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[FOAL STATS] Ivy wrapped hearts

Ilios Posts: 200
Dragon's Throat Informant atk: 5 | def: 9 | dam: 6
Stallion :: Hybrid :: 15 :: 4 (Frostfall) HP: 66.5 | Buff: NOVICE
Isabella :: Common Rougarou :: Flame Parelia
Your Character: Ilios
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unipeg
Breed: Arab/Mustang x Draft Mutt
Height: 15
Color: Buckskin overo minimal white
Markings: Teal ivy mask over his eyes, teal socks with ivy markings growing out of them
Eye Color: Silver 
Health: Short mane
Magic: Active: 
Other: Two companion mutation, Active [ Magic: FirexLight | Can create fire scarab beetles that leave mild burns where they touch. ] 
:: [ Restrictions | Can only make 3 beetles with range of 5m. ]
Request: Time will play the baby and has ideas below

Dam of your Character
Gender: Female
Species: Pegaus
Breed: Mustang x Arabian 
Height: 14.3
Color:  Cremello overo max white
Markings: Teal streaks in mane/tail and teal feathers
Health: Short mane
Other:  Active Blue fire that can cover her body and burn others within a 5 meter radius  and a companion

Sire of your Character
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Breed: Andalusian x Hanoverian x Shire
Height: 16.2
Color: Steal grey
Markings: Silver ivy
Health: Healthy
Other: [Passive] In low light vine markings emit a faint glow that is blue/silver in color, Companion, Can create a cloud of high-voltage static electricity around himself

You must be true to your heart..
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Tybalt Posts: 1
Colt :: Tribrid :: 16hh :: Newborn
Your Request: Tybalt
Gender: Stallion
Species: Tribrid (using tribird foal pass w/ magic)
Breed: [Arab/Mustang x Draft Mutt] x [Mustang Mutt x Hanoverian x Draft Paint Mutt]
Stats: Built stocky and close coupled, athletic
Height: 16.3hh
Color: Buckskin Roan Like so; wings fade from body-color to black
Markings: Disconnected strip & snip, white tipped left ear
Eye Color: Teal
Health: roll!
Magic: Active :: [FirexWater] :: Can breathe steam from his nostrils that burns on contact (foal stats) AND using my Sun Magic for: Active :: [Light] :: His blood possesses healing properties
Other: Two black, small, spiral horns; Leonine tail that ends in black feathers rather than hair

Sansa Posts: 19
World's Edge Filly
Filly :: Equine :: 16.3 :: Two Years (Ages in TallSun)
Lady :: Northern Inuit Dog :: None Emily
Your Character: Sansa
Gender: Female
Species: Equine
Breed: Mustang Mutt x Hanoverian x Draft Paint Mutt
Height: 16.3
Color: Bay Roan Appaloosa
Markings: four hearts going down her face and muzzle in various sizes, black points, snowcap across her back
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Health: Healthy!
Magic: :: [ Magic: Fire (P) | During heightened emotions, the hearts on her face glow and appear to be on fire. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle, flames do not give off heat. ]

:: [ Magic: earthxlight | Can create localized illusions.]
:: [ Restrictions | Illusions only extend 5m from her body, and effect only sight.]

Other: ::[ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond to 2 companions.]
Request: Whatever Time wants

Dam of your Character Merida
Gender: Female
Species: Equine
Breed: draft paint mutt
Height: 16.3
Color: dunskin Appaloosa with emerald green
Markings: chocolate stockings and muzzle, snowcap across back
Health: Healthy

Sire of your Character Hertz
Gender: Stallion
Species: Pegasus
Breed: Mustang Mutt x Hanoverian
Height: 16.3
Color: Blue Seal Dun
Markings: Orange lightening bolt under left eye and down left side of neck. Wings start off as the blue that shades the rest of his body but end in a deep maroon and orange bands
Health: Healthy
Other: :: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Can cause the earth around him to combust and catch fire with a stomp, burning those in the area ]
:: [ Restrictions | Fire only lasts 10 seconds and only reaches a 5m radius ]
:: [ Magic: Spark (P) | During stormy weather, his lightning markings flash with bright white light in time with thunder that occurs in the sky ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]

Official Posts: 847
Stallion :: Equine :: ::
Congratulations you have a newborn colt (Tybalt)!
Gender: Male
Breed: Arab/Mustang/Draft Mutt x Mustang Mutt/Hanoverian/Draft Paint Mutt
Build for Stats: Takes after the dam
Species: Tribrid
Height: 16.3 hh
Eye Color: Teal
Color: Buckskin Roan. Wings fade from body color to black
Markings: Disconnected strip & snip, white tipped left ear. Two black, small, spiral horns; Leonine tail that ends in black feathers rather than hair.
Health: Unhealthy
Born with magic deficiency due to Kaos events, means magic doesn't display properly and is very weak for first year.
:: [Magic: Fire (P) | Black, harmless flames burn on horns and tail tip ]
:: [ Restrictions: Of no use in battle ]
:: [Magic: FirexWater | Able to breathe steam from nostrils that burns on contact ]
:: [ Restrictions: Must be within 10m ]
:: [Magic: Light | Blood is able to heal injuries ]
:: [ Restrictions: Larger injuries require more energy and blood ]
Other: None

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