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You know what? Why can’t we just skip over this whole ‘Tallsun’/Summer business? What is even the point? It’s gross and it’s sweaty and no one looks good when they are sweaty.

I’ve learned my lesson though, I’m not leaving the north until the snows come back. Or at least until the nights are cool again. I don’t want to end up losing another year of my life because I’m sick!! I wake up and BAM Deimos died disappeared so like, that’s gotta be karma or something. Jellybean is a little curious about what it’s like south in the summer but she’s not about to leave me to find out. Could you imagine? With those stubby little legs of hers she’d be gone for the next five years and then take another five trying to find her way back!

She could fly, sure, but she’s pretty damn lazy.

As we see right now - she’s sprawled out in her usual fashion. Splooting away with her legs dangled over my sides, and her face buried in my withers. It’s late afternoon as we wander the Steppe. I don’t know what we’re looking for - I guess plants and stuff so we can make some more candy! - but really it’s been awhile since I left the Basin and even my legs need to be stretched now and then. I’m just kind of wandering, a slow easy walk. I guess the Steppe is kind of nice in the summer - there’s flowers and crap. People like flowers.

Oh maybe when Jellybean wakes up, we’ll collect some for Aisling and Sorcha!! That would be nice.

I’ve got a good four hours to kill until her nap is over though. So I guess I’ll just keep walking, humming gently to myself.  Eventually something is going to come along. If I'm lucky, it might even be another horse! It's been a while since I've talked someone's ear off, you know, so I think I'm due for a new friend.

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Being a leader means a lot of things, I’ve learned, quite quickly.

As a colt, watching my mother, I’d believed that being Lord would be easy; my tasks would consist of nothing more than meandering about the realm, doing as I pleased, and bidding others to do the rest. The reality was that I had very little time to do what I wanted at all anymore; from tending to this meeting or that, to answering the questions and wanton needs of the herd members themselves, I’d discovered that I was lucky to find an hour or two each evening to myself.

Today, it happens to be the afternoon, Duir and I travelling for no reason other than to be moving. As seems the usual this summer, the sky is clear and the day is almost perfect, albeit a little hot, and the meadows through which we pass are alive with fluttering butterflies, and wildlife.

One of these meadows, however, has a somewhat familiar stallion in it. Though I don’t know his name, I recognize him as a crafter, of some sort, having seen him about the cave where they stored their stuff a lot in my time about the Basin. Having never actually talked to him though, I pause in my forward progression to ponder if, maybe, I should. It was important to know everyone, after all…

He smells really good, Duir remarks, as if this is further incentive to talk to him, but, as I sniff the air like my buck is, I can’t say I disagree. He does smell positively delectable, doesn’t he?

"Hey, hey you!" I call out, trotting across the meadow to catch up with him, "you live in the Basin, yeah? I don’t think we’ve met before."

[ OOC: Lirl somehow I see this being amusing. Duir is sorta hanging out back behind Rikyn still (he trusts no one sorry Sweet Johnny). ]

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