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Hello darkness, my old friend

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Take the white pill, you’ll feel alright…


Take the white pill you’ll feel alright…

Light refracted from the overhanging canopy of the trees; casting a green hue as far as the eye could see. A cacophony of birdsong filtered into his consciousness, sickly sweet and chirpy. The sprightly grass shoots verdant, cushioning his every hoof beat.
Ugh. Could this place be anymore twee?

Veryan shook his noble crown, disgust radiating from every bone in his body. His muscular form traipsed through the new land, sinews bulging beneath a cocoa hide that shone in the midday sun. He didn’t rush, what would be the point in that? He’d get where he was going eventually, and, as it stood, this place looked just like every other one. Underwhelming. The problem with travelling long distances is the monotony. Each path looks identical; each animal has been seen before; each conversation has already been had. Your senses dull. In many ways, you become a shell. Everyone needs a little bit of excitement in their life, don’t they?

A cracking noise startled Veryan from his reverie, he paused, mid-step. Front appendage rose dramatically from the ground as if in mid-strike action. His body tense, his manner controlled. There was another cracking noise, though this time, less audible, further away. Weighing up his options, he could either let whatever creature disturbed the peace continue on its merry way, or he could investigate further. It wasn’t a difficult decision. Let’s put the cat among the pigeons, shall we? He smirked to himself, upper lip curling back to reveal snapping canines.

He surged forwards, his agile frame snaking through the trees, as if in a slalom. Large hooves slice through the undergrowth, clods of mud strewn in his wake. He looked regal as he galloped through the forest. His gait elevated almost a dance, mane and tail flowing behind him. Branches lock on to his long, dark tresses, as if begging him not to go. Alas, there is very little that can stop Veryan on a mission, regardless of its triviality. Aha, here we are.

Again, he stopped, though this time, more dramatically. Four limbs slammed to the ground, a cloud of dust surrounding him. Ears flattened against his skull, nostrils flared, eyes narrowed. No longer a dancer, definitely more the devil. It was a bird, a large bird, but nonetheless, a bird. He inwardly groaned, what a fine waste of time.

He slunk around the creature; whether it was for some reason devoid of flight, or just too scared, it remained still- wide eyed and horrified. Veryan’s circular route narrowed, drawing him closer to his prey, canines snapped dangerous close to the feathered weakling, his neck weaving a pattern indecipherable. He was poised, ready for the kill. His hearty snigger broke the silence, merciless and powerful. Enamels twisted towards the featherling; before he spun on his haunches and stalked away, his gait relaxed. Whether he’d injured the animal or not, he didn’t care, it had occupied his attention for long enough.

The glare of the light, as he reached the edge of the canopy, forced him to slow his gait. He shrank away from  it, ears returning to their flattened position atop his crown. Days in the dark had allowed him to be a shadow again, to fit within the darkness and not be noticed. This would be different. They say a change is as good as a rest.
He situated himself within the last of the shade, casting a disapproving eye over this new land he found himself in. Hind hoof rested on its axis as he settled himself.

Let’s see what this brings, shall we?

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I have fixed the code on this table - it just needed an additional table closer. If you copy and paste directly from the post above it should work great from now on. Otherwise, welcome to Helovia and I hope you have a wonderful time!

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I’ve started to understand why my mother brought me here often as a child.

If you leave the herd-land and tell them to just fuck off, people seem to get really offended and tail you for a while. If you tell them that you’re off gathering new recruits, they, instead, do exactly what I wanted them to – fuck off. It was a fine art, this leadership thing, and while I thought I’d been ready for it, I guess I wasn’t. All I was ready for was the ability to tell people what to do, and to have them have to do it…

Who knew I’d spend so much of my time doing things I didn’t want to?

At least, out here, there was little chance of having some crazy caravan of entourages from a foreign land arrive one after the other to eyeball our realm like it’s a tourist locale. Determined to get back and finish up this wolf business with the Time God, so we can get our metal guardians back to working right, I’ll show them what a wonderful summer vacation spot my herd land is.

By Time’s Beard, my mother and her friends killed people for arriving unannounced. You’d think they’d have better tact, considering the severity of what had come before…

Maybe I’m just being too nice, I think to myself, my coffee black body moving through the trees, my buck shaking his head with a roll of his gold flecked, green eyes behind me. He’s about to tell me that attacking people just isn’t all that sensible when a sound catches my attention, and we make our way towards it together.

Arriving on the bay equine, I almost sigh, wishing I could have better luck with finding others like me out here. However, I also know that a recruit is a recruit, and that Tiamat would probably be pretty pissed at me if she’d heard I was going about refusing entry to anyone based on their physical attributes. So, with a proudly lifted crown and a competent step, I approach, an impish smile already playing on my lips, to hide away the scowl of “I don’t wanna” that wishes to live there instead.

"Welcome to Helovia," I say, nodding my head, the light shining on the length of my onyx and gold tipped horn; peering about my flank, towards my hindquarter, my wary companion eyes the male with reservation, having met too many hostile horses in Helovia to so easily trust anyone, especially here, in the forest of strangers, "I am Lord Rikyn, of the Aurora Basin, and my companion is called Duir. You been here before?"

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