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Descaro was in a mixed mood. On the one hand he was happy to be out on duty again, feeling the pleasant cold of snow against his hooves. The Frostbreath Steppe truly was a magnificent place under the gaze of the Borealis, moon shining in the clear sky to make a rather magical lighting against the alabaster land. He closed his eyes and exhaled loudly. On the other hand, he was bored which made him irksome, he almost wished that someone would appear over the horizon and challenge him to a good fight. The Warrior had spent so long lingering on guard patrol that he'd neglected to brush up on his fighting skills and his ageing bones ached to feel the thrill of battle once again.

The stallion remembered the battle for the Worlds Edge vividly, his wounds had been severe and some of them could have been avoided if he'd been paying better attention. If he hadn't been so lax in his training like he was doing again now, he needed fresh meat to fight against and prove his worth. Descaro knew he was worth much more than the lowly rank of a Soldier, but in order to do so he'd have to earn the right to jump up the ranks by defeating others in battle. Maybe one day the great General Deimos would honour him with a spar, but until then he had dormant skills that needed awakening. A heart that was growing stiff from the lack of activity and a mind that was screaming to be put to the test once again.

"Isn't there anyone out there game enough to fight me?" He asked of the wasteland, throwing a hope that just maybe someone was out there in the night, prepared to take up his invisible gauntlet. Thick boned legs set off into a trot and he moved out into the snowy wastes of the Steppe, a fire alight in his dark eyes. He came to a halt on a flat space where mountains formed high in the night to watch the ants struggle.


[word count: 347]
[Sparring match.
3 Rounds + Closing Defence
Set in the Frostbreath Steppe at night under the Aurora Borealis.
Snow underfoot but the night is warm
Magic/Companions allowed (Descaro has none)
800 word max. Ignita is welcome to the first move. ^^]

You won't get much closer
Until you sacrifice it all
You won't get to taste it
With your face against the wall

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"Words were another sword for the man who wielded them well."

From the steppe I could clearly see the green wash of lights that danced in the darkness of the night sky, as if they were performing a ballet. They moved with a series of flowing waves and motions just like a elegant dancer in the spot light whilst everyone else was hushed quiet and darkness crept around the spotlight of the dancer while they leapt from place to place. I sigh deeply and happily, very soon I would be traveling over the snow covered hills to speak to there leader with a proposal I am sure she would just love. Although I didn't know her name (I knew it was a 'she' though) I was pretty sure that a call from a unfamiliar, dark mare would intrigue her. I knew little about her past and what she was like but I did know that she had a deep hatred against those who were settled in the edge and soon enough she must be planning something against them? And I was sure that extra help would be appreciated by her, as long as I got my fair share of the deal of course.

I knew that I would have to prove myself first though. In traveling to Helovia I had not had a decent spar as wolf's were pathetic creatures who could not fight for there life and instead would much rather scamper of back to where they came with there tail between there legs and yelping for there mother. "Isn't there anyone out there game enough to fight me?" I prick my ears up in the direction of the call. It seemed to be my lucky day, I didn't even have to sound desperate enough to call out for a spar, instead I would be the only replaying to the call. I move quickly and almost silently, my hoof's very lightly touched the surface of the ground and as they did there seemed to be invisible springs and that leg would be propelled forward, continuing my canter.

Mountains rose up in the distance and dwarfed a dark figure that stood on flat land before the start of the mountains ascent. My dark sapphire eyes flicker dangerously in the light of the ballet performance taking place above our heads and I snort, a spray of mist filtering out of my nostrils and then I let out a ear splitting neigh and stamp a hoof on the ground which pushes snow to the side and clatters on a rock under the thick layer of snow. My neck arches, my blue horn pointing dangerously at him. I do not bother with words nor with names or ranks. He does not need to know who I am and so there is no need to hide in the darkness of the night then strike at him as I would if I was going to kill him.

Suddenly I throw my weight forward, pushing of with my back legs into a thunderous gallop, swaying slightly to the right side of the stallion, aiming to scratch a long, thin line into his side with my horn. A I charge past I buck at his rump, my legs turning out left a little to hopefully clip him with my hoofs and give him a good shove. Drawing my legs in I gallop a few strides, swaying to the right slightly, then flick round, my teeth baring and my neck arched and my horn aimed dangerously at him, ready to react to anything he tries to do quickly.

[WC:589 |Magic: None |Summary: Charges at him, aiming to scratch his left side with her horn. Bucks out at his rump then turns round, ready for more action.]

"Talk talk talk".

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At first Descaro was convinced no one would answer such a wild and random call, who would be out in the white wastes at his hour anyway. The Soldier sighed and was about to turn, returning to Basin duties, but something prickled his skin and soon enough a new scent filled his nostrils. Dark, brooding eyes narrowed until ears caught the sounds of hoof beats and eventually the silhouette of a charging horse. Descaro cursed the impoliteness of the stranger and shifted his hulking body into a powerful gallop. As they neared one another he noted the horn upon her brow with a grunt and gave himself plenty of time when veering off to his right when she bared down her dangerous weapon, shifting his tank like body out of the way of her following buck that brushed close to his rump, taking hairs with it. Descaro quickly slowed his pace to a trot then and bounded around to face the stranger and as soon as his eyes met the others his gaze shifted into surprise.

It was mare! All of a sudden the no name introduction that the stallion labelled as rude fell into place. Of course it was a mare, it was something a mare would do, their minds always seemed a lot more devious than their male counterparts. Or so Descaro thought. He smiled his most charming smile and observed her bodice that was shaped very similar to his own, maybe she shared similar origins though she looked to stand a slight taller than himself. The mare was dark too with a horn much like that of their resident Time Mender's and she hid well against the night. A mysterious beauty? The Soldier went in for a closer look and set off at a galloping speed, his pace hampered slightly by the snowy ground that forced him to lift his knees higher. His direction was straight towards where he thought she was at first, but as he neared Descaro veered to the right, hoping she hadn't moved, and aimed his left shoulder to barge into her own left whilst tail flicked excitedly. Ears roved as if intrigued by the strange mare. Who was she? Why was she out all alone? What reason did she have for answering his call to battle?

He bent his gallop to his right then and aimed an ambitious buck for her rump, almost returning the gift she had tried to inflict upon him earlier. Snow splattered up from his hooves and his forefeet sank into the white mess, whites of his eyes visible as he peeked to see if he'd managed to land a blow on the dark mare. Her colouring gave him a faint reminder of Tares and an even more bitter one of Voltaic. Though she was built completely different from those two. He just hoped his eyes didn't decide to play tricks on him or this might turn out to be bad idea. However, from all the thoughts whirring around in his mind Descaro had come to one common conclusion; he was going to have some fun this night.


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[Descaro sees the charge of Ignita and gallops out to the right, avoiding her attacks before turning back to charge at her, aiming to barge his left shoulder into her left. Continuing his gallop to the right he bucks at the left side of her rump.]
you won't get much closer, until you sacrifice it all
you won't get to taste it, with your face against the wall

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