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Mesec wouldn’t say that he felt better after he and Vesper had visited his mother in the Veins, but he didn’t exactly feel worse either so he supposed it wasn’t a complete loss. Truthfully, his mother’s words left him still with an unsettled feeling in the pit of his stomach, and after the strange appearance of those birds on the Edge’s borders? He wasn’t exactly feeling like the presence of Kaos in Helovia was just business-as-usual.

He felt like it was still weighing on Vesper too - forcing her to grow up too fast. Or, at least, it felt too fast for him. He hadn’t wanted either of his children to grow up the way he had - with experiences that left scars on too-young minds. And he had tried to protect them both… but now Virga was gone and Vesper was growing up in a world where chaos was rising all around them.

Intending to distract her a little bit, Mesec brought his daughter to the Rotunda - wanting to teach her a little more about the herds in Helovia and distract her from the darker places her mind might try to go. He led her into the rotunda - the setting sun and the orange-yellow leaves of the trees surrounding it casting golden light through the glass roof and onto the floor. Lyra started pouncing on each glowing patch while Mesec turned to look at Vesper. “Have you been here before, Ves?”

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