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Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 1 (Birdsong) Height: 16.0
Breed: Morgan
Gender: Filly
Age: One (Birdsong)
Species: Pegasus
Wings: Chocolate & Cream
Eyes: Forest
Mane: Chocolate
Body: Chocolate
Hooves: Cream & one Chocolate
Markings: Cream Splashed
Tail: Chocolate

Horrid conditions did little to burn away the light of the world in her eyes. The epitome of all things nice in the world, she is more than a foolish child though. Hollow chooses to see the good in others, oblivious to the pain which inevitably comes until it is far too late to change fate’s course. Even to strangers her features are sunny and welcoming. Her loyalty, once obtained, is not easily swayed and she will gladly give her life for those she pledges to.

*Orion, the sky-bound hunter
Radika, the undeserving
Half Brothers:
*Merik, the unbound
*Prophet, the foreseen
*Damascus, the poet
*Tanthuil, the sun-shield
*Oleander, the deceiver
*Kamtov, the betrayer

Adoptive Family: Ilios, the benevolent

Friends: --
Neutrals: --
Enemies: --

* status unkown

How Hollow turned out to be so sweet and loving is a bit of a mystery. She has always been the subject of ridicule and abuse due to her larger stature compared to the other foals in her herd and her unusual markings. No one in her homeland bore any markings beyond those deemed traditional and the twirling ivy leaves accenting her forest eyes had no place there. Born to a land without an official name but a land with kings, not alphas or any other useless title, she was born the daughter of a king and a commoner. This king did what he could for his only daughter but her mother would only allow him so much room in their child's life despite the fact that her father could have saved her years of mistreatment and neglect. To her mother, she should have been a colt because her father would have been forced to legally claim the child as a potential heir; mares are not allowed to rule in those lands. Hollow loved her mother regardless of the neglect she suffered at her mother's hands up until the day she died.

After her mother died she was taken to her father who by that time had several other children, all of whom were boys. Everyone until then believed her to be abandoned by her father but this is not so. The king loved his daughter so much that he ordered the death of her mother in secret believing that she had done next to nothing to spare their little girl the hardships she has had to endure. Taking her eagerly under his wing he began to dote on her despite having no royal claim. It seemed life was about to turn over a new leaf. Sadly, he did not last much longer on the throne as two of his sons had been plotting and scheming against the crown, determined to murder their father and divide the lands between them.

In the dead of night her father and the brothers who were not involved in this scheme woke her and bid her to run as far and as fast as she could as she could not yet fly. The two traitors to the crown had gathered an army and they were marching on their home; before dawn the land would be shattered. And dear, sweet, Hollow was chased from her home with one last parting gift from her father and brothers, a promise that they will always been in her heart and memories. With a lingering kiss to her cheek her father pushed her toward the only exit not yet swarmed by the traitor's army while her brother's whispered their goodbyes and spoke of their love for their only sister. Into the night she fled then, tears stinging her cheeks and blinding her.

Three months have passed since that night and she does not yet know whether any of her beloved brothers or adoring father survived. Thus the little filly remains on her own with a bright smile and wings she cannot figure out how to use.

So she has come to a strange land to start anew, an outcast and alone.

Inside Helovia

Hollow came across The Threshold during Birdsong of Year Seven where she encountered Ilios. The kind-hearted stallion quickly won the filly over and she agreed to join him in his home, Dragon's Throat.

Played by
Istina :: Vu & Hollow <3

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