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Sohalia the Transcended did not mind being assigned a patrol, but she was dreading this one. It had been some time since she had visited the Halcyon Flats, and the memories associated with the beautiful land were not ones that she had prepared herself to relive. This was where she had come upon Gaucho after hiding from him for months, after having borne another stallion’s child – this is where she had lied to him for the first and only time, and that lie had been their undoing. And now it was too late to take it back.

With a heavy sigh, the pale lady angled her wings towards the ground and began her descent, watching her reflection flicker in the calm pools that she passed by. Astraeus moved with her, circling briefly as the mare landed and then settling himself onto her withers. He periodically chirped a soothing string of sounds, offering the only comfort that he could to the still-heartbroken Artisan. There was little that he could say to chase away her sadness, particularly when her current emotions were being compounded by the recent arrival of that strange Viking trio.

Having paused upon the sand, the ivory dove looked around for her fellow patrollers. She was supposed to be accompanied today by a lovely young equine whose name she didn’t know, Aithniel, and (much to her surprise and excitement) Zenobia. Although she valued the strength-in-numbers mindset, she rather wished that she would be able to use this patrol as quality time spent with her oldest living daughter. It had been some time since she and Zenobia had been able to really talk despite the fact that they lived upon the same sands. It seemed that her daughter was often busy, and given the herd’s recent struggles with the warrior class, Sohalia could understand why.

”Do we have any recent reports from this area?” the mare asked whoever happened to be standing nearby, shoving her lingering sadness and guilt to the back of her mind. She could relive her biggest regrets later, but for now, she had a job to do.


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Of the Dragon’s Throat inhabitants, this mare Sohalia was perhaps the least threatening to the mute equine. Having been raised in a land where color and, to a lesser extent, species, determined social status, being placed in a patrol group with another plain, pale mare had put Xolani at ease. Even the presence of Aithniel, a literal demi-goddess whose prettily accentuated hues would have placed her quite high in the social circles of Xolani’s homeland, did not sway the young mare’s mood today. For once, she was not the plainest, least colorful creature present – not with the way her magic had taken over to paint her coat with emotion and thought.

The Halcyon Flats were a beautiful location to be patrolling. Calm ponds lingered over the flat landscape, reflecting the clear blue sky above. It was admittedly quite chilly, but that was to be expected in the middle of Frostfall, and so long as none of them took a swim in the nearby ocean, their thickened winter coats would likely keep them warm. Xolani was grateful that she had been assigned to a relatively southern land rather than the snowy north. Her Arabian lineage would have done little to protect her from the frigid snows there, and then she would have been both cold and wet.

As the silent mare approached the recently-landed pegasus, her coat lit with a variety of colors that displayed her contentment. Orange excitement mingled with a green-tinged yellow peace, and upon her pelt a silhouette of their surroundings appeared. Sohalia asked a question, to which the equine merely shrugged. Even if she had been able to talk, she wouldn’t have had much to contribute. While waiting for the others, Xolani meandered a short distance away, walking between patches of water to examine the beauty of the world around her.

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Aithniel glided above the party smoothly, twisting in the sky with her light lithe figure. Zera flew beside her, his royal body large in comparison to other griffins. His black talons grabbed at the air while his gold tipped wings matched hers so closely. Only his golden eyes were significantly different from Aithniel, but it was obvious the two were a pair made for each other.

Both held a stern and serious expression - a relaxed one, though. She felt good when she saw the flats again. The sky was perfectly mirrored on the water below, and Aithniel finally touched down. Cloven hooves splashed in the water and Zera landed on her back, eyeing the other two with a cat-like expression of pure superiority. Whatever god decided to blend the royalty of cats with the intelligent disdain of birds had a very sarcastic sense of humor.

"Looks rather empty to me," she replied to Sohalia, having noticed the mare step up since the herd meeting. Aithniel would have to set aside past notions and consider her for the second lead. Perhaps she had been going through personal trials and that was why she disappeared. Honestly, she didn't care. As long as she wasn't planning on leaving now then they wouldn't have a problem.

"I suppose a boring patrol is always a good one," she said with a smile. "Hopefully the others hand just as good fortune as us," she laughed as she trotted through the water, silver eyes scanning the horizon. With the land being so flat and basically a large mirror, trouble could be spotted fairly quickly. All Aith saw was beautiful, vast emptiness. It was peaceful.

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