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[OPEN] Dark embraces

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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

It had been a long time. But helovia felt different now. Something was amiss. Something was seriously wrong. It felt sick. Like something was leeching the life from the earth. I had witnessed the brutal murders of the moon goddess, I had fought the rift gods. I had invaded lands, and fucked my way through half the men in helovia.

But I was back. But for how long?

How long would this earth remain? I had children here. Were they still alive? I didn't know. Somewhere I even had grandchildren. I hadn't met them either. I wasn't sure how much I cared frankly. My dark body scanned the dark veins. I was hidden in the shadows of the night, the only thing visible where my white covered face, and the paint dipped hind legs. Nothing stirred. Not even a single rabbit. So I sighed, exasperated, bored. If only there was someone I could see, and maybe enjoy the pleasure of. Hell, might as well enjoy life until we all get killed, or fight some battle. Or get thrown into portal. That seemed unlikely however.

"Speech here."
Notes;; Come say goodbye to Sia! This will be her last thread until the final battle when Kaos kills her!

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& we'll love again, we'll laugh again, we'll cry again, and we'll dance again

She slips silently through the veins. Something seemed to be amiss, and though she couldn't place it, she felt on edge. The rumors had been flying for weeks, yet now they had intensified, speaking of shadows that ate, breathed, killed, and though rumors were usually easy enough to be dismissed, Ki'irha couldn't help but allow them to stir quietly in the back of her mind. It was a funny thing, finally coming back to reality, only to be taunted by the fact that you had missed so much, with so little time to fix the breaks and bandage the wounds, before everything went to shit again.

The night was unusually dark this eve, but her star-speckled hide still manages to reflect what was left of the light, and the glittering inlay pressed within her crown casts the palest light against her brow. She kicks a stone, hears it skitter down the cracked path. It breaks the uneasy silence, and ears perk to hear any reaction to the noise.

Proceeding forward, she sees a trace of white on a hock, follows it up the shadowed silhouette obscured by the darkness, eventually finding a painted face. Her eyes adjust, nostrils flare, trying to drag in even the slightest hint as to who she had joined. Head tips, horn lowers ever so slightly incase she were wrong, and eyes narrow as she attempts to see further.

"Sialia?" Could it truly be Sialia, the woman who she had served beside for so many seasons as corporals? She remembered the blood, the sweat, the anger, the pride, and wondered what had transpired before she had left. Was Sialia still a guardian of the north? Or had she slipped away, as many had, beneath the blanket of night?

She trots forward, head high, thrilled to see a sister of war. "It's me, Ki'irha, it's been too long!" Stopping, she lets a smile grow upon her lips. "How have you been?"

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I am a brewing storm. Eyes flashing, tail sweeping anxiously, ears tied back to my head. The world has become eerily still and I cannot help but think it is the perfect backdrop for the oncoming hurricane. Kaos, his name is poison, spat from the mouths of those whose lives he has since destroyed. The land itself was a victim of his passionate crime.Kaos a porcelain God swept in by the sea and greeted by his fellows as the Princely man he proposed to be. Forsake such pithy hopes, for he is no more than smoke and bones, knitted flesh and weeping darkness. However, by her own hand, Helovia brought ragnarok  into her bosom. Now the world around me lay dying, each step pressing black dirt and brown grass to the side.

Horses were fleeing, turning tail, racing to escape the growing shadow of Kaos’ influence. Lands I once wandered as a girl were now lost to a thick miasma, choking the life away from all it met as the mongrel God stood laughing from his skeleton throne. I did not see, but I heard of horses throwing their potential to waste in a feeble attempt at fighting him. It. Knocked them down, gored, skewered, singing out a sweet tune on the fraying thread of hope this cursed island yet clung to. Some were whispering, the occasional passerby that still dared to dream, that something new was happening, that some new force of magic was at work in the background. Some called it their last resort (“The Gods have not forsaken us!”), while others treated it as it deserved to be - just another one of Kaos’ tricks.

Suddenly there she was, like a black sentinel in the already growing darkness of this place. I have searched high and low, seeking, believing that someday I would find her. That perhaps I would have the strength to lead my errant mother home. She loved me, right? She wanted me to be happy above all else, right? She - “Corporal Siala, how good of you to crawl out from under your rock. It took the world ending but, here you are.” the words are sharp, bitter tasting on my tongue as I stand there, still and unmoving like the great stone centurions that guard the Basin. We are not alone, unfortunately, for a blue woman has capered through the withering trees to greet (“Sialia?”) as well. My whole being has been muted, so chaotic (fitting yes?) were my thoughts, a whirlwind mess of garbled jargon and inhospitable logic. There was no sense to anything right then, for all I really wanted was to strike out and hurt her, cause this woman the terrible kind of pain that she left me in. But I knew I would not, could not, so I stand there wondering if she will even recognize the creature I have become in her absence.

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