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[PRIVATE] It's our paradise, and it's our warzone

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I land lightly, head swinging to look around the marsh. My body was taught, alert. Danger. Mentally I kicked myself for trusting that creature who called himself Kisamoa. He could have drowned us all. But he didn't? Why was that. Did he just hate our gods? Or did he hate the helovians too? Kaos. Made up of the rift gods killed so long ago, before I was even a twinkle in my mothers eyes. If he hated us, it wouldn't make much sense. We hadn't taken his lands. Our gods had. And they saved the lands and some residents as well. If I remembered, the rift lands were healed from their corruption. Now he was blinded by rage, like a child, he threatened our lives and our ways of life. All for lousy pieces of land. And well, maybe the fact that we destroyed the other parts of him. But he had already taken lives himself, and caused pain and suffering among those who did not ask for this.

What I saw here turned my stomach. The land was dead. And in the distance I could see an altar of black, and blue symbols glowed on it. I watched carefully for a some time. The marshes quiet was uninterrupted, no creatures stirred. The fur on my body stood straight up, and my body was still, only my head moved. Turquoise eyes scanned the clearing, searching for any signs of life. Anything to capture my eyes.

If I felt so incredibly uncomfortable, than why was I here anyway? That is actually a good question. Maybe I hoped to catch a glimpse of the creature that was so determined to end our lives. If I saw him, what was I going to do? I didn't know. I didn't know if I would go after him, or run. I had no magic to protect myself. I had nothing. Nothing but useless steam that rose from my coat. No, I had no idea why I was here, and I had no idea what would happen if he appeared. But I didn't think he would. Wasn't he busy killing our gods? Or trying at least. Against my better judgement I moved, hugging the treeline, avoiding the occasional rotting body, but my eyes never stopped searching, and my ears caught any sound that was made, even my own footsteps.

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