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Invasion Round One :: Cluster One

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You have 72 hours to respond to this round. Before the round is over, HERD LEADS can send cluster change request to the OFFICIAL account.

Further information can be found in the Detailed Rules under the Chaos Style invasion section.

Verenia Rinta

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But when his heart was lifted up, and his mind hardened in pride...
...he was deposed from his kingly throne, and they took his glory from him.

And so it begins.

He is vaguely aware of movement around him as others spring into battle. A roar seems to fill his auds, and he isn't sure if it is the sound of two armies clashing or his own blood rushing through his veins. It is not his land, but he feels fiercely protective of it all the same, united with his brothers- and sisters-in-arms by the bloodbath to come. There is something about rushing into battle; it makes your comrades feel closer than your own family, at times. And above even this deep, unbending connection, there is his drive to keep Resplendence safe, to chase the invaders from her home. She needs stability, she needs a family, she needs a place to call home. This had been her home for a short while, and though he had pleaded with her to stay with him, far outside their grasp, she had declined, choosing to stay with her family for the coming battle. But she would not fight, and so he would fight for her.

She is angry with him and he knows it, for she does not want to lose someone else she cares about. And he holds in his mind that he hasn't told her how he feels about her, not truly - it is this thought that drives him to win, that pushes him to avoid death's black grip. He will return to her, no matter what it takes. He will tell her that he loves her, that she has become his world, that she is everything, that he will do anything for her... but for now he must focus, for he knows as he coils, springs into the air, powerful haunches tensing and releasing, that thoughts of her will mean his death in combat. Large wings snap out, catch his weight, and then quick strokes are pulling him above the battlefield.

He spies a bay pegasus, and he knows that his fight will be restricted to the air. This one has odd marks around his eyes, over his body - is that blood? - and a bone shoved recklessly through his nose. The deposed prince cannot help the disgust that passes over his face, and with Zarina clinging desperately to his mane, the painted stallion arcs upwards, then drops, hoping to come down on GAUCHO from above. His wings are pinned tightly to his sides, his front hooves reaching, sharp as daggers, for GAUCHO's right wing, hoping to cause an injury that will force the brute to the ground, force him into the chaos below. "For the Foothills!" he screams, "For Resplendence!"

And so it begins.

[W/C | 450]
[ATTACK | Flies above GAUCHO, then tries to dive onto his right wing, hoping to break it or injure it, forcing GAUCHO to the ground.]
[DEFENSE | None.]
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Talk talk talk.
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Use of force and/or magic (with the exception of death) is allowed at all times.

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Gravedigger, when you dig my grave can you make it shallow? So that I can feel the rain..

There are certain words, which spoken at the correct time, in the correct place, can impact ones very soul. An out of place I love you can have devastating effects, just as a well-meant I missed you..., can revolutionize a heart. For Gaucho, although we all know what a difficult time he has with words, was paradigmatically switched on, at Kri’s command: We fly!. Gaucho did not wonder if the timing was right - if Kri had seen something that caused her to lead them out of hiding, or if today would be the day he died. He did not think of anyone he loved or who loved him, as Quiylan did, for Gaucho had neither. He only thought of two things: Family and Honor. Gaucho was not weighed down by the mixed-feelings that some - on both sides of the invasion - were currently experiencing. Was it wrong to attack such a weak herd? Was it their fault? Where was their leader..? No, for Gaucho it was much more simple - oh so simple. Kri was his family, and she had given him an order. It was that black and white for the brute. Let the philosophers, the skeptics and the cynics worry about what was right and wrong. Gaucho’s mind was deliciously unburdened by these ethical dilemma’s, for in his mind, only one thing mattered. Obeying Kri; Kri had said to fight.

Oh and he meant to.

In the pristine stillness just before the clusterfuck began, Gaucho took a deep breath, inhaling the crisp cool air. The skies were cloudless, yet breezy. Although Tallsun made dawn a relatively comfortable temperature, Gaucho could already tell there would be no bouyant thermals to aid him should this battle be taken to the skies. Still, the breezes were something to consider; with wings large enough to carry his bulk into the air, they were practically sails, able to utilize the breezes to his advantage, if aimed properly. As Kri’s rough voice broke the stillness, and her compact form leapt from the tree branch, Gaucho too began forward. Being unable to launch himself as quickly into the air as Kri had, Gaucho’s dark body shot from the trees as he accelerated into a gallop as quickly as possible. Dew grazed his hooves as his speed increased; unfurling his massive black wings, he let them settle on the rushing air until he could acheive lift. Launching himself into the air, heading east directly into the sun, the bay squinted his steely gaze. Luckily the yellowish marking around his eyes served to cut some of the glare, so he was not completely blinded by the rising ball of fire. Sweeping his wings tighter to his side to achieve a more vertical lift, he could see a blob of orange and white coming at him from the west. Gaucho was much lower than the orangey-blob, but not for much longer, as the orangey-blob (which turned out to be a paint) folded his wings to his sides, diving down at the bay.

