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It stole our precious [ Bellisma Challenge]

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It had taken Tae quite a while to track down the thief, and although the mandible-marked mare had never doubted that her cloak had indeed been stolen, the length of time it took her to located the culprit had left her feeling anxious. Initially she'd blamed it on her two companions. They were canines after all, and surely if someone had slunk up and taken her cloak, there would have been a trail to follow. That neither Mal nor Hel had been able to locate Bellism'a scent had ignited a tirade of cold anger inside of Tae. But it was that frigid fire that kept her quest going.

She would find her cloak.

And now it seemed that she finally had.

The trio had seen the mare during Kisamoa's earliest appearances, but she'd always disappeared. ("Thanks to my cloak", Tae now grumbled). Although the small equine had kept a low profile, she had eventually been located, and now that the 6 pairs of eyes had her in their sights, she was not getting away. Cloak or no cloak. The hellhound and wolf had her scent. There was only one way this was going to end.

"You have something of mine." Tae breathed into the dark night, her face a wolfish smile as her body wafted away into a ghostly outline. At her side, Mal and Hel growled, their pearly white teeth flashing in the moonlight. As the words left her lips, the trio attacked.

Mal and Hel tried to dart to either side of the mare to keep her pinned in place, while Tae moved straight ahead, wings fanned from her sides in an effort to make herself appear larger. The ground was slick with cold dew beneath her hooves, but she didn't care. Her pale eyes were focused upon Bellisma's neck, hoping to guide her teeth into the warm flesh. The healer didn't want to damage her cloak, and so she twisted, trying to direct her attack to the mare's face and neck, far away from the beautiful folds of the pelt that her mother had given her. 

Tae is challenging Bellisma for her cloak back, as per the updated rules on stolen items and prolonged absences. 

Bellisma stole Tae's cloak on October 18. Tae gained IC knowledge of this February 18. Audi has been on absent since November. 

Attack: 1/4
Tae and her wolf/hellhound attack Bel. Mal and Hel try to pin her from the sides and Tae attacks head-on
Setting: Meadow at midnight

these woods are lovely
dark and deep
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Time limit exceeded. Bellisma forfeits to Tae, Tae earns 0.5 VP and the tiger armor back.

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