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The Frozen Arch was as she remembered it. Pale blue seemed to shine from within as the rays of the moon illuminated the pale landscape. It was a chilly night for Tallsun, though little else could be expected so far North. It was into the depths of the Arch's caverns that she went now, her dark pelt standing out even in the darkness. The orb in the sky was full, and there wasn't a cloud in sight; it made the world seem almost as bright as the dawn. Even within the cave that she settled in to wait, there was light. She could not have told you where it came from, but it was there, softly glowing. She seemed almost blue in the midnight hues, her amber gaze turned to a softer brown, her brown, twisted horn turned to a dark, murky shade. Only the ebony of her bodice remained unchanged, seeming almost to drink in the light, a black hole in the beautiful mystery of the terrain.

Much had happened to her in the labrynth of the Arch. Her first meeting with the Plague had been held here - so long ago, it seemed. And then her dreamtime meeting with Mauja had come to her as she slept within these walls. And here she returned for another meeting of the Plague. It was time, of course. They had not met in far too long, and she had much to discuss with them. It was time that they acted, that they did something to show the world that the unicorn race was supreme. They had grown since their last meeting, she knew this - but it was not enough. They needed more to have a hope of changing the world. And changing the world was what she was out to do.

She was aware of others around her, their pelts seeming to meld together under the silver-blue light. She had taken a position that allowed her to face them all, her back to an icy wall. Her orange-turned-muddy eyes looked them all over as she waited for them to assemble. She was not as proud as she had been before, standing now with a hind leg lifted, resting; her head remained high, but it was with her newfound leadership rather than superiority. While those around her were not her equals, they were her followers, the closest she would ever get to a family. She valued them, and she hoped that they valued her in return. Finally, she began to speak.

"Welcome, darlings, and thank you for being here," she said in a soft voice made of honey. "And so we have settled in the Basin. Our new land is all that we might have hoped for, and as for our old land -" she added in reference to the Edge, "- we shall get that back one day. But for now, it is imperative that we remain secret. However, it is also time that we began to do something. We deserve to rule, it is quite simple, and we must take steps now to begin that admittedly lengthy process.

"I would like our spies to begin gathering information. Of course, the Basin's phantoms are already doing this, but I would like to know more about what has passed and how it may benefit us, which our Thief cannot always tell me, as she is not one of us. For our warriors, the task is to find the mare Angora, who has stolen our Arah. What you do with her is irrelevant to me, though I would much like to speak with her myself."
These lyrics were cold, orbs turned cruel. It would be no surprise what the shadow-mare had planned for the idiotic equine that had dared come near one of her own. "As for the rest of you, recruiting is currently imperative. We cannot more forward until we have more within our ranks. Are there any questions?"

"Talk talk talk."
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So much was going though my head. First I had fallen into the deep hole of love. It was a overwhelming feeling and I couldn't take Ayaka of my mind. The rustic she wolf, she was my love, my one and only love. My one and only friend. The only one who I trusted and the only one I probably ever will trust as it isn't something that come's easy to me. But then there was the conflict of the love. The Throat wolf and the Basin wolf. It hardly seemed right. Aryel had already shown us how much it was hated in the Throat and I wasn't surprised if it was hated by those of the Basin.

Then there was the plague and I was pretty sure they would hate the fact of my and Ayaka even more then any Basin or Throat member. But they didn't have to know, did they? I was a wolf after all, I could keep a secret. Anyway, it wasn't like I was with a Pegasus because, well that would be weird. Would they really hate me for loving a wolf of the Throat? If they ever found out then I would have to decide...Basin and Plague, or Ayaka?

And then...then there was my own army of wolves. Or Luna, Doyle and Keir if you wanted to call them by names. Of course, I don't call them by names, it is only to help others in case they wanted to refer to them. They were brutish, undead zombie wolves, both ugly in appearance and personality. They were with me at all times, deep inside me, waiting to be unleashed weather it was for show or to kill.

It was cold here, in the arch. That was how I liked it. My thick coat trapped heat inside and kept the cold wind gushes of my skin. Blood matters fur around my jaw and my paws to, were stained with blood from a lone bird I had stalked and taken for my meal. "Welcome, darlings, and thank you for being here," It was the familiar speech of Psyche. I stalk closer towards the gang of Unicorns huddled round her, brushing past the legs of the beasts, wanting to get closer to the front as I had a major height disadvantage with being a wolf but yet I was nimble and small enough to weave though a forest of legs.

I had heard all she said and with a cruel grin on my maw fog steams of my body, taking the form of three undead wolfs which stand round me but slightly behind as well. There was one bit in her speech that interested me. "For our warriors, the task is to find the mare Angora, who has stolen our Arah. What you do with her is irrelevant to me, though I would much like to speak with her myself." The cruel grin on my smeared face widened and the wolfs behind my start to growl slightly. "Consider this Angora taken care of," My voice drips with poison. I may not know this Arah but it didn't stop me lust for blood and revenge of this Angora stealing her away.

