ocean. But he would have liked it better if he wasn't confined to the island without his flask. He was too used to being the captin of his own life, not feeling like he was being held prisoner on an island like a mutineer. He wanted to walk around Helovia, to explore and see what the land had to offer, but until he had a key to activate the fire bridge (which sucked) or found someone who had a key (which also sucked) he was stuck. Had he known beforehand while they were in the Threshold that the Throat required a key he would have gone with Tiamat to her home in the Basin.

His pacing stopped and he turned his back to the ocean, his eyes sweeping across the desert in search of someone that he could shout at to let him out. He spotted Nephele rather easily, her chimeric coat was one that he wouldn't easily forget. "Hey!" He shouted across the sands. "Wench!" That ought to be enough to bring her over, not every mare liked being called wench and he felt it safe enough to assume that Nephele would be one.



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There was only so much rugged handsomeness one could rely on to save them, especially when they referred to mares as Wenches. Now, she was a sucker for any handsome rugged man who had the chiselled features and the muscles, but sometimes it was just a damn shame when they opened their mouth and honeyed words were the last things that poured out of them.

Colour her unamused as she glided over the desert sands, only to be met with the salt laced call of 'Hey Wench!'. Sea blue and molten gold peered over at the pirate with an unamused gaze, and her wings dipped to carry her over toward him. Wench, she was a warrioress, an amazonian. Not some two dubloon maid who swished her tail at any man that might throw gold in her direction. Atreus seemed to have the same opinion, the bird flew ahead and settled into flying lazy circular patterns around the pirate. A not so silent warning that he would shit, or claw, or do both to the pirate if he so pleased.

"Ralik, my favorite pirate in all the sands." Her eyelashes fluttered at him while she hoped her sugared words were enough to rot him to the bone. The Key which sat around her neck jostled pleasantly in her glide aided trot as her hooves touched down on the sand. "How are you finding the Throat?"

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