the Rift

The Power Inside

:: [Magic: Fire | Ability to boil blood to high temperatures, both inside the body and without. Causes 2nd degree burns if the blood is resting on skin, as well as light-headedness, instability, blurred vision, and general overall agony]
:: [Restrictions | Can only use once per battle post. Drains the user's energy, more severe the longer she holds it. Can only be used on one target, and target must be within a 3 meter range.]



Species: Unicorn Gender: Filly Age: 8 Months Height: 16hh

The Icing of the Cake
A perfect mixture of dam and sire, this little devil is a seal brown base that naturally pales around her flanks, inner ribs, and breast. Bleeding down her back is a pale buckskin, influenced by the pale nature of her mother, and fading around her mid-shoulder. On each knee is pale golden barring with no accompanying socks. Her hooves are a contrast to her soft brown coat, a white-gold that catches attention easily. Inverted from Crowley, thin, deep brown brindling crosses each side of her belly, meeting at the center of her spine in a more subtle way as they taper and fade, seeming to be only on her sides at first glance. Across her elegant face is a uniquely shaped pale gold marking, one often hidden by the horn growing from her crown and the pale white-gold of her tresses. The kudu horns, gifted to her by her father, are cocoa at the base and fade to white-gold halfway up. However, with the influence of her mother, they branch off into short prongs on the sides and underside much like antlers. She stares at you with vibrant gold eyes ringed with green. Across her right shoulder, five white-gold markings appear to be claw mark scars, perhaps from a large feline predator, but she was born with them.

Asch is tall and lanky as an adolescent, but she grows into her body very well, and though she considers herself less beautiful in design and appearance than her twin, they are both given the physically stunning composition of their parents. She will grow to be a long-legged beauty with only lean muscle to aid her, as her frame will not handle bulk well. Much like her twin and mother, her tresses are surprisingly long, and by adulthood will be to her knees.

+ -
Art of Asch ::

But It Tastes A Bit Sour
Blunt | Stoic | Selfless | Witty | Guarded

What you see is what you get. Unlike her manipulative twin Arwen, Asch calls it like she sees it, and she couldn't care less if you like it or not. Her brutal honesty is both her redeeming quality and the one that often gets her into the most trouble. Not one for outward displays of emotion she can at times look the untouchable ice-princess her sister's form embodies. Despite the warmth of her colors she can appear cold and terse, but don't get the wrong impression; Asch is well-guarded, and wary of those who wish to be closer to her. It takes a lot of convincing and even more time for her to allow any non-family member into a level of trust high enough to reveal that she, truly, has a very big heart. It is also what keeps her from being able to brush off any and all comments like Arwen. Though she will never reveal how they hurt her, she will never forget a slight or insult.

Asch is surprisingly selfless when it comes to her family and few loved ones. Her main goal in life is to be the driving force behind her twin's claim for fame and power. Never one to think of her own desires, she places the interests of her family and clan ahead of her own, and will often forget simple tasks like eating and sleeping for favor of caring for and helping them. Both twins were granted with kind-hearted tendencies, despite both also hiding it, and Asch- though she can be quite cruel and poisonous in both tongue and touch- is the one who will show this side more often. However it is only done in privacy, and usually subtle and more subconscious than anything.

Underestimating Asch because of her typical silence and scathing glares is the worst mistake to make. With the power of her father to drive her anger and biting remarks, she has the eloquence and intelligence of her mother. Despite her crass language, at times, she is very profound and when irate but unable to show it, will resort to crippling displays of vocabulary previously unexplored in order to let off steam without blowing up.

Where I Belong

Paternal Great Grandparents

Maternal Great Grandparents
Jude x Caria | Jacker x Ariah
.............Leaders of their lands.

Paternal grandparents

Maternal Grandparents
Kriss x Katchis
.............King and Queen.

Arah x Crowley
.............The Ice Lady and The Weaver.

Rhiannon | Crowley x Elizabeth.
.............Older Sister.
Arwen | Crowley x Arah.
.............Younger sister, twin to Asch.

Close Relatives
Gigi | Great Aunt: Jude x Caria
Jucan | Great Uncle: Jude x Caria

Name Here


Asch is born from a direct line of royal unicorns. There has never been equine or peguas blood in her families lines, her ancestors believed in keeping the royal lines pure. While her family is not racist, they are partially proud of their 'clean' blood lines. While Arwen plans to only mate with unicorns to respect the wishes of her ancestors, while just befriending equines and pegasus, Asch's lack of respect and love for a majority of her family may lead to different decisions on her part.


Why So Bitter?
Born in the caverns of the underground, she takes the darkened path, walking in her sister's shadow, insidious but silent.

+ -

Chapter 1 ::
Let The Games Begin.
001 Daughters Born in Secrets
002 She Came from the Sea; And to it Returns *
003 Where All the Veins Meet *
004 Snow-Capped Dream *
005 You Can't Take Me, I'm Free *
* Active Thread.

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The Mastermind
Cera, Rowan, Kipp, Tolio, Nayati, Kaj, Muriel, Hotaru

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