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Desires for her old passive magic, where her scales and innards glow with blue light, and turn orange when volatile. Does not believe that companions should be bonded when young, as such will likely never bond due to Helovian animals being too primitive by that age without the influence of an equine mind.




Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 6 Height: 17.2hh
Tall and elegant, with a lean and athletic form. Her body is blacker than smoke and shadows, with no undertones of color. Reyna's most captivating features are her scales and eyes. Each scale is ridged and an intense sapphire blue, edged in paler shades reminiscent to electricity. They coat the entirety of her spine, the bridge of her nose, flanks, throat, hind ankles and the knees of her forelegs. Her hair is white is snow, long and perfectly groomed. Intense orange eyes peer out from long black lashes. Each hoof is the same blue as her main scale color. The insides of her ears, nostrils, and mouth/throat are the same chaotic blue as the rest of her body. Over her shoulders is a small chain necklace, holding a corked bottle with a piece of green stone that glows and pulses occasionally held within.

Reyna is a wanderer at heart. Her nomadic nature has caused her not to be one that enjoys staying in one place. This aspect of her has granted her two traits: inquisitiveness and independence. Her quest for knowledge is never-ending as she wishes to dispel her ignorance and understand more about the world around her. The ability to travel grants her these privileges versus if she remains in one place. Since she now goes alone, she must learn to make decisions on her own and be confident in her ability to do things. Her independence has strengthened her allowing her to stand her ground to the bitter end. She will not bow to a leader and will never become part of a herd. That being said, she still values tribal relationships and like a real nomad values heavily in family and kinship. One day she plans to have her tribe and one that will still carry the values and the nomadic nature of her old tribe, but even stronger than before.

Reyna has learned to become refined over her hundreds of years. From first glance, many will notice the approach of this horse. She carries herself in a confident and respectable manner such as having her head held high. She will use mannerisms such as looking you directly in your eye and listening carefully to what you have to say. She speaks in a clear and calm manner not beating around the bush and getting straight to the point. Her observation nature has allowed her to become acutely aware of the feelings and perhaps needs of others and she will adapt accordingly. For the most part, she has learned to practice restraint carefully crafting the best approach to the situation.

Reyna can be quite opinionated. As a result, she can be blunt and harsh. She does not mean to be rude, but she is not there to sugarcoat how she feels, and she has a right to say how she feels. Reyna can become annoyed when others turn to take a bite out of her or tease her about how she is too straightforward, but if you ask for her opinion prepare for the truth. She is not one that likes being fake, and she will continue to uphold her values. When others attempt to challenge or change how she feels, Reyna’s stubbornness can cause her to stay rooted in her beliefs. She will not easily be swayed just because someone is throwing a temper tantrum, but she can respect those that do not mind a debate but can do so in a respectable and mature manner. Those can tend to have the best chance her giving them their full attention and possibly helping her see a better outlook versus someone speaking from an offensive manner. Reyna can have a temper, but unlike during her youth, she does not outright burst into flames. Her anger speaks from a tale of coldness and firmness as her expression shifts into that of a glaring beast. In the end, it is best to describe it as the bitter coldness of her arctic homeland. During this time, her bluntness and harshness can strike a core into her victims, and she will disregard the situations around her. Her only target is the one that has caused her frustration. Reyna’s temper can come from her arrogance and pride. Thanks to growing up in an advanced society she can become easily frustrated with the differences and believes that no other culture can match that of what she has grown up in. Reyna in general dislikes having a wounded pride and her temper is a mere mask to prevent her from experiencing other emotions such as embarrassment.

Reyna can be as mysterious as she chooses to be. Her aloofness can cause others to have a hard time getting to know her and sadly thanks to this aspect some might feel she is intimidating and unapproachable. For Reyna, her number one goal is to the focus on her mission. She wants to be able to restore balance back to what was lost to her, and she is not interested in relationships. She does not mind company. In fact, it is nice not to have to walk on this earth alone, but her top priorities are her goals. Reyna is not one that gets easily excited over things. In fact, some might say she is emotionally detached as her tone comes across as cold and distant. For Reyna, the hundreds of years have allowed her to see many things and she is not as easily impressed as she used to be. Another thing is she is one that prefers to investigate and make judgments for herself rather than rely solely on someone’s words. She is aware that others can manipulate and lie after all. Alongside this, Reyna is observant and in most cases she tends to get to know the other horse before they fully get to know her. She is carefully analyzing your words and actions to figure out how she should make of you. She would rather not waste her time with someone who intentions are after all ill-will and do not have her best interest at heart. It also allows her to think about the situation before acting carefully. In general, Reyna is a reserved horse. She prefers to say things when she has something to say or when someone addresses her. She does not view this aspect of her a bad thing even if society might favor the extroverted and outgoing personalities. Those that do manage to gain her trust and friendship she values wholeheartedly and is quite a loyal friend.

