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Trekking back down from the mountains, on his way home to the misty Worlds Edge, Sacre took a detour eastward, following the line of the Hidden Falls until he came across a familiar path that led up and up and up. If ever a day came when the fox-boy managed to do something without making a side trip he might suddenly become much more productive and the world would be in grave danger, but the vice stuck with him. He had always quite liked the Heavenly Fields as well so convincing himself to make a journey there wasn't all that difficult. With that meagre excuse making him feel better, he hauled himself up the path, proceeded by the scrambling of paws, Inari and Ríona, play fighting as they travelled. Sacre watched them, laughing when one tumbled or another was flung into a bush, until finally they reached the top and they stood for a moment, drinking in the scenery as the fox-boy caught his breath from the long climb upwards. The mountain range stretched out before them, obscured by clouds that clung to their peaks as the sun shone between them, soaking its rays into his dark pelt and warming his side. It was perfect dozing weather, but the young healer was feeling a touch too boisterous to allow himself to be lulled to sleep, so he set out at a brisk trot, searching for someone.

A scar that ran along his bloodied flank was the only real sign that Sacre had ever been in a fight, other than that, there was little else that betrayed his growing desire to become a better fighter. His slender frame was sturdy enough, an almost equal blend of traits, he wasn’t impressive to look at, but slowly he was learning. Spurred on by Mauja’s firm advice, that fighting was something he needed to learn, whether he liked it or not, there were horses he wanted to protect and this was one way of doing it. His cloven feet thudded onto the drying earth, brushing against the green grasses as his mane fell in tangled clumps against his dark neck and the sun blushed onto his red marked face as it was slowly setting in the distance. It was a nice day for a fight.

Eventually they found a possible target for their desires, a stallion of small stature, one Sacre was sure he had seen somewhere before, but couldn’t quite place it in the moment. Inari quickly fell behind, taking shelter in a place he might not get caught in a crossfire, the red fox was a good healer of small ailments, but no great fighter. The fox-boy was accompanied by Ríona instead, his little ball of electricity, as they bounced their way forwards, Sacre flicking his tail as he lowered his head in preparation “hey, wanna spar?” he challenged. Then he lunged in, not knowing what to expect, he had never fought a winged horse before—what if he just… flew away? It wasn’t like he could follow him into the sky, that would be quite an achievement if he did, the fight would end there and then, Sacre would have to start looking for another opponent or submit to dozing around in the sun all day. Nor did he know, for that matter, what he’d do if he was attacked from above, all these things flashed fleetingly through his mind, he hadn’t the time to stand around and consider his options. It was in the doing that he would learn—or so he hoped.

In an attempt to use what looked like the obvious advantage, his superior height, Sacre tried to barge himself into the small fellow’s right side all whilst aiming a gripping bite, as he went to reach down, for the wing joint. Perhaps if he managed to hamper the ram horned stallion's flight, it might make his life easier in the long run. All the while, Ríona lingered behind, waiting for a moment she might be able to join the fray. 

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Setting: Heavenly Fields; early evening, slowly going dark, dry ground and warm with a breeze. Typical tallsun conditions.

Summary: Sacre sounds a challenge before lunging in for a barge to Pippin's right side and tries to bite at his wing joint.

Magic Used: none
Companion Note; Sacre fights only with Ríona. (Inari is out of the way)

Pippin <3  
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Trudging with very little grace over the summer flowers, taking great bites of the buffet the meadow had to offer, Pippigrin was intent on tasting every single unknown flower and plant in archipelago. With no real notion or hint towards the very true and real threat of poisonous plants, the hobbit lazily tumbled his chops over each awaiting bud and petal, the aromas of each causing his nares to flaw and his eyes to flutter closed with delight as he chewed the scrumptious delicacy. If the Heavenly Fields were the luncheon stop, he had definitely found supper; Knowledge of this wondrous place made trips to the north seem a lot less daunting when he knew he could always stop for a little dessert.

It was as he turned his  goose-coloured body towards the mountainside that the hooves of familiar yet not-so-familiar face addressed the undergrowth he stood upon. The hobbit, who by now was smiling brilliantly at the prospect of a friend to share his luncheon time with, was taken quite aback by what seemed like the abrupt beginnings of an attack.
“UHM” The pegasus bleated, staggering backwards at the unicorns request for a spar. Here? Now? But it’s lunch time!? “Can’t it wait ’til after Lunc-OOH!” The halfling made a dive to the left, only to be caught in the onyx jaws of his attacker, his whither and spine snagged between the forceps of his incisors.
The pain; it burst. Like thunder clapping across a cloud, Pippigrin could almost feel the blood vessels burst and rupture underneath his soft, dewy skin, bloodied teethmarks the only evidence left upon the surface, though a brilliant and awesome bruise had begun to groan and stir beneath.

His own pair of incisors, tushes and wolf teeth too, had bit down with angst and lament against the furious pain in his back; it was one that would not cripple him thankfully, nor would it leave him limping and lame, but still it was enough to strike a deep dread and fear within his fluttering heart.
To escape would be simple; to execute a move like that against someone so tall? Not so simple.

Pressing himself forward, Pippigrin made an urgent dash through the atmosphere, the speed of his bolt across the meadow to remain unseen by the normal eye. The hobbit’s speedy dash would not end upon the cliff face of the plateau, instead, he would extend his wings and fly up and over, soon to double-back and aim his sightless speed towards the enemy. All in a matter of short moments the halfling had managed to zip out from the claws of the blood-stained beast, topple over the cliffside and return with a swooping vengeance within his own slip stream of pure speed. The chill of the wind against his flesh provided a strange but wonderful cooling sensation upon his wound, but would never dull the pain enough; still, for now, he would soldier on.
“HAAAAAAAAAAA” Was his war cry, a rather childish one at that, but it was his own.
Horns bowed and wings angled downwards, Pippigrin allowed his magic to fade upon his descent to allow maximum precision, plotting to crash at full force into the doctor’s nearside shoulder.

ATTACK no 1 out of 3.

Pippin uses his  speedy magic to zoom away from sacre, turn around and try to ram him!

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