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Sad green and silver eyes.

That’s all Kota could remember, could focus on. Two large, innocent eyes staring at her from a hollow face, drawn and depressed, lost in the darkness inside her own mind. Hotaru had lost so much. Raeden was nowhere to be found, and Phaedra was distant because of it, not that Hotaru had ever been comfortable around the two anyways due to her quiet nature and low self-esteem when comparing herself to the two beautiful does. Finally, Lakota had gone to her, holding her while she screamed and cried and shouted her anguish to the skies. There was a fire lurking inside her, one she was slowly becoming aware of, very slowly. It was still hidden beneath her submissiveness, but Lakota was shocked by the strength displayed in her spirit the day she’d crumbled. Somehow, she suspected when her little firefly grew up that she’d have twice the guts, courage, and strength of Lakota herself. It was something she was candidly proud of. Ru would carry on the Grey name with pride, and she knew it.

So when the Poisoner had heard her mention yet another name, two in fact, Lakota had started listening around. Tingal. Who was this fellow? She knew he’d approached their borders once, but had not met him face to face. Across Helovia she’d pricked her ears, tracing him back to the source on the trail he’d left behind him. Stolen. Thieved away in the night by the wench in the Assassins, the group Lakota hated so fiercely. Ao had kept Hotaru company during the long nights, weeks, that Lakota had spent tracking down the tiger hybrid. And when night had fallen, she’d stolen him back from the bitch who’d taken away the friend of someone she loved very dearly. Kota almost felt as if she was snatching back a toy stolen from a child, only to hand it back lovingly to soothe raucous tears. Not that the massive striped stallion was anything close to a toy, but if a tiny thing like Lakota could steal him back, she could care less.

Leading him in silence back to the Foothills, if for sanctuary more than recruitment, violet irises gazed towards the towering pines, mind reaching out over the land to Aodaun. It was not an extreme distance, but she flashed him the images of her and the brute walking, quietly whispering to him in a language he could not quite imitate that they were on their way. Obediently the ivory bear went to fetch Hotaru where she was curled up and sleeping a few paces away from where he sat, a stone guardian protecting her in slumber. A black nose nudged at her forelock-veiled face, snuffling and whining softly until she made a soft noise and blinked her hetero irises up at him. Lakota sent her love through to her bear as she viewed snippets of this exchange, more than proud of him and already yearning to have him at her side once more. The days she’d been apart from him had killed her, and the wiry dame was desperate enough to consider leaving the lumbering stallion behind to sprint all the way through the forest to a place she could feel like a strong pull, knowing exactly where her other half-soul was. But she did not, because Hotaru had no idea why she had left her side, why Ao had stayed, and what Lakota had set out to do when she’d left.

Stopping a few feet inside the borders, Lakota turned sharply to face the amber and emerald eyes of her technical prisoner. Surveyed him for a few long, long moments. Finally she spoke, her voice like silk and dark chocolate in the quiet of the night that never ended. ”You are no prisoner of mine, tiger. I have retrieved you not for reasons of my own, and I’m sure you’re curious as to why I have stolen you back.” Shifting fully, she sent a mental question mark to her Prince, receiving an image back in return of a sleepy, yawning Hotaru walking and clumsily tripping after Aodaun, who led her on towards Lakota and Tingal. She didn’t have much time. ”In these borders, there is someone very precious to me. Someone innocent and heartbroken. I’m sure you know her, she speaks of you often, and highly. Hotaru is like a daughter or a niece to me. I cannot bear to see her in such sorrow.” Her plum orbs gazed off into the distance, face grim and eyes sad, a clear betrayal of just how bad it had gotten, just how far Ru had fallen into depression and loneliness while Lakota had been absent from her life, too caught up in her own troubles with Arah and Ktulu.