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Ulrik, the captor of the Throat's Seer, moved through the snow to the tiny ice cave. The north seemed to hold much of the history of the Plague, and he remembered it nearly from its inception. Only recently had the engineer removed himself from Psyche's vision of the future, but it seemed that Mauja was no more interested in leading than she had been when she had run off to spawn his child. Though he was not humbled by his misplaced loyalty, Ulrik had realized that he should trust no one with any semblance of his person. Instead, the brute adhered to the supremacy of his blood, and he would follow wherever that aligned. Right now, that was with Psyche, and he did not have to like the bitch to appreciate what she was doing - or trying to at least.

The black jackal was making an effort - he could not fault her that much. So, the wild minded stallion padded quietly into the creaking ice, cloven hooves holding his massive weight as his leonine tail flashed behind his fetlocks. He arrived before her speech, one hip tilted nonchalantly as he observed the others with an air of displeasure and madness. Ulrik was far from sane and seemed to exude his insanity with wild looks of his bronze eyes. A metal creature whirred at his side with a soulless expression, only punctuating his love for all things... not alive.

She mentioned taking back the Edge, and he raised a brow curiously. Now this was a plan of which he approved. Being knocked out by that golden dragon bitch had hit his ego harder than he had anticipated, and his ears tilted backward ever so slightly. "I cannot aide you in stealing Angora until I release the Dragon's Throat Seer. Once you do with her as you will, I can assist," he rumbled, his voice deep and grating on the ears.

"As for secrecy, how many have you lost and where have they gone? Secrets are rarely kept forever, and we need to get ahead of any rumors. As one who does not reside in this... Basin, I can try and listen for any ill toward us." Ulrik awaited her answer, bronze eyes seemingly boring into her amber ones, demanding answers in a way that was not entirely egotistical. While the black stallion considered himself to be of supreme blood and even more devoted, he did not think himself as better.

"Do you want us to recruit anyone? Or should we be looking for certain qualities that would help us in this subtle hint at the Edge?" he asked, wondering if he should be recruiting warriors or spies.


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The night was late, and as usual, the Weaver was still out and about. While the little hound at his side usually preferred to be curled up and sleeping at this hour, he followed faithfully at Crowley's side, catching little naps here and there whenever the stallion set to mundane things such as grazing. He'd traveled outside of the cradle of the Basin, for once, wondering if the foliage was secretly any better elsewhere. So far, it didn't seem that way.

It was particularly chilly for a Tallsun night, even for the Basin, but it was nothing that the hardy unicorns of the land couldn't handle. A gust of wind tousled the brindle's mane, bringing with it the scent of the Basin's fearless leader, Psyche. Lifting his head, Crowley scanned the area for the dark mare, barely catching a glimpse of her nearly blue form retreating into the depths of a cave. What was she doing away from the Basin? He hadn't seen the mare in some time, busy with his own tasks, but he'd been wanting to speak with her for some time now. With a glance to Talbot, he nudged the pup awake, waiting for him to arise before making his way after the leader. He could only hope that he wouldn't be disturbing Psyche, for although it was growing late, Crowley wasn't sure when he would get the chance to speak with her again.

Entering the cave, he was surprised to see the Empress in such a relaxed state, amber eyes warm, foot cocked. Perhaps it was that he did not know his leader well enough to be used to such a thing, or maybe his mind was simply overreacting. Dipping his head in a respectful welcome to the black mare, he drew to a stop and twitched his ears forward as she began to speak. At his side, Talbot settled down, resting the majority of his weight against the Weaver's front right cannon. Had he not been so deprived of sleep, for he always seemed to be considering his still young age, he would have been bounding around the cave to assure that everyone was greeted properly, by either lick or yip.

Slowly, more filtered in and joined, all members of their secret organization, and within moments, the beginnings of a grin threatened to pull across his face. The thought of putting something in motion with his brothers and sisters was exciting, childish as it may sound, and he was prepared to contribute in any way that he was able. Already he'd been keeping an eye out for those who may make a good addition within the Plague, and had recently brought three new members into the group under Psyche's approval. For a brief moment, he wondered if they would show up here with the rest, before focusing back on the rest of what the Empress had to say.

At the mention of a mare named Angora, Crowley took special note of it, for there was always a chance he could run into her. She would pay for taking one of their kind, no matter who was the one to capture her; although, deep down, he sincerely hoped it might be himself. At the mention of recruiting, there were thoughts of the dreaded Threshold, where every visit seemed to end up the same. A mental sigh was given at the thought, but he was committed to making several visits there for the good of their group.