Scotia :: Arabian x Warmblood Mutt :: Equine
Nerezza :: Royal Lightning Dragon

Due to the nature of her birthland, Reyna had two mothers, a common occurrence.

Generations ago dragons and equines live separate worlds. There were misconceptions for both sides. Dragons to equines were considered elemental predators that were nothing, but temperamental monsters. They were too blinded by their pride and would do anything to get their way. Equines to Dragons were looked down upon as weak prey. They show a false sense of superiority by trying to act all regal and graceful. It was laughable at how they attempted to demonstrate their strength when they were like rabbits trying to wield swords. Naturally, the two sides hated each other. That was until the start of a movement through the simple interaction between a dragon, a horse, and the river. The two species long to speak to each other across the river bank. Their desire was so strong that their magic sought forth and met in the middle of a river stone. There were no ill intentions from either side thus a stone was born melded from the essence of the dragon and equine magic. This same stone would unite an advanced nomadic tribe in a northern region known as Vulthane where the cold ruled and dragons and horses live in harmony.

The stone granted many benefits: the ability to communicate; capacity to create hybrid children; capacity to have compatible magic and much more. This same heirloom would bless a couple with such a child. Carefully crafted out each delicate blue scale radiated with a bright flare of lightning blazing across the sky. These results were no surprise considering that the child’s mother was a royal lightning dragon herself. Of course, to seal the deal, the child emerges as an equine that she naturally inherited from her mother who was also a hybrid, but not between the union of a horse and a dragon. Her mother was the result of the union of an Arabian and Warmblood. Many would come to know these parents as Nerezza and Scotia.

In the tribe, it was quite common for females to become mates, but these two were vastly different from each other. Nerezza became one of the dragons that help break the stereotypes that dragons held. She may have been a royal lightning dragon, but she did not act regal in her behavior. She carried the heart of a hatchling on her scales enjoying the simple pleasures of having fun and being overall playful. She was known to get into a bit of mischief, but all in the name of fun and having a good laugh. Scotia, on the other hand, was a businesswoman disguised as a horse. She represented herself in well-respected and put together manner. Aside from that, there was another thing that made the horse seem like she could be born from the depths of flames and that was her temper. No matter what problems the two parents had it was evident they care a lot about each other, and their differences help unite them closer. Their child was gifted the name, Reyna. Growing up, Reyna never thought much about her dragon hybrid heritage. She was naturally proud of it, but she did not consider herself to be unique than a typical dragon or horse. As far as she was concern, it wasn’t a foreign concept and not something that requires a lot of attention over. From the great fire dragons to the playful snow dragons, Reyna found herself immersed in the world of dragons. Reyna would spend her days becoming a mischievous little foal alongside her hatchling and foal friends. Her mischief center around pranks using magic. Her biggest victims were those that cause the little mare a temper tantrum. Her goal was to inconvenience their time such as moving an item to a different place or attempting to change someone’s vocal chords to sounding like that of a frog, but she would never perform magic for harm. When she wasn’t busy pranking, the mare’s curiosity of the world around her made her want to explore and get into things she wasn’t supposed to. Her biggest triggers were when others told her not to go in certain areas because it was restricted or forbidden. Those words were like honey to her ears, and she could not understand what the big deal was. If they could go there when it was so classified, she could as well. Some might say that Reyna had to the temperament of a thousand raging fires. The mare would often found herself in arguments attempting to win no matter what, but they never resulted in physical fights. These debates were usually childish things such as who was going to play with the mechanical toy first or who thought they could climb the highest part of the spiral towers. Some of these stories about her and the rest of the tribe’s youth were rewarded with the fussy complaints from the Auspexs (meaning: Roman visionary/interpreter of omens), who were the tribe’s elders as they recall about how youngsters were changing from when they grew up. These little incidents would attract the attention of the Houngans and Mambos (name origin: Haitian voodoo terms). They were peacekeepers that acted similarly to the police in the sense that they were meant to settle disputes. The Houngans were the males and Mambos were the females. If not them then her mother, Nerezza would fuss over her and comment about how she was just like Scotia when she was younger. Ironically Reyna would only become more like her when she grew older.

