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Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken

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She was making her way back home when the storm that had been brewing above in a patchwork of dark clouds finally let loose. Rain came pelting down at first, hard and fast, like little bites against her freshly shed coat. It was all a ruse though, because that soon let up to a meager drizzle, just enough to catch in the folds of your mane and get tangled in the threads of your eyelashes.

Ampere paused, hunched up against the initial downpour, but relaxing as the fury abated. She glanced up, blinking against the wet that kept coming down. She found something in the rain then, something beautiful, something peaceful. Slowly a smile began to slip upon her lips, and then a grin, until finally she laughed.

She must have appeared crazy.
Maybe she was.

She gave herself a hefty shake; feathers shuffled against each other with a quick whisper. Then, she reached out with a foreleg, and slapped it against the wet pockets the Flats always boasted. The brine and the mud splashed up against her chest, adorning her with freckles. She repeated this a few times, but her vigor only increased as she took to bolting randomly and kicking wildly. She tossed her head and snorted, spread her wings and even pulled up a few sparks or two to play along.

Something in her seemed to wash away with the rain, something that had been heavy. It was hard to say in this moment if it was cleaned for good, but given that we all take more than one bath in our lifetime, probably not. She wasn't dwelling on that though, she was just enjoying the moment and the respite. Her renewed spark, however faint, was obvious, as was her warrior profession (her shield glinted on her back).

Birdsong in the Halcyon Flats, gentle rain.
Open spar.


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