As quickly as the meeting had began, it seemed to end, with the question of, well... questions. The Weaver thought for a moment, before deciding on one. Although he was certain the answer, what if their newer members were not aware? Other questions were asked, and he only expanded on the one by the towering black stallion standing not far from him. "And should we spy any potential members," he began, "Shall we bring them to you for prior approval?"

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Snö may have been blending into the background, the cool palettes of frosted silver and stony, unimpressed grays, but she was not wasting her time. She was planning, simply, training, conditioning her young body to peak condition. Not a moment was wasted in her peaceful life that could quickly and abruptly burst into chaos and bloodshed at the mere sight of one who does not bear a horn upon silken brow.

It had been quiet during her rounds around the borders of her quietly loved Aurora Basin. Sometimes, she found herself hating the Basin, the carpets of dreary, never-ending snow during winter that fell chest and neck high, which forced one to struggle through, quickly soaking through. It could be worse- at least they were no longer in the Steppe. And the drifts were only deepest among the edges as well, shallower towards the middle where the hot springs steamed. Quickly had she grown bored, standing about, head filled with persistent thoughts of growing stronger, Psyche and her family, her awful family. She had heard of a baby.

Another slut child.

So she set off, breaking into an idle trot, slipping out of the cold, stone mountains, unpressionable and heartless. It was not long until she smelt familiar scents, coming from the Arch where she had, not long ago, fought with a bastard who had defeated her. And yet... it would not be long until she won that fight. d'Artagnan had also known of him- no doubt sometime soon one would slip something into the food supply. Ha!

Snö followed the trail into the glacial palace throwing sparkling light through the thin walls. Her cloven hooves skittered across the slick black ice as she neared, making her way round to the back of the group, passing the one named Crowley and some strange wolf.

With each passing word, she found herself rising, straightening.

"This mare will not last long!" Snö snorted, lips curling into a snicker.
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At nightfall they congregated and by moonlight no less. However Chernobyl hadn’t done much in the way of contributing to the Plague or a least as much as she would have liked. But she came just the same, working her way in amongst the crowd and knowing that only more would come. Psyche was there, as assumed, standing tall before them like the proud matriarch that she was. She was beautiful dressed in a coat of pure shadow that glistened in shades of deep purple and blue. Whatever she said was still lost to her though because as far as Chernobyl was concerned, she had no real idea what the hell was going on. She was supposed to be a spy, right? Or whatever connotation came with being a “spy”…

She still couldn’t tell you what it meant.

However, everyone else seemed to have a pretty solid idea of what was going on. A white canine stood a few spaces ahead of her and while Chernobyl wasn’t sure how she felt about his species, she listened to him just the same. Some threat to capture a mare called Angora had her even more confused than before, but what really gave her nerves a jolt were the plans that Psyche spoke of. Domination? Supremacy? Were they words that she could relate to these “steps” the mare spoke of? If so, she decided that they had about as much in common as a fruit and a vegetable- at least they were both edible. She would do whatever was asked of her to please her elegant lead but she had decided that after such an inspiring speech, she would have to seek council with the infamous Psyche once more.

There was so very much to discuss.

Some of the members appeared to be level-headed while others seemed quite brash. Chernobyl would be none of these as she hadn’t anything to say. It was enough for her to be here, for her to listen. She would not pretend to understand their glories until she sought further guidance from the brains behind this well-oiled machine. But if she intended to work under the Plague as a supremacist, then it was about time she got her ass in gear. The first thing she needed to look into was becoming a sleuth or wraith or whatever it was that she needed to be in order to assist in capturing this “Angora”. Of course, this still required Psyche’s approval which probably shouldn’t be approached in the midst of such a meeting.

It seemed as if all of her questions were things that would have to be discussed aside and she had no problem waiting for such a time. After all, this was her moment to shine as Psyche had promised. She hoped that she would stick to her former words because if not, then it was safe to say that Chernobyl could be putting her time and rather lackluster effort into something entirely more worth her time. Maybe it was the negative part of her ego that spoke so darkly of her intentions, but at least it was giving her some answers for once.

"Talk talk talk."
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As a notice to all, as of yet, nobody (except Faelene and Mauja) knows that Sielu was fathered by Mauja. :]

He was no stranger to midnight meetings under cold silver moonlight, nor was he a stranger to the long journeys over frozen wastelands. Frosted hoof met frosted snow as he drifted across the Steppe, skirting south around the Basin walls and heading west, to the Frozen Arch. However familiar meetings were, it had been a time since last, and by now he doubted few in the Basin were unaware of his return. None, aside from Psyche and d'Artagnan, would know of where he had been, but he couldn't imagine the tale of his spectacular return not spreading. That mirror was a source of frustration for many, so for the King to return through it — surely mouths would whisper. Flicking his tail against his moon-pale hocks he walked underneath the bright moon, his long shadow cast across the crisp snow. Irma rode upon his scarred shoulder, a quiet, frigid guardian in the unusually cold night. Her pale eyes, washed out to white by the moon, penetrated the darkness, relentlessly stalking every movement, assessing it, evaluating it, discarding it.