In a spar, Gaucho might have considered the stupidity of the stallion, for diving so obviously, and from such a distance. On the battle field however, Gaucho only considered how his careless mistakes could benefit him, and how he ought to respond. Sweeping his wing to the right, and banking inwards, arching so the rising sun was at his back, Gaucho then surged up and forwards. While Gaucho was correct that Quilyan was smaller, he was off by how much smaller - having a blob of orangey-white shooting at you, can be misleading. As he flew farther to the west, up and towards QUILYAN, still about 20 feet below him, he flew into a cross breeze. Grunting as the invisible current poured against him, his wings beat even harder to try and maintain momentum, and yet he slowed significantly, almost halting in midair. Raising his steely gaze he watched as the distance between the two warriors quickly disappeared. Gaucho pinned his ears back at QUILYANS screams both so they could not be bitten, but also so he wouldn’t have endure his wailing. With a grunt of frustration at his deceleration, he hoped the sun was at least blinding his opponent, as he made his move. As QUILYAN plummeted by, Gaucho could feel the stallions front hooves scraping against his right shoulder, causing enormous pain to flair through the muscle, and yet Gaucho did not try to fully evade the stallions attack: given his deceleration, he would need to be close to the stallion, if he was going to cause any damage. As QUILYAN brushed past him, Gaucho beat his wings, trying to drive himself into the stallion as he past. With his head lowered and tilted to the right, he aimed to scrape his antlers against QUILYANS right wither or right wing as he had learned to do in previous spars, and to let their bodies remain together so that QUILYANS right flank would be gauged by the spiked-bone collar that was around Gaucho’s neck.

As they sailed past each other, Gaucho instinctively turned his muzzle to the left, guarding his face against a possible kick.

[WC: Exactly 900. Magic 0/2 Companion 0/2. Earth Amulet/Spark Amulet not used. Gaucho will be using buffs bulk and swift.

Summary: Gallops out of the trees, and begins flying east. Ascending, Gaucho sees Quil coming from the west. Arching around to face him (still significantly lower), he flies up to meet him, but is caught in a cross-breeze and is significantly slowed as Quil descends upon him. Quil strikes his right shoulder. As he passes, Gaucho tries to knock him with his antlers on his wither or right wing, and to keep their bodies together so Quil is scraped by Gaucho's 2-inch bone spikes on his flank.

Attack: Antlers to wither/right wing. Bone-collar to right flank]

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Pegasus. Gone. She stood infront of a black and white pegasus, not anymore. Where'd he go?
The mare instead stared at the grey mare LAKOTA that now was her target, the one who got caught by dual-colored eyes. Was she tough?
Could she handle ghosts like the welsh mutt?
No one knew.

Verenia stepped closer to LAKOTA and growled. No one took her home away from her. No. One. Not the ghosts.
Not anyone.
She would make sure no one took her home. Yes. With flicked back ears she approached the mare LAKOTA, walking in a straight line to her face, and mostly saw shadows of the mare even up close. The sunset made it hurt in her eyes, but she did not close them.
She would not get attacked.


With a growl, she lunged herself into LAKOTA with the help of her haunches and tried to push her down to the ground. It was a spontaneous attack - Verenia didn't know how to fight? - and she hoped that the mare didn't back away.
Why anyways?
If you want to be a part of the game, you gotta tolerate the rules. Or was it "Do you want to play"... She didn't know. Who knew? Who even came up with those... Those... Sayings?
Verenia stumbled and fell on the left side of the mare, un-knowing if the grey fell too. Did she? She was soon to see.

Exposed. She could not lie in her back in battle. That was silly - and pretty stupid. The mare rolled over and stared at the grey. Would she try to lung herself into the welsh mutt as she had into her?
Bad mare if she did so.

Bad mare.

