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[OPEN] Useful Things to Know [Protectors, interested herd members]

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A few days had passed since she'd stood here last, half surrounded by eager horses wanting to learn the tricks of her trade. Now again she stood poised beside a shelf of stone laden with herbs, but not so many this time. Warmed by campfire, she studied the samples she'd picked for this new batch of students, considering what they would be wise to know. At last, grudgingly satified with the samples she had to work with, she looked up and called out.

She beckoned to her herdmates. Leaders, protectors, crafters... any and all who wanted to know the basics in keeping themselves alive and in one piece long enough to heal on their own or see a healer. This gathering was one she wasn't sure of, uncertain who all would come to learn what she had to teach.

Yet she stood still and silent, watching and listening for them to trickle in. "I was asked to teach you, all of you. Asked to instruct you in how to tend your wounds, ease your pains. Your bruises, your sprains. Your cuts, your burns. I do not expect you to learn all the healing herbs, only a bare few that will help you stay alive, make the moments more bearable before your hurts can be seen by someone who can heal you." Her gaze drifted through the gathering, cool and firm. "If any of you have any questions or suggestions, they are more than welcome. I do not know what you know, what skills you possess. Some of this might be things you already know, but I would ask you to share that knowledge and what I'm about to share with others who did not come here at this time. It may save lives."

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Kahlua stood beside a tree in her homeland, dozing in and out. She felt safe for the first time in a long time. The moon overhead gave her confidence and the flowers that bloomed to worship the pale orb gave her strength. Her slumbers were interrupted suddenly by a call- though she was not too upset. She had honestly been bored just standing there anyway. She was too much of a social butterfly to be alone for too long. So, since the voice was familiar and she had nothing better to do with her time, she began wandering towards it, curious for what she was getting herself in to. As she broke through the trees into the clearing where the Wild Rose kept her fire, Kahlua smiled. She had met Smoke all too frequently in the past few weeks. Flicking her ears towards the grulla mare, Kahlua listened to her words.
Learning, eh? I don't know that I'm up for this. You're asking me to remember, to look at stuff and just know what its good for? I'll stay, because you've been kind enough to me, but I'll have you know that this is outside my comfort zone.
As Kahlua whined internally, she kept a calm enough face outside. At least Smoke seemed understanding of the fact that she was not teaching her healer students, but rather her less educated herd mates. As Smoke finished speaking finally, Kahlua dipped her head respectfully. “Smoke, we meet again,” she said with a soft giggle. “Thank you,” she added quickly at the end, though Kahlua was not so certain that she was ready to do all this schooling. Still, she figured it was better to show interest and try than do nothing in her herd and generally just be a waste of oxygen. Besides, seeing as how her stupid words got her in to trouble more often than not, she could use a little education on herbs and remedies.

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A familiar yet rarely heard voice whispered through the forest and roused the dreamer from a light, restless sleep. For a few moments he felt disorientated, memories mixing with dream and reality and made him feel as though he was regarding himself from the outside, standing next to that lump of a body that cold and hungry stood leaned against a silver-veined tree. He blinked, once, twice, again and again until the dry, aching eyes finally grew accustomed to the pale light of the swirling mists that draped the barren canopies, shaking the head violently to make sure he wouldn't end up lulling himself back to sleep. A glance was spared the little dragon that continued to sleep on a branch above his head, and with a faint smile the grulla eased away from his resting place, careful not to wake the sleeping dragoness.

Yawning and bleary-eyed the glazier began to make his way in the direction of the WildRose, curious yet a bit tired of the constant call to meetings. It had been a lot of those lately, ever since the darkness fell - it was getting hard to keep track of everything that had to be done, who was pulling what strings and where he was supposed to lend his help. Lace was growing constantly more loath of the responsibility that weighed on him, he couldn't wait to place the burden of it onto someone else. Maybe then he would begin to feel happy again, like he had once so many years ago.

He arrived quietly into the glen and settled himself close to Smoke, nodding shortly to both her, Kahlua and the other arrivals. Without saying much he made himself comfortable, ears ticked forward and hip slanted in a lazy slouch as he prepared himself to listen - and perhaps even learn. How many times had he wished to learn more about herbs and medicine? Too many, made stronger every time he came across a soul that needed his help. From the broken wing of Svetlana in what seemed to be ages ago, to the less apparent illness plaguing the mind of the broken little pegasus he had met not too long ago, the silver-maned crafter knew that he had much to learn before he would be able to help anyone at all. It wasn't for himself he came to partake in the knowledge of the healers - he was safe, for the most part, regardless of his own will. Magic had a way of knitting his flesh back together, erasing every nick and cut that came upon his hide - only old scar remained, bearing witness to his history and long career as seasoned, very normal and non-magical warrior.

If only he'd been able to share that...