Others traveled across the lonely steppe, shadows under the moon's eye, secret brothers-in-arms who, perhaps, did not smile at one another in daylight. Falling into the shadow beneath the Arch the owl spread her wings and took off, settling upon the entrance like a sentinel, a marker that the souls traveling to Psyche's call had found the right place. Smiling at her in his soul he stepped into the labyrinth, remembering the sound of her hooves on the edges of his mind, a ghost-sound when he had slipped in and out of restless sleep, ages and eons away; he shook it off, followed the clatter of hooves towards the cavern where she resided on one end. With easy grace the alabaster stallion strode past those who had gathered, giving nods and little eye-smiles were they were due, lingering a moment longer upon Ulrik before he was by her side. She was midnight black in the softly illuminated cavern, her eyes washed out, less vibrant, and with a brief touch to her shoulder he spun to stand beside her, half a step behind. She was their Crux, but no one had said he had been replaced as Bane; he'd kept her in the position during her absence, and it would only feel fair if she gave him the same courtesy.

Not that life was ever fair.

In silence his pale eyes swept the crowd, listening to the honeyed voice of Psyche, his mind swirling to her plans. It seemed that he was not alone in hatching plans on how to reclaim the Edge, and though he wanted to smile dreamily, he kept his face neutral. They would be a formidable opponent to take on, allied with the Throat as they were, and would the Grey aid them? Or could Mauja use his ties to Ophelia to hire them? These were plans for later — perhaps a shadow strike would be better? Talk turned to a mare called Angora, and both Lupus and Snö promised blood, but he found his own heart harden. Snö was too young yet, and that was a fact she couldn't escape. His eyes settled upon her for a moment. She wasn't even fully grown yet, still slightly angular as she would need at least another year or two to fully flesh her frame out, and it would be a disadvantage. He didn't doubt her heart, but he doubted her experience, and as her father, he felt the desire to protect her. And the wolf — frankly, he didn't know him.

"I think," he said from where he stood, his voice not raised but carrying in spite of it. "That I will deal with this Angora myself. I have been away for far too long." And, if he wanted to capture this foolish mare who stole from the Basin, the only way to ensure that it happened was to do it yourself. Then, he leaned his head closer to Psyche, his voice a murmur meant for her ears only. "I think we should restrict recruiting to high ranks only, and impress upon all the need for secrecy. I found a mare trying to initiate a yearling I'd deemed too stupid to keep her mouth shut, so if all you need to do in order to learn of us is to say I am racist, why, before we know it we'll be mingling with equine spies with sticks tied to their foreheads." Slight sarcasm laced his voice towards the end, though his face never shifted — it remained impassive, and once his words had been spoken, he turned his head out towards those gathered again, watching them in silence.

I'd also like to point out that what Mauja says about secrecy and recruiting was for Psyche's ears only, and spoken very low, so it is doubtful anyone would hear it save for her.

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Something was happening. Eyes of fire had watch as unicorns began to filter out of the Basin, apathy slowly turning into vague interest with each individual to pass. Still, it is doubtful that the stallion would have roused himself to follow, if not for the prodding of the hell pup. For while emotion is easy enough to ignore, pain is not, and Totem knows that his companion will refuse to cease biting at his legs until he does as the whelp demands. So, slowly, he too sauntered from the security of the hidden vale, guided by the hoofprints of at least a dozen others. Laise gamboling about his hooves, excited by this nocturnal jaunt. The moon glows brightly above the two, washing the world of ice in silver and shadows, making the snow glisten in sharp contrast to the pools of blackness. In this monochromatic painting, Laise is a torch, his markings shining with elemental fire, a will-o-the-wisp leading the bay further into the unknown.

An opening gapes before them before long, a fanged throat tempting them to venture inside, scent promising that the other unicorns lurk within. The pup hesitates, trembling, but when Totem steps through the portal unaffected, there is no choice but to follow. An ear flicks back briefly at the sound of scrambling paws, but no more attention is paid to his bonded. There is something more important going on, just ahead, and for now Totem is more interested in this than the antics of a skittish puppy. Finally, the icy sides of the tunnel expand, tossing the two into a wide cavern. Here, at last, are the others, assembled in a frozen theater, waiting for a show to begin. All are focused on the midnight form of Psyche, their empress, who stands proudly under their heavy gazes, until all have assembled. Totem scans the crowd, recognizing only a few by name, though a few of the others seem faintly familiar, as if he has seen them from a distance. The blue wash of light makes it impossible to tell for certain, hiding true hues and softening features into shadowed blurs. Here, in this cerulean ruled cave, he and Laise are intruders, ruddy light bathing the stallion and the whelp in color, russet and crimson making them appear as demons.

