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[OPEN] skipping stones [patrol]

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Aiya Anor, Elenion Ancalima!

'Why do!? Why here go!?'
The trembling voice passed through his mind from the ghostly shadow in the sky above, his chiroptera companion refusing to fly lower than a very specific altitude for fear of bone monsters or antichrists snatching him from the clouds.
'Edge nicer. No monster at world's edge'
'What about Mauja?'
'Besides Spot, no monster ones at home'
'his name is Mauja, Pea'

A heaving sigh escaped the greyed lips of the doctor. Arguing with Peatree was useless, but perhaps this mission he had allowed himself on would be just as fruitless.
To the marshes he had journeyed in search of new plants or herbs, be it for medicine or poisons, that one might discover in the newly uncovered land. The doctor also intended to carry out a patrol of sorts though, in truth, he really was not well equipped for such a thing. Should they meet with any kind of monster, the kind Peatree was imagining, they surely would both be cold and dead as a nail by the end of the day (as Tilney's fighting skills were far lower than average, despite his late-night, i-hope-no-one's-watching type martial arts dabble here and there).

To add to the pressure of the entire expedition, Tilney was under the guise that there was a fourth and final stone to find in order to complete the temple. He would certainly keep an eye out for it, whatever it was, though truthfully he had no real clue what it was he was looking for.
'how are Tilney a doctor? So unsmart!'
The tirade continued from the sky as the stag made his way over mud and puddles into the marshes, a lump in his throat and radiant eyes affixed on the nothingness of his surroundings.



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"Do you seek a stone?"

The voice was warm and rich, the sound that a cello might have, if it spoke in words rather than strings. "A quest from your goddess, is that not correct?"

The earth began to rumble slightly before Tilney, but only in a localized spot. A patch of beautiful black clover began to bubble from the surface, growing and fanning out in intricate patterns. At the centre was a large hunk of onyx. It was unrefined with plenty of sharp edges that reflected the sunlight in prismatic patterns.

"I think this should do nicely" The disembodied voice continued, a smile present in the tones of his words.


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Aiya Anor, Elenion Ancalima!

Do you seek a stone?

The thunderous voice caused the chestnut to skid to a stop, his mane spilling over his face and antlers and billowing into his eyes. Fear, the coldest kind, gripped at his heart and slowly dug in with it's claws, the icy feeling of dread and doubt creeping over the Doctor's sunny flesh like frost. There were a hundred things to say in response, things that ranged from 'yes' to 'begone, demon!' though Tilney would say neither, for he could not speak at all.
As if the stone was already gripped within his mouth the patriarch stood dumbfounded and struck to his core; what would the devil make him do for the stone?

A quest from your goddess, correct?

"Y-" quaking lips, wide eyes, tail flattened against his rump, he still could hardly speak. "Yes" He finally confirmed, allowing his post-like legs to take a pace backwards as the ground began to crumble and sew before him.
Out of the earth came a strangely beautiful patch of ebony clover; the kind that if it was green, he would wish nothing more than to eat it. The fact that it was black only caused his eyes to sparkle with curiosity, shining past the fear ever-so-slightly.

I think this should do nicely.

It had gone previously unnoticed, though was now blindingly obvious. An onyx stone, blacker than night yet glimmering more than a lake. This had to be what the goddess had asked for.
Sheepishly the stag craned his head down, ignoring the squeals of disapproval from his bonded who immediately parachuted down to the ground to stop the man from taking the gem between his teeth.
'NO Tilney! Danger rock! It hurt do you!'
The chiroptera's minuscule fingers gripped the shard, holding onto it with all his might as Tilney lifted it from the ground (bringing the bat with it until he let go in defeat). Taking wing, the bat swooped into place, taking nest upon Tilney's poll and watched their surroundings with wide eyes.
"Lets get out of here Pea"



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“That a good idea?”

I came and I was calm about it, slinking out from the surrounding disgusting (It wasn’t disgusting just cuz it was a smelly swamp--hell, I’m a smelly swamp--but this was a breeding ground of demons and shadows liked to creep here). I was calm and and composed but I was furious, oh god it was awful to see, but you could only see it in my eyes if you looked at them hard enough. It was easy enough to miss; my white-blue pupils had probably contracted to pinpricks in my sockets as I took in the scene.

I didn’t see the monster, but I heard it, heard its velvet voice that crawled like so many spiders across my hide. I stared at this dude Ti--uh…Tink


Tilney, I watched as Tilney reached forward, grasping a stone that just came from nowhere, almost like it had climbed out of hell by its own damned self. But no, it was the fact that he was actually taking it was what was getting me riled up. Couldn't stop the images of Nyx's broken body laying heavily on my psyche, not here, not so close to where it happened. I couldn't fathom why he'd decided to come here anyway, of all places. And alone, too?? The fuck.

“You really think she’d want that thing to help support her holy playhouse? I didn’t even try to hide the scorn I felt for running around like the Moon’s lapdog. Ugh I hated it I hated it I hated it but it was the price for keeping close to my family, for loving them within the confines of a spiked, savage wall, and I guess I had to pay it. Don’t mean I had to like it though.

But I did wonder--was this right?. Was this right, right here and now. “I dunno man, that looks like blasphemy in a shitbrick.” Of course, she hadn’t actually said don’t use stones offered by sketchy entities from the middle of the swamp. But I figure that was the kinda thing you just...I dunno...took for granted anyway.

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