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It was a catastrophe. An absolute disaster, of such monumental proportions that even the disappearance of the gods and the sudden onrush of winter paled in comparison. Unlike those monumental, world-spanning events however, Erthë's problems were of a very intimate and decidedly personal scale, though in no way less cataclysmic because of it.

She was pregnant.

There was no doubt about it. In the short span of her life thus far she had seen enough mares display the symptoms for her to recognize them in herself. The swelling belly, the hysterical roller coaster of altering emotions, the sudden sensitivity to everything that went on around her - not to mention this ravenous hunger that drove her away from the misty forest with it's salty fields and moldering greenery and into the rolling hills of the Thistle Meadow. Here she set into the browning Orangemoon grasses with a fervor that threatened to leave large patches of the grasslands a barren waste, and between each mouthful she cursed her fate and the damned stallion who had done this to her.

Did he have to be so bloody fertile that he could even impregnate a hybrid mare? Her kind were supposedly near infertile, so much so that it was nothing short of a miracle for Erthë herself to even exist - a hybrid child born of a hybrid father, and now cursed with offspring of her own. Was it just a myth with no foundations in reality? Or was it, as she suspected, because Volterra could impregnate a rock if he just tried hard enough?

Regardless of how it had come about, Erthë raged against it with all her might. It was too soon, too early, she was too young for this! What did she know about kids? She wasn't even sure she even liked them, and now she would have one trailing behind her, drooling and asking questions for the rest of her life? There were ways to get rid of the seeds that had sprouted within her of course. Certain herbs and roots that would cause her to seize up and bleed, and rid her of this nuisance before it had grown into something that could even be considered a 'child'. But... somehow, for some reason she had been unable to put the plants to her lips.

It certainly wasn't love. Erthë felt nothing but reluctance and impatience for the parasite that grew within her, just as her mother had felt nothing for her first child, the brother Erthë had never met and not known about until Shadow lay dying by her feet. Rather, it was more akin to guilt, to a sense of duty and responsibility. Perhaps the affection would come later, once the beast was out and she could actually see it... Point of the matter was that she had made a reluctant decision to see this through.

Even though it had not been her idea.

Knowing this did nothing to soften her temperament however. The little mare wanted nothing more than to track down the big, oversized stallion who caused this and tell him exactly what she thought about this.

And she would!

Just as soon as she'd finished eating.

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Fire Dancer used to flutter, a waif-like creature of too-long-leg and too-narrow-side. Her legs are still too long, to be fair; her ribs and shoulders still make prominent ridges beneath the copper colored coat. But the roundness of her belly is undeniable, and the duality of her offspring means it only grows wider as each day passes, until she feels her girth must be greater than her length, that her proportions have collapsed and expanded away from anything resembling reason. Like a child's drawing of a fat man on stilts she totters through the world, resentful and remorseful, her brother a tutting midwife who follows in her wake.

The twins are sleeping, and the Fire Dancer takes a moment to graze, to relish this welcome peace. Their magic has kept her in a whirlwind of emotion far greater than anything mere hormones could wreak, and often not in their benefit: more than once she has come close to terminating her pregnancy, only stopping in the final moments as Natraj's presence in her mind outweighed that of her unborn offspring. She thinks about this as she chews tough grass- what life do they really have, with the world going so incredibly to shit? With a mother who will always view them as a mistake, a father who might feel the same? What will Amaris think of her now? Who will help her raise them- certainly not Sacre, once he learns what she's done. Will he take Mortimer from her, too? Tightness closes on her chest, a fist of terror and anger and fear. Her heart beats like a captured thing; she chokes, her eyes widening; she-

Twins! Awake! Natraj snaps into her mind.