Perhaps they are.

Soon, Psyche begins to speak, sugar spread before those gathered, with the promise all will be well if only they believe in her words. And some do, it would seem, while others raise questions, demanding more than her commands and beguilement. Totem finds that he doesn't much care for their petty disagreement over the fate of Angora, nor the spotted one's talk of keeping this secret organization secret, though the way he undermines the ebon queen does suggest that he is important, and used to being obeyed. For while Psyche asks for all to find the thieving mare who stole one of their own, he says no, he will deal with the problem alone. And while she has told all to recruit, he speaks of limiting such power. Perhaps he is simply unable to accept that he is not important, not needed. Who exactly is this brute, to snatch at whatever he can, holding others back so he may claim more glory? Totem's fleeting attention is caught, for the moment, and at his hooves Laise emits a quiet growl, unsettled by the brief flickers of emotion that pass through their mental link.

This meeting may prove to be worth his time after all.

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I stand under the glare of the moon- the chilly night air biting through my pelt. Archeon has wandered off, and my red eyes are squinted as he looks for him, the sun reflecting off the snow. I stomp my hoof- this pup was turning into much more of an annoyance then anything. I snort before moving on, flicking my long tail, the hair brushing the ground as it twitches slowly back and forth, back and forth. It becomes wet because of the frost and snow- not that I mind. I am surprised this place still has snow from the heat of the day, but this place is not exactly normal. I had been called for a late night meeting- it was unusual and I couldn't remember the last time Psyche or Mauja had called for one. I was going to be late all because of Archeon. "Archeon, I'm leaving." I snap, though he might not hear me. I'm done waiting.

My body slices through the terrain silently, crimson orbs looking for the ice cave. It was not long before my nares caught the scent of others and my pace quickens, cloven hooves dipping into the snow. I slow before I arrive, staying in the shadows. Archeon yips and my eyes snap over to him- glaring. He quiets immediately and strolls into the cave. Psyche had just started speaking. I listen to her words- find Angora. Many volunteer, so I deem it unnecessary to do so myself. I feel a brush of fur against my legs and I bristle before I realize it's Archeon. 'As for the rest of you, recruiting is currently imperative. We cannot more forward until we have more within our ranks. Are there any questions?' Recruiting- easy enough. I am about to step forward until I hear a brindled stallion speak, I notice he has his own hellhound that is glowing yellow. Archeon notices him and the markings upon him burst into flame as he prances forward, a cockiness air about him. My red eyes roll, but I listen to the question of this stallion. '... Shall we bring them to you for prior approval?' A good question- I then step forward out of the shadows, slinking forward towards Psyche. "I will focus on recruiting unless you wish for me to help with spying or some other task- but I also have the same question as him." I say, tossing my head in the direction of the brindled stallion and yellow marked hellhound.

I wait for the reply from Psyche, but many have said something now, so I figure she will take time to address them all. Archeon watches the yellow and black hellhound, gold eyes curious and tail wagging slowly- holding himself back from going over there. I chuckle quietly- the pup wanted to play. I nudge his hind, the flames leaving a weird tingling sensation, but not burning, as he skids forward, glancing back at me for a second. He walks cautiously towards the other pup, but still I can see the cockiness in him. He yips quietly, and I watch silently as he pauses- waiting to see what the potential friend would do.

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He was there because he had to be, tucked away in the corridor of shadows, horror and havoc, scattered from the rumble of voices so the vindictive chords of his alluring sorcery didn’t burn them, leave them wilting, harboring for more members as they were hastened to eternal sleep. The monster listened, a behemoth of silence and danger, taking in the sentiments, words and phrases that brought them all to the pinnacle of creeds and promises ushered by calculations and machinations. Like so many times before, he offered very little in return for all the junctures spread between them, benedictions of bloodshed and names that turned into turbulent tides of anarchy and indulgence – they crooned for bloodshed, and the offerings had been rendered. Were he an instigator, an agent provocateur, he may have drummed for more, clamoring for the earnest shambles of broken, pathetic creatures only waiting for his next upheaval. However, he was not of this nature – too composed, too rigid, too chilled and glacial to spare the moments of time and dominion. He allowed opportunities to relinquish themselves to him, interludes and impulses of vacuous, inane objects craving their demolition, their demise, the predator that waited, stalked, and devoured with one simple derision, one craving, unwinding allure of puissance and pernicious glory. Reclusive, he would not actively seek or hunt the murmured heralds, but strike when the chance was born, murder and condemn, consign to oblivion as they passed in ignorant harmony. He had supremacy, he had dominion, and in some unholy, vicious, menacing way, he’d bestowed his power, might and brawn to the condition of ensuring that this malicious Plague would bear the same furtive lineage. He gave a nod to his leaders, and his body to the group, while his heart remained frozen, owned by none and fueled by loathing.