Reyna always imagined that she would grow up to be another nomadic warrior like her parents. In her tribe, many were considered soldiers and were quite capable in their roles and wherever else they were needed in the tribe. As much as she respected the Druids, who were the healers in her tribe, she could never see herself in such a position. She wasn’t one that cares that much about herbs, but respected nature nevertheless. It wouldn’t be long before Reyna found her life changing forever. From a young age, Reyna was meant to train under the Head Priestess or Lǎoshī (meaning: “highly venerated senior teacher of Zen Buddhism” in Chinese pinyin) as her tribe often refer to her and the other priestesses. The priestesses saw value in her as her half-dragon heritage meant that she was from the best of both worlds. In fact, most of the priestesses were half dragon themselves, and they serve as mediators between the sides. However, Reyna was not training to become another priestess, but the Lǎoshī. There was one problem: Reyna didn’t want to be. Aside from being the leader of the tribe, the Lǎoshī spent their time concealed in a temple only a few knew of and were only called upon in times of great strife as they spend their life and training in deep meditation for hundreds of years. They would constantly live partially in the spirit world and partially in the moral world. It is a tough and terrifying task as you have to give up everything to do it. Regardless of Reyna’s unwillingness to do so she still respected the Lǎoshī, and it was because of this great respect as well as a few other factors that Reyna knew she was not right for the job. Reyna still got to train underneath the Priestesses however and often got to spend her time within her tribe as well as other tribes too. Life underneath her disciplines was both a rewarding and frustrating experience as some of her training could be difficult. The most difficult was learning how to handle affairs among the tribes. In her naïve youth, there were times where Reyna felt that there were better choices than the ones made, but the priestesses disregarded it as reckless. They show her better ways to handle these affairs without speaking from emotion particularly in anger. The one thing she remembers them saying was “Anger is nothing, but fear and frustration wrap up into a false sense of power.” Eventually, they were able to quell most of her temper and mischief.

There is always another side to the coin. It is gross, ugly, and full of malice and prejudice. For the tribe, this team was known as the reign, the forsaken, or the unspeakable, but no matter what they call them their real name was never to be spoken name as doing so would show some kind of respect. Some would dare tell the name of the Alpha Queen herself, but not in the kindness or respect, she felt she desire. She was known as Arakosh. She alongside her fellow dragon followers look down upon the tribe and others like Reyna’s. She considered the whole affair to be disgusting and impure, and those that dare cross their dragon blood with little prey should be ashamed and destroy. Dragons were supposed to be creatures that were superior to others. Their elemental breath capable of bending the world around them to their will. They were meant to be creatures that others could only dream of ever becoming, but too inferior and impure to become. They were intended to be a race full of pride and power, but this how could one not see the errors in their way? So Arakosh felt that if some of her kin were too stubborn or just plain idiotic to understand why such mating was wrong, then she would be the one that destroys and take back the lost reputation of dragons. Her reign and Reyna’s tribe were at odds for many generations, but Reyna’s tribe prove that the firm bond between dragons and horses should not be underestimated. That was until that fateful day.

Arakosh and her reign had not given the tribe any recent problems for quite a bit of time. Hatchlings and foals were playing among each other, dragons were carefully crafting their art, and equines felt the peaceful atmosphere fully. Reyna was able to spend some time with her mothers chatting away about the days. Soon one of the warriors commented about how the sky appear to be unusually shiny today, and they were right. In the distance, a glimmering light could be seen heading straight towards them. At first, it could be regarded as mesmerizing until that light shifted into a herd full of dragons. Their faith only worsens when they found out these dragons belong to Arakosh with the Alpha Queen in the lead. Before Reyna’s eyes, dragons took the sky and her warriors race into battle, and the area turns into a bloodbath. Dragons were brutally stripped away of their wings falling from the heavens like fallen angels. Horses were gobbled up and tortured. Gore was everywhere, and the sky flash as magic of all kinds were used. It wasn’t often that her mothers shifted into fearsome warriors, but when they did their eyes carried the heart of faithful guardians. Their final promise to her was that no matter what they would make sure no dragon touched a single hair on her head. Naturally, Reyna was worried, but she also had a lot of faith in her parents. The two were strong warriors, and she carried that belief with her all the way to the temple of the Lǎoshī.

