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do you never laugh (Tilbert v. Arah)

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Wander or leave
Turn into winter lights

Breathlessly, yet so effervescently the ginger stag laughed, his cloven hooves stomping proudly into the softened Frostfall earth. What a truly beautiful evening.
The patriarch had strode away from his humble home i the west for the evening to meet his maiden and lover, preferring to spend the best night Frostfall had offered them out among the fields, the stars and the night. The temperature had already risen drastically in the southern most part of the Thistle meadow and Tilney could feel Birdsongs chirp and whistle—It was so near!  It caused the gent to wonder how hot the Dragons Throat would become with the turn of the season.

With Maude under the watchful eye of her auntie or perhaps even her uncle, Tilney and Arah could take this one perfect night to enjoy themselves.

Tilney began to nip and preen the area he had picked; it was a gorgeous little riverside patch he had claimed because of the two trees that shaded it. The rest of the area was totally barren apart from a number of rocks and the unruly sea of yellow dry meadow grass and thistles. On the horizon Tilney see only sky, nothing else but the rolling hills and trees that dotted the meadow. Perhaps there were more glamorous places to stargaze in Helovia, though on a night like this they would no doubt be taken by other lovers, and Tilney preferred simplicity anyhow.

The area he had cleaned away was shaded and shielded by those two lovely juniper trees and also a number of boulders and his cleaning process had involved tossing some stray, dead thistles away into the stream that created part of the border to the large area he’d preened clean, and also smacking some rocks out of the way. There was some that just could not be moved no matter how hard he tried, and it was inevitable that there would be some he couldn't find.

So now the man waited - waited for her.
First he stood patiently admiring the view for the one-hundred-and-seventy-third time, and then followed on by snooping the fields for some wildflowers. But oh, what colours did she like!? Yellow? Blue? Green?
It was Frostfall though, and not a single petal was found among the sea of grass in that field save a thistle or three.

With a short-lived groan the stag stretched himself down to the riverside, watching the water pass by with childlike playfulness. He named the different coloured rocks and even imagined a city below the surface of the water, one that could all be ruined by one stomp of his hoof… which he did of course.
Waiting for Arah to arrive, to make him smile, to make his day, was like waiting for rain in the desert. He who felt so playful and ready to laugh was left alone without the company he had been promised. He wanted Arah, he wanted to play, he wanted to be loved by her.
To be touched.
And so it was with a great grunt that the stag stood and made his way to the center of his cleared space and gave a grumpy bellow, looking upwards at the wonderful sky above.
and he thought of her.

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summary; Tilney makes a cute romantic picnic for Arah and gets bored waiting for her so finds ways to entertain himself, then basically has a wet dream thinkign about her lol.
cute playfight lets go
setting; southern most part of the thistle meadow, on the turn of frostfall into birdsong. A lovely warm, clear night where you can see the stars! The area he has cleared is grassy and soft but has a few nasty boulders to look out for and there's also some trees.



Wander or Leave
turn in to winter lights

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Holding me closer, until our eyes meet. You won't ever be alone, wait for me to come home.

The silver doe had let time escape from her. No doubt Tilney would be positively grumpy by the time she arrived. With a huff the doe set off to the location that he had suggested earlier that day. They'd scarcely spent much time alone together as they had a bouncing daughter to manage and both of them had important rank duties. So any time they managed to get alone should be enjoyed up to the very last second.

The night was clear, above her silver head the stars winked and glowed every colour imaginable. Their glow was etched into the plains of the earth, grasses illuminated with pale hues, streams rippled with pinks and purples and the rocks reflected reds and oranges. Maybe this was just her altered vision, they often said that those in love saw the world differently to the rest. The doe could not help the way she perceived the world - in fact she rather liked it.
A gentle breeze kissed her shoulders sending a chill down her spine, she revelled in the feeling. It awakened and refreshed her from a long day at work. The freshness brought her mind towards what may be planned for tonight, her heart skipped and her breaths became faster. Wynter who had been asleep on her bonded's rump, sensed the change of mood and awoke with a small yawn and quiet chirp. Spreading her wings the creature took to the open skies, she'd remain close in case she was needed but would give Tilney and Arah their privacy tonight.

There, Arah spotted Tilney. He, as she'd suspected, was awaiting her. For their rendezvous he had picked the most perfect spot imaginable. The silver doe guessed that her lover had nipped and preened the area, it was a gorgeous patch by the riverside shaded by two trees. Surprisingly, aside from a few rocks and the sea of dry, dying masses of browning grasses and thistles, the surrounding area was completely barren. Her golden gaze turned to the horizon where she could see the sky, glimmering stars, rolling hills and tall trees that reached to kiss the heavens. This spot would be perfect for them, they were both simple beings after all. Creatures made of blood and flesh that were inexplicably drawn to each other, they could not fight something so natural.

Moving into the area Tilney had cleaned away, she fell under the cool shade provided by the two beautiful juniper trees and the small number of boulders then enclosed them. Knowing that her lover had no doubt spent much time and energy into creating such a lovely space for them, the doe beamed brightly at him. "Oh Tilney!" The gasp that was pulled between her teeth was soft, barely audible. "This is a most beautiful place," she exclaimed as she once again looked around the place he had selected for them. "Thank you for asking me here." Arah whispered, her voice slightly rougher than normal. Perhaps this was because of anticipation or nervousness. Clearing her throat she giggled softly and looked towards the skies for a few quiet moments as she tried to settled her nerves.

Returning her eyes to her lover, she tried to catch his gaze. It was difficult for her to speak out loud what she wanted from him, it was silly she knew but the nerves from their first night together had returned. "Tilney." Sucking in a breath she managed a quiet chuckle when an unconventional idea came to her. One of the best ways to get close, to truly feel the moments of another's body, was to spar. Through she wasn't sure how sensual it would be. It was most definitely worth a try and if it worked out horribly the Moon Doctor could patch them both up in minutes. The doe also felt it would help with her nervousness, break the tension and bring them physically closer together. Breaths coming faster, she took a few steps towards him, eating up the last distance between them. Each movement was slow and very deliberate, she moved so she was now facing Tilney's right side.

Right now she didn't want to sit down for a quiet picnic, she'd been quiet for far too long, now was the time for playing.

Suddenly she launched towards him with a playful growl. Front hooves lifting up from the ground while her strong, sure back legs remained firmly on the ground. Arah's chops peeled back revealing her teeth, her eyes remained focused on her target - her lover's right shoulder. Arah planned the attack believing that he wouldn't move, due to him not expecting her to attack. The doe aimed to pepper light bites over his shoulder, deep enough to draw some blood but light enough to not cause true agony.


798 Words

Attack: Arah launches towards Tilney's right shoulder aiming to pepper it with bites.

Art by Hearttosoul @ DA

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