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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 15.1
↣ Female
↣ Unicorn
↣ Arabian
↣ 15.1
↣ Warm grey, faint dappling along neck, shoulders, sides and hindquarters
↣ Amber eyes
↣ Warm brown mane & tail
↣ Small, neat snip; two white socks on front legs; two high white socks on back legs
↣ A small glass vial full of an unknown luminescent gold liquid around her neck
↣ Voice is Sophia Myles

↣ Ariadne has been beautiful since birth, a petite woman her entire life at just over fifteen hands tall. Her Arabian ancestry shines through in every aspect of her body, from her proudly carried, high-set tail to the delicate dishing of her face and the brightness of her eyes. Her legs are thin and delicate-looking, her cloven hooves giving her added dexterity on rough terrain. Her coat is a unique shade of grey, one that manages to be warm and soft compared to the usual frigidness of other white coats. Mane and tail, both a warm, earthy brown, hang freely, lusciously long and full in texture. The faintest of dapples decorate her body, from her neck, down her shoulders and sides and finally fading away at her hindquarters. Several white markings appear as well, from the small, neat snip that decorates her nose to the crisp white socks on her legs; the back two are high, ending just above her knees. Her hooves are cloven, typical of her unicorn lineage. Her eyes are her most notable feature, a warm, bright amber in color. From just behind her ears sprout two ram-like horns that curl downwards around her face, the tips flaring outwards to the side sin an intricate manner. Around her neck she carries a small glass vial full of an unknown, luminescent golden liquid, an item she has had since she was young.

↣ At a glance: INFJ

↣ Insightful
↣ Convincing
↣ Determined
↣ Passionate
↣ Altruistic
↣ Sensitive
↣ Private
↣ Perfectionistic
↣ Slightly self-centered

----- Morena

----- Serrak

----- Ranaugh (younger brother)

----- • Myrrine - "The first horse I met when I woke up in Helovia. She is such a sweet and beautiful girl, I hope to see her again in the near future."
-----• Eldala - "Eldala was gracious and kind to me and her little companion was a delight to be around."
-----• Tilney - "Tilney is a kind gentleman, and I look forward to working with him in the future."

----- None

----- None

Current residence:
----- nowhere

Position ----- none

Before Helovia
Coming soon

Frostfall; Year Eight
-----memories of dying days - Ariadne enters Helovia through the threshold, confused, disoriented and unsure how she got there after having lost several weeks worth of memories. She is greeted by Myrrine, Eldala and Tilney, and eventually accompanies Tilney back to the Edge for a brief visit.

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12-04-2016 by Tembovu
memories of dying days [open] Helovia's Threshold
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11-28-2016 by Tilney

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