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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 15.0hh
Bring me your war — split open my mouth and make me a wolf.
vital statistics
Elaphaea (Escamilla)
Ela, Phae (fay), Ellie
Young adult
Autumn baby
Single pringle

She is the desert sand, hot and dry and impossible to shake out. Everything is done in a rush, messily, without much thought, as if rushing to beat an unknown ultimatum. She is sharp too, her words the sort that don’t hurt straight away but will leave you laying awake in bed all night replaying them in your head. Royalty means very little to her, it is simply an obstacle in the way of her bid for greatness, a war against rules and regulations of which she is determined to win.

She has a tongue of blades and isn’t afraid to use it, bold and without discipline, she never stands down or backs away from those things that challenge her, from friends turned enemies to stray dogs and strangers on the street; there is a lack of filter – only barb. She grew up among the dust and grit, the violent glamour of an infamous life, and in a world where everyone can be bought. The pretty brunette possesses a cruel and power-hungry streak just like her beautiful mother did, but unlike the former, Ela knows how to utilise the gifts that she was given to her advantage. Her angelic features hook in both men and women alike, and the young brunette can easily pretend to be the naive and helpful girl that she definitely isn’t. She has always been a good actress, and people easily fall for her act.



"Maybe that was why she ran the streets alongside her brother, wearing clothes ripped at all the right places, rendezvousing with all the men in the wrong places, rumours upon rumours, scandals upon scandals. Maybe that was why she carried a mirror and a razor in her purse, and strapped pocketknives to her thighs, why she learned to shoot a gun in heels which could withstand the whiplash. Maybe that was why she got all caught up with a boy who didn’t belong to her, and maybe that was why, when he broke her heart, she was so utterly convinced that he had changed her in some irreversible way; from rise to ruin, silk to tatters. Desperation didn’t suit such a forward, concentrated girl – but anger certainly did."

She is made of metal, from the fingertips to the jewellery, she drips bronze; silver; gold. Her hair shines in glossy waves, tossed over one shoulder with a warm laugh. Untameable, she passes everyone by, holding their gazes with a silent challenge. Destruction is her favourite past time, using a lighter to turn matter into ash. But creation is her second favourite, twisting chain links and forging molten liquid into works of art. There is something burning in her chest, amber coals that smoulder. She loves too deeply, gets angry too often, is always burning.

Strengths: Tough, quick on her feet, sharp tongue, strategist, can hold her ground, charismatic when she makes an effort
Weaknesses: Too quick to lash out, holds a grudge, can appear apathetic

Ela is neither a leader nor a follower. While one may expect her to be a leader because of her high expectations and thirst for power and knowledge, or to be a follower because of her show of being submissive and pleasant, she tends to deviate from the path to create her own. She likes being in control of her life and decisions and rarely takes other’s opinion, but never sets herself as an example.

Quirks: Prone to tinkering with things. Likes to learn things for its own sake. Annoyed by royalty. Prone to grunting when anxious. Is fascinated with the oceans. Often tries to figure out how things could be run more effectively. Is annoyed by people prone to hair-twiddling. Really hates not knowing things. Prone to tongue clicking when thinking. Prone to self-sabotaging behaviours. Compulsively counts things. Loves memorising lists. Not very religious but tries to keep it. Somedays comes home with blackened lips or bloody eyes, always getting in trouble.


She comes from a really harsh culture and she had huge responsibilities. She is brutal and a pragmatist, but not out of unkindness. It's all she's ever known. She’s not a teenager, it's almost like she skipped that period. She was forced into a position where suddenly she was forced to make a lot of hard choices that most people never have to make, no matter what their age is. It’s a world where you don't ever really get to be a kid. It’s in her blood to put her people first because they are so close to her, that's what she's been groomed to be.

As leader of the horde, she commanded respect and was very powerful. She was considered a "visionary" and willing to show mercy. As a leader, she was willing to do anything for her people's safety. Loyal to her people to a fault, this resulted in her going against the word and losing it all. She fought until there was nothing left to fight for and then she ran until she no longer could. She found herself in strange territories and immediately put up her carefully forged guard.

Other family
Both parents died
One brother, died
Related to Libertad in some way
Art by Neverrmind & Aivoree, pixel by Mockingale.

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"Before I am your daughter, your sister, your aunt, niece, or cousin,
I am my own person, and I will not set fire to myself to keep you warm."


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