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Species: Pegasus Gender: Filly Age: 3 months Height: 16.2 hh
A spindly-legged filly when young, Gemini will grow to stand at a max height of 16.2 hands high. A coat of black roan, only broken by two white socks and a white blaze, rests upon her coat. Her wings look massive upon the young filly. Her wings are blue roan and white as well. Since Gemini is so young, her rear only rests in the middle of her wings when they are folded. Basically, Gemini is all wings and legs. Her black mane and tail are still the small ones of a foal, but will grow to be long, silky and beautiful. Her hooves are dark colored and flawless. Her eyes are bright and peer out from her dark colored face, a bright teal in coloration. Breed is a mix of Thoroughbred, Arabian and Marwari. Has the athleticism of a Thoroughbred, the dished face and regal posture of an Arabian, and the curled ears of the Marwari

Still young, naïve. She is young and impressionable, though no matter what she will retain her sweetness. No matter what, the little filly will always be obedient to those who care for her. Personality coming more as she ages.

Born to two pegasi not far from the lands of Helovia, Gemini was the apple of her parents' eyes. She was still a spindly-legged filly when monsters attacked. Wolves, vicious creatures, attacked her small herd. Her parents, the matriarchs of her small herd, fought bravely to protect the herd. They hide her in a thicket, away from the area and fought for their herd. A couple of days passed, and Gemini got worried. Her parents hadn't come for her, where were they? Gently easing herself out of the thicket, she went towards the herd's home. Little legs locked as bright teal eyes saw something that no young filly should ever have to see. Her parents, her herd, murdered. Gemini ran, unable to fly yet as her parents hadn't had the chance to teach her yet. She ran, as fast as her little spindly legs could carry her. She passed through the magical veil into Helovia, where she hopes to find someone to take in an orphaned Pegasus filly while also teaching them how to fly.

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Dream: Tormenta

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