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[OPEN] knock, knock, it's us again [WE Quest]

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Ingrid took the jar from Sacre, her eyes sparkling with delight. She’d half-expected the Moon Doctor to go himself, she’d need to thank him later. Finally, she was making a real contribution as a Philosopher.

Then she realized her first big field trip was being led by her least favorite teacher, and the joy that had been inside her a moment ago curled up on its bed and died. Apparently, Rikyn would be gracing her with his royal presence on the way to the mirror. He’d probably expect a thank you for it too. Of course, it did seem pretty obvious that he’d be the one supervising her foray into his herdlands, but Ingrid had quietly been hoping a fellow Wise One would accompany her to the mirror, or you know, literally anyone else.

What she couldn't understand was why the Basin followed him. Couldn't the horses here just oust him and pick a new herd lead? Then again, that Toulouse guy had seemed pretty cheeky. It was possible they liked having a leader like that.

Maybe if she was lucky, she'd find out what his redeeming qualities were before she left here today.

Maybe if she was really lucky, he wouldn't talk to her at all.

In the distance she could see the cave that held the mirror, the entrance yawned like a jaguar and flashed stalagmite fangs. Perhaps the God of The Spark just didn't like visitors, Lord Asshat here had said as much. On the way, he asked for her name, so much for sweet, uncomfortable silence. So what, now he's a gentleman? she thought, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. "It's Ingrid," she replied, meeting his electric gaze.

Crap. Does he have better eyes than me?

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