Sighing softly, the wiry femme turned to gaze behind her, and though no figures were forthcoming, the bond between she and Ao grew stronger with every passing moment as the distance grew shorter. Turning back to Tingal, her face hardened into stone, the visage of a protector ready to go through hell and back for her charge. ”I did not bring you back so you could leave her again. If you hurt her, I will kill you. I have the godly gifts to do so, and I will never regret killing for Ru. Harm is not something I will threaten you with, because I will not stop at wounding you. You will die.” Sweet honey voice was deadly as she spoke this promise, this solemn vow. They were the truest words to ever have fallen from her dark lips, and she’d have little difficulty or problem with following through with her vows should he ever toe the line of acceptability. Softening her features into a weary expression, exhausted from being away from home and loved ones for so long, from worrying over Ru and Ao, she lifted her mulberry gazers to Tingal a final time. ”Just...make her happy, got it? She’s all alone now, I can only do so much in my position. I can’t stand to see her so broken...please, I beg you, just...make her smile again.” Lyrics heartbroken and desperate, eyes teary and blurred, the Poisoner turned and began to stride towards Aodaun and Hotaru, and finally she saw his white fur through the trees.

Hotaru blinked sleepily at her, yawning again while Ao raced to Lakota’s side and twined between her legs excitedly, only staying quiet when Lakota quietly reminded him through their bond that Ru was tired. To be honest, she was as well, but Ao was more than looking forward to sleeping with his Princess once more. One green eye blinks blearily up at her, and Lakota smiles gently at her charge. Reaching down she pressed their muzzles together lovingly, her body blocking Ru from Tingal’s view, and sighed softly as she inhaled her familiar sweet scent. As she pulled away, a sweet voice followed her, soft with sleep and love. ”Auntie? Where have you been? What’s going on? Is something wrong? Are you okay?” Lakota laughed softly, love touching her and making her feel like she’d burst with the amount she reveled in. ”Everything is fine, Taru. I was gone because I was doing something for you. Just remember I love you, Taru. I want to see you happy again. Now I need to go sleep, I’m an old lady, can’t run around all over Helovia anymore,” she laughed softly, teasing herself. Hotaru laughed in reply, just as quiet as if they were sharing this conversation within a few breaths of space, meant for no other ears. ”You’re not old, Auntie! I love you too,” the roseate fae giggled in reply, nuzzling her Aunt lovingly. Lakota smiled and bumped her muzzle against Hotaru’s cheek, finally stepping away to dissolve into the shadows like she’d never left them, Aodaun following adoringly after, both ready to sleep in a warm bundle beneath their chosen willow. It was time for Hotaru to stand on her own again.

A sharp gasp came from the coral filly, her eyes widening until it looked as if she’d seen a ghost. For a long moment she merely stood there, unable to speak or move, and then all at once she threw herself into motion. ”TINGAL!” The cry tore from her throat and she ran on her long legs towards the tall stallion, eyes suddenly glistening with tears, bracing to crash into his chest should he allow it, simply needing to feel him and smell him and know he was really there.


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In my nightly snarling fit I had been stolen away. I had been forced to leave the cave that the pegasus had put me in. The mare that led me away didn't speak, she just led me along. I followed her, daring not to ask any questions. She her scents were mixed, so I couldn't pinpoint the exact spot she lived. I frowned a little, frustrated that I couldn't figure out where she lived. Maybe she was like me? She just wandered... but why had she stolen me?

That last question stuck in my head as we slipped into the Windtossed Foothills land. I gazed around, my eyes wandering over my surroundings. I let my eyes fall onto the mare just as she faced me, I could see her coloring, she was a dark roan... at least, she looked like a roan. She had hints of purple in her coat, and on her back was the lightest of the coloring. She had a splotch of a lighter color on her eyes, almost like a mask.

”You are no prisoner of mine, tiger. I have retrieved you not for reasons of my own, and I’m sure you’re curious as to why I have stolen you back.”

The words wandered into my sensitive ears. Looking at the mare, I listened in to see what she would say next. I wanted to know why she had brought me to the Foothills if I was no prisoner to her. What was I than?