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d'Artagnan grumbled all the way to the Arch. He had a hatred for the tedium of meetings, though he knew the importance of them, but they always seemed to drag on and most of the time he wasn't needed anyway. Orders were always given but he never seemed to receive any, however the shade simply took that as a licence to do as he pleased. He walked through the snows that lead down to the archway, Aramis was bounding on ahead with tail held high in his imperious manner. The Nightshade was almost certain that the pup's paws grew faster than his little body, they always seemed so large in comparison and always they tripped him up. The pair moved like shadows in the eerie light until finally they came across Psyche addressing their company as she always did.

Her reason for calling them all here this time seemed to be a little more assertive, it appeared she wanted the plague to be on the move again and issued her orders to the spies for information gathering. The warriors were to go after the intruder who had crept into the basin and foolishly stolen Arah from them. d'Artagnan had snorted at that, the bare head mare wouldn't be able to run from them for long and so she wasn't all that much of a concern. Blood coloured ears fell ungracefully to the side then as she mentioned recruiting for the rest of them. The Nightshade sighed. He could recruit but it was so uninspiring, most seemed to shy away from him like he was some mass murderer. He couldn't help it if his face was permanently set in a pissed off way and if he smiled it always made him look like a mad man. In the midst of d'Artagnan's rather depressing thoughts, Aramis had spotted Talbot and consequently bounded over to him, but not without batting Mauja's feathers on his way past and scampering away as fast as he could to tackle Talbot playfully. When he finally surfaced Aramis spotted the prancing Archeon with fire lining his back, the red marked pup growled at the royal and pushed out his chest. Gilded eyes cautious as he pondered whether the younger pup wanted to play.

Meanwhile d'Artagnan had spotted the dark form of Ulrik with a surprised glance, it had been sometime since he'd seen the engineer and as the shade listened to him he noted Ulrik had not changed one bit since he last saw him. The Nightshade decided to stand beside the tribal marked unicorn with a brotherly nudge to his shoulder, they had never spoken much in the past but d'Artagnan had always rather liked Ulrik. He listened as each who had gathered gave their own input, nodding once to Mauja who voiced his plan to take down Angora himself. He knew very well that she wouldn't escape the ice grip of the Frostheart, in a few simple words d'Artagnan already considered her taken care of. He pondered the options of recruitment and found himself agreeing with Mauja once again, they couldn't just let anyone into the Plague now could they. The Nightshade trusted his own judgement, he knew from the series of questions he had asked of Farenjer that the stallion was no good for the Plague. It took a particular unicorn and d'Artagnan often got depressed over how few there were of them.

The meeting quietened then and d'Artagnan gave Psyche a reproachful look. "You didn't really need me here did you." A dry humour lacing through his voice. As he said it his thoughts turned over something Ulrik had said about losing members and he turned to address the Plague as a whole. "Do any of you know of any... Traitors? Has anyone gone missing recently? If you do know of any then I will deal with them." He said. His vocals turning dangerous. d'Artagnan needed something exciting to do and someone to practise his magic upon.

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Her words regarding Angora were met by various proclamations against the mare. Snö raised her voice with a disdainful snort; Ulrik reminded the shade that he could not aide them until his current prisoner was disposed of. The first to claim Angora's demise was the wolf, much to the shadow-mare's surprise. He was not one of them, and yet he was, all the same. His bloodlust pleased the jackal. The pair of them were of the same make, though he may not have been aware of it - after all, she could easily shift to a form very similar to his if she so chose. At the moment, however, she did not choose to do so, and instead regarded the canine with unreadable orange eyes. Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the FrostHeart. His request she could and did grant; a regal nod of the head granted Mauja the rights to Angora. "I thank you for your fervor, Lupus, but I think that Mauja will deal with Angora," she said as the once-king drew closer.

The following murmur in her aud sent a brief chill up her spine; her facade remained neutral. Such proximity had not been known to her in the time since their love, long ago, save for the dream that his presence had graced. Her orbs met his quickly, understanding and agreement in their depths, and she added to her previous announcements. "If you find one that you think is worthy of our ranks, you will bring them to myself or our higher ranking members - Mauja, Deimos, d'Artagnan, Crowley. You will not tell them of our cause. You may tell them whatever you want to get them to us. Anything but the truth. Secrecy is paramount. We are not yet strong enough to risk exposure.." Slowly she gazed around the half-circle, meeting each pair of eyes.