Several dragons were there surrounding the Lǎoshī. Their intentions were ill-will as they demanded the stone and would take her life regardless whether she complied or not. Reyna had a funny feeling this is why Arakosh had launched her attack. The Alpha Queen wanted the stone because if she could destroy it, then she would break the unity between dragons and horses. There would be no more communication, no more hybrid children, and much more. Arakosh would send them back into the world where equines fear dragons and dragons saw them as nothing, but small prey. It was a hard fought battle, but Reyna was able to kill her attackers and spoke to the Lǎoshī about what she shall do. The Lǎoshī told her that she must take the stone and protect it at all cost. She knew that her apprentice could do it and how much Reyna value the stone as much as the next member. Several emotions were running through Reyna. She was determined as the Lǎoshī entrusted her with such a powerful artifact and this meant the world to her and the tribe. Sadness as she knew that by running away with the stone there was a chance she would never see her clan again including her parents. Most of all fear as she did not wish to fail, and she had no idea what waited for her beyond the borders.

As Reyna ran, chaos rain around her. Her tribemates continue to receive the brutal punishment from the reign, but karma had a way of biting back as the other side receive causalities on their own. No amount of karma could prepare her for what she would see next. An enemy dragon spotted her from the skies and headed straight towards her with their talons outstretch. They were going to snatch her and the stone while killing her in the process and returning the stone to their queen. After she manages to kill them using her magic, she turned to see the rest of the battlefield. In the distance, a giant lightning dragon was curl up beside an equine. She knew immediately that it was her parents and rush towards them. Her dragon mother had a stream of tears and her injuries would cause her to die from bleeding out. She did not look at her but continue to look at Scotia with a broken heart. She could hear the heavy breathing of the mare. When Reyna spoke their names, Nerezza turns to look at her with such pain that Reyna question if this was the same playful and mischievous dragon she knew. As for Scotia, Reyna noticed that the mare’s ears seem to perk up and she struggle to rise despite Nerezza’s protest. Before she knew it, the injured horse managed to raise her head enough to look at her. Her mother gave her a proud and determined look. No matter how hurt she was, the mare’s stubborn side refuse to let her show it. Scotia told Nerezza to stop looking so sad and worried and to look at their daughter, which Nerezza did, but it was hard for her to remove such emotions. At the very least there was a small smile and a look of pride and relief in the dragon’s eyes. Reyna felt like the reign had ripped out her vocal cores as she found herself lost for words. Reyna knew based on their injuries there was no hope for them, but she wanted there to be. She didn’t want to lose her family. Like she would have as a foal when she wanted comfort she approached her mothers and curled around them. Tears were streaming down her face, and the only thing her mothers could do was lovely nuzzle her. They told her how much they were proud of their little hatchling and how much she has grown. They told her that no matter what they would never leave her side and they would see her again. Reyna found herself staying with them as Nerezza use her good wing to hide the family and rested her head. Before long Reyna watches as the life and breath faded from their bodies. As much as she didn’t want to leave, she knew she had to and move away from her parents. She was enraged, but she knew better than to go in so recklessly especially when she was responsible for protecting the stone now. She promised her parents that she would not let them down and that she would make them proud. She promised her tribe that she would restore their name and this would not be the end of them. As what was left of her tribe continue to fight in a losing battle, Reyna ran off giving a silent prayer for their safety and guiding those lost in combat to better grounds including her parents.

Eventually, Reyna awoke in the lowlands. She had been traveling for days at this point and her stubbornness to rest resulted in exhaustion to take a firm hand on her body finally. Reyna made sure the stone was near her and thought long and hard about what she should do next. That was when an idea came to her, but it wasn’t an easy decision. The Alpha Queen would be hunting her down once she realizes that the stone was not there and that someone manages to escape the battle entirely. She broke the stone into pieces and thrust them into the sea. She did keep one piece of the stone and kept it in a small bottle necklace. It would be a reminder of her mission. She decided that she would start her tribe. She wanted to restore and honor her tribemates and her parents. She did not want Arakosh to have her way of erasing the bond between equines and dragons. There was a part of her that knew it would be a huge responsibility. She questioned if she had the ability to lead such an advanced society like her old tribe. No matter how scary it was, she was not one to give up. With that, she set off to create a new destiny.

Credit given to Brit for the creation of Reyna and original background.

Credit given to Sevin for the tables used. Permission given to from Brit. Images go to their rightful owners.

Credit given to the original artist that made the Reyna drawing.

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