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Dragomir had spent much of his first week within the Edge avoiding the other members. It was not that they were not kind or welcoming, as he had found them to be quite the opposite; it was that he was desperately wary of encountering another such boggling experience as that with Semira had been, the little dragon girl quite a bit more than what he was prepared to deal with. The encounter had made him desperately aware of the fact that the way of life that he was used to, surrounded by only horses who were as regular as the trees angled above him, and with every breath he took in it seemed that the Isle on which he was born and raised faded away into near non-existence.

It was not hard to be left alone here, however; it seemed many of the members were busy upon the wall that he had passed on his way in, the stallion having lacked the bravery to venture back out of the confines of the mist laden wood, and the others were always gathering supplies and information for their crafts and for the sheer purpose of knowledge. Mirage had failed to mention that he had been accepted into a herd of scholars, something that made him all the more uncomfortable; Dragomir knew little of the world around him, especially in this strange land, most of his knowledge pertaining to the lore of his parent's homelands and also that of the dragons that littered the island he had once called home.

He was snug and safely settled from prying eyes a midst a grove of rather closely growing yew trees, observing the myriad freaks of nature that shared their home here with the equines in quiet disapproval. The passing of the white marked grulla mare was given little thought, his gaze following her to a rather spectacular bonfire that she settled under, a call ushering forth from her lips. It wasn't much longer that an overo lady waltz by, coming to rest before the grulla, shortly followed by another stallion of similar hue to that of Smoke, though more blue in the tint. That they were all equines immediately grabbed his attention, a brief hope that no others would approach the small gathering, and that maybe, within the triage of similar beings, he might find a friend.

His large frame moved out from it's hidden cover, hooves quietly placed one after the other until he found himself standing alongside the rather stunning black and white mare. He had not noticed her beauty in passing, but now that she was right next to him and speaking, it was hard to ignore; she was finely crafted, her body comprised of seemingly hand-selected parts by the Gods, put together to tempt even the most stalwart hearted of men. An ear fell to the mare called Smoke, by the younger overo mare, as her words gave meaning to the small gathering and collection of plants at her hooves, Dragomir's heart filling with modest happiness as he found that today, he would at least gain more purpose and direction rather than becoming further lost in the myriad faces of the Edge, though he let his eyes travel from that of the overo lady to the web marked male, his confidence and silence within the group allowing Dragomir to assume that he was a long term member of the herd, then finally let them come to rest on Smoke, patiently waiting for the lesson to ensue as he allowed his calling to reach the ears of the gathered strangers. "I am Dragomir, new to the Edge and the knowledge you share," solemnly stated the rather stoic and simple stallion, his voice deep and rich as the black heart of the ocean, though he was much more comfortable in this company than he had been in others he had met here in Helovia and his voice was, for once, fully projected and full of his resonating pride, "but I thank you, also."

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A call resonated throughout the land, one that I vaguely recognized yet was unable to place a name to. From within her resting spot in a tree above, Suli removed her wing from over her face and looked in the direction of the sound. It was not the urgent call of an emergency, nor was it the melodic voice of Mirage as she gathered the Qian for a meeting. So, what was this?

Together we went, Suli and I, her keeping to the skies for once and me weaving through the trees as we made our way to answer the request of an audience. Luckily for us, whoever it was hadn't been too far away, so we found ourselves walking into the small group in a short matter of time. Slowing to a halt, I took in the forms of all who had assembled. The first to grab my attention was Smoke, the grullo mare I had come face to face with during the tournament for the position which I now held. At the meeting Kaj and I had put on, she'd been kind enough to help the healing of my shoulder burn along, which had been brought upon me by her blue dragon. For a moment I looked for him, but he didn't seem to be present; a sad fact, given Suli's curiosity of others like herself. Seeing Smoke, a gentle grin pulled at my features before I bowed my head in greeting. "Smoke; it has been a while."

More were gathered, a pale mare framed with black. Sadly enough, I was ignorant to her name, but I was knowledgeable in the fact that she had been busy bringing home new members as of late. Maybe one day I could come to know her, but today, my attention was on what Smoke had to teach us. Lace was here, too, but like Smoke, his pale dragoness seemed to be missing. The last was a young, tri-colored stallion I had yet to learn of. I awarded them all with a look of acknowledgement, a smile, while Suli took perch on a low limb above and chittered out her own form of a hello.

As the Wild Rose began to speak, I listened strictly, looking over the herbs she had gathered on the stone behind her. Glancing over them, I found that none of them looked terribly familiar to me. Ticking an ear back in thought, I did my best to conjure memories of what Bran and the rest of the elves had used on themselves and their mounts, like myself, to help a varying degree of wounds. Only one rang clear in my mind, for I had needed it often only a couple years ago.

"Back in my old home of Vallhea, we used the plant Agrimony to staunch bleeding on the battlefield. I also remember that if drank, it will help with coughing and sore throats."

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