"Our goals are tricky," she explained to her followers. "Strike too soon, and we will be eradicated. Wait too long, and we have no hope of success. It is not yet our time, my darlings, but our time is coming." Again her eyes found Mauja's, almost, but not quite, seeking his approval. It was a fleeting glance, though, and then her attention was turned to the other questions. "Ulrik, your ears outside our borders are appreciated. Rumors are most likely to abound from the Dragon's Throat, where I have heard that the traitor Valentine resides. Speaking of Valentine," she added, turning her attention to d'Artagnan, "he is a traitor. He turned his back on his brethren and our organization. If you can get rid of him, no one will miss him."

Finally, she paused, reviewing the conversation. "As for those that we will recruit... if they are blatantly of our views, then bring them immediately, particularly if they are ready to do something about it. These are more likely to be warriors, and we can always use soldiers. Others may be more reluctant to share their beliefs. Try to woo them, coax them into sharing their thoughts with you. If they can hide how they feel, we may use them as spies. If you believe that one can be swayed to our side, come to me and I shall see if you are correct. Others that may be useful are those that can take up the mantle of nurse. And one last thing: Mauja has always been and shall remain our Bane. He is second in command only to me. Therefore, his word shall be followed." She fell silent, satisfied with her speech. Something had coerced her to speak the words, to restore him to his former position. Perhaps it was presumptuous, but she had always been a bit controlling, hadn't she?

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Snö watched her father, Mauja, approach silently, watched him drift closer to the mare. The white mare felt no want to protect the mare so laughably called her mother. She had no desire to. If Mauja wanted to play games of hearts with not just Lotus but Psyche again, it would be up to the Dark Empress to defend herself. If she could not control herself... it was her fault. No, Snö did not know of what she would soon call another child of another slut- but when she did, her cruelty would abound, her fury and cold, hardened rage. Selfish as she was, she wanted not to share Mauja with any more mares, no matter how important they may be politically, or how it may be good to have them on Mauja's side. The white mare would throw her tantrums and lock up her jealousy, waiting to pull the card on treachery of fatherhood when the time came.

Snö bobbed her head ever so slightly as Mauja declared that he would fetch the mare. He had been gone for a long time, in any case- no doubt it would go over well with the others if he did something useful. Mauja would do well whatever he did, and in that aspect Snö was more than confident. This mare Angora would not stand a chance against the former Edge leader.

The proceeding speech Snö listened to with all the respect that was due, with a little twitch of her chestnut ears and a blink of her ice blue eyes, recalling Crash Course, a fine and dandy recruit for the Plague. She would need to tell Psyche and Mauja of him- but now, or later? Of course, it bothered the ice princess she wasn't considered wise enough to deem him herself, yet it made sense. Some unicorns were stupid, and those would have to be tended to carefully, to make sure they knew when to keep their mouths shut. Like Crash, who had blabbed all over her about his racism the moment she asked why he joined the Basin. That could be a problem.

Idly she wondered what Faelene would think of her entering the lovely little ranks of the phantoms. She detested the position- much would she prefer the strength of a warrior. But just because she decided to join a new rank did not mean she lost all power or the ability to continue sparring. Besides, she enjoyed her wanderings and explorings anyways. As soon as they successfully invaded, which was sure to come soon, she would become warrior again. This way, she had free rein to capture who wanted. Who knows? She might take someone important! Ha... you never know. Perhaps that stallion who had pissed her off, winning their little fight. Or one of d'Artagnan's hitlist... whoever. She would happy to start small, and work up.

The ice princess lifted a brow at the sound of Mauja being restored to Bane, but she quite liked it. It meant even more respect for her, being the daughter of the two legends and the two leaders of the Plague. Yet she did have her own few comments to make...

"Psyche!" Snö sighed, coming a little closer to the front, her crystal eyes sharp and cold. "I have been thinking I may better serve you as a phantom, as much as I covet the position of warrior, should it suit you. I will continue my studies as a warrior, of course, but for the future... it will be easier for me to slip in and out to fetch any who have crossed us or... disappeared. If I may, I have a name for us- Crash Course. He is racist- but not too covert about it. I think he will be able to contain himself... in any case, that's for you to decide." Snö paused, and added- "I will take my leave now, if the meeting is complete, and go and arrange something perhaps with Faelene. I am happy to see the Plague is starting to spread again."

And with those words, after waiting for Psyche's reply, she melted away and set off from the Arch.

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Black skin glistened in new falling snow. I move with haste, hearing the call of a special meeting, knowing that I must be there. However, I am unsure if when this call was supposed to be ushered. I am still not used to being back, to having responsibilities once more, and it is something I will have to get back into my mind. I walk carefully, looking bit every couple of yards to see if I’m being followed by a curious foal or just a stupid adult. None take to my path, and I come out of the Basin, remembering that the Arch is the meeting place. I stride across the frozen tundra of the Frostbreath Steppe, seeing heavy snowing starting to fall around me.

