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blood is thicker?? [Mihtal v. Pippigrin]

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I stand alone, somewhere along the shoreline, with my back towards the heart of the Dragon’s Throat as I stare forward. Several feet from my cloven toes, the ocean waves beat their steady rhythm, rolling in like frothy billows along the soft, crimson sands. There’s not much that I can see of Helovia’s mainland from here. One of spring’s showers has arrived, drizzling in a slow but constant stream from the pregnant clouds overhead, and creating a mist along the vast sea waters—the rest of Helovia is reduced to a blurry outline of jagged horizons, seemingly so far away.

I manage a sigh, the slope of my shoulders heaving and my mid-section flexing as I force all the air from my lungs, pushing myself until a weight suddenly builds in my chest, instinct demanding oxygen for my lungs. Only then do I allow myself to inhale—slowly, deliberately—and I count the seconds as they pass. One, two, three, four, five. And repeat.

I’m not sure how much time has passed, or how long I have been standing here already—or even how long it’s been raining. All I know is by now my hair is slick with water, tightly outlining the curves of my neck and shoulder before the soused curtain falls in a crumpled heap upon the sodden ground, and the pattern of my coat is decidedly darker than its usual toffee browns. Perhaps, were I from the inland forests or highland mountains, I would be comfortable in this pleasant shower that is neither particularly cold nor warm. However, having grown up among the scorching Dorobian sands, and having the blood of hot-headed beasts running through my veins, I’m actually shivering.

(Is it really from the rain?)

Closing my eyes, I tilt my head back, exposing my face to the water as my long forelock slips back over my cheek. Wanting to escape the festering wounds and haunting chaos of my own mind—if even for a moment—I try to absorb myself in the rain. I feel it patter across my skin, I feel it stick to my eyelashes, I feel it trickle through my hair and dampen my scalp, and I feel how the little droplets reach for every part of me. Nothing is spared. And I stand there along the shoreline, alone and enraptured by spring’s sweet shower, I can only be grateful that it hides the tears.

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Setting: On the shoreline of the Dragon’s Throat; the ground is flat, with very little shrubbery around. In Birdsong, and there’s a nice little spring shower of misty rain that has made everything fairly wet already. The exact time of day is indiscernible (you’re welcome to make it more specific as you’d like), although it’s not difficult to see, aside from the rain.
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though i am small...

The little lion man trundled across the dunes, hoof prints peppering the landscape behind him in a perfect line. From his nest he had scurried, anxious to begin his duties as a new warrior of the Dragon’s Throat!
His first night in the sand-swept island had been a most productive one having spent his evening building a nest from fallen palm leaves, papyrus and various grasses. Because a comfortable home and roaring hearth was of great importance to most hobbits, it would take Pippin a great deal of time to acclimatise to his new surroundings. After all; it was only the day before that he beheld a desert for the first time.

When his stone-coloured hooves hit the beach his wobbly wings sprung into position, flaying outwards and beating with far less precision than they ought to. It was a bumpy start, though, eventually, the half-sized horse managed to push himself up into the drizzly air in preparation to soar over the rainy channel.
The stone-child’s mind would always wonder to the creatures that dwelled beneath the waves, for he was quite sure that the sea’s depth was as endless as the sky and heavens above. What on earth lurks below? he often wondered. Krakens, giant squid, Ningens. The possibilities were endless and, in short, Pippigrin was terrified of the ocean.

It was as he warily glided over that navy bed of fear that he spotted a slender figure on the beach below, right where he planned on landing for his patrol; An intruder!?
His first task was set, he would be the Dragon’s Throat warrior of the day! Operation Suss-Out-That-Sneaky-Sod!
“Oi!” The hobbit chortled from a similar altitude to that of a palm trees tallest point. “excuuuuuse me!” came next, this time much less of a bark and more of a tease.

Beating his wings in such a way that he suspected was quite fearsome (though, was probably quite the opposite), the mighty warrior rose to the challenge by puffing his chest as far as his lungs could stretch and leant back into his wings so he would remain upright in the air.
“What d’y’think yooooou’re doin’? Walkin’ around all sneaky-like!”  

He wished he could just go for it. Swoop in and attack or land and attempt a beautifully executed kick. But he’d never swooped anyone in his life. Nor kicked anyone.
He wished to be a warrior, He wished terribly to match the heroes of old. He wanted to be like Mr. Gaucho! But Pippin knew not how to kick, nor swoop - he hardly knew how to fly.

So how and why he attempted such a treacherous move would be beyond most.
Chewing upon his bottom lip and sucking in the greatest of breaths though his minuscule nostrils, Pippigrin aimed for the woman’s ribs and begun a powerful descent by dropping his weight into his front end and allowing his wings to glide down, down and down. The small creature attempted to swoop her with all his might, trying to aim the two rams horns upon his head into the left side of her rib cage with any kind of precision or talent he might have.


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summary; pippin assumes she is an intruder so attempts to swoop her in the left side by diving and tryingto ram her with his horns from above!

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