”In these borders, there is someone very precious to me. Someone innocent and heartbroken. I’m sure you know her, she speaks of you often, and highly. Hotaru is like a daughter or a niece to me. I cannot bear to see her in such sorrow.”

When she mentioned someone innocent and heartbroken, my mind drifted to the odd colored child I had grown attached to. Finally the mare spoke the little ones name, although I doubted she was so little anymore. She turned away for a moment before turning back, speaking again.

”I did not bring you back so you could leave her again. If you hurt her, I will kill you. I have the godly gifts to do so, and I will never regret killing for Ru. Harm is not something I will threaten you with, because I will not stop at wounding you. You will die.”

I didn't think of leaving my dear Ru, not again. Never. It was a mistake, drifting away from her. I thought about her often, and I felt guilty of leaving her alone. She threatened me with her godly gifts. I widened my eyes, this mare would really kill me? Wouldn't that just break Ru even more? My thoughts were interrupted by the mare's next words.

”Just...make her happy, got it? She’s all alone now, I can only do so much in my position. I can’t stand to see her so broken...please, I beg you, just...make her smile again.”

I nodded, knowing I could make Ru happy... at least... so I hoped. And so the was alone? What about her sister, er... no, her sister is too cruel to her to make her happy. What about her mother... or her father? Couldn't they try to soothe her? Not that I didn't mind, it's just.... I didn't know how I was going to feel seeing Ru again after all that time. And suddenly familiar words whispered into my ears. I widened my eyes, and forced back the happy tears. Ru's voice had changed pitch a little, but I could still recognize it. And I could just barely smell her over the scent of the dark mare. "Ru?" I murmured, I could barely hear myself say her name I had spoken so quietly.

The dark mare talked with Ru, although I couldn't see the filly. She stepped away finally, disappearing into the shadows of the night. My gaze softened as my eyes hit the filly. She was taller, bigger, different from the last time I had seen her. Last time I had seen her, she was younger, much younger. She let out a shrill screech as she saw me, appearing as though she had seen a spirit, a ghost... something like that. She threw herself at me, tears streaming from her eyes. I let her crash into my chest, my tears sliding down my cheeks. "Hotaru... I've missed you." I embraced her, bending my neck down so I could do so. Her warm body against mine, a sweet reunion. I breathed in her sweet scent, letting it soothe me. I was finally by her side, finally with her again.

I never wanted to leave Ru's side again. Never. "I'm sorry I left you. I regret it so much. I never want to leave you again Ru, I swear." I nuzzled her, joy overpowering all other emotions. I was so happy to finally see her again, knowing it's not some illusion that's all in my head. Her familiar pink and palomino body was pressed against mine, my head pressing lightly against her body.

[[just reading your post made me cry as i thought about them reuniting :P]]
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Fate is a cruel mistress, one whose fingers have been meddling in Hotaru’s life for the entirety she’d been alive. Born of odd coloring to two beautiful palomino princesses, awkward and submissive beneath the flair of her twin’s personality, and then finally her family firmly colored her the black sheep and drifted away from her, leaving her to stand alone in her youth as her cherished friends were ripped away from her without a word of explanation. Her Auntie had been busy, and the drawn look on her face when she’d finally found Hotaru worried the pale pink fae extensively. But she’d rejoiced in the company, the love offered to her, and she’d been crushed when she’d awoken in the ever-dark world she was growing used to and found that the dark woman was not at her side. Yet, curiously, Aodaun had stayed. He was her guardian while Lakota was gone, her playmate and bodyguard. As time wore on the two were still unable to recreate or sustain the cheer and joviality from the day prior, for with every day the sapphire and obsidian Poisoner was gone they missed her twice as much. So when one night Ru was awakened by a cold, wet nose pressed to her cheek and the soft snuffles of her friend, she sleepily blinked her eyes at the snow bear and, after much urgent poking and prodding, got to her hooves to follow him in a half-blind daze wherever he wished to take her.

