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Hey everyone!
We know that saying goodbye to Helovia is a sad time for everyone and that many of us wanting to continue writing the characters whose lives are based in Helovia.

Thus, Neo and I have partnered to create a sequel site for Helovia that will be based in the Rift! At Helovia’s final SWP, Kaos will open a Portal to the Rift, and those who wish may transfer over at that point.

Brief Premise: Originally, the Rift was a beautiful and light place created by magic’s powerful force to inhabit and exist within living creatures and land. However, eventually the gods that were created out of this land grew greedy and corrupt, causing light to fade and shadows to take over. In this dark and wild land, only an eerie neon light was left that leaches light and magic from everything around it.
So corrupt were the gods that the mortal inhabitants of the Rift looked and prayed for help, finding and bringing Helovia’s god to save them. However, the Helovians gods stole away the hearts of the Rift, leaving it broken and riddled with ominous forces; Helovians and gods alike killed the Riftian gods that had the ability to control such forces.
Now, in the wake of total deicide, only Kaos reigns.
(Here is some Rift inspiration and here are some creature ideas to look forward to!)

If you have any questions about this new site (or any ideas that you'd love to see), don’t hesitate to post below or contact myself/Neo!

Note: We are wary of forcing changes on your characters! However, we want to lend a creative realism to this new site—the Rift is filled with a magical sickness, dangers, and darkness, so all magic is bound to be affected! BUT questing/seeking fixes will be very available in the Rift!
The light—it was dying.

It faded from the very skies that once shimmered with energy. Once tall, lush grasses were now shriveled and blackened with greed. Water, once so sweet, now darkened with depravity. A sun that once bathed all in warmth, now scalded what it touched and left the world frigid when bereft of its presence.

It was corruption. Corruption of gods. Their greed sundered the land. Their greed leeched the light from the sun, leaving only an ominous and gluttonous florescence in the earth to light this world. A shadowed place - where nothing was safe.

The Gods are gone now, though, killed on foreign shores; as if deicide could somehow heal how they had wronged the Rift.

But the death of Gods did not prove who was right; only who is left. And this land is far from healed.
the Rift

Transfer Information:
[updated 6/26]
- Characters : There will be a 5 character cap in the new site.

- Magic : This will be affected by passing through the Portal! All Helovian characters will receive 1 ‘Magic Pass’ that allows you to choose a magic to remain ‘safe’ in the passage. All other magics will either be kept, lost, or mutated (decided by the roll of a die). You may opt for a neon marking to appear on your character if their magics are mutated/lost!

- Enchanted items : The enchantments of items will be affected like magic will be! All Helovian characters will receive 1 ‘Item Pass’ that allows you to choose an item to remain ‘safe’ in the passage. All other enchantments will kept, lost, or mutated (decided by the roll of a die). You may opt for a neon marking to appear on the item if they are mutated/lost.

- Prizelists : These will not be transferring onto the new site. So use them as you see fit!

- Amulets : Will not transfer over, but will affect your character in transfer >;D

- Regular Items : Will transfer over; there will be no 'item cap,' in the Rift but having a lot of items will affect gameplay! ;)

- Companions : They will be be made ill with a “Portal Sickness” that can affect them however you’d like (i.e. silencing bonds, physically ill, etc). However, this will resolve shortly in the Rift!
You may only have 1 companion in the Rift. Those already with 2nd companions will have a way to 'earn back' a second companion over an allotted time period, BUT must choose one companion to become 'wild' and un-bonded until earned back. "2nd companion slot mutations" must be filled with a companion to be grandfathered in.
Companion magic will be stripped- but don't despair! It will be re-vamped and you will be able to re-earn it in the Rift!

- Character alterations : Your characters are allowed to have appearance alterations during the passage through the Portal to the Rift!

- LTs : These will not be transferring into the Rift.

- Species :
(1) Horns may only be retained by unicorns, so 'horn items' will be lost; we understand if horn(s) are integral to designs, and there will be an option to become 'hybrid' during transfer if this is the case (hybrids will be mostly infertile).
(2) Wings may only be retained by pegasus
(3) There will be no 'gliding rule' pertaining to transformations

- Tables/images : We will host Helovia as a database, so posts/profiles will be viewable! But we cannot host images uploaded to Helovia's server, so please save your images!

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Is participation in the final SWP here required to join up an already established character there?
(I ask only because I doubt I'll have the heart to write anything else here.)

Also, thanks for taking something like this on!
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Violence & Magic okay.
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I am both sad and excited for this new magical world!  I'm sure you guys are feeling super bogged down right now and I shall offer support in any way you need! <3

I'll make sure not to spam here but I just had a few questions that I wasn't sure about
-What about regular items? I don't have much or any enchanted stuff but Laume has a flower crown and a gold cloak from her mom and a bag. Akriel will just have a shared trinket with his sister. And then Eldala just has a potted cold tongue plant. Lol

-Does this magic pass mean you choose between your passive and active magic?

-Lastly, if ya need any help lemme know. I'm no pro but I'd try! Haha
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*Oh, I also have like....a TON of amulet passes on my prize list. Should I claim those now or are amulets not going to be a thing on the Rift?
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1) No, writing in the final SWP is not required to transfer to the Rift!
2) Regular items can transfer over, no problem (and no rolls)!
3) Yes, the magic pass means you will choose 1 single magic to be 'safe.' Others may roll to be safe, as well! Also, we're not sure if the active/passive system will be transferring over!
4) Amulets will not be transferring over, BUT having a lot of them will affect your transfer through the Portal to the Rift ;) (the Rift likes to nom on magical items, hehe)

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SMITTY this sounds amazing, thank you so much for doing this. I'm both sad because this part is over and I'm going to miss the amazing amazing team and organization that Helovia was, but excited as well for what you and neo are cooking up
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Thank you Yew! <33

More answers (from Discord):
- Companions (types, number, etc) are not entirely structured. We'll let you know pertinent details when they're available!
- Magic will not be broken into passive/active.
- It is uncertain if VPs will transfer over.
- Aging will be automatically controlled.

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If my character were to have a foal on Helovia in a few days or so, could I join the foal as a foal still on the new site?
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I believe the transfer will be instant IC time wise :)

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In regards to new characters and giving them magic, do they need to be posted on Helovia in order to validate the magic?
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@Howl I'm not sure what you mean. Are you referring to foals being rolled/born in Helovia? Or are you referring to new characters that you are wanting to join straight to the Rift that are not from Helovia?

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An idea that I personally would like - the ability for companions to have items and/or markings :) Even if they must be obtained in a specific way.

Will the new site have the same item cap as Helovia does?
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@Dingo Thanks for the input & ideas! :D There will not be an item cap, but having a lot of items will affect your gameplay ;)

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Original post updated with more transfer information! Please read!

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