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He came upon the egg.  The hatching egg.

He slid to an abrupt stop, hovering over the strange thing, his breathing labored and heavy.  What to do? He glanced around, hardly believing that his previously non existent paternal instincts were suddenly kicking in.  He was drawn to the strange egg like he had never been drawn to anything before.  It called to him in a silent, yearning way that he felt deep within his chest.  

Someone crashed into him, nearly sending the egg skittering down the rocky slope.  “Beat it, moron!” he snapped, lashing out with his feral upper fangs and sending the stranger packing down the ridge.  He huddled over the egg possessively, like an oversized hen, watching for any other fleeing bodies that might crush the creature emerging from the egg.  He had destroyed many nests in his career as a ranger of the wild, hunting monstrous beasts and destroying their nesting sites and even any eggs that might rest there.  Why could he not simply leave this one behind, leave it to its natural fate?

It seemed ironic that he should want to rescue it—an egg of all things—here at the end of this world. 

But he did anyway.  The tiny creature emerged from the shell within a few moments, blinking into the light of the ending world.  A tiny silver wolf pup.  Of all things to come from an egg—Raistlyn had thought he’d seen it all.  Apparently not.

He had no more time to waste.  He picked the pup up by the scruff with his teeth as gently as he could manage, and then set of resolutely after the giant exodus taking place in Helovia.

these scars long have yearned for your tender caress
to bind our fortunes, damn what the stars own.

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