"Speaking in riddles."

attack: Lungs herself into LAKOTA using her hind legs and hopes to knock her down to the ground.
defense: Rolls over and stands up again to avoid too much damage.
ooc: Bad muse. Hehe.
word count: 288
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No longer do they stand at the precipice, staring each other down like wolves preparing to take down a wounded elk. All at once there is movement. There is no certain moment when the battle begins, raging in Lakota's ears. It is a sudden clamor, and she wonders briefly to herself who made the first blow. Who was it that had finally had enough? Who strode forward to lock with an opponent in battle? The sudden sound of screaming, both in pain and anger, is familiar to her. But it is a steady, dizzyingly fast surge in sound that tells her in the rush of bodies moving towards one another that bloodshed will come. The two groups are moving, meshing, becoming one large body of anger and love for their side of the battle. In the end, it will all come down to who was willing to lay down more, who was too stubborn to give up. Sharp violet eyes had locked on the slurring mess that had been staring down Murdock since she had spoken. Her name is meaningless to Lakota. The mercenary is uncaring of who she is, or her backstory. It is not her business that she is apparently deranged, all she knows is that this mare has the potential to hurt her brother standing directly before the stocky woman. It makes her skin itch to run forward and attack the wench before she can so much as land a blow, but she is thoroughly distracted by a Throat warrior nearby taking to the skies to meet one of the Foothills in the air. A glance back and in seconds Murdock was apparently gone, the pegasus clearly appreciating the appendages and taking flight. That, at least, was a comfort. Now, she could focus on the battle that was already flourishing in her veins, whispering sick words to her that encouraged every desire to hurt. Something dark from youth fed her, telling her that she would triumph as she had in every pillage she had been in as a princess. Lakota felt almost sick with glee, knowing that this was her world. Fire and hell, where the only thing keeping you grounded was the pain you pushed through. She nearly missed the sudden movement that the dichromatic-eyed mare made, but turned to face her quickly out of instinct more than rational thought. Aodaun bristled at her heels, eyes dark with the emotions running like a heavy drug through Lakota and into their bond. It was a strange move to start off with, sloppy and clearly made out of anger. The noise that had echoed from the smaller mare's throat had warned her well enough even if her peripherals had not already caught the movement.

The legs headed towards her had to be dealt with first and instinct told her to move. Quickly she jerked herself to the left, eyes locked on VERENIA for as long as she could. She was longer of leg and had more reach, getting herself out of the way in a decent manner, but Ao was also quick to get out of her way. Stumbling slightly in her haste to get out of range, Lakota was aware of how close they had brushed when VERENIA had lunged at her. It surprised her, what she found when she turned- knowing from experience to never take your eyes off your opponent. VERENIA had fallen, though she had quickly rolled over to face Lakota. Anger swelled in her chest, as well as a fierce pride and love for her family that drove her into attack mode. The mare was solid, compact and tough where Lakota was lean and tall. In fact, she'd never fought someone quite like the Foothills fae. She guessed a blow from VERENIA would be a bit worse to deal with, but her speed had already proven useful in getting away from her the first time. Like hell she was going to be stuck on the ground. That was like a death blow. Aodaun stuck close to her side as she charged at the other female, heat of battle completely wiping her thoughts. Anger surging through her that the mare had dared to try and pin her. Lakota was not so easily taken down! She did not care that the other female was not sound of mind- to Lakota, she was merely another enemy. Someone who had dared to fight against her, and she would not go down without making her beloved twins proud. If she had to be beaten, it was going to be screaming her support to her family, and it had better be with her last dying breath or she was going to wreck hell in her opponent's life. She advanced quickly on long pillars, hindquarters pushing her forward and up. Obsidian hooves aimed down at the solid mare's right shoulder, ears pinned back and irises alight with a crazed sort of lust. Teeth were bared, glinting in the weak light. Those, too, she aimed for the neck above VERENIA'S shoulder that had already been targeted. Should her hooves find flesh, she intended to clamp her teeth into the woman's yielding flesh, taste her lifeblood and leave her with a mark that would forever be Lakota's. She would fight, not only for herself but for her family. They deserved this land, not this sorry whelp at her hooves.

WC: 897
Defense: Jumps to the left to avoid Verenia's lunge, stumbling slightly in the process.
Attack: Turns to keep her eyes on Verenia and lunges forward, head low and forelegs extended to try and land on her right shoulder. Should it connect her teeth are also aiming for her neck, same side.
Other: Magic: 0/2 Companion: 0/2

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