I pick up my pace, so as to not get caught in the weather throughout, though the snow has already started to fall more. Soon I am blinded, and I am caught in a snowstorm. The wind whips at my silver and black hair, forcing me in a different direction, and I soon become lost in a sea of white and cold. I feel myself whipped around again, and for a moment I think I actually am in water, which is true, but it is frozen instead of being in a normal liquid state. I feel myself being pushed to the right, and I end up bouncing head first into something solid. I look to see a block of ice in front of me, and a doorway to my right.

I come bursting in to the meeting with snow all over my body, keeping my black eyes from seeing anything at first until it melts. As it does, I see Psyche, Deimos, the Doctor, Zar’roc, Totem, Mauja, Crowley, Lupus, and four others I do not recognize.
“I’m sorry I’m late, the weather started acting up, as you can see. For business I have to state, the filly Azucar came to me the other day, and I told her about the Plague, in private of course, until Mauja came to me. I wish to say, I see no reason not to recruit her, but I do indeed know of the secrecy of our organization, and I simply was trying to help with recruiting. If my help is not needed, then consider it retracted, and I will focus on my other duties.” I look at him with a blank expression, wondering if he has already spoken about it. I know hell awaits me if he has, but I could care less.

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"Did I miss anything?"

I doubted I had but what's so bad about asking to mark your entrance. I toss back my head, my mane whipping behind my ears in a weak gust of wind. A mischievous grin grows onto my maw as my golden orbs settle on the familiar figure of psyche. The dark shadowed mare who was standing, quiet relaxed actually, but nevertheless she must of been proud with having so many Unicorns following her. She hadn't seemed to have changed a bit exsept for the extra feathers and teeth in her mane.

The arch, is was so vaguely familiar and welcoming, even the cold nip of the wind brought a surge of happiness though me. It was good to be back, with the Plague and I would take my position back in the Basin and serve loyally. It just so happened that I caught the ending of a meeting, of the Plague. They, we, were supreme against all others and finally I would be serving them well now that I was back.

The eyes scan round the other Unicorns around me, some I could vaguely remember but I couldn't put a name to there faces so I didn't bother saying anything to them, just in case my name guessing skills failed me which would make me look like a new idiot, which isn't what I wanted first impressions to be.

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At least she agreed with him, her silken voice slipping into the air again, clothing his suggestion in the guise of a command. The Psyche that would've been stupid enough to throw caution to the wind for the sake of standing up for her beliefs was long gone, grown into a jackal who stalked her prey from the shadows before pouncing. Had she learned the hard way that it was easier to kill when no one knew your intentions, or had she evolved into this other being on her own? He only knew that he approved, for it ran more in line with his own style, his way of trying to maintain secrecy even after a kill. If you could keep the cover, the veil across their eyes, a little longer, why not? As Psyche continued to speak, his blue gaze slid across those gathered, offering Deimos and d'Artagnan a quick curl of his lips, his trademark small, wry smile.

"And one last thing: Mauja..." He had not expected his own presence to be addressed, but why, he had no idea. The fact that their old leader, their old King, had returned to the fold was hardly unworthy of mention, even if they all saw him standing there. After all, it was together they had founded the Plague, yet hearing his name brought his ears forward in a rather surprised fashion as he tilted his head to better see the mare standing beside him. So. He was still the Bane of their existence, and at the acknowledgment he inclined his head slightly, the veil of his white hair rippling with the movement. Mauja had never been the one to sit upon the throne above them all and command them, and neither would he do so now. He would partake in their toil and their dirty work, his first task to bring home Angora.

In the silence after Psyche's words Snö spoke up, as two late-comers slipped in through the archway beneath Irma's watchful eyes. Snö brought news of someone called Crash Course, a likely recruit, and of wishing to change the course of her future from the blood-stained line of a warrior to that of a shadow-stalker. Mauja arched one 'brow coolly, before seeing the purpled Illynx step in and ask what she had missed, at which point he refrained from stating she'd missed an entire meeting. Elizabeth, the foolish Corporal, immediately admitted to the whole Azucar thing, and he settled his gaze upon her. "Azucar happens to be known to me, as it was I who brought her from the Threshold. While she shares our ideals, I do not trust her ability to keep her mouth shut." While she spoke softly it was a clear warning to them all — the Crux had always been the one to lay their plans and set them in motion, with the advice of the Bane, who sought to avoid diplomatic catastrophes or smooth things over when someone became too suspicious of the then-Edge herd. "But, seeing as she already knows of us..." He gave a slight shrug. "On another note, Ophelia and her devilish sister, Ktulu, have ousted Jackal from the Windtossed Foothills. They had the aid of the Throat, so I assume they are allied, but I do not know how they stand with the Qian, who chose to observe rather than partake in the battle."

Something for the Phantoms to figure out, perhaps?
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