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The tall trees cluster close together, blackening the silvery reach of the moon with their ancient overgrowth.  Even in the winter, the light which drives to the floor of the black forest does so in lances, beacons easily spied in the abysmal dark.  I avoid them, as if they were white hot, or dangerous, not just things to absently take care to miss.  Occasionally, such as now, the pillars of mercurial glow bundle together so that I cannot pass without breaching their intangible wall, and my steady, forward line deviates. 
I’ve turned about to avoid them, so far.  This time, however, I stop, staring into the dust-flecked beams, my ears absently flicking backwards in annoyance; like water meeting a dam’s wall, the river of my disastrous thoughts cascades onwards, smashing and slamming against the stone which vainly seeks to contain them.  Trickling over the wall’s top, threatening to flow over, I feel that body-and-branch strewn torrent press against the groaning cement of my emotional barriers.
The world doesn’t pass by any longer; no roots threaten my hooves with their ensnaring grasp, and the trees which grow no closer need not be avoided.  They were small thoughts, simple ones, easy ones, and without them, the other ones I try steadfastly to ignore charge towards the faltering trail of mundane travel thoughts. 
Its suitably black and horrible here, croons those dark thoughts, churning against my resolve to not hear their cackling cries, and their weeping moans, spurring my hooves to life beneath me again, my eyes clenching shut as I cross the barriers of light, as if they scald me with their touch.  Scampering behind me, from where he’d been hesitantly hovering, my buck nervously watches the equally peculiar behavior with his distant, quiet way.
Really, it’s just that life hurts, so I can’t stop.  I can’t think, I just have to go and move and not remember anything, but how to not trip over my own hooves.

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