So imagine her surprise when she finally looked up to find her Auntie walking calmly right towards her, mulberry eyes tired but loving. Their muzzles met, soft words exchanged, and Ru looked up through a veil of silvery blonde locks at her worn guardian. A giggle, a soft kiss of muzzle to tiny cheek, and Lakota was gone like a shadow dissolving into the darkened environment she hid so well within. Watching her go with a confused but loving smile, Taru didn’t turn her crowned head back for a few moments, and when she did, her eyes were blown wide. The last time she’d seen the october painted stallion, she’d been half the age she was standing before him now. What felt like years in the wait of reaction was truly only a few seconds, and like a battle cry his name tumbled from her lips in an exalted profession of adoration and surprise.

Spindly legs moved as fast as they possibly could, crumbling into his chest, and he allowed it. She sobbed in a mixture of shock and joy into his soft canvas, reveling in the solid warmth emanating from his body, a comfort. His smell was like rosewood and pine, cinnamon and ginger, and it was so familiar it only made her even weaker with happiness. His neck fell against her shoulders and spine, wrapping around her and holding her close in a bittersweet embrace, both shedding tears in their emotional reunion. She quaked in his hold, still tiny in comparison to his large frame despite how much she’d grown. ”I missed you too,” she gasped out softly between her slowing tears, pressing her face into his shoulder to hide from the world around them. Finally she had someone she loved back in her life, she wasn’t as alone anymore, she didn’t have to stand alone against the tidal wave bearing down on her.

Lifting her neck, she pressed her cheek against Tingal’s familiar frame and drew it higher to press it beneath his jaw, ever careful of her sharp ivory tiara. ”Where did you go?” Taru whispered softly, lyrics tremulous and wounded. He’d disappeared without a trace, leaving her doubting their friendship, wondering if he’d just toyed with her sensitive emotions and insecurities when she’d been that age. He promised her everything, swearing he wouldn’t leave her again, and she wanted to believe him. ”Don’t go, don’t ever go again, I thought you hated me,” she squeaked pitifully into the fur beneath his jaw, where he was soft and vulnerable, but Taru would not dare to harm such a precious companion. Never.

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It hurt.

It hurt to think that this precious gem had been missing me so, had been alone all this time. I thought about it as we embraced, orange fur against pink and gold. I had finally gotten what I wanted, what I yearned for. The sweetest, dearest thing. Hotaru.

She spoke, telling me she had missed me. I tightened my grip on her, wishing to never let her slip away again. But I do admit, I was the one who had left her. I feel guilty and ashamed, leaving her like that. But now here we were, together once more. And this time, I wouldn't leave her. I would stay by her side with every step she takes. So standing there, embracing the dual colored fae, I made a promise to myself. A promise to never let her leave my sights, to never betray her or harm her in any way. Never.

Her head raised as she tried to press her cheek against my jaw. She whispered soft, honey dew words. My brain whirled as I tried to think of where I had been. "Here, there, everywhere. I was taken away by some dark horse not to long ago, but that dark mare took me from them. And she brought me to you." My words melted away as I lowered my head a little, my cheek pressed towards hers, my tears colliding with hers.

She spoke again, pleading me never to go again. And I wouldn't, not ever. "I wouldn't plan on it, never will I leave you. Ru, I never hated you, it's just fate played a cruel game. But at least I'm here now." I sighed, emotions flowing everywhere. It pained me to even think a out leaving the girl again, for if I did, I could never forgive myself. So I just let the moment flow, yet hoping it won't end. I wanted to stay like this for as long as possible. Our sweet, loving embrace.

I was her guardian now, here to help her, to stand by her side during those rough times, to catch her when she falls, to comfort her when life gets harder. This wad my new duty, a solemn vow was made within my mind as I opened my eyes, looking at her small bodice. I kept my body pressed against hers, time slowing around us as we held one another.

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