"FUCKING! BRAT! CHILDREN!" The girl's usually deep, usually calm voice beaks into the silence, aflame with fury and choked with pain. These goddamn children will be the death of her - and again she feels them move, and imagines them giggling, as tough satisfied with the havoc they are wreaking on their mother's psyche. Fire Dancer glares pointlessly at her belly, as though willing the hellions to behave, and for the moment it seems they may be listening. She can feel her emotions winding down, the brief flash of fear and rage fading into something almost normal... that, or she's simply learned to live at this level of misery. Both seem possible right now.

She sighs and settles back into grazing, her brother maintaining wary watch.

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Unweighted by the burden of illness, uninhibited by the profound feeling of absent loss, the starlit girl danced. She twirled upon long legs, pranced across wild plans, created thunder and music and wind. She allowed her legs to carry her across unclaimed lands, traveling from mountain to sea in search for her lost daughter. She was a wild thing, unbound, untied, and she was free.

Nothing in particular had lead her to the meadows today, other than allowing her path to be guided by the the forces of instinct. She was bursting at the seams, a warm bubbling happiness, knowing that when she finally happened upon her beautiful star-kissed Vesper, she could collect her, return with her to Mesec, and carry on a new life. She almost had no desire to start off where she left off. That was impossible. But she could start a new beautiful thing, and let it grow and flourish beneath the Helovian sky.

As she breeched a small hill, a minuscule bump in the sloping back of the meadow, she saw she wasn’t alone in the meadow today. A mare, dripping in robes of copper, sleek and brilliant like liquid gold, grazed silently before twisting, staring at something upon her side. Perhaps a horsefly had nipped at her bloated flank? A small smile lit upon her lips as she remembered her own sides when blessed with pregnancy, and despite not knowing, there was a certain look that came that separated a child-filled belly from a sickly or overweight one. The mare snapped something, a statement far from a reassuring coo, but Ki’irha couldn’t help but understand. She had been pregnant with twins, after all, and she felt ready to burst open in the weeks approaching her time. The bronzed woman returned to her grazing, and Ki’irha felt a small pang of hunger ripple through her own stomach. A shared meal would be nice, so soon her hooves were moving again, and she descended the hill.

“Greetings,” she called, approaching slowly at first as to not startle the mother-to-be. “I’m guessing whoever is growing in there is testing their strength?” A lighthearted laugh left her, and she came to a stop at a respectful distance. “I’m sorry to assume, and if I’m incorrect feel free to give me a well deserved lashing if I’m wrong.” She cocked a rear hoof, settling into a relaxed stance, and was thankful that her deep midnight coat was able to absorb the dying heat of the orangemoon sun. “My name is Ki’irha,” she introduced, dipping her head in a courteous bow.

She hoped she wasn’t intruding, but she was happy to provide some distraction from the late pains of pregnancy, if the mare would allow.
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The sound of voices came drifting to her upon the wind. Erthë raised her head, eyes wary while the round little ears on her head twitched curiously. Coming across others on these vast rolling grasslands was not uncommon at all, and normally would not have made her so much as flick the tail in acknowledgement. But something about those voices tugged at her, a familiarity that made her look up from the ground and push her heavy body into motion.

If everything had been normal, she would have been there in a hop skip and jump. But nothing would ever be normal again, and as her wings no longer sufficed to carry her and this extra weight, the best Erthë could accomplish was a stately waddle on sore feet and slightly swollen legs. Grumbling to herself about the injustice of it all, she worked her way up a slight incline and peered curiously down the other side to see who it was that owned that nostalgic, half-forgotten voice...

A delighted smile broke out over her face upon noticing the dark, star-speckled unicorn.

"Ki'irha! That is you, isn't it?"

Hurrying down the hill as fast as she could, Erthë approached the two mares - she eyed the golden one curiously, uncertain whether she had seen her around somewhere or not and wincing in sympathy at the sight of the bloated belly, even bigger than her own - and grinned at the horned mare.

"Ki'irha, do you remember me? I'm Erthë..." she said. It had been many years ago, but Erthë still remembered their time spent together in the Basin.

Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking
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